Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 569

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“Truly cruel… Ferghana stallion died? This is unbelievable! This is the first time in history that Invincible Nie issued a warrant personally. Is it true that Jiang Chen has that kind of combat power?”

“This isn’t possible, there has to be something that is yet to be discovered. Jiang Chen can get rid of an Eighth Grade Combat King warrior, but his level isn’t enough to fight a Ninth Grade Demon King beast.”

"Last night was too brutal... It was a bloody masacre in a chaotic ocean. Jiang Chen was like a devil king, the scene was extreme that no disciple from Asura Palace survived."

“The intensity of this convulsion in Liang Province is greater than the last one. Jiang Chen is practically the devil king of Chaotic Ocean. Disappearing for a few months, his appearance now in the province is good enough to summon a new pattern of storm. So, the following days are unlikely to be peaceful.”


Astonishment dominated there emotions. It created an awkward atmosphere in Liang Province. Devil Religion became the most peaceful among all the four major powers. The other three major powers were busy finding traces of Jiang Chen and the monk, but the results were all disappointing. The ultimate arrest for Jiang Chen was an unprecedented act in the history of Invincible Sect.

Who would have thought that the three of them were hiding in the ruin filled lands of Heavenhawk Island while the storm raged elsewhere?

Meanwhile, in the cave of Heavenhawk Island. 

The three friends had no clue about the situation outside. The trio’s focus had been put on Big Yellow. Big Yellow’s robust body was lying on the ground. There was a big, golden cocoon wrapping his body. The cocoon was covered with symbols and patterns that Jiang Chen couldn’t understand.

Over the course of the day, Big Yellow’s status was constantly changing. Numerous leases of life resurfaced, the clean golden fur on the surface of his body dazzled their eyes, and his head was giving out golden radiance as if he was going to be awake very soon.

Strange enough, many black threads were continuously emerging from Big Yellow’s internal body. Tyrant and Tan Lang recognized those threads, they were the lethal poison absorbed from the blood essence of Ferghana stallion. At first, they were very afraid that the poison would harm Big Yellow’s body, but all those feelings had since vanished.

It was unbelievable that Big Yellow's body could remove this deadly poison on its own. The poison emerge from Big Yellow’s body, and slowly dispersed and vanished into thin air.

“Amazing… His body is terrifying! It can vanish the deadly poison with ease. His body is extraordinary, a normal Dragon-horse Beast would not have this ability.”

Tyrant gave voice to his respect for Big Yellow. To anyone, Nether Toad’s poison was death. Once one came into contact with this poison, one would have to find a way to get rid of it immediately. For Big Yellow, however, his body could detoxify all the poisonous blood essence and expel them out of his body through metamorphosis when he was still SLEEPING…

“Little Chen. You and Tyrant stay here to take care of Big Yellow. I will go out to acquire the latest information out there. 

“Since his Ferghana Stallion is killed, Invincible Nie is extremely furious now. I have no idea whether the battle in Gorge Island has ended. I’m also pretty sure that Asura Palace is coming for us. I think it is better for us to be informed of the latest news as soon as possible. I will travel with great caution,” Tan Lang said.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant nodded in agreement. Tan Lang was being reasonable. They wouldn't know the latest news while hiding in a deserted island, and thus, letting one person go and scout out some information would keep them updated. Among the three, Tan Lang was the most suitable candidate. Jiang Chen couldn’t afford to leave since Big Yellow was still in a process of his metamorphosis. He had to stay to ensure that the process proceeded smoothly. Tyrant, the monk, wasn’t a good choice because a lot of people would be able to recognise him. On the other hand, Tan Lang was different. He was very familiar with Liang Province, he knew how to disguise himself that no one would be able notice his new identity.

“I understand, but you have to be careful. Inform me immediately once you sense any danger coming.”

Jiang Chen took out the spiritual message talisman he had created himself, and put it on Tan Lang’s palm. If Tan Lang faced any danger, he could use it to inform Jiang Chen.


Tan Lang received the spiritual message talisman and walked out of the cave. After looking around for a moment, he left Heavenhawk Island and headed to Chaotic Ocean.

Not long after Tan Lang left, a pleasant and surprising thing happened. Big changes happened on Big Yellow again as his body trembled.

“Look like he is waking up,” Tyrant said.

“It is about time…”

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded . With Big Yellow’s natural ability, it should be about time for him to wake up.


Big Yellow’s skin began to glow.  The rippling radiance became stronger and stronger over several minutes. Cracking sounds rang out continuously as the cracks shot across the golden cocoon.


Once the cracks covered enough of the cocoon’s surface, the cocoon exploded. It then fragmented and collapsed. Big Yellow opened his sparkling eyes as two beams of light shot out of eyes like a double-edged sword.

After that, he breathed a sigh of relief and sat up. He could feel the powerful energy trying to explode in his body. It was like a vast ocean trying to find a vent to flow out its excess volume.


Big Yellow raised his head with pride and roared insanely. Layers of sound waves escaped from his mouth, vibrating all the loose things in the cave. Fortunately, Jiang Chen had prepared for this, sealing the entire cave with a spell. Had he not done so, their whereabouts would have been revealed by now. It felt like the vibrations would collapse the cave.

Tyrant gave his thumbs up to Jiang Chen. He admired his foresight on how he could anticipate that Big Yellow would be bursting with so much energy upon his awakening.

This was just a normal roar. If Big Yellow had used the Spirit Kill Divine Roar, it would not have been this tame. Given this possible outcome, Jiang Chen had to be mindful and well-prepared.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

Big Yellow had awoken, but the amazing changes in his body didn’t stop just yet. The booming sounds sounded continuously.  It was like his body was beating the battle drums. The reason for it was due to the impact of the energy contained within his body, and the effect of the metamorphosis of his blood and veins. The combination of these two elements caused Big Yellow’s Qi to rise unabatedly. In the blink of an eye, he had reached Third Grade Demon King.

However, this was merely the beginning. Under his friends' dazzled gaze, Big Yellow’s level rose smoothly and rapidly. In a minute, he reached the peak of Third Grade Demon King. Soon after, a light cracking could be heard once more. He had broken through the fourth grade as well!

*Kacha!* Fifth Grade Demon King.

*Kacha!* Sixth Grade Demon King.

*Kacha!* Seventh Grade Demon King.

In just half an hour, Big Yellow’s level broke all the way through to the seventh grade smoothly. His momentum slowed at this point.

Tyrant sighed with relief. His forehead was covered with sweat. The speed with which Big Yellow had broken through was simply too frightening. He had broken through from Third Grade Demon King to Seventh Grade Demon King in such a short period of time. This was completely unbelievable. If he hadn’t witnessed it himself, he would not believe it even if his life was in line.

To him, it was a blessing that Big Yellow’s momentum largely dissipated at this point. If Big Yellow had broken through to the eighth grade, Tyrant was afraid he would have fainted and died on the spot. Jiang Chen’s advancement from first grade to the fourth grade back in the Western Region was already too much for him to bare. Big Yellow just made everything worse.

In the end, Big Yellow didn’t break through to Eighth Grade Demon King. His energy stopped at the peak of Seventh Grade Demon King, just one step away from the eighth grade. They believed that Big Yellow could reach that level in no time.

It was completely unbelievable, and yet just as undeniable. The fast increase was assisted by the blood essence and demon spirit of a Ninth Grade Demon King. Not only that, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills and metamorphosis of blood and veins were the other two important elements. If Big Yellow could not achieve this result, his ability would be far inferior to what was expected.

*Huff* *Huff*

The energy flowed out of Big Yellow’s body. Under his control, however, all of it was absorbed back into his body. He cooled down and returned to his original state. The cave was peaceful once more.

By the looks of Big Yellow, not much had changed. The only overt difference was that his dragon horn had grown bigger. The horn was the identifying characteristic of a Dragon-horse Beast. Even though he was now a Seventh Grade Demon King status and that his dragon horns had grown bigger, he still looked like a dog.

Big Yellow opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Jiang Chen and Tyrant. He opened his mouth to speak, “Wakaka, you two bastards didn’t die. Of course, the life and death of the two of you wasn’t my concern. What I am concerned about is that I am still alive, haha!!” Big Yellow laughed loudly.

His words would have been offensive, but when Jiang Chen heard his voice again, he felt a sense of familiarity.

“This dog’s words aren’t friendly at all,” Tyrant said with a serious aura.

“Bastard monk, you still want to act serious in front of me? Do you believe that I won’t kick your ass easily? You know, I am a Seventh Grade Demon King warrior now.”

When Big Yellow spoke, his eyes stared directly at Tyrant’s butt.

“Damn it, you are still an annoying stupid dog.”

Tyrant scolded, but he would not want a fight to happen between him and Big Yellow as the dog possessed the strength of a Seventh Grade Demon King now. His evil ability could even take down a Ninth Grade Combat King. He wasn’t stupid enough to actively seek out his own suffering.

“Haha…” Jiang Chen laughed.

The teasing between the two reminded him of Han Yan and Wen Tian. It was the time in the East Continent, they enjoyed themselves very much when they were together. In Divine Continent, he had not seen them once the space channel was broken. Another of Jiang Chen friends', Wu Ningzhu, whereabouts was still unknown, she came to Divine Continent with Jiang Chen in search of her mother, but had no clue of the chaos in the area. Her gentle nature would cause her a lot of unnecessary troubles.

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