Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 644

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Hu Lai’s body fell from the sky for more than six hundred meters. A big pit was formed on the ground. Many disciples that were on their way to Jiang Chen’s compound saw it, and halted their steps. After seeing Hu Lai’s pitiful condition, they breathed in cold air.

“Look, that is Hu Lai. It seems that he's hit by someone, but who?”

“Isn’t that obvious? It must be the Hu brothers who went to Jiang Chen to cause trouble again, and was beaten up for it, but his attack is a little too heavy. No, come quickly, try to observe his Yuan Force, it is fading away. My god, his Qi Sea is shattered.”

“My goodness, brother Jiang is too cruel, he even crippled Hu Lai. To a cultivator, losing the Qi Sea is worse than death. Hu Lai has been crippled and will forever be a crippled man.”

“He got himself into this, he already know that he can’t disturb brother Jiang again. Brother Jiang had no problem beating up the chief steward, so why would he care about him? He must have done something that infuriated brother Jiang badly, or else, brother Jiang wouldn’t have launched such a cruel attack.”

“Let’s go and find out. Hu Lai wouldn’t dare to come alone. There must be someone strong. Hu Song has probably invited some core disciples for the fight.”


The crowd in the inner sect compound went into frenzy. Jiang Chen was too cruel to cripple Hu Lai. This type of incident will only happen in the life-and-death arena. The disciples who followed him knew what kind of person he was. He could be wildly arrogant but he was a tolerant person. Now, the compound had collapsed, and Hu Lai was crippled by him, they could already imagine how furious he had become.

Jiang Chen’s fury was still boiling hot, and was rushing up to the sky. He needed these two individuals in front of him to pay a heavy price, or else, he would not be able to contain his fury caused by the loss of his enlightenment.

“Jiang Chen, you are truly bold to cripple a person before me. Who gave you the right?”

Man Hong raged while pointing at Jiang Chen’s nose.

“Brother Hong, we have to cripple him today to avenge my brother.”

Hu Song gritted his teeth as he whispered to Man Hong. Nevertheless, he didn’t dare to make a step forward, purely because Jiang Chen was too frightening. He wasn’t Jiang Chen’s opponent at all. Also, he could sense Jiang Chen’s enhancement after obtaining the Emperor Pill. The gap between them would only become wider and eventually, it would be impossible for him to catch up.

“Who are you? State your name!”

Jiang Chen said coldly. He could feel the powerful aura of the man accompanying Hu Lai was a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. If it was before, he wouldn’t be able to fight him, but as he had already stepped into the Combat Emperor realm, he needn’t worry about a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor.

“Jiang Chen, this is brother Man Hong, a core disciple. He originally wanted to pay you a visit to take a look at the rumored rare genius. However, he never thought that you would be so unreasonable, crippling my brother just because he kicked your door. You’re too cruel, and exactly the same as the people of the Devil Religion.”

Hu Song said sternly when he thought about his crippled brother. He couldn’t express his anger as the loss was too huge.

The disciples came just in time just as Hu Song was speaking, their eyes turned wide, crippling someone because of a broken wooden door was indeed overly sensitive and unreasonable. Nonetheless, they could feel the anger burning inside Jiang Chen that didn’t make sense. A simple wooden door would not infuriate him to such an extent.

“Cut your crap. Man Hong, chop off one of your arm and I will clear off your debts.”

Jiang Chen said.


After Jiang Chen finished his sentence, it brought another wave of shock to the crowd. Those who were walking, staggered and almost fell to the ground. They knew Jiang Chen was not just arrogant but also had the capability to defeat even the chief steward. However, wanting Man Hong to chop one of his arm off was just too much.

Who was Man Hong? He was a renowned core disciple, a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor and a great genius. He was incomparable to the chief steward at all. Even if Jiang Chen had advanced to the Combat Emperor realm, he was still merely a First Grade Combat Emperor. How could he be Man Hong’s opponent? Now, he even demanded Man Hong to chop one of his arm off, this was totally bullshit!

“What did you say?”

Man Hong was instantly stunned, and seriously doubted if his ears had problems.

“I said, leave one of your arm. Otherwise, your fate will be the same as Hu Lai.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was cold. Once one made a mistake, they had to bear the responsibility. These three people had just made an unforgivable mistake.

“Haha…Presumptuous, Jiang Chen. You are wildly presumptuous. You’re even more arrogant than me. In Nebula Sect, you’re the first who dared to speak to me in such a way. Your words are enough for me to cripple you today.”

Man Hong laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in this world. A newly ascended First Grade Combat Emperor demanded him to leave one of his arm here or else he would be crippled. What kind of joke was this?

“In that case, let’s just fight.”

Jiang Chen swooshed and flew high up in the sky. There wasn’t anything that Man Hong had to say, he had to accept the challenge to prove his strength to everyone.

“Today, I’ll teach you a lesson about your arrogance, no matter how strong you are, there’s always someone stronger than you.”

Man Hong barked, and flew up to the sky with a sway of his body. He stood in the opposite side of Jiang Chen. The inner disciples raised their heads to look at them in the sky, seeing that the battle was about to begin, their faces turned serious.

“What happened? Why would Jiang Chen and Man Hong engage in battle?”

“Someone said that Hu Song has asked for Man Hong’s help to deal with Jiang Chen. Hu Lai has been crippled, and now, the two of them want to have a battle. Jiang Chen is already a Combat Emperor but Man Hong is a Fourth Grade and is very famous amongst the core disciples. Everyone knew of his cruelty. In addition, he is a very difficult opponent to fight.”

“That’s right. He is a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor genius of the core disciples, and is very different to any ordinary cultivators. He’s totally different from the chief steward. I’m afraid that even if brother Jiang has stepped into the Combat Emperor realm, he isn’t going to be his opponent.”


Many were shocked with the battle that was about to happen. Nonetheless, they had already anticipated that the two of them would fight. The thing that they still couldn’t understand was what made Jiang Chen so mad that he even crippled Hu Lai. It seemed that the matter wasn’t as simple as it looked. The three of them must have done something bad that infuriated Jiang Chen madly.

“Brother Hong, cripple him!”

Hu Song gritted his teeth and shouted.

*Hong Long*

At this time, another loud noise rumbled from another room in the compound. That room faced the same result as Jiang Chen’s, it collapsed and crumbled. A big sturdy yellow dog bounced out from the building. It was hard to know his expression, but his eyes were surely filled with fiery anger.

“Which JACKASS disturbed my precious slumber?”

Big Yellow barked. He felt extremely offended whenever he was disturbed by someone. Jiang Chen sensed that Big Yellow had completed his advancement from the Qi he was releasing, he was now a First Grade Demon Emperor.

“Big Yellow, cripple Hu Song for me, make him a disabled man.”

Jiang Chen shouted at Big Yellow.


Big Yellow locked down his target, turned into a golden light and lunged forward, appearing before Hu Song in the blink of an eye.

“Damn you dog, go and die!”

Hu Song was enraged. Even a dog dared to declare to cripple him in front of everyone, this was totally an insult to him. He casted his Frenzy Quake Hand, and struck at Big Yellow.

Big Yellow didn’t even try to dodge the attack, instead, he collided into it with his head.

*Peng* *Ka Cha*

A long deep crashing sound was created, Hu Song’s palm was crooked as a result of the impact. He was then sent fifty meters away, and created a big hole on the wall of the other compound.

“Daring to disturb master dog’s slumber? Die!”

Big Yellow was violent in his attack. He knocked Hu Song’s palm. Hu Song had lost an arm and was still under the effect of the Taboo Pill, but even if he was at his best condition or even if he was a Second Grade Combat Emperor, he was still not Big Yellow’s opponent.

Big Yellow’s body had the blood of a rare Divine Beast, the blood of the Dragon Horse. He had just advanced his grade to the Demon Emperor realm, which was totally unparalleled compared to Hu Song.

Big Yellow didn’t stop there, he used his entire body to press against Hu Song like a big mountain, releasing his full Qi. His Qi was enough to scare Hu Song to death. Hu Song was now lying on the ground without any strength left to struggle or defend.

*Ka Cha*

Big Yellow opened his big mouth and bit on Hu Song’s remaining arm and tore it with force. A tearing sound was heard, and an arm was separated from the body. It was bloody enough to give everyone the feeling of disgust and raised goosebumps.


Hu Song’s piercing wail made everyone cover their ears. Most of the disciples who had witnessed the horridd scene had their faces pale. The dog was too brutal. Hu Song was finished.

Big Yellow wasn’t interested in caring about his enemy’s wails and continued to pierce through Hu Song’s body with his razor-sharp teeth. Blood was splashing wherever the sharp teeth pierced. Jiang Chen had given the order to cripple this man, and Big Yellow would do it. Nevertheless, his way of crippling differed from others. He wasn’t only going to cripple his enemy’s Qi Sea, he would use another barbarous way which was bloodier and a few hundred times more torturous than destroying the Qi Sea.

The work was a piece of cake to Big Yellow. Hu Song was now lying on the ground motionless. His entire body had become very bloody. From top to bottom, it was all wounds and blood, nauseating anyone who watched it. Now, they shifted their gaze to the violent big yellow dog with terrified eyes.

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