Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3

Jiang Chen was quite happy at the moment, but he did not show it at all. On the outside, all that could be seen was a pitiful face.

“Brother, you are the one who loves me the most in our family, I do not want to marry Miss Murong. Since you are my big brother, why don’t you marry her?”

Jiang Chen said in a serious tone.

“Ai, brother, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I am just an adopted son. Even if I agreed to marry Miss Murong, dad would not let me marry her. This arrangement is prepared specially for you.”

Jiang Rulong said with a helpless expression. But he was laughing inwardly, because if Jiang Chen didn’t want to marry her, then he would naturally be the one to replace him.

“As long as you agree, I can promise that tomorrow you will be the one who marries Miss Murong!”

Jiang Chen patted his own chest as he spoke.


Jiang Rulong felt really happy.

“Of course.”

Jiang Chen said with a large amount of confidence.

“Alright, we are brothers. I will help you this time and marry Miss Murong then.”

He replied as if he was doing Jiang Chen a great favor, but on the inside Jiang Rulong’s was already extremely excited.

“You really are my big brother.”

Jiang Chen said with a thankful look on his face as if he was going to cry out loud.

“Brother, this is how we will do it. Tomorrow, at the main hall, don’t say anything and pretend you know nothing. Let me handle this.”

Jiang Chen said.

“No problem! Then, I shall leave now and let you rest.”

Patting Jiang Chen’s shoulder before leaving, Jiang Rulong was wondering how his brother was going to help him with this matter. But, from what he had seen in the past, it was highly possible that this useless brother of his would create a chaotic scene tomorrow.

‘Not only will my status be raised in the City Lord’s family upon marrying Miss Murong, I will also have a place in the Murong family as well! How stupid is he, turning down the marriage request and asking me to replace him? Nonetheless, he has done something good for me. When I gain enough authority in both families, I will find a way to get rid of him.’

Jiang Rulong revealed his true colors immediately after leaving the mansion.

On the other side of the mansion, Jiang Chen stood there with a sneer. ‘Messing with me? You are going to die because of that.’

The next morning, people were busy decorating the City Lord’s mansion with ribbons and lanterns. Today was the day for the engagement ceremony for both families, something that had never happened before in the history of Fragrant Sky city.

“The Chief of the Murong family has arrived!”

With the loud announcement coming from the guards in the background, a muscular man walked through the main entrance of the City Lord’s mansion.

This man had a gigantic body, making even the City Lord look slim when standing beside him. He appeared to be about forty years old, and he was wearing a flowery robe while walking as strong and brave as a tiger.

He was the head of the Murong family, Murong Zhan.

“Haha, welcome to my mansion, brother Murong, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.”

Jiang Zhenhai said in a friendly manner. Jiang Zhenhai started walking towards his guest, Jiang Rulong and Jiang Chen in tow.

“My pleasure, City Lord Jiang. Today is the marriage engagement date for our families. I take this very seriously.”

Although Murong Zhan looked bold and forthright, in Jiang Chen’s eyes, he was just an old, cunning person.

Jiang Chen looked behind Murong Zhan, but he couldn’t see anyone there. Murong Zhan came alone. Of course, this was more than enough. In Fragrant Sky city, there had been almost no events that needed Murong Zhan to attend. But just him coming here alone, he could represent the entire Murong family by himself.

“Please come inside, brother Murong.”

With a welcoming gesture, Jiang Zhenhai led everyone towards the main hall.

Inside the main hall, Jiang Zhenhai sat opposite of Murong Zhan, Jiang Chen and Jiang Rulong standing behind him.

“Brother Jiang, I will get straight to the point. The purpose of me coming today is the wish for my daughter to be married into your family. Here, we will decide the date for your son and my daughter’s official marriage ceremony.”

Murong Zhan said it openly.

“Of course, once they are married, both of our families will prosper even further in this city.”

Nodding his head, Jiang Zhenhai turned around and spoke to Jiang Chen, “Chen’er, come forward and greet your father-in-law.”

“Great! You have a good son with good looks.”

Murong Zhan looked at Jiang Chen and kept complimenting him, but on the inside, he knew he was just spouting bullshit because everyone in Fragrant Sky city knew about Jiang Chen’s bad reputation. He was a playboy with shitty talent when it came to cultivation.

But Murong Zhan didn’t care about this at all. He seemed to be very satisfied with this soon to be son-in-law. Most of the time, a family’s interest was worth more than personal interests.

“Dad, I think you got it wrong?”

Expressing his shock, Jiang Chen said, “Isn’t the marriage for big brother?”

Jiang Zhenhai and Murong Zhan were baffled by what Jiang Chen said. Murong Zhan moved his head towards Jiang Rulong and started judging Jiang Rulong. He couldn’t stop himself from nodding his own head. ‘This is what we call a talented and good looking young man. At such a young age he has reached the ninth stage of the Qi Realm.’

“Chen’er, stop this nonsense.”

Jiang Zhenhai said with a frown on his face.

“Dad, I am not stupid. With my qualifications, I am not the right person for Miss Murong. With me, she will probably suffer. My elder brother has already reached the ninth stage of the Qi Realm at such a young age. Amongst the youngsters in Fragrant Sky city, he is the one with the best qualifications to marry Miss Murong. I am still too young to marry. Although big brother and Miss Murong have not yet met, he is still interested in marrying her. If he can marry Miss Murong, then that will be a perfect match! And it will also improve our relationship with the Murong family.”

Giving his speech confidently, Jiang Chen repeatedly complimented his elder brother.

Standing next to Jiang Chen, Jiang Rulong almost wanted to cry. This was because he never knew just how much his little brother loved him.

“Haha, so brother Jiang wants to help your eldest son get married. I never knew that Jiang Rulong was so fond of my daughter… This arrangement is a rare one.”

Murong Zhan was laughing out loud. Yes, this marriage arrangement was for the best interest of both families, but if he had the chance to choose between Jiang Rulong and Jiang Chen, then he would not be stupid enough to pick Jiang Chen.

Jiang Zhenhai was boiling with rage. He would gladly kick this bastard out of the house. However, he remained silent upon seeing how happy Murong Zhan was.

Jiang Chen had excessively complimented Jiang Rulong, and he made it known that Jiang Rulong was fond of Miss Murong. Jiang Zhenhai knew that if he were to insist, not only would his son be provoked, Murong Zhan wouldn’t be happy either.

“Rulong, come meet your father-in-law.”

Zhenhai said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, weak and helpless.

“Son-in-law greets you, father-in-law.”

Rulong bowed respectfully towards Murong Zhan.

‘Laugh and be happy. Because you will be crying later.’

Jiang Chen thought. He cleared his throat and said, “Uncle Murong, my big brother also has another wish.”

“Oh? Speak then. No wish is impossible when Brother Jiang and I are together.”

Apparently, Murong Zhan was in a great mood.

Jiang Rulong, on the other hand, was stupefied. He stared towards Jiang Chen, trying hard to recall what he had told Jiang Chen. He couldn’t remember telling him such a thing.

“My brother told me that he has admired the Murong family for a long time. If he can marry into the Murong family, then he wouldn’t want anything else in this life.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face; his fox tail had finally been revealed.

Jiang Rulong’s face immediately darkened upon hearing what Jiang Chen said.

“Brother, what are you saying?”

Jiang Rulong asked in a deep, low tone.

“Brother, that’s what you told me, right? Oh, I know… You are too embarrassed to say it yourself. Don’t worry, let your younger brother do the talking, dad and Uncle Murong are here, your wish will be granted for sure! Furthermore, you have been admiring Miss Murong for a long time, that is a fact, isn’t it?”

Murong Zhan felt joy and pride when he heard what Jiang Chen said. He thought to himself that this useless young lad sure knew how to speak well.

“Brother, you….”

Jiang Rulong was panicking. Yes, he wanted to marry Miss Murong, but he did not want to marry into their family. He wanted Miss Murong to live with him in the City Lord’s mansion; he did not want to marry into their family and live with them.

If he left the City Lord’s mansion, then he would become part of Murong’s family and have nothing to do with the City Lord’s family. All his years of effort would be wasted, and what made things worse was that if he married into the Murong family, then he would never have a chance to handle important matters, so people would surely look down on him.

If this happened, then his future would be ruined.

“What? Don’t tell me that what you said to me yesterday was all lies? You admiring the Murong family, was that a lie? This isn’t like you, my brother.”

Jiang Chen retaliated without even giving Jiang Rulong a chance to speak.

He was doing this on purpose; he must have planned this earlier. Jiang Rulong was so angry that he wished he could kill Jiang Chen right now. What Jiang Chen had just said pushed him in a direction of no return.

Jiang Rulong wasn’t dumb. He knew that Jiang Chen had tricked him, but what he couldn’t understand was why this teenager who had never done anything good, who was always fooling around, suddenly became so smart. Smart enough to trick him.

‘You are still a long way from being able to fight me.’

With a smirk on his face, he thought to himself. Since Jiang Rulong wanted to kill him, then he would need to pay for what he had done. Today was just the beginning.

“Haha, I didn’t expect your eldest son to be so fond of my daughter. Jiang Rulong has quite the reputation in Fragrant Sky city, so it will be great if he marries into our family! Since we will become one big family, no one will dare to disobey us in Fragrant Sky city.”

Murong Zhan said as he laughed out loud.

On the contrary, Jiang Zhenhai’s face was all gloomy. What happened was beyond his expectations. First they changed who was going to marry Miss Murong, then he finds out that his second son was going to marry into the Murong family.

“Rulong, have you really decided?”

Jiang Zhenhai gazed at Jiang Rulong. If he had a chance to decide, then he would not let Jiang Rulong marry into the Murong family. The Jiang family had many businesses in Fragrant Sky city, and Jiang Rulong had helped him a lot with managing them. However, he wanted to respect Rulong’s decision. If that was what he wanted, then he would have to agree.

“Dad, that’s really what he wants. I know all too well what my big brother is thinking. He must be incredibly happy right now as his wish is going to be fulfilled! Uncle Murong, you have to look after my brother when he moves to your family, don’t let other people look down on him.”

Jiang Chen hastened to reply on behalf of Rulong, not forgetting to show his friendliness with Murong Zhan.

“Haha, don’t worry, who would dare to look down on my son-in-law.”

Murong Zhan replied happily.

Jiang Rulong tightly clenched his fist that was hidden underneath his long sleeve. He was boiling with anger. There was no way he wouldn’t get mad… All his hard work, all his efforts were now gone.

But in the situation right now, it seemed like he had no other way out. Murong Zhan was currently boiling with happiness, and if he decided to spoil the mood, then the relationship between the two families would only worsen.

“Haha, congratulations, big brother, congratulations to Uncle Murong. Today is really a joyful day! Uncle Murong, since we have reached an agreement, shouldn’t we ask Miss Murong to join us? Let us see what she looks like.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Yes, you’re right, I’ve heard that brother Murong’s daughter rarely appears in public. She really is a girl from a respectable family. Since we have come to a conclusion, I think that we should meet her now.”

Jiang Zhenhai said helplessly; he could only go with the flow.

“Haha, my daughter Murong Xiaorou is on the way. I’m sure she will be here in no time.”

Murong Zhan laughed to his heart’s content. Everyone in the main hall was joyous except for Jiang Rulong, who stood there with a smile, trying to hide his true feelings.

“Wow! Just from her name alone we know that she must be a gentle and beautiful girl, a girl from a respectable family must be different than an ordinary one. She must look like an angel! Big brother, you got yourself a good wife!”

Jiang Chen kept praising Miss Murong, whom he had never met before. Though not forgetting to say anything that would provoke Jiang Rulong.

Cough cough….

Jiang Chen’s words were followed by Murong Zhan’s coughing. For some reason, Murong Zhan couldn’t hold his cough; he even coughed out the tea he just drank when he heard Jiang Chen praise his daughter as a gentle, beautiful angel.


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