Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 572

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Tyrant and Tan Lang were using their Yuan force to blow those green air away. But then, they opened their mouth and vomited. They had underestimated the power of the gas. They had no idea that the gas could be so powerful, and ‘STINKY’, it stunk at its maximum. Any of the smell that entered into your nose would cause you to regurgitate all the food without stop, no one could stand it, and it was too brutal in other aspects.


Jiang Chen giggled at their innocent reaction.

Tyrant and Tan Lang had the feeling of rushing towards Jiang Chen, wanting to strangle him to death. Now, they finally knew the reason of Jiang Chen’s retreat before the skill was casted, his ability to prepare in advance was impressive. They can blame no one but themselves for not understanding Big Yellow well enough, not knowing the ultimate power of his skill.

“Godly…Pan…Pan…You two bastards, are you telling me that you two vomited because my fart wasn’t tasty enough?”

Big Yellow was staring at Tyrant and Tan Lang while shaking his stout buttocks. When the two of them saw Big Yellow, they instantly moved far away from him. It gave them a creepy feeling when they witnessed the death of a few Asura Palace disciples. These people weren’t dead because of falling from the sky, there was 80 percent certainty that they were smoked to death by the fart.

“It was like causing the souls to leave their bodies, very scary…” Tyrant said.

He had an unanswered question for God, ‘How can this world have such a fine quality? The supernatural talents and powers can be this superb and powerful'

Tyrant and Tan Lang swore that this was the most horrifying fart, and that there wasn’t anyone like this. It was lucky that they only smelled its disgusting smell. It was out of their imagination to think about the condition of those disciples that were exposed at the central point of the green gases.

“How dare you!” Someone in the Asura Palace shouted.

At least a few figures moved in quickly from the inside. One of them was a Seventh Grade Combat King elder who came out instantly. Without saying a word, he casted a Dharma Seal, smashing over Big Yellow.


Big Yellow was exhilarated. He wanted to release all of his stifling feeling today once and for all. Why would he even have any problems fighting a Seventh Grade Combat King? He sent another attack using his head without hesitation.


The unlimited power of Dharma Seal clashed against Big Yellow’s solid head, the spell broke as quickly as the sound began, turning into fragments. Big Yellow’s speed of attack didn’t slow down as though sunlight penetrating glasses or windows, he continued to flash, appearing before the elder in a blink of an eye. Only then did the elder realized Big Yellow's amazing speed, but it was already impossible to attempt any escape.  

Despite his slow reaction, the elder was still able to make a promptly counterattack, intending to reflect Big Yellow’s incoming attack. He thought that this hound must be out of his mind to attack him using its head, it was like digging a grave for himself.

Unfortunately, he lacked the understanding of Big Yellow’s power.



Big Yellow’s head crushed the attack and made a powerful impact on the elder’s chest. The elder could feel the impact like a huge mountain pressing on his chest, causing him to fly away from his original position. Blood was spurting from his mouth continuously while his body was still in the air, and then, fell on the ground. All of the movements on his body stopped after a few contractions of his major muscles.


Everyone was shocked, they were all shaken by the incident. The disciples of Asura Palace who rushed out following the elder were frightened and retreated one after another, as if they had seen a haunting ghost. Their eyes were covered with fear, the hound was too strong, he could kill a Seventh Grade Combat King by just ramming him.

“My goodness… How hard is this dog’s head?”

Tyrant couldn’t accept it either. Meanwhile,Tan Lang was willing to prostrate himself before Big Yellow in admiration. Big Yellow didn’t only know how to fart, his head was as hard as a diamond, killing the Seventh Grade Combat King through it. Although his ability was still far away if it was to be compared with the ability of Great Master Ran Feng to kill a person of the Ninth Grade Combat King using eye contact, he possessed a power that was hard to believe without witnessing it.


His lively laughter soon filled the air above Asura Palace. If the news of a hound showing off his ability was to spread out in Asura territory, the Palace would lose the respect of other people.

Big Yellow wasn’t paying attention to the fearful feeling of the people. He twisted his body around, aiming his buttocks at them again. Tyrant and Tan Lang shook their heads when they saw Big Yellow in this posture. They felt that their existence in the scene was unnecessary, Big Yellow alone was enough to cause a total confusion in this place.


Many of them were gasping their last breath of fresh air. Those who had witnessed the horrifying effect of Big Yellow’s fart made a prompt escape from the scene, flying away as far as they could like a mad bird. The rest went blank and stunned, they absolutely had no idea that the worst thing of their lives was going to happen, not knowing why the hound had tilted his buttocks higher than usual. They were having doubts about his action, ‘This hound could also use its backside to make his attack like how it used its head?’

They had made the right guess.

“Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart!”


Big Yellow’s roar could tremble the sky and land, the loudness of the sound waves could match the sound produced by the combination of lightning and land mines which was deafening. If one goes closer to the source of the sound, his spirit could also be vibrated.

A cloud of green gas rushed out from Big Yellow’s assh*le, and burst out after that, the flow of that gas was forming multiple double-edged swords, travelling in all directions. This was no different than the previous attack, but it seemed like Big Yellow wanted the entire Asura Palace to be totally enveloped by his fart.

The disciples who did not escape could feel a wave of hot air passing through their bodies, and then followed by an excruciating pain as if they had entered hell.

“Some of them retched…It was unpleasant…wah…”

“Puff…extremely stinky…Let me die for good.”

“For f*ck’s sake! How can this dog possibly let out something so smelly? If I die under this dog’s fart and enter the underworld, I will not have courage to face my ancestors, Bleeeuuurrrggghh…”


Big Yellow’s fart was his most powerful weapon, it attacks his enemy physically and psychologically.

The whole scene fell into a mess. Everyone in the sky was vomiting, some even vomited blood, and let out piercing shriek. The men in the scene were the elites of the elites, it was a shock that all of them vomited in such a way. But it couldn’t be helped, the fart of the hound was way too revolting. Some people tried to use their Yuan Force to blow the flow of gas away, but soon realized that the gas was like stubborn bone ulcers, once they had touched their skin, there was no way of getting them away.  

“Quickly, inform Elder Liu.” Someone screamed.

Asura Palace had invited an unprecedented chaos. They had totally forgotten the past incident of Jiang Chen murdering the Second Tycoon. At this point, they only had the magnificent Big Yellow in their head, truly unimaginable, they did not understand how the world could have such great gifts.


Suddenly, seven insolent shadows flew out from the internal area of the Palace. These people were at the supreme level, they wouldn’t appear under normal circumstance, only putting all their focus in training. They are all Ninth Grade Combat Kings, their ultimate desire was to break through the bottleneck and become Combat Emperors.

“Wah…what’s with this unpleasant smell?”

One of the elder expelled out the air he just breathed in. They frowned and found out that the air in Asura Palace was rotten, it obviously did not fit the normal air quality anymore. When they saw the disciples who retched and vomited, they went blank for a moment, not knowing the source of the smell, they thought that the sound they heard just now was robbery attempted by a group of fools.  

“Humph…” Elder Liu humphed.

He possessed the power of a high level Combat King, his specialty was fire. Blazing flames were spurting out from his body, burning away all the polluted gases in the sky above Asura Palace, restoring the clear and blue sky.

This was because the skill was casted by Elder Liu. If it was a normal disciple, eliminating the fart entirely was impossible.


Jiang Chen swayed and appeared beside Big Yellow, ready to confront a few Ninth Grade Combat Kings, but Tyrant and Tan Lang wasn’t in the map at the moment. Apparently, they were acting according to their plan, Tyrant and Tan Lang would take the chance brought by the chaos. When all of their enemies' attention was directed on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, they would sneak into Asura Palace to save their friends.

Elder Liu stared at Jiang Chen, as though his fiery eyes were spouting flames, he wouldn’t forget the incident the day before yesterday which not even two Ninth Grade Combat Kings could chase Jiang Chen, thus, allowing him to run away freely. This shameful loss added to his anger. This guy dared to break into Asura Palace, plus he had himself a dog. From their looks, it seemed that they are here just to show off.

“Jiang Chen, you didn’t hide yourself but came to our place to cause troubles?” Elder Liu pointed at Jiang Chen and spoke the words loudly.

He had no clue of what was Jiang Chen’s thoughts. Jiang Chen had to be out of his mind to think that he was invincible given his level of power and came into their territory to ask for a fight.

“Are you not looking for me everywhere? Now that I have come, come and catch me if you can.” Jiang Chen said it with his provocative look, trying to stir up their anger.

“Okay, since you don’t want to choose the path to heaven but instead intruded into the gates of hell, I will fulfill your death wish. You have killed so many of our disciples and escaping to any part of the world would also mean DEATH.” Elder Liu said it with a stern look.

His comrades shifted their positions slowly, surrounding their enemies, making them at the center of the circle.

Excitement was the only expression on Big Yellow’s face, while Jiang Chen’s face was showing a carefree sign. Given his Fifth Grade Combat King strength, he couldn’t defeat any of the ninth grade, but his enemy couldn’t kill him as well because his was partnering with Big Yellow who was an abnormal being. His tacit mutual understanding with Big Yellow was synchronized.

At this time, Big Yellow’s voice flew into Jiang Chen’s ears all of a sudden, “Kid, there's a treasure inside the Palace.”

Jiang Chen eyes sparkled after hearing Big Yellows words. It had been a long time since Big Yellow had sensed any treasure. Every time he sensed a treasure, it hadn’t been anything ordinary and it had always been something rare, this fact had already been proven a long time ago in their past encounters.

“Treasure, it should be the broken sword right?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“No, the broken sword wasn’t in the Asura Palace, I can sense it. The treasure in the Palace was more impressive. I have just sensed its aura, it was carrying the properties of ice but I am unable to determine its specific location now.” Big Yellow said.

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