Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 635

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The atmosphere became tensed. Lan Yi and Yu Wei didn’t expect such an incident to happen. Many disciples that fought along with Jiang Chen in Huang Ling Desert were struck with mixed feelings. They want to follow him after he had become a disciple of Nebula Sect.

From what was happening now, it was virtually impossible. Even the seven Feng Yun brothers had already changed their minds. They wanted to kill this potential threat that had intruded their sect. It seemed like Jiang Cheng’s fate wasn’t going to be good.

Jiang Chen’s gaze was gloomy. That roar of dragon has just saved his life. It reminded him that there were more secrets about the Dragon Transformation skill that were still veiled. It began the moment he started cultivating the skill. Every transformation would bring him a true dragon combat technique. Last time, when he acquired the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, he obtained a trace of dragon's blood from the Dragon Transformation skill, which completely transformed his body. In a life and death situation like today, he was saved by the ancient dragon’s roar and shattered the Brilliant Mirror. He had no idea how many secrets the Dragon Transformation skill have.

Jiang Chen looked up and met the eyes of the Feng Yun’s brothers, their eyes sparkled as sharp as the light of a sword. It seemed like it would be impossible for him to leave.

“Kid, quickly. Who the hell are you?”

Feng Yun San said coldly.

As Jiang Chen was about to speak, a strong Qi like an intangible ocean covered the sky above the martial art arena. The Qi was blended with a thick Saint aura. Under the aura’s influence, everyone was having trouble breathing. It made them wanted to worship the being that had just appeared for mercy.

After a while, a peaceful cloud appeared overhead. It swayed and turned into a middle-aged man in blue robe. He looked about more than forty years old. His brows were pointed, his eyes were as fierce as a tiger, his face was as sharp as knife and his body was slim and tall, and most of all, there was a domineering aura that was projected naturally. The saint aura that flowed out of his body showed that he was a Saint. Although he was just a Minor Saint, it was still a being that numerous people would admire and respect. He was Nebula Kidd, the master of Nebula Sect and the god of his disciples. He represented the greatest power in the sect and the law.

“He is the master. The shattering of the Brilliant Mirror has attracted the master to come. He is a supreme being considering his Minor Saint cultivation. This is the second time that I have seen his real face.”

“He is a legendary Saint. Such a mighty saint aura. I feel compelled to prostrate before him. I have been in the sect for so long and this is the very first time that I have the chance to see the master.”

“The master is the number one person in the sect. I heard that he is a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. His power is beyond our imaginations. I don’t even think that I have the chance to reach the Minor Saint realm in my life.”

“Even the master is alarmed. It seems that Jiang Chen is finished this time.”

“Correct. The Brilliant Mirror was destroyed. It is an unprecedented incident.”


Nebula Kidd’s appearance caused a wave of excitement from the crowd. Many disciples were looking at their master with admiration in their eyes. He was a legend, a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. Any ordinary person could not hope to reach that realm.


Hua Gu Yi and the Feng Yun Brothers, including Cong Zhong Sheng and the inner sect elders, bowed before their master, none of them dared to neglect their master’s arrival. The rest of the disciples at the back followed suit, they bowed together to pay their respect to their master.

“Master, this guy has destroyed the Brilliant Mirror during the checking…”

Feng Yun Yi said, but Nebula Kidd waved his hand and interrupted him. “I’m already informed. You’re called Jiang Chen?”

Nebula Kidd’s gaze fixed intently on Jiang Chen.

“The one who brought Liang Province into chaos?”

“That’s right, that’s me.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He never thought that Nebula Kidd had heard about him before. It seemed the incident had reached many places, even Nebula Kidd knew about this.

“What? The one who initiated the tribulation?”

“A Combat King who can initiate a tribulation? I have heard some news about it. No wonder he is such a monster.”

“Those who are advancing to the Great Saint realm will initiate a saint tribulation in the process. The usual tribulation that is initiated are mostly by those who possess heaven defying talents. Jiang Chen was able to do that. It only showed that he has a heaven defying talent. But I have no idea what’s his purpose in coming to Nebula Sect.”


Everyone was shocked. A genius that could initiate a tribulation was something they didn’t expect to see. His future wasn’t comparable to anyone, but the question remains, why was he here?

Nebula Kidd didn’t say a word. He waved his hand and a golden light appeared at the place where the broken pieces of the mirror lay. The pieces of Brilliant Mirror reformed and it went back to its original position in the blink of an eye.

Many people looked at it attentively. Nebula Kidd used the frame of the mirror to gather all the broken pieces and reconstructed it.

“The checking will continue. Jiang Chen, follow me.”

Nebula Kidd clawed in the air, a large magnetic force pulled Jiang Chen over. He was pulled up to the sky involuntarily. He didn’t attempt to fight back. He knew very well the frightening power of a Fourth Grade Minor Saint was. His Ninth Grade Combat King cultivation was only equivalent to ant to him.

Nebula Kidd left with lightning speed, bringing Jiang Chen along with him. After the excitement and shock that the crowd received, they couldn’t calm down, especially Lan Yi and those who followed Jiang Chen in the expedition. Their hearts were praying for his safety.

The Feng Yun brothers looked at one another and sighed simultaneously before they turned and left. The effort that they put to recruit their own personal disciple had gone in vain today. Recruiting Jiang Chen as their personal disciple was impossible now. They weren’t qualified to guide a heaven defying genius like him. As for what would happen to Jiang Chen later, it wouldn’t be their concern anymore as Nebula Kidd would take care of him. They had nothing to worry about now.

“Master, will big brother be okay?”

Zuo Ling Er looked at Huo Gu Yi, she clenched her fists tightly, while her eyes were full of concern.

“That will depend on his fate. Ling Er, there isn’t anything that we can do here. Master will bring you to Summit Gu Yi.”

Hua Gu Yi said. With regards to what would happen to Jiang Chen next, she had no clue about it. Now, all her attention was on Ling Er. After cultivating all these years, she had never met a genius like her. A twelve-year-old Ninth Grade Combat King. It couldn’t just be explained by her diligence. One could be very diligent at cultivation and advancement, but they still couldn’t reach the Ninth Grade Combat King at such a young age. The only explanation for that was her innate talent. As a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, Hua Gu Yi could see her extraordinary physique and bones, truly a heaven defying genius.

“No way, I have to wait for my big brother here. He will be okay.”

Zuo Ling Er was firm, she shook her head in disagreement. Jiang Chen’s life and death was still unknown, how could she go to Summit Gu Yi with a peaceful mind? She wouldn’t be calm even if she went there. She would rather stand here and wait for her big brother to return safely. She believed that her big brother could go through anything, there wasn’t a thing that could go against him.

Hua Gu Yi sighed. Zuo Ling Er was determined to wait here. She had no choice but to follow. There were quite a lot of accidents that happened during the checking today, since the Feng Yun brothers had already left, she would stay and guard the checking.


In a twinkle, Jiang Chen appeared in a main hall. This was the space that existed and was built by Nebula Kidd himself. The place was solid and firm as it was built by a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. The hall was only a small building in the spatial zone of a Minor Saint though.

Nebula Kidd was sitting on a chair made from an unusual crystal. His eyes were cold while staring at Jiang Chen. But, Jiang Chen was clasping his hand behind his back and just stood there, his face was relaxed and calm, there wasn’t any sign of fright.

Nebula Kidd was surprised that a young man who was less than twenty years old would have such composure while facing him. It was truly rare because he could detect that Jiang Chen wasn’t just acting confidently in front of him. His composure came naturally from within, as though there wasn’t anything that could make him nervous. His strong and extraordinary disposition was enough to triumph over any of the younger generation.

Jiang Chen didn’t fear him at all as he was once the Greatest Saint. He didn’t know what ‘fear’ was. He hadn’t felt any murderous aura coming from Nebula Kidd. If Nebula Kidd wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t have brought him personally to this place. Of course, his defensive aura was never lowered, perhaps he wanted to find out what Jiang Chen’s true identity before taking any action.

Jiang Chen didn’t have to be afraid that Nebula Kidd wanted to take his life. If he really did, Jiang Chen would unleash the Talisman of Origin given by Great Master Ran Feng. Nebula Kidd wouldn’t be able to defend himself from that attack, it would certainly kill him.

“You're not afraid to see me?”

Nebula Kidd said.

“Why should I be afraid of you?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes met Nebula Kidd’s. He felt that this young man’s gaze couldn't be compared to any ordinary youngster. His eyes were full of wisdom and composure, as though he was an old freak who had lived for a thousand years. Also, Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed a sense of dignity, Nebula Kidd was impressed of how dignified his aura is. It sounded absurd but it could be felt from Jiang Chen’s body.

“Humph! You dare to speak to me in such a way. That is enough for your death. Speak. Who are you? Why are you here in my sect? And, what method did you use to destroy the Brilliant Mirror?”

Nebula Kidd asked. He would never believe that a Ninth Grade Combat King could shatter the Brilliant Mirror. There had to be some secrets hidden in this boy’s body. His feeling became heavy when he thought of the recent battle. He had to come in person to make Jiang Chen’s identity and purpose clear, and if Jiang Chen was related to that mysterious man.

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