Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 574

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“In…In the dungeon.”

The disciple did not dare to hide any of the truth, telling them the exact location of Chang Qing. The Asura Palace was in a state of chaos right now, the stinky smell was everywhere. Meeting Tan Lang and a frightening monk in such a chaotic situation was a disaster; he could die at any moment.

It was under Tan Lang’s estimation. The Cold Hell Prison was destroyed. Even if it was rebuilt, it would not be possible for them to finish its construction in a short period of time. In addition, Chang Qing and his friends did not commit a serious crime, it wasn’t heavy enough to be imprisoned into the Cold Hell Prison.

Tan Lang and Tyrant rushed to the direction of the Hall of Law without any delay. To them, rescuing Chang Qing and his friends was their only task, but it was truly difficult to be put in this unpleasant situation where the air was so stinky it was suffocating.

Tan Lang was very familiar with the path; they reached their destination in no time. The Hall of Law is a very important department, it was indispensable. The elder who was in charge here was a Ninth Grade Combat King, but all of the Ninth Grades together with the Eighth Grades, had gone out to face Big Yellow and Jiang Chen. The enemy in charge now was a Seventh Grade Combat King elder. At this time, not many guards stayed in the hall and it became somewhat isolated.  

No one would be able to notice that there was someone attempting to break into the Asura Palace on a rescue mission in this chaotic situation. In truth, for the people in the Asura Palace, the thought wouldn’t even cross their minds. They wouldn’t even think that Jiang Chen would make his intrusion into the Asura Palace at all costs just to rescue his friends who were just ordinary human beings. Breaking into the Asura Palace just like that would mean death.

Tan Lang was once a core disciple of the Asura Palace, coming into the Hall of Law wasn’t his first time. That’s why he was so familiar with this place. He and Tyrant went past the guards without getting noticed and sneaked into the Dungeon silently.

The Dungeon was dark and cold. It was built in the empty space under the Hall of Law which was a mountain. Of course, the Cold Hell Prison was much larger. No stranger was allowed to enter the Dungeon if it was during normal hours due to the strict guard system.

But now, since the Asura Palace had been totally distracted by the polluting gas, they had a golden opportunity.

Very quickly, they had arrived at the big gates of the Dungeon. The gates were made of volcanic rocks, it was very solid. In addition to that, there was a prohibition seal on the gates which made it even harder to open it.

“This is the Dungeon, Chang Qing and the others are jailed in it.” Tan Lang said.

“Step aside.”

Tyrant waved his hand.

Tan Lang wasn’t able to react in time and saw Tyrant’s palm slam on that rocky gate. A loud bang could be heard and the door crumbled into pieces as quickly as the sound was heard. Not only that, the prohibition seal was torn. This attempt made the entire Dungeon to shake.

Tan Lang rolled his eyes. This was a brute monk. That prohibition seal was simple, it wasn’t difficult to remove it, so it was unnecessary for him to break the solid gate with his fierce slam. This would clearly attract enemies stronger than them.

Fortunately, all of the Ninth Grade Combat Kings were busy hunting down Big Yellow; none of them could spare their energy in guarding this place. If not, the rescue plan would become extremely difficult.

“Little Chen destroyed the Cold Hell Prison. And we destroyed the Dungeon.”

Tyrant smiled and strode into the Dungeon.

“Who trespassed the Dungeon?”

At this very moment, a shout came from outside. Later, a shadow appeared outside of the Dungeon with lightning speed. When he saw that the rocky gates of the Dungeon were destroyed, his facial expression changed. He raised his head and clearly saw two men heading into the Dungeon.

He shouted, “Stand right there!”

Tyrant and Tan Lang waved their hands to him. Tan Lang smiled and continued walking into the Dungeon with faster speed than before without looking back. Maybe no one knew how powerful the monk was but Tyrant was certain about his own abilities, it was the peak of Sixth Grade Combat King. So, eliminating a Seventh Grade Combat King was a piece of cake. If he had encountered an Eighth Grade Combat King, his power was sufficient to defeat his adversay, and killing him wouldn’t be impossible.


The elder recognized the monk. He heard Tyrant and Jiang Chen’s name before as it had spread within the Liang Province. The elder knew that he was incapable to deal with him, but he still wielded his own combat weapon, it was a long and narrow sword. The tremble of the long sword shattered the air around it while slashing on Tyrant’s head.

“Infinite Light!”

Tyrant ferociously slammed the elder’s attack with his palm, it was a radiating big palm print. It wasn’t the Immovable Ming Emperor’s palm print, it was just a normal palm print of Buddha but it was enough to counter the attack of the Seventh Grade Combat King.


The terrifying palm print met the elder’s sword. The combat weapon held by the elder flew out after the impact; his palm that was used to grip his combat weapon was shattered. He made a melancholic scream and his entire body was thrown away, he then lay on the ground with all parts of his body twitching continuously.

An intimidating Seventh Grade Combat King succumbed to the palm of the monk and had become disabled, and was totally defeated. It was merely a common palm print, if it was the Immovable Ming Emperor’s palm print, he would be dead.

“Infinite Light!”

Tyrant put his palms together, the robe on his body started to vibrate. He stood outside the Dungeon as if he was a man that could defend thousands of armies. His current strength and abilities were enough to fight any people from Asura Palace that were below Eighth Grade.

It was damp and dark in the Dungeon, the condition here was terrible but it wasn’t a big deal for a strong friar. At least, this place was a lot better than the Cold Hell Prison.

At this point, there were eight prisoners. These people’s faces were very unattractive. It was Chang Qing and the others. They were Tan Lang's followers when he was still a disciple of Asura Palace. The prison cell was made of ordinary materials. They could just break the bars with ease, but they chose not to because it was just useless. There was no way out of this place.

Chang Qing and the rest had a disheartened expressions on their faces. Besides anger, endless sadness could be sensed from them. They were disciples of Asura Palace and were very loyal to the palace, making this place as their home. It was because they had followed Tan Lang before that their imprisonment was definite. The metal cell in front was just an insult to them.

They had entered into the Dungeon for a day and today was the day they erased all their emotional attachment to the Asura Palace. This ruthless sect would only bring nothing but a great deal of sadness.

When the rocky gates opened, light shined from outside. The listless Chang Qing suddenly stood up, paying attention to the source of the light. They just heard the sound of fighting, and then a shadow that moved with lightning speed sprinted towards their direction. Surprise was written all over their faces when they saw the person’s face clearly.

“Brother Tan Lang!”

“It’s great! Brother Tan Lang is here to rescue us!”


Everyone was amazed when Tan Lang appeared. Originally, they were the followers of Tan Lang. At first, they blamed Tan Lang for their imprisonment, complaining that he was the cause to all their troubles. But after a day of staying in the prison, their point of view changed. All the complaints shifted and the blame was put on Asura Palace now. Seeing Tan Lang barging into the Dungeon to save them, a feeling of gratitude filled their hearts.


Tan Lang waved his hand and produced a ray of light, the prison cell before him was crushed and fell. Chang Qing and the rest came out of the cell. Tan Lang made a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw none of them suffered any injuries.

“Brother Tan Lang, what made you come all the way here? It seemed like the situation outside was in chaos.” Chang Qing asked.

The moment the rocky gates of the Dungeon was destroyed by the monk, they could hear the sound coming from outside. From their past experiences, Asura Palace hadn’t been this chaotic before. They also felt that Tan Lang’s power wasn’t the same as a few months before, he was much stronger now which made them feel stressful but, at the same time, delighted.

“Jiang Chen is dealing with the elders out there. Let me bring you all out of this place.” Tan Lang said.

He turned around and flew towards the exit of the Dungeon. The once prisoners saw a monk blocking the gates with domineering aura. In front of the monk was several people lying on the ground, paralyzed. Chang Qing and his comrades were shocked. These people lying on the ground wasn’t someone they did not know. They were all the elders guarding the Hall of Law, the lowest was Sixth Grade Combat King but all of them were beaten up as though dead dogs lying on the ground.

“Monk. I have rescued them.” Tan Lang said.

“You two leave this place immediately after the rescue.”

At this time, Jiang Chen’s voice sounded in both Tan Lang and Tyrant’s ears. The two of them looked at each other and nodded. Currently, it was the most chaotic moment in the Asura Palace. Chang Qing and his friends' level were too weak, they could only escape during the confusion. As for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, escaping would not be a problem for them at all. If these two exceptional people wanted to leave, no one could stop them.

“Let’s go! But, hold your breath!” Tyrant reminded everyone and left the place.

“Woah! Very stinky! What kind of smell is this? Blueeaccct…”

Chang Qing was the first to puke after leaving the Dungeon. He swore that it was the stinkiest smell in the whole world. The rest had their faces changed and turned pale, they then vomited.

“I told you guys to hold your breath.” Tyrant shook his head.

Now they understood the reason for the monk’s reminder as the smell was poisonous.

“We will leave from the back of the mountain.” Tan Lang said.

All of them were disciples of the palace and were very familiar with almost all of the routes. Then, after they bore the disgusting smell, they continued on their route to the back of the mountain with faster pace.


Above the sky, Big Yellow was laughing out loud. There was no end to the fart of this hound, it wasn’t going to finish. The entire Asura Palace had been made a mess because of him.

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