Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 634

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Jiang Chen walked out from the crowd. A mixture of welcoming and envious gazes were put on him. Once he walked past the mirror, the seven brothers would fly to him immediately and accept him as their personal disciple. As for whether Jiang Chen could pass the checking or not, it was something everybody didn’t consider of. To most of the people, the checking of the mirror was merely a procedure that they had to go through to become an official disciple. Who wouldn’t feel proud to be one of the disciples of Nebula Sect? Who wouldn’t feel lucky to be able to cultivate and advance in such a perfect place? Thus, it was very rare for the mirror to exterminate the newly-recruited disciples, it was almost non-existent.

“Good. Look at this guy. His forehead is larger than most of us, with just a single look on his face, I can already tell that he is an extraordinary genius.”

“Agree. Although he is a bit older than Zuo Ling Er, he didn’t seem to be more than twenty years old. I heard that he defeated Hu Song even after he took the Taboo Pill to become a Second Grade Combat Emperor with just a Ninth Grade Combat King strenght. He has already taken the first place on the Earth ranking even before entering the sect. This is the first time that I encountered this kind of event given my experience.”

“Hump! Hua Gu Yi, don’t be ignorant just because you have already taken that little girl as your apprentice. This Jiang Chen is mine. I will make him better than the little girl.”

“Who said that he is yours? Are you ignoring six us, your brothers’ existence?”


Before Jiang Chen entered the Brilliant Mirror, the seven Feng Yun brothers started their argument again. Zuo Ling Er, a twelve-year-old Ninth Grade Combat King, was the first in their list, Jiang Chen was number two. Now that Zuo Ling Er was taken away by the Huo Gu Yi, Jiang Chen automatically became their number one candidate.

Jiang Chen didn’t have the extra effort to care about those seniors. He was nervous, it was the most anxious moment that he ever had in his entire life. Even if he was once the Greatest Saint, his heart still pounded hard when facing the Brilliant Mirror.

This was not a war, he was gambling his life.

“Go big brother!”

Zuo Ling Er who was standing beside Huo Gu Yi, cupped her fists at Jiang Chen. Not even his little sister knew about her big brother’s ulterior motive in entering the sect. He had been planning this since he fought the battle for the Zuo family. His plan was about to succeed if it wasn’t for the mirror.

“I have to risk it. I can’t back away now.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone with cold light, stepping closer to the mirror. The moment he entered and stood under the mirror, he instantly casted the Illumination Heart Sutra. Shapeless illusions was released from his body, wrapping the Brilliant Mirror entirely.

His method was concealed perfectly, no one could see his movement unless they were engulfed in the illusion as well. Even Huo Gu Yi and the Feng Yun brothers couldn’t detect it.


The Brilliant Mirror shined with a brilliant golden light, basking Jiang Chen with its radiance. But the light wasn’t calm, it was trembling intensely. However, no signs of attack was seen, it was as if something uncommon was happening.

“What happened? Why do I see an aggressive movement from the light? Could it be that brother Jiang is in trouble?”

“I don’t think so. If there is, the mirror should have already launched its attack like how it killed the other guy earlier. Although there are some changes in the light, brother Jiang is still standing there safely. Without a doubt, this is a special case. For so long that it had been checking the new disciples, it showed only two scenarios: silent and calm light; and violent and deadly light.”

“Let’s see. As long as brother Jiang can hold it for a minute, he will be fine.”


Many people felt the same way as they did. The Feng Yun brothers’ facial expression also change, their views on Jiang Chen changed. There had never been such a case in the past. If he had no problems, the Brilliant Mirror wouldn’t have any aggressive actions. If he had, the mirror would attack him instantly.

“This young man has ulterior motives?”

Cong Zhong Sheng was focusing on Jiang Chen. He was delighted by the current scene. It seemed like he still had the chance to avenge Hu Song.

Currently, Jiang Chen immersed himself into the Illusion Heart Sutra, he didn’t dare relax. He could feel the mirror attacking his line of defence and entering his deepest soul, but it was disrupted by the Shapeless Illusions. He would get pass this as long as he can hold it for a minute.

A minute passed by. It was about to be over when a deafening roar rumbled from the Brilliant Mirror, sending a powerful force that trembled everyone.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

The huge light was shining brilliantly like the radiance from the hot sun. Countless of light was shot out and then fell on Jiang Chen’s body. The trembling of the mirror intensified, piercing sound like wails coming from savage beasts was heard. It shook the whole martial art arena.

“What happened? Why did the mirror react strangely?”

“Jiang Chen must have problems, he has a hidden motive.”

The great elders’ faces turned ugly, they had no idea what to do in such a situation. The Brilliant Mirror was a valuable treasure of Nebula Sect, nothing as strange as this have ever happened in the past. No one knew what had happened to it but there was one thing that was crystal clear. Jiang Chen had some agendas hidden deep inside of him, if not, the Brilliant Mirror wouldn’t tremble this intensely.

*Ka Ca*

A clear ‘Ka Ca’ sound was heard. The Shapeless Illusions was broken. The Brilliant Mirror was a Saint Weapon. Even if Jiang Chen was a powerful being, there was no way that a Ninth Grade Combat King could defend himself against the attack of a Saint Weapon, even if it was only a mirror.

“Dammit, not good.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. His heart sank into the bottom of a valley. He had never thought that the mirror would be this terrifying. Not even his Shapeless Illusion could hold it, and it was destroyed instantly.

The moment his illusion was destroyed. The light that was released from the mirror intruded into Jiang Chen’s body like divine vipers. It drilled deep into his very soul. A wave of Qi rose dramatically inside of Jiang Chen’s heart, it was the threat of death. He had already felt it before. The attack launched by a Saint Weapon was inescapable, even if he used all of his skills. He was now trapped by the mirror, unable to move and absolutely defenceless.

At this time, Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation skill activated. Its speed was a hundred times faster than usual. The speed could rupture Jiang Chen’s body.


A loud rumbling of a dragon’s roar suddenly occurred from Jiang Chen’s deepest soul. It came from his Dragon Transformation skill. It was a only a skill but it had summoned a dragon’s roar. He was the only one that could hear it, the outside world couldn’t.

It was ancient, hoarse, and deep, as if the roar came from an ancient dragon that existed a few centuries ago. It shook him intensely until he lost all of his senses, and then he fainted.


It disappeared after a single roar, but the Brilliant Mirror shattered, turning into many smaller pieces and fell to the ground. Jiang Chen’s forehead was covered with sweat. He had awoken after the shock. Somehow, he saw the shadow of a dragon drifting in the deepest part of his soul.

The length of the dragon was immeasurable, he couldn’t see its end. Its body was radiating a bloody light. It was frightening, especially its eyes. It seemed like an ancient creature that had lived for a long time even until now. It was the ancestor of dragons. He saw its figure during the dragon's roar. However, it disappeared immediately along with the dragon’s roar. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t forget the ancient dragon eyes, it suppressed any thoughts of blasphemy. But it was extremely familiar to Jiang Chen, he felt a sense of warm connection, as if his blood was connected to the dragon. At that moment, he felt like he had become an incarnation of the dragon, soaring high into the sky.

He was looking at the broken pieces of Brilliant Mirror on the floor. This wasn’t favourable to him. Even if he wanted explain, he couldn’t do it.

The entire martial art arena became extremely silent before a wave of curiosity burst out from the crowd.

“What happened? What actually happened? Why did the Brilliant Mirror shattered suddenly? It has been there for many years, this is the first time that it was destroyed. What kind of monstrous genius is that guy?”

“There is something wrong. Jiang Chen must be concealing something. The Brilliant Mirror shattered because of him. That guy isn’t simple.”

“However, if Jiang Chen has ill intentions, the Brilliant Mirror would have already attacked him. But, he’s still fine and the Brilliant Mirror was destroyed instead. Could it be that Jiang Chen has ways of destroying the mirror?”

“Not possible. Even if he is capable of doing that, he won’t be foolish enough to do it unless he doesn’t want to live anymore. Plus, the mirror is a Saint Weapon! Although the light is only a projection of the mirror, it is still a Saint Weapon. Any attack launched by it isn’t defendable by a Combat King like him. There’s also the fact that he didn’t even attempt to attack.”


This had never happened in the history of Nebula Sect. This was the first time that the Brilliant Mirror shattered into pieces. No one could explain what had happened. They all concluded that Jiang Chen had some hidden motives. If he hadn’t, the mirror wouldn’t break.

“Capture him!”

Cong Zhong Sheng barked the order. A group of inner sect elders dashed to Jiang Chen’s direction.  But there were people that were faster than them, it was the Feng Yun brothers. They had surrounded him in the centre. Their expression changed completely. Their intention of keeping Jiang Chen as their personal disciple changed to hostility.

“Kid, tell me. Who are you? What’s your purpose in coming to Nebula Sect?”

Feng Yun Yi said with a violent and cold tone. The seven of them released a murderous aura, preparing to beat Jiang Chen to death if he said something threatening.

“Big brother!”

Zuo Ling Er shouted and wanted to rush over, but she was stopped by Hua Gu Yi.

“Your big brother has some troubles. Ling Er, you shouldn’t go near him anymore.”

Zuo Ling Er had passed through the checking of the Brilliant Mirror, it proved that she had no troubles with regards to loyalty, but Jiang Chen had.

Outside the martial art arena, big yellow was infuriated. “Damn you kid! I have already told you to take things easily. You see, you are going to be finished.”

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