Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 626

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“Jiang Chen. You really refuse to give me the devil souls? You thought that killing a devil leader gives you the right to fight me?”

Hu Song’s eyes sparkled with a very cold and ferocious light. It seemed like this was the last chance that he was giving Jiang Chen mercy. If he still declined the offer, Hu Song wouldn’t hesitate to attack.

“Seeing that you are still so arrogant, I challenge you to a fight now. It seems like I can easily acquire the first place on the Earth ranking even before entering the sect. What a good idea!”

Jiang Chen pointed at Hu Song while his combat aura was slowly spilling out of his body. He already knew that he could not avoid this battle. Thus, he would just initiate the battle first. Hu Song was the number one genius of the Earth ranking. If he could defeat this man, he could take his place and be officially listed on the ranking. It was a positive sign to enter Nebula Sect with such achievement. Should this happened, it would become the very first in the history of the sect.

There were two types of rankings. One was the Earth ranking and the other was the Heaven ranking. Both inner sect disciples and core disciples had fought hard in order to be listed on the ranking. No newly-recruited disciple that hadn’t even gone to Nebula Sect had taken the first place ever. If Jiang Chen succeeded this time, it would leave a miraculous record in Nebula Sect. Everyone would surely remember this godly tale in the future.

“Fine. Jiang Chen, since you don’t want to live, I will grant your wish. You aren’t an official disciple of Nebula Sect yet, if you still didn’t pass the check of the Brilliant Mirror. Your jade plate won’t do you much help. If I killed you here today, it is not equivalent to killing my fellow disciple.”

Hu Song said with an overly proud tone while pointing at Jiang Chen. He didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes even if he had killed a First Grade Devil Emperor, he was only a Combat King. Hu Song came prepared to kill the devil leader. If he used his trump card to eliminate the devil leader without Jiang Chen’s interference, there was no chance for that devil to survive.

“Brother Jiang, be careful of him. He is now a Combat Emperor, his strength can’t be underestimated. I heard that he has completed the cultivation of the Incredible Solid Physique, which makes him invulnerable. Plus, he must have prepared some kind of trump card for eliminating the devil leader.”

Yu Wei conveyed the message to Jiang Chen through True Qi transmission.

Jiang Chen nodded. He would always become alert whenever he is facing an enemy in front of him. He was only an Eighth Grade Combat King. He could probably kill some Combat Emperors like the devil leader or Kong Yang, but they were defeated because he was able to suppress their attributes. His current strength was no match for a true Second Grade Combat Emperor. Even though he could easily get rid of an ordinary Second Grade Combat Emperor like Kong Yan, Hu Song wasn’t an ordinary Combat Emperor. He was the top genius of the Earth ranking in Nebula Sect, which made him incomparable to Kong Yan.

Hu Song was a hard enemy to fight, but Jiang Chen wasn’t worried at all. Instead, it ignited his desire for battle whenever he faced a big and intense battle like this.

“Come, show me what a newbie genius has?”

Hu Song’s Qi changed and flew up to the sky. At this moment, the sun had already fully risen. Due to the devils being wiped out, the weather in Huang Ling Desert turned gentle and warm. Although there were still sand mingling in the air everytime the wind blew.

Jiang Chen followed closely and rose up to the sky. They had chosen the sky above to be their battlefield. The disciples’ eyes widened with excitement, staring at the two men without blinking. Although the battle wasn’t held in Nebula Sect, it was still important because it could change the list of the ranking.

There wasn’t any change on the Earth Ranking after Hu Song’s advancement. There were very little of them who competed for the position. Whether Jiang Chen could shook Hu Song’s first place or not, was what everyone had been waiting for. They hoped that Jiang Chen would win the battle and create another miracle just like yesterday night. Their group had created a miracle for Nebula Sect.

*Ka ka*

A surge of Yuan Force rushed out from Hu Song’s body and cracking noises was produced by the joints in his body. His body was strong and sturdy, manlier than Hu Lai. The surface of his sword was covered with a domineering aura which was tempered from his cultivation.

From the changes of his body, it was apparent that Hu Song’s cultivation had reached a very powerful stage. His muscles were as hard as a rock. It was just like what Yu Wei had said a while ago, Hu Song had already cultivated his Incredible Solid Physique skill to a higher level.

“Frenzy Quake Hand!”

Hu Song howled, launching an attack. He struck Jiang Chen with his mighty Frenzy Quake Hand. Its power seemed to be greater than the Boulder Cracking Hand of the Guan Family in Eastern Continent.

A layer of golden hard rock was formed on Hu Song’s palm, it was shining with an extremely bright light that was embedded with mystical symbols. It arrived an inch before Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye.

The palm strike had an irresistible force that could move mountains or smash its summit into countless pieces. It was very destructive.


Jiang Chen wasn’t scared. In fact, his Dragon Transformation skill made him invulnerable to physique enhancers. Since Hu Song was one of them, thus, Jiang Chen has the advantage. He also wanted to test his own physique with this Physique Enhancer.

Jiang Chen sent out a punch. The surface of his fist was covered with blood-red dragon scales. It instantly turned into a giant dragon claw, welcoming Hu Song’s Frenzy Quake Hand.


Both punches clashed together, creating a loud sound like the jingling of metals. It’s as though the sound didn’t come from the impact of human muscles. It was like two crazy weapons had collided with one another, creating a big spark. They could tell how strong these two people’s body were.

Jiang Chen and Hu Song both felt a strong force of resistance, pushing them three steps back.

Hu Song’s face changed, eyeing Jiang Chen in terror. He was very confident in his Incredible Solid Physique skill. Not one of his peers dared to face it head on. Jiang Chen shocked him; he could endure his hardened skin. Hu Song didn’t dare to underestimate his enemy anymore. He was stunned with disbelief. How could a mere Eighth Grade Combat King become so powerful? If he compared himself to him when he was an Eighth Grade Combat King, he was just a crap. This caused him to feel that the disparity between them, and this made him very envious of Jiang Chen.

“Amazing. Hu Song has cultivated his Incredible Solid Physique skill to a high level that no one from the inner sect could match him, but brother Jiang did it, his power is as good as Hu Song.”

“Brother Jiang is a real freak. Any technique that he possess is deadly. Not only is his combat technique great, but also his physique. It is very rare to see such a monstrous talent.”

“The Incredible Solid Physique skill is Hu Song’s greatest skill. If this can’t suppress Jiang Chen, it is unlikely for him to win this battle.”


Most of them were stunned, they had followed Jiang Chen for the entire night. He had brought them along to exterminate the devils and their leader. They had seen many of his incredible techniques. Who wouldn’t be shocked when they saw that he also had an invincible physique?

“I don’t believe that your physique can match with mine.”

Hu Song’s expression became stern. All this while, he had been cultivating his Incredible Solid Physique skill. He had no doubts about his body. He could accept anyone to have a stronger physique than him, but definitely not an Eighth Grade Combat King’s body.


Hu Song made another attack, using his physical prowess. His palm flew in the air, striking more than forty seal that almost cracked the spatial zone. The enveloping seal lunged at Jiang Chen.

“Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.”

Jiang Chen didn’t delay. Every step he made was graceful, every step trampled the spatial zone to pieces. His rapid five steps crushed all of Hu Song’s seal to nothing instantly. The trembling force of Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was transferred to Hu Song’s body. He was forced three steps back. This time Jiang Chen only made two steps back. From the looks of it, Jiang Chen was the one who was in control of the situation.

Jiang Chen had been gaining the upper hand since the start of the battle. He wouldn’t have to worry about the consumption of energy after cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill: he had unlimited energy. He was afraid that Hu Song couldn’t afford to play the energy consumption game with him, just like Kong Yang who suffered a tragic ending.

“Quick, look. Hu Song was knocked back again. Truly unbelievable.”

“Very terrifying. Brother Jiang is literally not human.”

“Humph! My brother hasn’t showed his great skill yet. That Jiang Chen isn’t his opponent. Wait and see.”

People were startled once more. They didn’t think that Jiang Chen would gain the upper hand of the battle. Hu Lai was still sounding all over himself, but his face was not as confident anymore. His heart began to pound with apprehension. Before this, he thought that his mighty big brother could easily handle Jiang Chen with a few simple moves. He would never have thought of what was happening right now.

Yu Wei sighed. As one of the geniuses of the Earth Ranking, he couldn’t help but give Jiang Chen another thumbs up, sighing that he wasn’t as good as him.

Guo Xudong’s facial expression was full of mockery. It was self mockery, thinking back on how he tried to pick a fight with Jiang Chen. It was absolutely a ridiculous and naïve idea.

Big Yellow wagged his big tail with a grin on his face, he never felt worried for Jiang Chen.

Zuo Ling Er was swirling her fists while cheering for Jiang Chen, feeling excited for him.

“If you only have these tricks, then you truly are inferior, certainly no match for me.”

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at Hu Song and waved with disapproval. He knew that Hu Song still had some powerful skills that he hadn’t used yet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be emboldened to kill the devil leader.

“Jiang Chen, I, Hu Song, have never lost to anyone before in terms of physique. Today, I will show you my true, Incredible Solid Physique.”

Hu Song raged, not going to hide his power anymore.

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