Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 575

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“Let’s do the Profound Sky Formation now, and shred this dog to pieces!” Elder Liu shouted with haste.

The Eighth Grade and Ninth Grade Combat Kings of the Asura Palace had gone mad. The combat weapons that were held in their hands were flying in the air. While trying to hunt down the hound, they vomited from time to time which had mostly diminished their image.

From the Ninth Grade’s point of view, chasing after the dog behind his back and couldn’t even catch him, and instead, they were being fooled. It was a total disgrace.

Elder Liu couldn’t stand it anymore. The speed of the hound was too fast, there’s no way they could match his speed. If this dog wasn’t stopped and continued farting, the entire Asura Palace would not have peace. It would put all the elders’ faces covered in shame once the news spread out.

After receiving the direct order from Elder Liu, they instantly joined together to start the Profound Sky Formation. The sky above the Asura Palace was locked and sealed, they wanted to use the formation to trap Big Yellow, ready to capture the hound.

“Haha… Using this formation to catch me? It seems my fart really paralysed many of your brain cells.” Big Yellow laughed.

It was pointless to use the formation on Big Yellow, he was well-equipped with the knowledge of formations in the Holy Book. Big Yellow had long since uncovered many complex formations, so a simple Profound Sky Formation would not trouble him.

*Hua La*

When it was completed, the Profound Sky Formation showed a crystal clear appearance. The power from the formation enveloped Big Yellow without giving him a moment’s warning, but it didn’t work on him. He just twisted his body and flew out of the formation like a cunning loach.

“What?” Elder Liu said, his eyes widening.

It wasn’t something easy to believe. There were so many elders taking part in the formation, but Big Yellow just escaped with minimal effort. The formation couldn’t trap him. No, it was just that nobody could stop him. It was amazing for the dog to be at this level.

“Wakakaka… You want me? Do you believe that I will let you eat my crap?” Big Yellow laughed.

His sturdy body was drifting above the sky while his buttocks kept on releasing the green gases. Those words weren’t exactly what he meant, they just simply came out from his mouth. Nevertheless, this made those who heard his statement to panic and be frightened. If the dog had the powerful ability to release poisonous fart, excretion of solid wastes would definitely send a lot of people to hell. They had a good reason to believe that this dog had the ability to do that.

“Kill! Kill him. We must kill him at all costs!”

Elder Liu’s eyes were becoming red, making him look like a madman. Big Yellow was the only one who can affect someone who had strong and firm willpower like Elder Liu to go insane.

All the attention were put on Big Yellow, none of them had noticed Jiang Chen, and Tyrant and Tan Lang who was escaping with his friends during the chaos.

Currently, Tyrant and Tan Lang had already brought Chang Qing and the rest out of Asura Palace to the back of the mountain. Fear lingered in Chang Qing and his friends’ heart, it was like the feeling after a robbery. They looked back and saw that the Asura Palace had fallen into chaos, mixed feelings filled their minds, as if a bottle of five separate flavours had mixed after it was overturned, it was an unknown feeling.

“Brother Tan Lang, where do we go now?”

Chang Qing gazed at Tan Lang. The rest of them did the same. At this time, without a doubt, Tan Lang was their leader in their hearts.

Tan Lang frowned while contemplating and said, “Return to Rainbow City. Jiang Chen has reappeared. All the attention are now on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, they have no time to look after you guys. Moreover, Asura Palace wants a good image for themselves. Putting you guys in more trouble isn’t going to help their reputation.”

What Tan Lang said was right. The reputation of the Asura Palace had faltered. The entire Asura Palace was manipulated by Big Yellow's fart, it was very shameful to them.

“Very well. We will follow Brother Tan Lang’s advice.”

The rest of them nodded.

“Let’s go. We will leave this place first. Little Chen and Big Yellow will find their own way out of this situation.” Tyrant said.

Vibration could be observed on Tyrant’s robe, and the spatial zone was broken by his bare hands. A powerful gravitational force formed from his robe, laying itself on the disciples who had a combat soul. Soon, all of them involuntarily entered into the spatial zone and were brought away.

In the sky above the Asura Palace, Big Yellow was thrilled in making fun of them which meant stopping wasn’t any of his intentions. This hound was only scared of peace in the world, moreover he didn’t have any good feeling towards the Asura Palace. So, today, he wanted to express all of his stifling emotions created out of helplessness during a few months of deep sleep. His Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart was the cruelest weapon of all, besides its powerful effects, it could also make people go insane.

Jiang Chen positioned himself further away from the scene. A layer of fiery red shield was covering his entire body, incinerating all gases that tried to attack his body. Since all of them were distracted by Big Yellow, Jiang Chen had become idle which also made him feel bored. He thought that at least they should assign two of them to capture him, he was totally disregarded and it’s somewhat shameful.

No one came to attack or capture him at the moment. He was delighted and felt peaceful. He didn’t have a slightest worry for Big Yellow’s life. Even if all those people come together to attack Big Yellow, seeing injuries on his body was impossible. Jiang Chen was confident about that.

Jiang Chen scanned the palace. He activated the Great Soul Derivation Technique secretly, trying to locate the treasure that Big Yellow mentioned earlier but he found nothing.

“It is a treasure with properties towards coldness and it was sensed by Big Yellow. It had to be a rare treasure hidden underneath. Even my Great Soul Derivation Technique can’t locate it, it has to be hidden very deep inside and is very related to the Freezing Hell Jail.”

Jiang Chen murmured to himself. He had no idea what the treasure that Big Yellow mentioned was, but he felt that the treasure hidden in the Asura Palace would have great effect on him. The sixth sense from the Great Soul Derivation Technique was very precise and mysterious.

Jiang Chen closed his eyes slowly, letting the Great Soul Derivation Technique to reach the peak state. With his Fifth Grade Combat King level, it was enough to allow his spiritual strength to penetrate into every part of the space zone in the Asura Palace.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. His spiritual strength felt the existence of another spatial zone. The zone wasn’t completed, it must be built not long ago. The coordinate of the spatial zone was right above the Freezing Hell Jail.

In other words, after the Freezing Hell Jail was destroyed by Jiang Chen a few months ago, it was rebuilt. Although the structure of the building had been built, it was still far from completion.

“For a Combat Emperor to create a perfect space zone in such a short period of time isn’t an easy task. It seems the treasure is in the Freezing Hell Jail. There had to be a connection between rebuilding the Freezing Hell Jail and the treasure.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened. There were a few key factors in his calculations. He discovered its relation by connecting the incident last time in the Freezing Hell Jail and the cold properties of the treasure sensed by Big Yellow.

“I will have to go in the Freezing Hell Jail to find the location of the treasure.”

Jiang Chen prepared to make his visit to the Freezing Hell Jail again. But his facial expression changed before he had the chance to leave.

“Big Yellow, run!”

Jiang Chen shouted at Big Yellow who was still in joyful mood while playing with his fart. Then he spun and break open the spatial zone and disappeared as fast as he appeared. On the other hand, Big Yellow didn’t dare to delay his escape, intensely making flaps on his wings and entering into the spatial zone like a drill and vanished.

Three tyrannical figures flew towards their direction far away from the sky a few seconds after they disappeared. These three weren’t strangers, they were Li Tian Yang, Elder Yuan and Xian Nan Feng who just came back from the Gorge Mountains.

Rage filled their faces. Apparently, when they just returned to Liang Province, they heard the news that Jiang Chen was still alive and the incident where Jiang Chen killed the second tycoon and over 30 disciples. There was no way for Li Tian Yang not to be angry, not to mention the disgusting condition of the Asura Palace caused by the green gases.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!!” Li Tian Yang shouted with rage.

“Master, it was Jiang Chen…” Elder Liu roared with his fiery eyes.

He used the God Recitation Messenger to transfer all the information of the incidents that had happened in a blink of an eye.

“They’ve ran towards that direction. Get them!”

Xian Nan Feng could sense the motion of the spatial zone and determined Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s traces of escape, and immediately rushed towards it.

Li Tian Yang and Elder Yuan were so angry, as if their faces were becoming extra red. They followed Xiao Nan Feng’s back. Jiang Chen didn’t die and had come to Asura Palace to show off his abilities. He was certainly seeking death.

Li Tian Yang’s intense hatred for him wasn’t ordinary. There was no escape for him this time, he must catch Jiang Chen, torture him violently for making this mess and then refine him into his exceptional incarnation.

Jiang Chen casted a spatial zone spell, penetrating into deeper zone as if a dragon swimming in the vacuum with great speed, which was not traceable by anyone. Big Yellow wasn’t on his side now. When he felt the strong masters approaching, he and Jiang Chen separated. He was savvy and had his own way of escaping.

At first, Jiang Chen wanted to trespass the Freezing Hell Jail in search for the treasure, but luckily he did not. He wouldn’t have the chance to leave the place if he did.

“Damn! It’s getting closer, it seems like I can’t run away today.”

Jiang Chen muttered to himself in disappointment. Although he had the spatial zone’s passage, there was a wide gap between a Fifth Grade Combat King and a First Grade Combat Emperor, not to mention, Li Tian Yang had reached the peak of the First Grade Combat Emperor.

Elder Yuan was also a First Grade Combat Emperor, he possessed great power. Xiao Nan Feng hadn’t reached the Combat Emperor realm yet, but he was already at the peak of Ninth Grade Combat King, he was just half-step away to the next realm. He was incomparably better than Elder Liu who was also a Ninth Grade Combat King.

“Jiang Chen. I’ve found you. Surrender now, it is pointless to escape!”

Li Tian Yang roared at the spatial zone, the air particles trembled due to the sound waves and penetrated into the spatial zone. He had found Jiang Chen’s coordinates and he wouldn’t let him escape this time.

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