Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 620

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The atmosphere became very tense. At this time, there were already more than two hundred inner-sect disciples. Most of them had already sensed the big group in Huang Ling Desert. The source of the shockwave was in the deeper region of the desert, so it naturally attracted a lot of disciples over.

No one talked amongst the two hundred disciples. They were very focused on the little girl who held the Fiery Sharp Spear. Underestimating the little girl was a mistake. They could already imagine how she would turn out to be when she entered Nebula Sect. She would definitely be a shining star in the sect and would become an important figure soon.

Zuo Ling Er was too strong, even the fifth and ninth ranked geniuses were beaten up like a pig’s head until they fainted. She was now challenging the third ranked genius.

How strong was Guo Xudong? He should be stronger than the other two. However, his strength wasn’t the main point, it was whether he could defeat the little girl or not. No one was able to comment on that.

Hu Lai and his comrades’ faces were drawn and pale, they were nervous. If Guo Xudong was defeated, the reputation of the geniuses on the Earth Ranking would be lost. Most importantly, that barbarous little girl would certainly not let them go. They would probably end up just like the first two.

However, he couldn’t think much of it now, his swollen face was still in pain.

*Hu* *Hu*

Strong winds howled powerfully. It was Guo Xudong, his Yuan Force was rushing out like rippling sea waves. The long sword in his hand released a very strong aura. Every step he made trembled the spatial zone near him. He, as a Ninth Grade Combat King, was truly amazing.

Guo Xudong was about to attack. Everyone held their breaths, they didn’t know who would win.

“Sword Piercing Vault.”

Guo Xudong humphed coldly. Light radiated out from the sword. It shined all over the dark sky, its destructive force was so strong that the spatial zone cracked into lines. It was as if the sword could pierce through anything.

His strike was powerful since it was combined with a sharp sword technique. This attack had already locked Zuo Ling Er’s Qi. Guo Xudong went all out with this strike. It seemed like he wanted to take down Zuo Ling Er with this strike, not giving her a chance to defend it.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow looked at each other. It was true that the third genius of the Earth Ranking was extraordinary and was incomparable to any ordinary Ninth Grade Combat King. His attack had surpassed his Combat King realm.

However, Zuo Ling Er wasn’t nervous at all and everyone could see it. The strength hidden deep inside of her little body was rippling, it move to her hands and into the Fiery Sharp Spear.

The spear was a weapon of fire property. Although Zuo Ling Er didn’t possess a fire property ability, the spear itself was an Emperor Weapon, which was stronger than her opponent's long sword. Ling Er’s ability wouldn’t be weaker than him. Now that she had the spear, she obviously gained the upper hand.


The Fiery Sharp Spear created a sharp noise. She raised the giant spear and pierced at the direction of the incoming sword light.

*Ching* *Ching*

Everyone could clearly see it, there were strange talisman marks shining at the tip of the spear. It moved like a serpent, carrying Zuo Ling Er’s barbarous strength while striking the threatening metal.


The two weapons met and collided. The spear undoubtedly had the upper hand. The scary part was that the sword light crumbled into pieces after colliding with the spear. The spatial zone near the collision was destroyed, making it look like a dark black hole that could suck every light into it.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Guo Xudong absorbed most of the vibration before he was pushed 50 metres away. His face was drawn, the sword in his hand was trembling intensely. Traces of blood flowed from the broken skin between his forefinger and thumb. The collision had injured him.


“Guo Xudong failed. He was just like Zhang Da and Zhou Hong. They were defeated by senior sister Zuo’s attack, she is really very good.”

“Another monstrous talent arrives in Nebula Sect. The elders definitely won’t miss the chance to take her as a core disciple.”

“Guo Xudong is also a very talented disciple based on the fact that he is third in the Earth ranking. However, it seems like the weapon that senior sister Zuo used is much more powerful. It has to be an Emperor Weapon.”


Everyone focused their attention to the scene in front of them. Guo Xudong was also defeated. It wasn’t because the geniuses on the Earth Ranking were weak, it was just that Zuo Ling Er was extraordinarily powerful. The fact before them told them everything; after she entered Nebula Sect, she would certainly be in the top three of the Earth Ranking.

“Senior brother Guo, what now?”

Hu Lai’s tone was trembling because of fear. His arrogance disappeared. He wouldn’t have thought that Zuo Ling Er would be this strong, even Guo Xudong was no match for her. All his backups were taken down, the only way to take his revenge now was to wait for his brother’s arrival.

“What else can we do now? Let’s flee.”

Guo Xudong gave a cold glance at Hu Lai. It was all because of this useless man. If not for him, he wouldn't be in such a shameful situation.

Hu Lai kept quiet after being berated.

Guo Xudong humphed coldly, twisted his body and then flew away from the battlefield. He was fast, but someone was faster. A white silhouette blocked his path, it was Jiang Chen.

“What? You want to leave?”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Jiang Chen, what do you want? Don’t cross the line.”

Guo Xudong said coldly.

“Cross the line? It was you who crossed the line. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you all to kneel and kowtow unreasonably. You all can go, but you have to bear Zuo Ling Er’s eighteen punches. That’s the condition before you can leave. Or else, I will leave you guys here to be eaten by the devils.”

Jiang Chen’s tone turned cold and cruel. He wasn’t magnanimous to those who had offended him.


Hu Lai exclaimed. He looked again at Zhang Da and Zhou Hong’s faces. A cold chill was sent down to his spine. It had to be a joke. ‘Would I still be alive after taking those eighteen punches?’

“Jiang Chen, you dare do this to me? My brother won’t let you go.”

Hu Lai raged.


As soon as his voice faded, Jiang Chen slapped his face violently.

“A garbage that only knows how to threaten people with his brother.”

Jiang Chen stared at him in disdain. This type of person wouldn’t gain his respect.

“Ling Er, there is no need to be polite to them.”

Jiang Chen said to her.

“Roger that big brother!”

Zuo Ling Er ran happily to Guo Xudong. Before her opponent could react, her punches had already reached her oppenent's face. How could an injured man who had lost his fighting spirit fight a monstrous talent?

The sound from the impact was heard. As the third genius on the Earth Ranking, after bearing her Barbarous Eighteen Punches, his face turned swollen, just like a pig’s face. His body was swaying uncontrollably. He wasn’t as bad as the other two, he was still able to stand on his two feet.

“It’s your turn.”

Zuo Ling Er followed Jiang Chen’s instruction. Each of them should take her eighteen punches. She scurried to the front of Hu Lai, and a few people beside him was shocked.

“Auntie, please spare me.”

Someone almost cried. This little girl was too scary, especially when they thought of her fists.

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng*

*Argh* *Argh* *Argh*

Zuo Ling Er didn’t give in to their pleadings. Her fists continuously punched their faces, one by one. Their faces became irregularly shaped, their close friends wouldn’t even recognize them now. Except for Guo Xudong, all of them fainted and fell to the ground. Hu Lai was the most pitiful one, his pig face was the largest. It seemed like Zuo Ling Er had given him a special treatment.

Guo Xudong gritted his teeth because of the pain, but he kept quiet and didn’t dare curse her. He was smart enough to know that his opponent today was so much stronger than him. Apparently, Jiang Chen wasn’t a man to be trifled with. If he tried to provoke him again, perhaps Jiang Chen wouldn’t kill him. However, he might probably be tortured to hell.

The rest of the disciples held their breaths. They felt that today’s incident was just like a dream. The incident that happened to Guo Xudong and the rest of his group were the result of their actions. It served as a deterrent for everyone in Nebula Sect. It seemed like there would be no peace for the upcoming days in the sect. Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er, not only were they heaven defying geniuses, they were as twisted as a devil. People like them wouldn’t bring peace to any place.

“Let’s go, we will continue killing the devils.”

Jiang Chen didn’t even bother to look at Guo Xudong and led the group to the deeper region of the desert. More people followed him this time. He had successfully gathered this many people in less than a day’s time. These followers were volunteers that wanted to fight along with him.

This was a scenario that no one had expected. All of the inner sect disciples of Nebula Sect were egotistical. Even if the sect assigned a genius leader, the group wouldn’t be this organized.

“Brother Jiang, leaving them here won’t attract the presence of devils, right?”

Lan Yi asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, those are only bruises and skin injuries which is nothing to a Ninth Grade Combat King.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He was new to Nebula Sect after all. It was unreasonable to murder someone during his first arrival. Also, their conflict wasn’t that great that they had to chop off each other’s head.

Seeing the vanishing group in the night, Guo Xudong’s eyes sparkled with a cold and vengeful light. He said coldly, “Jiang Chen. When Hu Song arrives tomorrow, it will be your end. You are still not an official disciple of Nebula Sect. Hu Song will take your life. We’ll wait and see how long you can retain you arrogance.”

Guo Xudong wasn’t wrong at all. Jiang Chen only obtained the pass to enter Nebula Sect. He wasn’t accepted as an official disciple yet. He still had to go through the assessment of the sect...

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