Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 632

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Jiang Chen’s senses were already sharp, he didn’t need Yu Wei’s reminder whatsoever. He could feel an opposing aura coming from Cong Zhong Sheng’s eyes. He made a cold humph in his heart. If this chief steward wouldn’t offend him, he would also not do anything. If he went against Jiang Chen, he will only cause himself some troubles.

Cong Zhong Sheng made a slight cough and scanned the surroundings again. Then, he spoke to Jiang Chen and the rest with an audible and clear voice:

“I’m the Chief Steward of the Inner Sect, Cong Zhong Sheng. I welcome all of you geniuses’ arrival in our sect. Before you pass the Brilliant Mirror, none of you are officially recognized as our disciples even if you are a genius out of a thousand geniuses. I will remind you with solemnity, if anyone of you has an ulterior motive, leave Nebula Sect now. The sect guarantees that we won’t hurt you for that. But once you are found out by the Brilliant Mirror, the repercussions will be unimaginable.”

His words created a wave of tension in the crowd. Jiang Chen frowned, his gaze fell onto that large mirror. He couldn’t back away now, he could only go head on, hoping that using the Illusion Heart Sutra would disrupt the scanning.

“Good. Since none of you left, that means you all came here with a righteous heart. Now, the official checking of the mirror will begin, you will walk past the mirror one by one.”

Cong Zhong Sheng said loudly.

The checking of the Brilliant Mirror began. At this moment, a few powerful silhouettes appeared. They were all wearing the uniform of the elders. Their Qi was stronger than Cong Zhong Sheng. There were eight of them in total. They came to the battle arena and appeared in front of Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er without even giving a glance to Cong Zhong Sheng.

Jiang Chen’s gaze fell upon these eight newly arrived men. There were seven males and one female. Every one of them was a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. They had reached the peak of their grade and was just a small step away from the Minor Saint realm.

Although Jiang Chen didn’t know why these people appeared all of a sudden, he was smart enough to know their status in Nebula Sect.

“They are the eight great elders. They appeared together today! I have never thought that they would take notice of the new disciples.”

“The eight great elders of Nebula Sect. They are Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. Besides the Grand Elder that is of a Minor Saint Grade, these eight great elders are the most respected people in the sect. They’re hardly seen in the sect. Nobody thought that they will attend the discipleship today.”

“They must be here because of Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er, only geniuses like them could attract these elders.”


The people recognized the newcomers. Everyone was filled with anxiety and nervousness, while their eyes were filled with great respect and fear. They were the eight highly respected great elders and they just appeared suddenly before the checking of the mirror started.

On the battle platform, the facial expression of the outer sect elders who stood beside Cong Zhong Sheng changed. They quickly jumped down and came before the eight Great Elders then bowed.

“Great Elders!”

The great elders were the symbol of respect in Nebula Sect. But, there weren’t only eight of them who were at the Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. There were still some Ninth Grade Combat Emperors in the core disciples. But if they were to compare themselves with these eight, they were practically weaker because these eight were all very close to Minor Saint realm.

In Nebula Sect, the master and the Grand elder would not appear during normal days. Most of the matters were attended by these eight great elders. Cong Zhong Sheng was a mere inner sect chief steward, thus he wouldn’t dare offend them.

None of the eight great elders glanced at Cong Zhong Sheng, their eyes were fixed on Zuo Ling Er. Apparently, they had already heard about this little monstrous genius. This was the reason they came, they came for Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. Jiang Chen wasn’t as obvious judging from his appearance, but Zuo Ling Er was easy to recognize as there was only one twelve-year-old girl in the scene.

“Little girl, I guess you are Zuo Ling Er, right?”

The female elder faced Zuo Ling Er with a smile. She seemed to be only thirty plus years old, her charm was overwhelming. Her loose robe couldn’t hide her elegant and nimble body. She was really pretty and attractive. Besides having the feminine beauty, the charm of heroine and maturity was certainly a deadly weapon to a lot of men.

Of course, thirty years old was only an estimate based on her appearance. Her age shouldn’t be asked. She was called Hua Gu Yi, the only female great elder among the eight.


Zuo Ling Er nodded with difficulty.

Hu Gu Yi moved her hand fast to catch Zuo Ling Er’s arm and pulled her in front of her chest. Both of her hands were gently squeezing and pinching Zuo Ling Er’s face as if she was a clay doll. Her mouth didn’t forget to praise the little girl.

“Very cute little girl. You will play an important role in dominating the states and cities when you grow up, just like me. I’m already fond of you from the moment I see you.”

Hua Gu Yi looked like a noble and prestigious great elder before speaking. But after she spoke, most of their expectation drastically fell. Jiang Chen felt that this Hua Gu Yi was just a bigger version of Zuo Ling Er.

“Hua Gu Yi, you can’t steal other people’s chance like that. We have talked about this. This girl should follow me, Feng Yun Wu.”

“Get lost, have you no shame? Who agreed that she’s yours? We have decided that she’s mine, Feng Yun San. You all stand aside. Little girl, become my disciple. Under my careful and experienced guidance, you will become the first ever remarkable talent that ever existed in the domain sooner or later.”

“What’re you two thinking? This girl was found by me, there’s no connection with you all.”


All of the great elders surrounded Zuo Ling Er. All of their faces were flushed with anger and frustration, not caring even the slightest bit about their image. One of Hua Gu Yi’s hand was grabbing Zuo Ling Er’s arm, afraid that she would be taken away by the other great elders.

This incident made everyone on the scene speechless. Looking at these eight respected great elders’ actions dazzled their eyes momentarily. All of them were filled with envy and admiration for Zuo Ling Er, even the core disciples felt the same way.

“Ai! Zuo Ling Er is really lucky. All the great elders are fighting against one another just to accept her as their personal disciple. This is the first time that something like this happened in Nebula Sect!”

“That’s obvious. A twelve-year-old Ninth Grade Combat King, who among you has seen such a genius before? In the entire domain, I’m afraid there’s only one. I think only the large clans of the Pure Land in Divine Continent have such geniuses. Now that she has arrived in our sect, it only makes sense for the great elders to fight for her. I have already said that sister Zuo will certainly be accepted as a personal disciple by one of the elders. But now, Huo Gu Yi and the Feng Yun brothers have come to grab this little girl’s discipleship.”    

“Who do you think will get Zuo Ling Er as their personal disciple? Although Elder Hua Gu Yi is a female, she is very tyrannical. I think there is an eighty percent chance that the seven Feng Yun brothers will lose.”


Initially, it was supposed to be the checking of the mirror, but it had been interrupted by the eight great elders all of a sudden. They had come to recruit an apprentice even before the checking started. This was a very fortunate event.

“Feng Yun brothers, you all dare to snatch my disciple away from me? Do you believe that I will not smash all of your big heads?”

Hua Gu Yi pointed at the other seven great elders and cursed.

“Hua Gu Yi, don’t be too arrogant. Any genius will be turned useless given your attitude of a vixen.”

“That’s right, this little girl will surely be incapacitated. One Hua Gu Yi is already enough to drive the entire sect mad, we can’t allow the appearance of another Hua Gu Yi.”

“Little girl, see how kind and friendly I look. If you become my personal disciple, I will treat you as my granddaughter.”


It wasn’t in the seven Feng Yun Elders’ attitude to give up something valuable so easily. Cong Zhong Sheng just stood aside, staring at the eight great elders who were still disputing with a speechless expression. Normally, they were the most united group in the sect, but today, they had turned against each other, no one could tolerate anyone.

“Great elders, I think that you all will never come to a conclusion if you continue to be like this. Why not let Zuo Ling Er choose the elder she wants to follow.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t take it anymore and finally spoke.

“Who the hell are you? There's no room for you to speak here!’

Feng Yun Six glared at Jiang Chen.

“I’m Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists.


As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded, three great elders surrounded him.

“You are the insane Jiang Chen? Excellent, you seem very young to have such a tremendous pool of potential. Follow me and become my personal disciple. You have to know that there are a lot of disciples who wanted to be my personal disciple.”

“You should choose me as your master. Jiang Chen is good-looking, which is just like me when I was still young. I charmed everyone wherever I went. He definitely can’t choose an ugly master like you all.”

“Get off! I’m the one who noticed him first.”


Chaotic! The whole scene had become messy. Jiang Chen was also surrounded. Obviously, he and Zuo Ling Er had already been targeted by these eight great elders. Now, they wanted them to become their disciples. Jiang Chen, as once the Greatest Saint, couldn’t and wouldn’t worship these old people as his masters, it would just put him to endless shame.

“I will take the little girl away now, see if you dare stop me.”

Huo Yi Gu was very determined.

“Huo Yi Gu, don’t be unreasonable.”

“When was the last time I was reasonable?”


Another wave of dispute arose.

Zuo Ling Er just stood there. Her big watery eyes were watching the great elders’ every actions and movements, and suddenly she thought of something.

“My respected great elders, I can see that you all aren’t getting anywhere with this dispute, I have an idea.”

“Speak quickly little girl.”

Hua Gu Yi said.

At this very moment, everyone stared at Zuo Ling Er, wondering what her idea was.

“Why not you all just have a round of battle? I will choose whoever is the strongest.”

Zuo Ling Er said in solemn tone.

Puff…A lot of people almost coughed out their saliva. They had never expected that this little girl would come up with such a bold idea, truly an audacious little girl. She was bold enough to suggest this idea to the busy great elders in front of her. However, they had witnessed her means of killing during their expedition in Huang Ling Desert. This little girl was also a little twisted devil, she would certainly become the second Hua Gu Yi when she grew up.


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