Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 640

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Too arrogant!

The elders on the battle arena felt that their noses were going to be crooked because of the air that they kept pushing out of their noses due to their anger. Jiang Chen even scolded the vice chief steward, but all the vice chief steward could do was to express his anger on his face, he knew that he wasn’t Jiang Chen’s opponent. He wouldn’t last long if he fought with Jiang Chen, even Hu Song, a Second Grade Combat Emperor was defeated by him.     

The other reason for their anger was the previous collision which challenged their authority.

“Fine, fine, fine…kid. I have never seen such a presumptuous person before. I will show you my true ability. As long as you can defeat me, the Emperor Pill is yours.”

Cong Zhong Sheng’s tone trembled slightly because of his anger. This was the most disgraceful day of his life. If he didn’t teach Jiang Chen a lesson, how could he maintain his authority in the inner sect? He was afraid that no one would be scared of him anymore. Everyone in the inner sect would gossip about him. A dignified chief steward was actually slandered by a newcomer.

Cong Zhong Sheng flew up to the sky, he waved his hand and a new battlefield was created in the sky.

There was no fear on Jiang Chen’s face. Without much effort, he soared to the sky and stood opposite of Cong Zhong Sheng.

“I won’t hold back when I attack.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was emotionless. If Cong Zhong Sheng wanted to challenge him, he would accept it without hesitation. It was the perfect time to test his strength, and a Third Grade Combat Emperor was the perfect opponent. He had to get the Emperor Pill in his hands. If it was before, he wouldn’t care about it, but it was different now, Nan Bei Chao has appeared in this domain, he was the only one that could pressure Jiang Chen .

Their lives would certainly not be peaceful in Mysterious Domain after Nan Bei Chao’s emergence. Now that Nan Bei Chao had the White Tiger by his side. If Jiang Chen’s guess was right, Nan Bei Chao had already challenged a few masters of the major powers.

According to Nebula Kidd, Nan Bei Chao was already a First Grade Combat Emperor. With his Celestial Soul body, the speed of his cultivation is hard to know. Jiang Chen was merely a Ninth Grade Combat King. He had to speed up his advancement so that he could face the incoming threat and battle; which was the most important battle that he had to fight so far.

Therefore, it was imperative for him to obtain the Emperor Pill. With his current cultivation, he would certainly breakthrough and step into the Combat Emperor realm after consuming the pill.

“They are about to fight. This is the first time that something like this happened in the history of Nebula Sect, a new disciple has challenged the chief steward on the first day of his arrival. Regardless of who the winner will be, this will definitely be recorded.”

“Ya. Brother Jiang is a mad man when it comes to battle. We have already witnessed that when he fought the demons, but we are still unsure whether he can fight the chief steward.”

“Brother Jiang has already defeated Hu Song and enhanced his cultivation, it won’t be hard for him to deal with a Third Grade Combat Emperor. Didn’t you all see that brother Jiang has gotten the upper hand during the first strike? He is a peerless genius which can’t be measured by logical means. Also, brother Jiang isn’t a reckless man, his fight with the demon leader is the best proof of that. He is certain in his battles, and that’s why I value him. If he really fought against the chief steward, it will become a serious trouble.”


Watching the intensity of the two, Jiang Chen and Cong Zhong Sheng, most of the people’s face changed. These two men didn’t show any signs of hesitation when it came to fighting each other. One was determined to fight to obtain the precious pill and another fought to take revenge on behalf of Hu Song. The conflict between them would certainly escalate after the battle regardless of who won.

“Qi of Three Pure Punches.”

Neither Cong Zhong Sheng nor Jiang Chen had any words for each other. Cong Zhong Sheng made the first attack, filling the sky with the shadows of his punches and shredding the spatial zone into pieces. Every fist of his illuminated a brilliant light, so powerful that one punch could crush a big mountain.

It was a terrifying and violent combat technique. People could sense his resentment against Jiang Chen. He launched one of his ultimate skill at the first strike, it seemed like he wanted to defeat Jiang Chen with this attack to defend his reputation as the chief steward.


A shattering dragon’s roar was heard. Since Cong Zhong Sheng was violent in his attack, Jiang Chen would show no mercy for him in return. Jiang Chen struck with his Fire Dragon Seal, a gigantic Fire Dragon spiralled in the sky and thrusted forward at the fists.

*Hong* *Hong*

The frightening energies crashed with each other, shattering the spatial zone completely. Everywhere was full of destructive wave of light accompanied with the cold whistling wind. If someone were to appear in this battle field, he would surely die from the force.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Cong Zhong Sheng felt an intense recoil from the impact, it caused him to stagger back three steps. Jiang Chen’s combat strength had improved drastically after refining the White Tiger’s aura. The power of a peak Ninth Grade Combat King combined with his true dragon combat technique would even make a Third Grade Combat Emperor falter.

“Not possible. How could a Ninth Grade Combat King be this powerful?”

Cong Zhong Sheng’s face turned drawn. He knew very well how powerful his Qi of Three Pure Punches was, but it had failed him. As a dignified Third Grade Combat Emperor, it was extremely shameful to lose to a mere Ninth Grade Combat King. If this incident was spread out, wouldn’t everyone laugh until their teeth fell off? When he fought Jiang Chen just now, he felt that his enemy wasn’t a mere Combat King but someone who was already a Combat Emperor, and probably stronger than him.

“Cong Zhong Sheng, you have offended me. That’s your bad fortune.”

Jiang Chen raged. Another dragon seal was casted between his palms. This time it wasn’t the Fire Dragon Seal, but the Water Dragon Seal. The emergence of the Water Dragon Seal drastically lowered the temperature in the sky.


The Water Dragon charged forward, its roar trembled the sky. Jiang Chen would show no quarter to this old man, he wouldn’t give him a chance to breathe. The Water Dragon Seal was cultivated using the Heavenly Earth Pure Water. Every place it passed would freeze. The disciples who were on the arena could also feel the chill of the frost.

Their expressions changed instantly. Just now, they had witnessed the scorching hot fire dragon, now it was the frosty water dragon. Weren’t these two forces restrict each other? It really was unreasonable.

“What kind of cultivation method did he cultivate that he can use fire and water property skill at the same time, aren't those skills of opposite attributes? Isn’t this unnatural? Or…”

“Before, it is a fire attribute attack, but now, it has turned into a water attribute attack. How could he keep these two elements in his body? I can’t believe that such an abnormal being exists in the world.”

“Too powerful and ferocious! He is merely a Combat King! If he advanced his to the Combat Emperor realm, his power would certainly be unimaginable. Seems like the chief steward, a Third Grade Combat Emperor, isn’t his opponent at all.”


Everyone was shocked by Jiang Chen’s combat techniques. Many of them couldn’t believe it.

The one who was truly frightened was Cong Zhong Sheng. He was high up in the sky. He could feel the terrifying frost that was released from the Water Dragon’s cold body. This coldness could freeze one’s soul. He imagined that if he had cultivated a fire property technique, he would surely be restrained completely.


Cong Zhong Sheng’s thought of underestimating his enemy disappeared. He quickly draw out a long and slender sword, its golden light dazzled the people’s eyes. It was an Emperor Weapon. His enemy, Jiang Chen, was just too strong, he had to go all out in this battle.


A slender sword swooshed past the air and slashed at the incoming Water Dragon. A portion of the spatial zone was slashed open by it before landing on the Water Dragon’s head.

*Hong Long*

The Water Dragon was slashed into half. Nonetheless, the energy and frosty aura wasn’t reduced and all of it struck the sword.

Cong Zhong Sheng felt another large recoiling force. His hand that was holding the sword trembled slightly. The surface of the sword was covered with frost. The Heavenly Earth Pure Water was extremely cold, its coldness was incomparable to any other techniques that were of cold property.


It was the sound of another sword. There was a long sword in Jiang Chen’s hand, it was the Heavenly Saint Sword.

The blood-red light of the sword turned into a ferocious Dragon Head. It was a domineering sword. When the Heavenly Saint Sword was drawn, who could dominate it?

“Old man, today, I will let you know how fearsome I am.”

Jiang Chen shouted loudly. He stepped into the spatial passage using his Spatial Shift. His extreme speed brought him in front of Cong Zhong Sheng in a blink of an eye. The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed from the top as if it had descended from the heavens. Cong Zhong Sheng could already feel the terrifying and destructive force coming from the sword, his face turned pale.

Cong Zhong Sheng started to feel regret in his heart. He regretted picking a fight with Jiang Chen. He was now terrified of Jiang Chen. He wasn’t his opponent. As the saying goes ‘a man who had mounted the tiger couldn’t dismount in anymore,’ he absolutely couldn’t accept his defeat. If he admitted his defeat, he would be greatly humiliated.

As the chief steward, he couldn’t afford to be defeated by this young man.


The two long swords collided with one another, creating a great spark. Jiang Chen’s entire body was glowing with golden light, his dark hair was dancing in the air like a true War God that had descended from the heavens. A slash from his Heavenly Saint Sword had sent Cong Zhong Sheng more than a hundred meters away.

Without giving Cong Zhong Sheng a chance, Jiang Chen made another strike with his sword. His speed was so fast that Cong Zhong Sheng didn’t even have the chance to catch his breath before receiving another strike from Jiang Chen.

*Keng* *Keng* *Keng*

Next, Jiang Chen was like a ferocious tiger that was running downhill from a mountain. His Qi covered the sky, like a big ocean and kept on striking his enemy. In the end, the only thing that Cong Zhong Sheng could do was to raise his long sword above his head to defend himself.

Virtually defending every strike from Jiang Chen caused Cong Zhong Sheng to spurt a mouthful of blood. Jiang Chen strength was too aggressive, like an ancient barbarous beast that was extremely ferocious.


Another strike fell on his sword. This time, Cong Zhong Sheng’s long sword trembled until it slipped away from his hand. His weapon was an Emperor Weapon. If it was a King Weapon, it would have already been destroyed a long time ago.

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