Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 622

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The intense battle continued. Yu Wei’s team was besieging a devil leader in the sky. As for the other disciples of Nebula Sect, they were led by Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow, battling with the large devil forces. Although they were greatly outnumbered by the devils, they were stronger. Especially so for those newly-recruited disciples, as most of them were Ninth Grade Combat Kings, and some of them were geniuses from different regions. Their attacks were brutal and very harmful.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and the demonified human had started their battle. The devil was terrifying, his fingernails were long and red as blood. He lunged towards Jiang Chen. It was really an adrenaline-rushing battle. They were worried that Jiang Chen might lose to this demonified human. If he really lost, all their efforts would be in vain today.

Only Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow weren’t worried about him. Big Yellow was the one who knew him the most. He knew how terrifyimg Jiang Chen was. He witnessed the scene of Jiang Chen killing Kong Yang, a Second Grade Combat Emperor. Now, killing a First Grade Devil Emperor devil was just under his grip.

Jiang Chen didn’t seem the slightest bit terrified by the devil even though it was charging at him now. He was full of confidence. The giant Fire Dragon Seal in his hand had been completely condensed.

*Roar* *Roar*

Along with the roar that shook the heaven and the earth, a thirty meter long dragon appeared in the blackness. The sky was now filled with a sea of fire. The giant Fire Dragon moved it’s body, as if a mighty real dragon had emerged.

The devil felt the destructive force coming from the Fire Dragon and its face turned ugly. It had realized what kind of damage the Fire Dragon could do. Most importantly, the blazing flames that was carried by the dragon was his weakness. He could only fight with half of his combat strength under this circumstance.

Originally, a First Grade Devil Emperor wasn’t worthy to be Jiang Chen’s opponent. Adding the unfavorable situation now, the result was already clear.


Jiang Chen ignored the shocked devil. The Fire Dragon roared and crashed into the devil’s attack, totally destroying all of it. The dragon’s giant body twined against the devil, an endless fiery energy rushed into it, damaging it greatly.


The devil wailed. The noise raised goose bumps. The sound was enough to tell everyone how painful it felt.


Along with the sound of explosion, the Fire Dragon exploded as well as the body of the devil. A First Grade Devil Emperor was struck to death so easily. Its body was broken into smaller portions and burnt to ashes under the blazing flames.

A silent atmosphere filled the battlefield, including the devils. They stopped all their actions. One by one, the disciples stared at the burning flames in the sky, and then stared at the youth dressed in white. Their emotion fluctuated in an uncontrollable manner.

A while later, the silence turned to cheers. It all came from the disciples, their eyes were only focused on Jiang Chen with great respect, as though they had just seen a war god. He was too scary. Even those female disciples who only admired Jiang Chen’s looks realized that there was something beyond his handsome features.   

Jiang Chen was now the leader in all of the disciples’ heart. An undefeatable god, to follow such a war god in battle was truly breathtaking.

“Mighty brother Jiang!”

A disciple used his Yuan Force to yell, followed by the shouts of the rest. They now absolutely idolized this person, a person who hadn’t even entered Nebula Sect and didn’t know where the entrance door was located. The sect hadn’t rallied such a huge troop before, not even in the history of the Divine Continent.

This was a charisma that no one had except Jiang Chen.

“He is Jiang Chen. Truly amazing.”

“Yeah. He is only an Eighth Grade Combat King but he can already kill a First Grade Devil Emperor with a single move. His technique is terrifying.”

“Guo Xudong is a real idiot for offending such a person. It is a miracle that he is still alive now.”

Yu Wei and his team were stunned. They originally wanted to have a big battle with this guy and were worried that he couldn’t face the leader of the devils. Unexpectedly, he was insanely strong, ending the Devil Emperor quickly with one skill. He’s truly frightening.

They already felt their energy being drained fighting against a single First Grade Devil Emperor. They were well aware of its terrifying strength. But now, they felt a surge of fear from their guts.


The bat-devil entered its berserk state after seeing its comrade’s death. It looked up to the sky and made a piercing screech before lunging at the four people. Its intention was to call out for the other leader to join it.

“Kill it, kill these devils.”

Lin Kang exclaimed. They returned to their battle state, charging at the devil forces and slaughtering them. The death of the demonified human leader greatly affected the morale of the devils, they weren’t as aggressive as before.


Suddenly, a mountain in front of them crumbled into pieces. A three hundred-metre long figure that released a dark light could be seen, racing towards the battlefield. That giant figure came before Jiang Chen and turned into a sturdy man. Its skin was black in texture, which looked unusually frightening and evil.

There were three leaders in the deeper region of the desert. The one at the front was the strongest of them all. Jiang Chen had already determined its cultivation, peak First Grade Devil Emperor. Even if it hadn’t reached the Second Grade, it’s frightening aura was more powerful than the others.

“You killed my brother. You will die now!”

The strongest leader clamored, fixing his evil gaze on Jiang Chen.

“You also have to die.”

Jiang Chen summoned his Fiery Sharp Spear and pierced the devil without saying another word. He had nothing to say with this mad devil. Only a life and death battle could decide the result. This was his main purpose after all. Once he killed it off, all the devils would be eliminated completely, Huang Ling Desert would finally regain its peace.


The devil was furious, an evil enchanted big sword collided with the spear.


Both metals clashed and was released. The devil's body trembled, even though it wasn’t really repulsed, it had mostly dampened his confidence in fighting.


The devil was astounded. It couldn’t believe that the young man before him was so powerful that he suffered a disadvantage.

The devil was in its demonic form, thus the devil aura it released was stronger. Jiang Chen’s fire wouldn’t be as effective like in his previous battle. But it didn’t matter much, He was not afraid of this devil, it was merely a First Grade Devil Emperor after all.


It roared and fought with Jiang Chen. After about forty rounds of exchange, they still weren’t injured. The devil roared with fury every time its attack failed to hurt Jiang Chen.

This leader was powerful, its body was also as hard as steel.


At this time, a wail was heard from the other side. The bat-devil broke the formation of the four people, seriously injuring a person. Yu Wei also felt the impact of the attack, it was the effect from losing the support of the formation. Their faces turned ugly, they had underestimated this bat-devil. Perhaps, it was because of their bad luck. If it was an ordinary leader, their combined strength would certainly be enough to take it down. The bat-devil they currently face was a hard one. It constantly released violent bats that confused them, giving it the chance to destroy their formation.

“Keke… do you think you can kill me just by using your weak formation? That is absurd. I will eat you all now.”

The black bat-devil smiled coldly, its wings flapped constantly and then charged towards Yu Wei.

“Big Yellow, go and help.”

Jiang Chen saw their dire situation and ordered Big Yellow.


Before Jiang Chen’s voice faded completely, Big Yellow turned into a golden ray of light that penetrated the dark sky and blocked the black bat-devil.

“Another one who desires to die first.”

The devil chuckled.

“Wakaka, Master Dog won’t let you die easily.”

Big Yellow laughed and fixed his glare at the bat-devil before lunging forward. The devil felt disdainful that a big dog dared to attack him using his head. The devil used its sharp claws to strike him. In its mind, its claw would definitely shred Big Yellow’s head into pieces.

Sadly, the result wasn’t as expected.


When its claws met Big Yellow’s head, its expectation crumbled. The devil felt that its claws were clawing on an indestructible rock and the intimidating aura of Big Yellow.

*Ka Cha*

Not only did its claws didn’t manage to scratch Big Yellow's skin, it became crooked due to the collision. Big Yellow had already reached the Ninth Grade Demon King which, for him, was sufficient enough to fight a First Grade Combat Emperor.

Very powerful!

Yu Wei and his comrades faces changed. They looked in terror at the sudden emergence of the yellow dog. They did not expect that the dog would be so powerful that it could seriously injure the black bat-devil.

The devil was infuriated, its four wings flapped violently. Sounds of flapping could be heard, and a larger swarm of black bats rushed out of its wings. They were so many that the sky was fully covered before they flew towards Big Yellow in a swarm. Although the threat of the bats wasn’t as damaging, Yu Wei and the other three felt extremely annoyed by their chirping noises.

However, Big Yellow wasn’t concerned about that at all. He twisted his body and tilted his buttocks, aiming at those black bats and warning the other four, “The four of you, get off the way!”

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