Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 617

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Everyone became very excited. They doubted if Jiang Chen’s words were really true before, whether he would give them the devil souls just like how he had promised. Now, they were certain. Jiang Chen was a kind and generous man. The amount of devil souls were plentiful, and each of them got at least twenty. If they were to hunt these on their own, killing twenty devils would require their maximum effort.

They rushed forward to the dead bodies and started digging out the devil souls from the devils. They were moving in an orderly manner, no one was cutting in the queues. They didn’t intend to steal others’ devil’s souls. They knew that showing dissatisfaction on Jiang Chen’s words wouldn’t do them any good. The first thing they would get was to be beaten up, and then expelled from the group. Which would be a great loss.

They had witnessed Jiang Chen’s monstrous ability. With his power, he could wipe out the entire devil horde. As long as they followed him, they would be safe and get tremendous amount of benefits. How could they miss such a chance?

The battle had drawn the attention of the other disciples who, at first, didn’t follow. There were a lot of disciples that joined the training in Huang Ling Desert to make the area peaceful. They felt a surge of envy and admiration when they saw those who followed Jiang Chen were getting the precious devil’s souls.

After analyzing the situation, their reactions were just like the previous disciples. Their eyes widened and looked at Jiang Chen in terror.

Subsequent battles were happening from time to time. With Jiang Chen as the leader, they went further into the area that had a lot of devils. They were unstoppable. Their forces became bigger. In merely a few hours, their group went up to a hundred people. Most of them were the inner-sect disciples of Nebula Sect, including newbie-disciples just like Jiang Chen. The consistent battle brought them enormous gains. Jiang Chen was so powerful that crushing the devils felt like stomping ants. He was very lavish with the devil souls, he gave it all to them whenever he killed a devil.

As for those who wanted to steal the devil souls away while they were busy fighting, they all met the same consequences. They were all beaten up by Jiang Chen and were thrown far away.

Arrogant! Barbarous! These words were carved in their hearts. However, the scene made all of them feel dazzled. They only intended to follow him so that they could get what they wanted. Now, they became volunteered followers.

“Little Chen, you have already formed your own group even before entering the sect. Haha…”

Big Yellow laughed.

“They just volunteered. The devil souls aren’t of any use to me. However, it is very beneficial to them. They can take those devil’s souls back to the sect and exchange it for resources or things that they needed. But to me, I am not really interested in Nebula Sect’s resources.”

Jiang Chen laughed. His only purpose in coming to Nebula Sect was to get the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword. He didn’t need any cultivation resources, his Dragon Transformation skill could provide him endless amount of energy. In other people’s eyes, Nebula Sect was a perfect place to advance their cultivation, a good place filled with resources for cultivation. However, for him, it was nothing special, his body had always been an irreplaceable medium in advancing his cultivation.

Far away from the battle, a few silhouettes looked over with vengeful expressions. One of them fixed his gaze on Jiang Chen while gritting his teeth.

“That bastard. He already have so many followers even before entering the sect. However, my brother will arrive soon, he will help us fix him.”

That person was none other than Hu Lai, the one that was beaten up by Jiang Chen earlier. Jiang Chen was just a new recruit, but he's so arrogant. In just a few hours, his name had already became popular. You wouldn’t find a person that couldn’t recognize him in this area. It was scary now that his followers had grown to a hundred people. His followers all looked at him in admiration. However, Hu Lai couldn’t achieve this, which made him very envious.


“Big brother, we are wantonly killing the devils. Will this draw the attention of the devil leader?”

Zuo Ling Er asked.

“It doesn’t matter. I am here for the devil leader after all. If he revealed himself, it will save me some time. Let’s just continue slaughtering. We have to wipe out the entire devil forces before tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen said. He always persevered until he reached his goal. Once he had decided to do something, he would achieve it by any means necessary.


A sand storm howled continuously, battles were happening everywhere. Jiang Chen held his Fiery Sharp Spear and led the army of disciples, as if he was a great general. His body emanated a golden light, shining amidst the horde of devils. They were invincible. Those who followed him were inspired by his hot-blooded spirit of killing, making them feel even more excited to kill the devils.

“Haha…Fantastic, fighting by Jiang Chen’s side is really electrifying!”

“Agreed, Jiang Chen is a rare talent. He’s very ferocious. Our sect will have one more true genius.”

“In Mysterious Domain, I have heard of a person named ‘Jiang Chen’ before. He’s a Combat King that caused a heavenly tribulation in Liang Province, turning the place upside down. Could it be that brother Jiang is also him?”

“Probably. A Combat King that can initiate heavenly tribulation? That is a genius that hardly appears every ten thousand years. If that ‘Jiang Chen’ is really brother Jiang, it might have some possibility. See, brother Jiang is merely an Eighth Grade Combat King but his power is enough to defeat all the other Combat Kings. I’m afraid that those geniuses in the Earth Rank aren’t even his match.”


The continuous battles turned the doubts of the followers into conviction. Jiang Chen became even more influential.

The sun had set, the sky was turning dark. Strong winds howled in the desert accompanied with the roars of devils, as if it was the end of the world. To a high grade Combat King, night and day had no difference. Their eyesights were sharp enough to catch a fly even at night.

Another battle just ended. They were approaching the deeper region of the desert. The devils were getting more powerful. Piles of dead bodies lay on the ground, blood spilled everywhere. When the disciples were retrieving their rewards happily, a few silhouettes appeared in the sky all of a sudden. There were about seven to eight people. They wore Nebula Sect’s uniform. There were three leaders, their Qi’s were strong, and their faces were filled with arrogance. The one who stood behind the leaders was Hu Lai. He was carrying a cold smirk on his face, like he was just here to watch a show.

Most of them stopped their actions upon seeing this group’s arrival. The atmosphere became silent and dull. Everyone raised their head to look at them, fear crept in their hearts. It was clear that these three people were of high status in Nebula Sect.

“Senior brothers, it is them. The one dressed in white is Jiang Chen.”

Hu Lai said fiercely while pointing at Jiang Chen.


A young man made a cold humph and fixed his gaze on Jiang Chen.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

“Who are you?”

Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid at all, his eyes met the young man’s. He was merely a disciple of Nebula Sect. Certainly, there was nothing to be worried about.

“Brother Jiang, he is called Guo Xudong, the number three genius on the Earth ranking. His combat strength is powerful, and his a difficult enemy to fight with. The other two are Zhang Da and Zhou Hong, one is the number five and the other is number nine. They are all famous figures in Nebula Sect who are all at the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat King.”

Lan Yi whispered.

Jiang Chen finally realized why these three inflicted so much fear to the others. They were the geniuses in the Earth Ranking. It seemed like Hu Lai had a good relationship with them. That’s why they're here for Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately for them, Jiang Chen didn’t fear them at all. If these three tried to pick a fight with brother Jiang, they would only get themselves into trouble.

“Jiang Chen. You, a newbie, dared to form a group here? Are you trying to set up an alliance? Do you know what that means?”

Guo Xudong pointed at Jiang Chen and clamored.

“A blind person dares to talk to my big brother in such a way? Do you know how rude that is?”

Zuo Ling Er put a hand on her waist while pointing a finger at Guo Xudong. If a person was eating, their food would be spat out instantly. This little girl was too blunt. The three geniuses were speechless by her actions no doubt.

However, after witnessing how she fought in battle, no one felt that she was just arrogant anymore. They didn’t know if she could fight those geniuses, but her ability was already proven.

“Where did this kid came from? You dare speak to senior brother Guo in such a way?”

The fifth genius in the Earth ranking, Zhang Da, widened his eyes.

Zuo Ling Er wanted to continue her speech but was pulled by Jiang Chen. He turned his head to the three of them and said emotionlessly, “You don’t have the right to tell us what to do. I don’t care even if you are listed in the Earth Ranking. If you are here to avenge that Big Beard’s damaged pride, then you are no less shameful than him.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was blunt and proud. He did not consider them worthy of his attention.

“Brother Jiang, they are not to be trifled with.”

Lan Yi reminded, but was given a fierce glance by Jiang Chen. It was very clear. He's also not to be trifled.


Guo Xudong shouted. A wave of Qi surged and was released from his body, “Kid, don’t be too arrogant. A newbie that don’t know the simple rules? You have attacked one of the sect’s disciples. I suggest you to apologize to Hu Lai now and offer something to him as compensation. If not, I will use my hands to teach you a lesson. Of course, this is also for your own good. If senior brother Hu Song is here, it won’t be that simple. I suppose you can already figure out the consequences yourself.”


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