Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 616

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Lan Yi and the others were pleased about what Jiang Chen just said. They looked at him as if he was someone beyond anyone’s comprehension. They had never thought that he would just give the devil souls to them. They fought with Jiang Chen in battle, but their help was meagre, they just killed a few devils. He and his friends could handle the devils even without their help. Therefore, he was the one that had saved their lives. They felt grateful for it, in return they never expected to obtain any rewards. Although these devil’s souls weren’t high grade, they were still valuable. They could exchange the devil souls in the sect for rewards, exchanging them for necessary items.

It indeed surprised them that Jiang Chen agreed to give it to them without any hesitation. It made them feel speechless and also petrified. However, they knew that his generosity was because he didn’t need the devil souls.

“Don’t just stand there. Don’t tell me you guys are not in need of them? Or you want my help to dig them out for ya?”

Zuo Ling Er acted rather maturely, she felt that she was like a senior sister in front of them. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stopped themselves from turning their heads just to see her act that way.

“Thank you brother Jiang and senior sister Zuo.”

Lin Kang was delighted. Every one of them pulled out their icy blades and walked towards the dead bodies, breaking off the skull and digging out the devil souls. A few of them were elated. Seeing them getting the devil souls outrageously was like obtaining something for free, the rest of the disciples cursed and felt extremely envious of them.

A while later, they had successfully dug out all of the devil souls. Under Lan Yi’s instruction, her comrades walked to Jiang Chen and showed him the devil souls.

Lan Yi said, “Brother Jiang, these devils were killed by you, these souls should belong to you. You have already helped us twice. Especially, when you saved our lives this time. I am more than grateful to you.”

“You don’t need to say it. If I said I’ll give it to you means that I will. If you don’t want them, you can just throw them away and see whether the others will pick them up.”

Jiang Chen said simply, he did not value these devil’s souls anyway.

Lan Yi immediately kept all of the collected devil souls after hearing this, their impression of Jiang Chen rose again, especially so for Lan Yi. His good-looking face and attractiveness was like a devil’s power. In addition, his killing techniques were awesome. How he slapped the Ninth Grade Combat King was also undeniably charming.

“Brother Jiang, you’ve saved our lives, we are completely indebted to you. Later, if there’s any help you need, we will surely do our best to assist you.”

Lin Kang spoke. The others nodded in agreement. They weren’t idiots. With Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er’s talent, entering the sect wouldn’t be an issue. Even those on the Earth Ranking couldn’t match Jiang Chen’s prowess. They were sure that he would become one of the core disciples very soon. Thus, following him wouldn’t be a mistake.

Jiang Chen nodded, he then scanned all forty disciples around and said loudly, “My name is Jiang Chen, a newly-recruited disciple. I am going to the deeper region of the desert to continue killing devils. If you all follow me, you will have the same benefits as they did. Or we can just fight our battles separately.”

As soon as Jiang Chen finished his statement, he led the way to the deeper region. Lan Yi and the rest didn’t delay and quickly followed him, leaving the other petrified disciples at the scene.

“Should we follow?”

“This dude is freaking proud despite the fact that he is still a newbie, he did not even put all of us worthy in his eyes. I won’t follow him. It won’t be long before the top geniuses arrive. If he continues to be that arrogant, those geniuses will certainly handle him.”

“I think we better follow him to hunt devils for our benefits. He is very powerful. He slapped a Ninth Grade Combat King and sent him flying away. Those devils just now, I think it was him who killed them. His ability won’t be any lower than those Earth Rank geniuses. Also, he is very generous, giving all the devil souls to Lan Yi and Lin Kang’s group. If we follow him, not only can we get protection from them, but we’ll also get enormous benefits.”

“That’s right, although he’s arrogant, he is eligible to do so. Aren’t those people from the Earth Ranking the same? Each of them is just as arrogant, they did not even bother to look at us. Our roles won’t be any better if we work with them in killing the devils. I decide to follow Jiang Chen.”

“You all go, if you offend those geniuses in the Earth Ranking, you’ll see how your lives is gonna be later.”


Half of them decided to follow Jiang Chen after their discussion. The reason why they came to the desert was to acquire devil’s souls after all. In addition, they all witnessed Jiang Chen’s generosity and forthright attitude. If he were one of those geniuses in the Earth ranking, they would be ignored.

The followers of the Earth rank geniuses revealed cold smiles. Jiang Chen’s arrogance was unacceptable, he didn’t acknowledge them at all. He was just a newbie that has just arrive here but he was already trying to convince them to be their leader. This act would definitely lead to dissatisfaction of the top geniuses in the ranking. They weren’t people to be trifled with. They knew that once they offended them, there would be no peace in their lives.

However, to Jiang Chen, he wasn’t concerned about all of that. He would fight and compete for the path of supremacy no matter what. Whoever blocked his path would have a tragic ending. Now that he had become one of Nebula Sect’s disciples, convincing the other disciples to join him was needed to survive in this big sect. Nebula sect was incomparable to a small sect like Black Sect.

Even the newbies of Ninth Grade Combat King followed Jiang Chen to kill the devils. Huang Ling Desert is a large piece of land, the deeper you went, the stronger the devils were. If one wish to seek for a genuine and meaningful training, they had to go into the deeper region.

The one who was slapped climbed to his feet. He glared at Jiang Chen’s direction maliciously.



Jiang Chen brought the group of Nebula Sect disciples to the infested area of devils. They were like an indestructible rocket, killing every devils on their path. Flames of the battle raged across the land, causing a sudden sandstorm to emerge. Waves of sand drifted in the air, bellows of pain could be heard from the devils. The devils sensed Jiang Chen’s intense murderous aura that rushed to different directions. At this time, Jiang Chen and the rest were situated in the middle of the devil forces, killing their enemies with all they've got. The enemy forces were much larger than before. There were at least three hundred of them that made an ambush. Most of them hid under the sandy ground, making every intruder vulnerable.

These devils were ferocious and violent and with a fanged mouth that kept on biting. Some were covered with lethal poison that made no one dare to touch it.

The disciples’ faces were drawn, but some became excited and killed excellently.


Jiang Chen’s Fiery Sharp Spear made a sharp sound, every swing of the spear killed many devils. Zuo Ling Er’s speed was at her peak, both of her fists caused misery to her enemy. Every punch of hers blasted every devil’s head.

Big Yellow was much more violent than them, he was crashing directly into the devils, like a solid sharp sword. Every area he passed, limbs flew in the sky and the stench of blood permeated the air.

“My god! These three are abnormal!”

Most of them had cold sweat running down their backs, witnessing the three abnormals’ capability. They finally believed that those devils were killed by them. These three were insane, even if there were more devils, it still wouldn’t be enough for them.

The strong devils were all attracted to Jiang Chen. The rest were weaker and were harmless to the disciples. The inner-sect’s high ranked Combat Kings’ techniques of killing could slaughter the devils with ease. They all killed as insanely as Jiang Chen in the battle. The sight was intoxicating.

Their blood boiled fighting alongside Jiang Chen. They had naturally fallen into a berserk state.

Within ten minutes’ time, all three hundred devils were wiped out. Dead bodies were heaped up like small hills. Fresh blood was flowing from the top, polluting the air with the stinging smell of blood.

No one had ever dreamt of this scene to happen in their lives. They had never expected that they could get so excited just by killing devils. Obviously, Lan Yi and her comrades also felt the same. The newcomers had an unexplained excitement on their faces. They now gazed at Jiang Chen with fear and respect. They felt that sometimes, being convinced was so simple.

Besides Jiang Chen, Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow also made everyone surprised. A twelve-year-old girl could actually be so powerful? They found this fact hard to swallow. And also, that dog’s head was as hard as a golden steel.

“You all better clear off the remaining dead bodies, dig out all the devils souls. There isn’t a need to scramble for it, the devil souls belong to those who can get them first.”

Jiang Chen said to the everyone. This time, he only retrieved the devil souls of the Ninth Grade Demon King, ignoring the Eighth Grades’ and below.

Delight was on all of their faces. It seemed like this was the time where they were all convinced by Jiang Chen. They felt extremely lucky that they had decided to follow him to obtain devil souls. They were very sure that if they didn't follow him, the number of devils in the desert wouldn’t be this much, even if they stayed here for ten days.

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