Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 594

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"What’s going on? The Freezing Hell Jail is destroyed again? Why is he always related to the Jail?”

“I can sense a very powerful Qi and combat power coming from that place. Could it be that Jiang Chen wants us all dead, ignoring his verbal promise a few days ago?”

“He won’t, I don’t think he's that kind of person.”


They wouldn’t have a chance to live peacefully when Jiang Chen was still in the Asura Palace. There wasn’t anyone who wasn’t scared of this hybrid devil king. Nobody could stop him in Liang Province now.

In the demolished Freezing Hell Jail, Tyrant's and Big Yellow’s faces were terrified by the tyrannical power of Water Dragon Seal. Fire Dragon Seal’s power was about the same as Water Dragon Seal’s power. The scary part of Water Dragon Seal was its ability to cause frost to everything, even the spatial zone would be locked and frozen, truly frightening.

“A terrifying combat technique! He really has completed cultivating Heavenly Earth Pure Water. Judging by his Qi, he will advance to the eighth grade in no time, enhancing the Water Dragon Seal further.”

Tyrant shook his head and was speechless to see such an abnormal being.

“Wakaka! Very intoxicating, very intoxicating!” Big Yellow laughed.

He was delighted. The stronger Jiang Chen became, the happier he was. He felt excited when he thought about how he and Jiang Chen would show off and swagger in the battlefield.


Jiang Chen laughed as well. The successful cultivation of Water Dragon Seal enhanced the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, and also the power of Fire Dragon Seal. The Five Dragon Seals in the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal were interrelated. If any of the Dragon Seals undergoes a transformation or metamorphosis during cultivation, it would further enhance the other Dragon Seals.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen’s dantian started to vibrate. The impact from the Pure Water, and the transformation of Water Dragon Seal boosted his pool of energy. Dragon marks were forming; within a few minutes, 2,000 dragon marks were formed out of the condensation. Jiang Chen had entered into the Eighth Grade Combat King; it then stopped at the middle of the grade which was not very far away from the ninth grade.


Lines of reddish dragon marks appeared all over Jiang Chen’s body. Dragon roars were heard, brightening him up like a divine being. It was as if he was an ancestor of dragons, an incarnation of dragons who had just arrived at his destination.

The dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body had reached 35,000 after becoming an Eighth Grade Combat King, which increased the space in his dantian. Shadows of dragons danced in his dantian, bursting with an unconquerable Qi and aura to its surroundings.

“Finally, I have reached the eighth grade. My combat power now allows me to kill a First Grade Combat Emperor with a smack without the help of the Saint Bone. I can also fight a Second Grade Combat Emperor now.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes reflected brilliant light. He was absolutely pleased with his current condition and grade. The potent impact of Pure Water had been very strong, it was able to push his grade by one, allowing him to reach the eighth grade. Only half of it was absorbed, while he kept the other half which was in the crystal stone in his dantian for Yan Chen Yu.

“Waaa, an Eighth Grade Combat King…I don’t think Liang Province can fit a god like you anymore.” Tyrant exclaimed.

“Then I will head to the center of Mysterious Domain. My footsteps will never stop.”

Jiang Chen tidied his clothes. There was still a long road ahead of him, it was impossible to stop now. He had to continue his journey in search for the fragments of the Heavenly Saint Sword. There were also the matters of Ancestor Greenlotus and Wu Ningzhu waiting for him to solve. He had dominated Liang Province; but, in Divine Continent or even in the Mysterious Domain, an Eighth Grade Combat King was just a small fry and very weak in terms of power.

“That’s right, we cannot stop right here. Little Chen, where do we go now?” Big Yellow said.

As long as he was by Jiang Chen’s side, he would get all kinds exciting and stimulating incidents.

“I have no idea for now. Let’s leave Asura Palace first, we will be paying a visit to the Heavenly Devil Palace, that’s the promise to Dark Min Zi.” Jiang Chen said.

He wanted to go there to be Dark Min Zi's guest as promised, and at the same time, he could reward Dark Min Zi with some devil souls. It didn’t matter whether Dark MinZi had helped him fight the battle or not for he firmly stood on his side for all this while. He had to accept Dark MinZi as his friend on behalf of Han Yan.

A while later, two men and a dog didn’t attempt to stay any longer; they left the Asura Palace and headed to Heavenly Devil Palace. It would be their final pit stop in Liang Province. The conflicts were all resolved. He had to begin his journey in search for Nangong Wentian and Wu Ningzhu. Until now, their whereabouts were still unknown, which made him very worried about them.

Seeing the three evil stars departing their territory, tears trickled down everyone’s faces in Asura Palace. They had been through a lot of chaotic torture in these two days, they were afraid that those three would begin another massacre and wipe them out when they arrived.

The Devil's path was self-sustaining. In every big city, there would be one sect related to Devils. Heavenly Devil Palace had occupied a portion of the land in Liang Province, this proved its power in the state. Heavenly Devil Palace was the nearest to Chaotic Ocean and the mountain where the palace was erected was named Heavenly Devil Mountain, which helped in inventing the name ‘Heavenly Devil Palace’.

Heavenly Devil Mountain had a radius of a few hundred miles. The place wasn’t boiling with Devil Qi. It was the opposite, it was like spring, like a wonderland, which didn’t vary from Asura Palace and the other righteous sects. The only difference was the shape and type of the buildings. The buildings in the Asura Palace and Invincible Sect were richly decorated by jades. On the other hand, the Heavenly Devil Palace was a black ancient castle that gave a heavy atmosphere.

Although the group of Devil Path was attached to devils, they weren’t demons. They were only cultivating the devil energy and advancing their grades faster. They were all humans who had human instincts unless they had gone insane and was possessed by demons in the process of training.

This was the reason Devil Path were allowed to inhabit in large cities and domains. If these sects were led by demons, humans in the region would quickly eliminate them together.

Outside of Heavenly Devil Palace, three silhouettes suddenly appeared, and headed to the main part of the palace without slowing down.

“Who had trespassed the Heavenly Devil Palace?” Someone clamored.

A few disciples appeared and blocked Jiang Chen. No one dared to trespass their territory before as the punishment for that would be death.

Jiang Chen and the rest stopped. They were silent; they then gazed at those few guarding disciples.

The four guarding disciples felt a sense of familiarity from the group of people, their features reminded them of someone, maybe from someone they had heard of before. When a scary name emerged in one of their heads, his face changed dramatically.

“You. Are you Jiang Chen?”

The leader’s face turned from stern to horror. If it was Jiang Chen alone, they wouldn’t recognize him, but when they saw a monk and a dog beside him, they had no doubt that it was him.

“That’s right. Inform your master, I came here to pay a visit.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

“Forgive me for my ignorance, come, please, this way. Our master has given a special order that if Jiang Chen comes to our palace, we are not allowed to be even slightly neglectful to you.”

The other disciples quickly greeted Jiang Chen respectfully. The incident that happened two days ago had already spread all over Liang Province. No one wasn’t knowledgeable about it. Jiang Chen had killed three geniuses, and the appalling part was when he killed a First Grade Combat Emperor. Although they were almost the same age as him, they looked at him in awe. They had a strong sense of worship for him, treating him like their admired model.

In addition to this, Jiang Chen had an influential friend who was the young master of the Dark Devil Religion, a sect which they must follow. Thus, it would be good if they could establish a relationship with the Dark Devil Religion through Jiang Chen’s help.

“Haha… Look, Brother Jiang has come. Forgive me for almost failing to come out and welcome you.”

A hearty voice rang out. Dark Min Zi flew towards them along with 30 people.

“Little Chen, this type of welcoming is the grandest of Heavenly Devil Palace, I suppose.”

Tyrant smiled. Not only did the master come out himself, he had also brought the elders and high grades with him. It seemed that Jiang Chen was the only one who could receive this type of welcome ceremony, it also showed how important this was to Dark Min Zi.

Jiang Chen smiled without saying a word. He knew in his heart that Dark MinZi treated him with such respect because he was a friend of the Dark Devil Religion’s young master.

“You are too kind. You have helped me many times, my arrival here is natural." Jiang Chen held his fists to greet him.

“Brother Jiang, this way, come inside.”

Dark Min Zi gestured him to the palace. Jiang Chen moved in the direction without feeling any shyness.

The genius in the palace looked at the imposing Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help but heaved a heavy sigh. He was a great genius in Heavenly Devil Palace, and also one of the four geniuses in Liang Province, but he was very impressed by Jiang Chen to the point that he was willing to throw himself down at his feet in admiration. He wasn’t present when the battle happened, but he knew all about the death of the three geniuses; they all died under Jiang Chen's hands. He now felt fortunate that Dark Min Zi made a quick shift to stand on Jiang Chen’s side or else the consequence would be the same as the three geniuses that  ultimately died before him.

In the main hall of Heavenly Devil Palace, all high grade elders were present to welcome Jiang Chen with their cupped fists.

“Master Dark, I have something to give you as reward for helping me and our friendship.” Jiang Chen said.

He motioned his hand, a sound of 'hu la' erupted. There were roughly hundreds of devil souls that rushed out, suspending in the air of the main hall and releasing an intense aura to the atmosphere.  

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