Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 580

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Big Yellow had been hiding in the dark. Due to Li Tian Yang and the others putting all their attention to Jiang Chen, they did not even realise the existence of Big Yellow. Nevertheless, even without Jiang Chen’s distractions, they could not detect him as only Jiang Chen understood Big Yellow’s exceptional skill of hiding and escaping.

“You’re truly lucky, you turned the dangerous situation around. That was awesome! But when did you establish a relationship with the young master of the Dark Devil religion? To my surprise, even a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor came to rescue you!” said Big Yellow with doubts.

He had been hiding in a hidden place and could not clearly hear what they were talking about in front of Jiang Chen. However, he was well aware that a man came to rescue Jiang Chen on behalf of the young master of the Dark Devil Religion. He was dubious because of this. He knew Jiang Chen’s past more than anyone. He remembered clearly the time they had been on the Divine Continent; they didn’t know the young master of the Dark Devil Religion. Besides, their current level was way below the level of the young master and, certainly, the young master would not get in touch with any of the people of his level.

“You’re hiding in the dark and you didn’t pick up? The master of the Dark Devil Religion didn’t have a successor; but, recently, he found a genius who had the blood of Ancient Devil. It was like obtaining a precious gift, and he adopted him as his son instantly. That was how the young master was born. Do you want to guess why the young master would want to save my life?” Jiang Chen said it with a smile.

He was very happy at the turn of events. That time when they were about to enter the Divine Continent with Han Yan, they were separated because of the passageway in the spatial zone. Today, he got to know Han Yan’s whereabouts, and he was actually living a good life. Jiang Chen felt very happy for him.

“What? It's Han Yan? It must be him since his body has the blood of Ancient Devil which is extremely rare, plus he is our good friend. I can’t get a better person to replace him.”

Big Yellow’s eyes brightened. He missed the message brought by Thunder Core just now. After understanding the facts he heard from Jiang Chen, he could confidently deduce that this young master was Han Yan, there was no doubt about it.

“He is like a half-god now, but he was a bit too mean, how come he didn’t see us in person now that he has already become a young master?” Big Yellow said with dissatisfaction. He felt that Han Yan had reached a level that exposing his face to anyone was rare.

“Don’t be mean, I guess Han Yan must be very busy now. Oh... ya, that Sot Old Man left me a crystal ball, it must contain images of him, let’s take a look.”

Jiang Chen overturned his palm, holding the crystal ball in his hand. A divine sense shot out from his body and dropped into the crystal ball. A sudden humming came out from the crystal ball followed by an intense vibration. A ray of bright light shot out from the crystal ball and slowly formed into images. In the images, there was a young man with grey hair wearing black clothes, sitting on a black futon with his legs crossed, the air surrounding him was steaming of devil force. This young man wasn’t anyone else, he was Han Yan.

“This brat dressed in black suit, he was a bit like the combination of dog and human.”

Big Yellow bared his teeth and felt very happy to be able to see his friend again.

The lights vibrated and the poker face of Han Yan turned into a bright smile, “Little Chen brother, you didn’t expect right? Your brother had already become the young master of the Dark Devil Religion. Hahaha! are you jealous of me now? And, that dead dog, he must be biting his teeth while looking at my face right now, haha. I have been inquiring about the whereabouts of you two and I learned that you two have caused a lot of trouble in Liang Province. But, this corresponds with how you always act. I will continue my training in the Devil Blood Pond that was especially prepared by my foster dad; that was the reason I cannot come to meet you guys in person. I ordered Sot Old Man to help you two but I know you will settle your problems yourselves. After you finish your matters in the State of Liang, you are welcome to come to my religion and find me.”

A light flashed and the images disappeared, and the crystal ball became dark, it then cracked and turned to powder.

“Not bad! This bastard still remembers me as a dog even he had become the young master. Wait until we meet again, I will bite you.” Big Yellow said irritably.

“You should train harder. The Ancient Devil’s blood in his body will become more powerful, plus he is receiving the best training resources. Do you think you can beat him after he came out from that pool of Devil Blood?” Jiang Chen said bluntly as if pouring a pot of cold water on Big Yellow’s face.

He didn’t think that Big Yellow knew how scary the Ancient Devil’s blood can be. He knew it more than anyone, not to mention joining the Dark Devil Religion got Han Yan limitless resources for training. The training could reach at least thousand miles in a day, putting the other geniuses behind his back.

“Compared to Han Yan, the two of us are worse. He had already become a young master. As for us, we were hunted everywhere we go to, our lives were too miserable. This was rather infuriating!

“Don’t you have a promise of battle with the three geniuses ten days later? How certain are you in winning it?” asked Big Yellow, saying that this was the main point.

“If I fight them with my current strength, it will be a complete loss. On the other hand, if I am able to reach the peak of the Sixth Grade Combat King, that will be enough to eliminate ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Kings. However, Xiao Nan Feng and the other two are no ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Kings, they are halfway into the realm of the Combat Emperor. I am afraid that I need to get to the seventh grade to defeat them.” Jiang Chen said while estimating the difference of power between him and the three of them.

“It's not even possible to advance two grades in just ten days. Unless you undergone abnormal means of training, which is consuming massive amount of demon spirits, but that means the training will bring certain effects to you.”

What Big Yellow meant was that if Jiang Chen did not use that method of training, getting his level to increase by two was a total nonsense.

“There is one place that I can visit.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were focusing at one direction, his eyes was fixed in it as if he was obsessed by it, and thinking about that place made him sentimental.

“Where?” asked Big Yellow.

“The Saint Cliff,” said Jiang Chen.

That place was his ending point, now it was his starting point.

“Where is the Saint Cliff at?” asked Big Yellow.

“It is on Pure Land in the Divine Continent but not in the eight major territories, but in the center of the continent. That place was the most sacred land. The Saint's Cliff is just within Pure Land. It was once the region with the most exuberant strength of land and sky. But I am afraid that it has changed.”

When he mentiond the Saint Cliff, Jiang Chen could not stand reliving his memories of the past. He didn’t expect to be this fast in returning to the Saint Cliff again. His level was too far behind if placed in the Divine Continent. However, he was forced to do so given his current predicament. He decided to go there and retrieve the things that belonged to him.

“That was the place where the Greatest Saint made his ultimate sacrifice a hundred years ago, right? What are you going to do over there?” Big Yellow begged for explanation.

He couldn’t possibly think that Jiang Chen was the Greatest Saint even if he had completely squeezed his brain’s juices.

“You will know when you go there with me, if you choose not to, I will go there myself,” said Jiang Chen.

“Don’t even think of abandoning me, I want to explore that place. My concern is that the place might had become a land of death, a prohibited land,” said Big Yellow.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left together, heading to the direction of Pure Land in the Divine Continent. The distance from the State of Liang to there was very far, even with their speed in flying, it would take days to reach there even without stopping. So they needed to rely on the portals and gates of the many big territories along the way.

In the Divine Continent, every cultivator was could use the gate of their territory. Money was the only requirement, the further you go, the amount of Tian Yuan pills needed would increase. However, Jiang Chen didn’t have that problem as the amount of Tian Yuan pills he had was sufficient to move around the entire land of Saints a few cycles to and fro.

Jiang Chen wasn’t worried about his two friends, Tyrant and Tan Lang. Their safety would never be a concern after his relationship with the young master of Dark Devil religion was exposed. Tyrant was not a weakling, he had the ability to protect himself and Jiang Chen was confident that Heavenly Devil Palace would find ways to protect them. This trip to the Saint Cliff had many obstacles. Taking Big Yellow was enough as too many cooks would spoil the soup, disrupting the journey. He realised that his goal was a little too much for him because the Divine Continent wasn’t a place for rookies like him.

After the departure of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, the entire Liang Province was shaken by the news of Jiang Chen wanting to challenge the three geniuses of the three major powers in their province, as if Jiang Chen’s presence restricted the peaceful atmosphere there.

“Is Jiang Chen out of his mind? He actually dared to pick a fight with those three geniuses? It was like signing a death contract. He is merely a Fifth Grade Combat King, ten days wasn’t enough for him to surpass Xiao Nan Feng and the others.”

“Didn’t you see today’s scene? While Jiang Chen was under siege of the four major powers, the masters from the Mysterious Domain appeared. The Dark Devil Religion had sent a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. At that moment, Jiang Chen made the promise to challenge the three geniuses. If he didn’t do that, a battle between Sixth Grade Combat Emperors would be inevitable and that wouldn’t benefit anyone, and would only cause a massacre in our province. On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s promise went over his capabilities, he was looking for his early death by confronting those three geniuses alone.”

“Exactly! I am clueless of what’s he's thinking about. But, he was known for his brilliance and prowess, it is unlikely to make fun of his decision. I guess that he might have his secret means of training, we’ll see after ten days.”


Every conversation anywhere in Liang Province was about the promise of battle of Jiang Chen and the three geniuses. No one betted on Jiang Chen as the gap of power between them was too wide. Jiang Chen was crazy. Although he could kill an Eighth Grade Combat King, the difference between the eighth grade and ninth grade was way too far! This difference made Xiao Nan Feng and the other two geniuses Jiang Chen’s lethal opponents.

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