Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 618

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The atmosphere became tense after hearing Guo Xudong’s threat to Jiang Chen. No one spoke. Every one of them were disciples of Nebula Sect. In front of them were geniuses of the Earth Ranking, which were too powerful for them to oppose. If Guo Xudong wanted to cause trouble to Jiang Chen, they couldn’t help much.

What’s happening in front of them was obvious. It wasn’t because Jiang Chen was forming alliances, but because he had beaten up Hu Lai. Guo Xudong and the other two were followers of Hu Song. They headed to Huang Ling Desert ahead of him; they met Hu Lai on the way and were told that he was bullied by a newbie. They had to come over to teach the new guy a lesson. If not, they would lose all their fame even if they were on the Earth Ranking. Especially when they saw that there were so many disciples that had followed Jiang Chen. It made them angry. In Nebula Sect, except for them, no one had ever held such a big group.

“I suggest you to leave now, don’t go against me. Of course, you can choose to be like them. Join my group to kill those stubborn devils.”

Jiang Chen said in a domineering tone, not bothering how they felt.

“Kid, you are asking for death!”

Hu Lai said cruelly. His face still felt swollen and painful. As the younger brother of Hu Song, no one dared to treat him like this. Everyone would always give him respect. He had never been insulted in such a way in his entire life. It was unacceptable, he must take his revenge on Jiang Chen.

“Senior brother Guo, Hu Lai was the one who tried to rob our devil souls. Brother Jiang couldn’t help but interfere. This incident started because of me. I am willing to give these devil souls to Hu Lai. I only wish that you to put this matter behind.”

Lan Yi said. She knew that Guo Xudong wasn’t easy to handle. Hu Song would be the worst. Lan Yi didn’t want her saviour to fall into such a dangerous situation.

Jiang Chen stared at Lan Yi and nodded slightly. He found this girl’s words very helpful. Someone like her would need a lot of courage to justify the previous event.

“Lan Yi, I will count your debts once we get back. Now, the matter is between me and Jiang Chen. If you kneel down and kowtow before me, and hand over all of the devil souls, I will pretend that all of this had never happened. I guarantee that my brother will let this go as well.”

Hu Lai’s tone was domineering, as if he wouldn’t accept any offers aside from his demands. It seemed like Jiang Chen wouldn't be able to escape this conflict today.

“Do you all think the same way?”

Jiang Chen ignored Hu Lai, and focused his gaze on the three people. He didn’t want to offend anyone, but if these three wanted to offend him, he would show no mercy.

“Hu Lai has already said it. I won't repeat them. Jiang Chen, as long as you follow Hu Lai’s instructions and be obedient while in this desert, you will have a smooth time in Nebula Sect.”

Guo Xudong smiled coldly.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparked emotionlessly after listening to him. He raised his hand and pointed his forefinger at Guo Xudong.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Guo Xudong asked.

“One skill and you’ll be defeated. Just one skill is enough to defeat you!”

Jiang Chen’s tone was flat but his words shocked everyone. Guo Xudong was ranked number three on the Earth Ranking, he was powerful enough to fight all the high ranked Combat Kings. Jiang Chen’s bold statement was probably a joke. Although he was extremely ferocious when killing those devils, Guo Xudong wasn’t an ordinary man.


A wave of fury rushed out of Guo Xudong’s body, covering the sky above him. He stared at Jiang Chen with cold eyes and said coldly, “I forgot to tell you. You aren’t an official disciple of the sect yet. You have to pass the checking of the Brilliant Mirror first. Therefore, killing you wouldn’t mean killing our brothers.”

“I originally wanted to finish you with a single move but now, I am too lazy to do that. An inferior man like isn't even an opponent for my little sister.”

Jiang Chen smiled and looked at Zuo Ling Er, “Ling Er, don’t disappoint your big brother.”

“Don’t worry big brother, I assure you that I will beat them up until their mothers can’t recognize them anymore.”

Ling Er felt extremely pleased when she heard that Jiang Chen was going to let her fight. She hopped and arrived in front of Guo Xudong. Both of her hands were at her waist, and said confidently, “You are not eligible to fight my big brother. You’ll have to go through me first if you wish to fight him.”

It made a lot of people stunned. Even Guo Xudong rolled his eyes. This was too much. Most of them had seen how powerful this kid was, but her opponent now wasn’t a devil. How could a kid fight the geniuses of the Earth Ranking, she even dared to say that she will beat them up until their mothers can’t recognize their faces? This was absolutely a joke.

This was an insult to Guo Xudong. Jiang Chen refused to fight him, instead, he wanted to let a little girl do it. What would it be if it wasn’t an insult? It meant that he,Guo Xudong, wasn’t qualified to fight Jiang Chen if he couldn’t even defeat this little girl.

“Where did this little kid came from? Get the hell out of my way.”

The number five on the Earth Ranking moved forward and waved at Zuo Ling Er.

“Who are you? You dare to talk to me like that? Come here quickly and have a fight with me. I can guarantee that your concussions will make you forget your mother.”

Zuo Ling Er had always been with Big Yellow. Therefore, she had also learnt how to speak in an arrogant and infuriating manner.

“Senior brother Zhang, this girl isn’t an easy opponent. She is already a Ninth Grade Combat King at such a young age.”

Hu Lai reminded him quickly. When he was following Jiang Chen’s group, he witnessed her frightening ability.


The three of them were slightly petrified after hearing that reminder. Their gazes changed. They could ignore the fact that their enemy was a Ninth Grade Combat King, but the fact that a twelve-year-old girl was already a Ninth Grade was troubling. That is a monstrous talent. If she entered the sect, she would certainly be nurtured the most, perhaps, an elder would take her as a personal disciple.

Astonishment was just an emotion, they had to solve what was in front of them first. They were the famous geniuses of the Earth Ranking. Since they had already shown their faces, they must settle the dispute, or else they would become an object of ridicule. If they were frigthened because of a little girl, it would be worse.

“Haha…Are you all afraid? If yes, call me senior sister.”

Zuo Ling Er laughed.

The people on the scene exuded cold sweat, seeing Zuo Ling Er acting in such a way. She was really a newborn calf that didn’t fear the tiger. This little girl was overly bold. It seems like she didn’t know the power of the geniuses before entering the sect.

Only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were calm. They knew Zuo Ling Er all too well. These three men were on Earth Ranking, at the peak of the Combat King realm, they seldom face someone that could be their opponent. Zuo Ling Er has an Ancient Barbarian Race’s blood, which possessed extreme strength. She was one of those who couldn't find a suitable opponent in the Combat King realm. These three people obviously weren’t fit to be her opponents. The truth is that there is a huge difference between an ordinary genius and a heaven defying genius. It made her stronger by one grade. In addition, the three of them were looking down on her, which determined their tragic result.

“This little girl is really infuriating. Let me tie her up first before handling Jiang Chen.”

The number nine on the Earth Ranking, Zhou Hong, stepped out. He held his fists, making a joint-cracking sound. A golden air flowed out of his body. Without saying anything, he waved his hand and summoned a big golden palm. The palm was like a cage that enveloped Zuo Ling Er, confining her in it.


Zuo Ling Er made a cold humph. The blood of the Ancient Barbarian Race was flowing in her body, like a natural born warrior. She punched, destroying the big palm and astonishing everyone. The collision created a gloomy crack on the spatial zone.


Zhou Hong became serious. From his past experiences, his golden palm was sufficient enough to restrain an ordinary Ninth Grade Combat King. This little girl was so strong that her fist destroyed his attack.

Without giving him much time to contemplate, Zuo Ling Er moved in lightning speed. She appeared before him in a blink of an eye, and sent a punch at his face.

Zhou Hong was able to react in time, he also struck with his fist and met her’s.

He would certainly lose to her. Her fist was as powerful as Big Yellow’s head when they were sparring in the palace of Yuan Yang City.

*Bang!* *Ka Cha!*

This was an electrifying scene, a small and a big fist collided. Everyone could hear the sharp ‘Ka Cha’ sound coming from Zhou Hong’s arm. It was bent and snapped by Zuo Ling Er’s fist.


Before Zhou Hong could wail in pain, Zuo Ling Er sent another fist to his face, breaking his nose bridge. His blood shot out like a rocket.

“Barbarous Eighteen Punches! I will beat you up until you have a serious concussion.”

Zuo Ling Er’s name fitted her violent punches. Her body might be small and looked quite adorable, but she was terrifying in a fight.

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng*

Her punches were like a meteor shower that continuously fell onto Zhou Hong’s face. It was a sudden eighteen punches. After she was done, Zhou Hong couldn’t wait to faint away. Just as his head was about to hit the ground, Zhang Da pulled him up. Now, Zhou Hong’s face was swollen and full of blood like a plump pig face. His nose was crooked and his face didn’t look like the previous him anymore, it was a very pitiful sight.

Everyone was shocked. It was just as she claimed. She had beaten him up until his mother could no longer recognize him.

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