Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 610

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Jiang Chen was delighted to accept the Spatial Ring, the same went for Zuo Yi Yang. Zuo Yi Yang felt that it was like presenting Buddha with flowers, no loss was incurred. In addition, he had returned Jiang Chen’s big favor, which was satisfying.


“Mister Jiang is really a rare genius that is hard to come by every ten thousand years. An Eighth Grade Combat King that could kill Kong Yang. It wouldn't have believed it if I didn’t witness the event.”

“I feel that the most terrifying part was that Jiang Chen was able to integrate both opposing elements, water and fire, into his body without any signs of rejection. This kind of power is something unheard of.”

“Brother Jiang is a great benefactor of our family. Today, our family has gotten rid of the Kong family and conquered the entire Yuan Yang City due to brother Jiang's help. You are the one who contributed the most.”


The Zuo family’s high ranked elders were talking about him. Their faces were full of delight, showing their gratitude to Jiang Chen. They had completely forgotten how they protested when Zuo Yi Yang decided to let him fight the battle.

“That’s obvious, big brother is the greatest. When I arrive at the Nebula Sect, I will see who would dare to offend me with my big brother’s presence.”

Zuo Ling Er stood beside Jiang Chen and said arrogantly, as though she was the one who killed Kong Yang. Although Ling Er and Jiang Chen only knew each other for merely three days, they hit if off straight away. She was very fond of her insanely powerful big brother.

Jiang Chen’s previous life can’t be compared to this, he was a loner. But now, he had a father, brothers, friends but no sisters. Zuo Ling Er was a girl with a strange attitude but she was still very likeable. Jiang Chen had established a relationship with this sister which made him very happy.

Men should have blood, flesh, and relationship, only through this would life become full and varied. He instantly felt that he had been a complete combat freak in his past life. Even though he had gained the title of the Greatest Saint, he still felt that his past life was in vain.

“By the way, the Nebula Sect’s emissary will be here seven days later, they will bring both of you to their sect. Ling Er, although you are gifted, you are still too young and your cultivation isn’t strong enough yet. That sect is one of the major powers in Mysterious Domain, it is a place where countless geniuses gather. When you reach there, do not flaunt your ability to somebody else.”

Zuo Yi Yang said it in a fatherly and serious tone. He was the one who understood his daughter the most. His daughter had a strange behavior, which worried him a lot. Nebula Sect was one of the five strongest in Mysterious Domain, the number of Combat Emperors there were innumerable, not to mention the competition.

“I know daddy.”

Zuo Ling Er pouted.

“Brother Jiang, I will hand over Ling Er to you. She will be under your care after the two of you reached Nebula Sect.”

Zuo Yi Yang held his fists at Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry Patriarch, I won’t let Ling Er get hurt.”

Jiang Chen smiled while thinking about his entry into Nebula Sect seven days later. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but gaze at Tyrant who was sitting quietly at his side and said, “Tyrant, I am going to Nebula Sect, what’s your plan?”

Jiang Chen could bring Big Yellow with him to the sect, but he couldn’t bring Tyrant along. If he offered to bring him, Tyrant would just decline. He was a true disciple of Buddha Sect who had sworn not to join any other sects. This time, Jiang Chen’s main goal wasn’t the discipleship, he had a hidden agenda behind it.

“Now that Ran Feng Monastery has already been rebuilt, I want to stay there for a while. My previous enlightenment affected me a lot. Now, I am in need of a silent and peaceful environment to meditate. It seems like I can feel the essence of the Lotus Chant imparted by my master in Ran Feng Monastery. Since the monastery isn’t very far from Zuo family’s palace, we can gather here should anything happen.”

Tyrant said. He had already planned what to do next. He had made up his mind to stay at Ran Feng Monastery to meditate for a period of time, even if Jiang Chen didn’t go to Nebula Sect. It was his master’s monastery, which was more than suitable for him to meditate in.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow nodded together after hearing Tyrant’s explanation. The both of them saw it when Tyrant achieved his enlightenment. They knew the importance of enlightenment to him and how much it had affected him. Tyrant needed a peaceful place and time to meditate, and digest the essence of the Lotus Chant. His body’s sustainability wouldn’t be a concern as it was supported by the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill and relics, making his body unbreakable. After Tyrant succeeded the enlightenment this time, he might be able to advance his cultivation further and enter the Combat Emperor realm.

To Tyrant, it was beneficial. It was a perfect time to stay in the monastery while his friends left for Nebula Sect.

“This is wonderful. It will be our great honor and luck to have Great Monk Ran Feng’s high ranked disciple meditating in our monastery.”

Zuo Yi Yang rejoiced. His family had been worshipping Great Monk Ran Feng, but they had never seen him in person. Therefore, they were naturally pleased when a high ranked disciple of him agreed to stay in their monastery.

Jiang Chen stayed in the Zuo family’s compound for the rest of their days, waiting patiently and enjoying the calm environment. However, the one who gained the most was Big Yellow. He was a real freak, perhaps it was because of the pressure created by Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s powerful Qi, after sleeping for seven days straight, he advanced to the peak of Eighth Grade Demon King.

However, there were still some potential energy left inside of him after advancing. Jiang Chen immediately took out large amount of Nine Solar Holy Water and poured it into Big Yellow’s body, inducing another advancement, pushing his cultivation to the Ninth Grade Demon King.

Big Yellow’s physique was a dragon-horse body, he was gifted with a remarkable ability. After advancing to the Ninth Grade Demon King, obvious changes could be seen on his body. The dragon horns on his head grew large, becoming more divine. With his current cultivation, not even a strong Combat Emperor could stop him.

Seven days passed, two jade plates suddenly appeared in the sky, above Yuan Yang City. The plates were white, shining with tiny beams of light, a word ‘NEBULA’ was carved on its surface.

“Come and have a look, quick, what is that?”

“That is the Jade plates of Nebula Sect. In this recruitment, our city was given two spots for the discipleship. It was said that the emissaries will come and lead the newly-recruited disciples back to the sect, but these two jade plates appeared before their arrival.”

“These jade plates are things that many people dream of.”

“These belonged to the Zuo family, who will dare take it?”


The appearance of the jade plates attracted many people's attention. Once a jade plate was on hand, that person will automatically become a disciple of Nebula Sect. It would be very honorable. However, the people who had seen the plates didn’t even dare to touch them, they all knew that only the Zuo family could claim them.

Also, Nebula Sect placed these two jade plates openly in public, without worrying who would claim it because there was another test awaiting them in Nebula Sect.

Every year, when the recruitment of disciples began, they would start from the outside regions. As for the inner regions, they would just decide how many disciples each city has. To be frank, only geniuses were eligible to join the sect. For example, in Yuan Yang City, only the genius Zuo Ling Er had the right to join the sect.

A large hand appeared in the sky above the square, grabbing the two jade plates before disappearing. Afterwards, the sky returned to its normal state. Without guessing, it was Zuo Yi Yang’s hand that took away the plates, as he was the strongest person in Yuan Yang City now.

The high ranked members gathered in the meeting hall of the Zuo family, including Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. Those who were present already knew about the jade plates.

“Brother Jiang, Ling Er, the emissary of Nebula Sect hasn’t arrived yet, but the identity jade plates are sent to Yuan Yang City already. These plates symbolize your identities. From now on, you two are disciples of the sect. What a great honor.”

Zuo Yi Yang passed the jade plates to Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er respectively.

“Haha, good, good. This is our chance to glorify our ancestors. Ling Er has a special physique and gifted abilities even though she is just a twelve year old kid. This talent is deemed to be one of a kind even across the entire Mysterious Domain. Now that she has joined Nebula Sect, our family’s future will be placed on her hands.”

A prestigious elder was full of delight. For their family, this was more than honorable.

“However, the emissary didn’t appear. You two have to travel there by yourselves. There is a message hidden in the jade plates, saying that the two of you must arrive at Nebula Sect within ten days. Otherwise, your identity as disciples will be withdrawn.”

Zuo Yi Yang said.

“Daddy, we can reach Nebula Sect in less than a day with our speed, we don’t need ten days at all. However, this sect is really mean, they promised to welcome us for the discipleship. Unexpectedly, they didn’t, are they looking down on the Patriarch’s daughter?”

Ling Er looked and sounded haughty, which made everyone laugh.

“Ling Er, even if  you are the first genius of Yuan Yang City, the geniuses in that sect are uncountable, as it is one of the strongest five. When you arrive in the sect, you must learn how to behave.”

Zuo Yi Yang said solemnly to his daughter and continued, “By the way, I haven’t finished explaining the message in the jade plates. If you wonder why Nebula Sect didn’t assign any emissaries this time and let you all travel there by yourselves in a period of ten days, here’s the reason behind it. Recently, a tremendous amount of devils had been invading certain areas in Huang Ling Desert, murdering many businessmen that crossed their path and filling the air of the desert with a foul smell. The sect wants you two to hurry and get there to kill those devils after obtaining the jade plates. At that time, you will be rewarded based on the amount of devils that you killed. If anyone can kill the head of the devils, it will bring much more benefits. This is a test to you all.”

After listening, Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er realized that entering Nebula Sect wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be, proving that it was indeed one of the strongest five in Mysterious Domain. The moment you took the jade plate, the competition began.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He liked wild ideas, competitions even more. The more intense the competition, the more fun it would be. Therefore, his journey to Nebula Sect wasn’t only to retrieve the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword but also to improve himself.

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