Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 629


Another explosion occurred in the spatial zone. Something azure formed under Jiang Chen’s feet, it carried unrecognizable talisman marks that trampled the spatial zone and crushed it into pieces. His entire body was illuminating a dazzling light, and it then locked on Hu Song’s Qi before he stepped on him.

Hu Song could feel an enormous pressure from Jiang Chen’s leg. His face turned ugly, the impact just now had caused him to back away and had dealt a terrible blow on him. Now, his confidence had totally faded away. A certain fear crept inside of him everytime he looked at his intimidating opponent.

Hu Song didn’t wait to be defeated, he quickly struck with his Frenzy Quake Hand like before. Countless of palm seals that covered the sky were summoned, rushing towards Jiang Chen. Every palm seal carried destruction, destroying everything it passed.


Nevertheless, Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was even more domineering. When he made the second step, raging shadows of dragons could be seen. It trampled on those palm seals, creating a rumbling sound. It’s as if the spatial zone nearby was having a large explosion. Endless burning flames were seen, the destructive power of the battle shook the sky above them. The disciples who stood below were frightened and started to panic. It was certain that if they stood in the center of the battle field, they would be killed immediately.

Hu Song had already used up all of his energy, exerting whatever’s left in him to make an attack. When Jiang Chen made the third step, Hu Song felt absolutely exhausted, as though every hit was as heavy as a mountain. He could feel that he was suffocating.


Jiang Chen made the fourth step along with the roar of a dragon. He was like a War God that had descended from the heavens and then trampled  Hu Song’s skull.

“Incredible Solid Physique!”

Hu Song shouted and transformed again. This time, his physique was a lot stronger than before. He punched as hard as a golden steel drill. He didn’t believe that Jiang Chen’s leg would be that powerful, he would use all his strenght to punch through his enemy’s leg.

*Dong!* *Ka Cha!*

Unfortunately, the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was something Hu Song could not easily predict. He only got to the Second Grade Combat Emperor artificially, using the effect of a pill. Thus, it’s very unstable. As for Jiang Chen, he had truly achieved Ninth Grade Combat King.

Lines of cracks appeared on Hu Song’s Incredible Solid Physique as soon as the fourth step was made. It seemed that it would break at any time.

“How could this happen? It shouldn’t be like this. My brother is matchless, he won’t lose to a newbie.”

The face of the one who had been watching the battle attentively, Hu Lai, became unpleasant and depressed. His mood today was like a roller coaster, going up and down and eventually fell to the bottom. Now, even his big brother was no match for Jiang Chen, how could he possibly avenge himself?

Guo Xudong who stood beside heaved a big sigh. Hu Lai still couldn’t see through the battle, but he could. According to the development of the battle, Hu Song was surely no match for Jiang Chen. Although he was now a Second Grade Combat Emperor, he still couldn't withstand Jiang Chen’s violent attack, the effect of the pill inside his body would disappear soon. At that time, he would return to his original cultivation, a First Grade Combat Emperor. He would then be beaten up by Jiang Chen like a naughty and helpless dog. Perhaps, he might also be beaten up when he’s still a Second Grade Combat Emperor.

“Hu Song, this is my last step. If your Incredible Solid Physique remains solid, I will let you go with your body intact.”

Jiang Chen said as he made the fifth step. Under his feet, a giant dragon shadow emerged, it looked real and alive.

Hu Song snarled and lunged forward with his Incredible Solid Physique. Jiang Chen was undeniably powerful in his technique and power, but his physique wasn’t made of glass. Hu Song believed that his opponent couldn’t crush his hard physique, it was just impossible.


The truth was always cruel. When Jiang Chen’s fifth step touched Hu Song’s body, the Incredible Solid Physique was extremely vulnerable and defenseless, it cracked and crumbled into pieces after a loud rumbling sound. Hu Song bounced away from his original position, he was spurting blood from his mouth while flying and a sound of ‘Peng’ was heard when he touched the ground. A big hole was created in the ground, yellow sand and black smoke rustled in the air.

A silent atmosphere filled the crowd. They were looking at the big pit and left their mouth wide open in shock. Hu Song was defeated, no one had ever imagined that this would be the result of the battle. Jiang Chen’s last step was truly powerful. Hu Song couldn’t bear the attack. Luckily, he was a Second Grade Combat Emperor. If he was a First Grade Combat Emperor, they were afraid that he would be crushed to death, no chance of living at all.


Hu Lai shouted and was the first one to dash into the hole. Guo Xudong and the rest followed suit. They saw Hu Song climbing out of the deep hole, slowly and with difficulty. Hu Song’s face now was full of shame, the clothes on his body was torn and ragged. His good-looking face was covered with blood stains. He was still coughing out blood, his entire body was shivering. The destruction of his Incredible Solid Physique dealt a considerable damage to him.


Jiang Chen turned into a light and came before Hu Song. His face had a suppressed smile.

Hu Song’s attention was put on Jiang Chen. Besides the feeling of enmity towards Jiang Chen, many overwhelming feelings also filled his head. Today was the most disgraceful day ever, but he had to admit that this was the most abnormal being that he had ever encountered. A Second Grade Combat Emperor was just defeated by him.

“Hu Song is defeated. The first place will now belong to Jiang Chen.”

“Brother Jiang is too great. I can already imagine what will happen in the future. As long as brother Jiang enters the sect, he will be greatly valued by a lot of elders. His social status at that time will naturally be different from us.”

“We will follow brother Jiang from today onwards. If it wasn’t for his help in this expedition, this trial won’t be settled so fast. Plus, each one of us has obtained great rewards. And most importantly, none of us suffered any casualties and injuries. These were all due to his contribution.”


Everyone’s face was full of delight. Without a doubt, they felt blissed-out. Jiang Chen won the battle. It felt like they had won the battle themselves. In truth, after one night of intense battle with the devils, Jiang Chen had already won the disciples’ hearts. Most of them were cheering for Jiang Chen while he was battling with Hu Song.

“Jiang Chen, you have won. But this matter will never be settled. We will settle this once we return to the sect.”

Hu Song left a cold message and turned to leave.

“Hold on.”

Jiang Chen blocked his path, “I didn’t say that you can go.”

“What do you want?”

Hu Song raised his head and glared at Jiang Chen.

“Did you not declare to kill me in front of them? These words were clearly heard by everyone. Besides that, the murderous aura you released wasn’t a joke. Since you want to kill me so badly, I have no reason to release you. I, Jiang Chen, don’t like to leave a future trouble unsettled. You want to kill me, then you are my enemy. What reason do I have to allow my enemy to leave freely?”

Jiang Chen said emotionlessly.

Everyone, including Hu Song's facial expression changed. The entire atmosphere was suppressed by a heavy weight. It seemed like Jiang Chen was determined to kill Hu Song. The nature of the event would change, the consequences would surely turn serious.

In Nebula Sect's rules, inner sect disciples were forbidden to kill each other. If there were unsolved conflicts, they could resolve it on the life and death arena. In truth, internecine killing was prevalent, but those were not unveiled and done secretly. Now, Jiang Chen wanted to kill Hu Song in front of all these disciples, there were a few hundreds of them.

“You want to kill me?”

Hu Song’s eyes released a tyrannical light.

“Are you the only one permitted to kill me? If I kill you now, it will just be a piece of cake since you have no more strenght.”

Jiang Chen said with a cool tone.

“Brother Jiang, don’t act rashly. Killing Hu Song here will bring you a considerable amount of consequences. You haven’t entered Nebula Sect yet and is not yet deemed as an official disciple. If you kill Hu Song, then the matter won’t just be about killing him, but also offending the whole Nebula Sect.”

Lan Yi quickly moved forward to stop him, she feared that Jiang Chen would slap Hu Song to death, and in turn, worsening the situation.

“Haha. Jiang Chen, did you hear that? If you dare to kill a soon-to-be core disciple in front of so many people, it will be deemed as making Nebula Sect your enemy. You will be hunted by the sect.”

Hu Song laughed pleasantly, not having even the slightest fear for Jiang Chen. He was certain that Jiang Chen wouldn’t kill him. Killing him in front of so many people would mean seeking death.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, trying to hide the overwhelming stream of cold light that almost beamed out. From the moment Hu Song intended to take his life, he had already sentenced Hu Song to death. But he couldn’t kill Hu Song now, he could have killed him in battle just now, saving his time listening to Hu Song’s arrogant speech.

Killing Hu Song was a fast solution, but it came with a great consequence. Jiang Chen would lose the chance to enter Nebula Sect, both of the Emperor pills, and most importantly, the chance of finding the fragment of his Heavenly Saint Sword. He would definitely offend the sect. His cultivation could not allow him to challenge the whole Sect for now. It was a foolish choice.

“As you wish, I won’t kill you. Leave one arm of yours, then I will let you go.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were as sharp as blade while staring at Hu Song.


Hu Song and Hu Lai both exclaimed out of shock. They doubted that they had listened wrongly. Jiang Chen really wanted him to leave his arm here?

“Jiang Chen, don’t be a fool. Despite losing to you today, I’m still one of the inner-sect disciples, you dare to… argh…”

Before Hu Song could finish his sentence, a great wail of pain was heard. No one knew when, but a long sword appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand. After a ‘Pu Chi’ sound was heard, one of Hu Song’s arm was already chopped off, blood pumped out of the wound like a fountain.

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