Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 646

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Man Hong looked like he was no match for Jiang Chen at all. His body flew away uncontrollably because of the strength of the fifth step. Under everyone’s gaze, Jiang Chen made another move. He casted the True Dragon Palm which caused a giant blood red dragon claw to descend from the sky as it turned into a blood red prison cell that held Man Hong captive.

“No, it isn’t possible. He is only a new First Grade Combat Emperor, how can he be this strong?”

Man Hong was seriously injured and he was spurting blood continuously. The blow to his body wasn’t as bad compared to his mentality, as he was not too far from mental breakdown. He had never seen someone as ferocious as Jiang Chen. His Fourth Grade Combat Emperor strength and status as one of the great geniuses of Nebula Sect didn’t make much difference in this fight.


Jiang Chen made another stride and came before Man Hong. Without saying a word, he violently struck Man Hong’s Qi Sea.

When Man Hong realised Jiang Chen’s intention, he snarled loudly and wailed with all his might. An unprecedented fear overwhelmed him instantly, and it was only now that he remembered what Jiang Chen had said. He finally realised that Jiang Chen wasn’t kidding when he said that he would cripple him.

He recalled about the incident involving Hu Lai and imagined himself being a crippled man in the future. The feeling he had now was like falling down from the summit of the pyramid as it was a depressing feeling that no one could understand.

Unfortunately, his fear didn’t do much help to change what would happen to him. Even if he begged for mercy or knelt down for a second chance or even willingly cut off one of his arms, it wouldn’t stop Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had never given anyone a second chance. Man Hong had brought considerable losses to him, losses that couldn’t even be estimated. Jiang Chen had already entered seclusion and was about to congeal the image in his deeper soul as the Dragon Transformation Art was going to undergo another transformation. He knew how much the transformation could possibly enhance his power and grade by one or two. Also, the Dragon’s strength was the scariest power of all.

Jiang Chen resented Man Hong so much that he wanted him to pay a high cost for what he had done.

*Bang* *Argh*

Along with Man Hong’s wail, Jiang Chen’s palm slapped his Qi Sea. A force like a golden drill bore through Man Hong’s Qi Sea, crippling it completely. A surge of excruciating pain made his entire body twitch, as he cried in agony. He was now filled with pain, trouble, unwillingness and most of all, insanity. He felt that he was going insane. A Fourth Grade Combat Emperor became an ordinary man, this was obviously a terrible blow for him.

He could feel that the Yuan Force from his Qi Sea was dispersing and dissipating, as he spurted yet another big mouthful of blood.

“Jiang Chen, you, you…dared to cripple me…?”

Man Hong’s face had turned crooked, he couldn’t accept his current condition.

“You should be grateful that you’re still alive. Tell me, besides Hu Song who asked you to come here, who else was involved? Was Cong Zhong Sheng involved too?”

Jiang Chen proceeded to grab Man Hong’s collar as he pulled him closer. He didn’t like to leave unsettled problems or enemies in every battle. To be able to earn a reputation in Nebula Sect, he must let everyone know about his tyrannical techniques that would indicate that no one should offend him. He had to eliminate the person who kept troubling him to avoid any future troubles.

Seeing Jiang Chen’s cold and determined eyes, it somehow made Man Hong feel like he was going to the hell. His gaze didn’t give Man Hong even the courage to lie. He endured the pain as he stammered, “I…It was the chief steward and Hu Song who bribed me to deal with you. Those two bastards had placed me in this miserable predicament.”

Man Hong was about to cry. In Nebula Sect, he was a violent man. His violence could terrify the majority of the disciples. Sadly, he did not expect to meet someone who was even more violent than him today. He had the urge to kill Hu Song and the chief steward. If it wasn’t because of them, he wouldn’t have picked a fight with Jiang Chen and his end wouldn’t be like this.

Too bad for him, though there were many pills and medicines in this world, including panacea and elixir but, there wasn’t a pill for regret, and it was also already too late for that.

Jiang Chen dropped Man Hong, allowing him to free fall from the sky. His hand was still holding onto Man Hong’s Combat Axe when he saw Yu Wei not too far away from him. Yu Wei was already halfway into the Combat Emperor realm while they were still in Huang Ling Desert, and after obtaining the Emperor Pill three days ago, he became a Combat Emperor.

“Yu Wei, congratulations. This is my present for you.”

Jiang Chen threw the Combat Axe to Yu Wei. Yu Wei's eyes glittered and his face was filled with surprise while he was receiving the gift. His eyes however, were focusing on the half-dead Man Hong and he couldn’t help but heave a sigh. Jiang Chen had reached a stage where he couldn’t reach him anymore.

Yu Wei had just stepped into the Combat Emperor realm and he had already obtained an Emperor Weapon. Nothing could make him happier than this. If it was before, he wouldn’t dare to receive it, but now, it was different, Man Hong had already become a crippled man. Man Hong wouldn’t make good use of it even if the Combat Axe was returned to him.

“Thank you brother Jiang.”

Yu Wei cupped his fists towards Jiang Chen.

“Tell me, where is the chief steward?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“He’s over there.”

Yu Wei pointed in the direction where the chief steward was accommodated.

“Humph! Old man, we’ll have to settle this today.”

Jiang Chen made a cold humph as he turned into a stream of light and flew towards the pointed direction. The disciples who were watching the battle were shocked by Man Hong’s current condition. The crowd bursted into another noisy whispering and talking after seeing Jiang Chen leave in search for the chief steward.

“My goodness, what’s that guy trying to do? He’s finding the chief steward? Is he going to cripple him as well? He is absolutely lawless.”

“His technique is too violent. No one can afford to offend that guy. Whoever does though will be their bad luck. Man Hong was famous for his violence amongst the core disciples but they were miles apart compared to brother Jiang’s. A dignified Fourth Grade Combat Emperor was crippled just because he willed it. If he’s going to cripple the chief steward as well, this matter will turn very ugly and serious. At that time, the upper ranks will start to interfere with this matter.”

“Let’s go, we have to go there as soon as possible to check it out. Now that the Nebula Sect has one more violent person living in it, it seems that there won’t be any peace in the sect anymore.”


No one wasn’t shocked anymore at that moment. Jiang Chen had stirred up their desire to fight that was burning within them. His way of fighting was too cruel. He had already crippled three men. Not only that, he didn’t even show any quarters to a core disciple. Now, he was even looking for the chief steward, which was something which they hadn’t expected.

Jiang Chen was undeniably brutal, but they didn’t feel bad about it because that was the reality. Only the powerful could engulf the weak. When others had stepped on your head, wouldn’t you defend yourself too?

“Old dog, get the hell out from your building!”

From above Cong Zhong Sheng’s compound, a sudden wave of Qi rushed towards his building accompanied with a shout that went through the entire Nebula Sect. He paced back and forth inside his room. He had seen the scene where Man Hong was crippled by Jiang Chen. It was undoubtedly dreadful. Nevertheless, he never thought that the incident would make Jiang Chen come and seek for him.

“Jiang Chen, you…what did you come here for?”

Cong Zhong Sheng’s tone was shaky. The memories of the incident three days ago were still lingering in his mind. Now that Jiang Chen had reached the Combat Emperor realm, he wouldn’t even stand a chance against him. If the battle were to start, Jiang Chen could do as he pleased.

“Humph! Why would a respected chief steward collude with a core disciple to trouble me? Do you want to bully me so badly? Three days ago, I've said that you must never come and offend me, but you still dared to. In that case, I will cripple you and let the sect reelect a new chief steward.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was loud enough that it shook the sky. He clenched his fist as he casted True Dragon Palm. The blood red dragon claw turned into a prison cell as it descended from the sky, trapping Cong Zhong Sheng completely. Then, Jiang Chen exerted his palm and pulled Cong Zhong Sheng upwards.

“Jiang…Jiang Chen, you, you…don’t cripple me. I admit my mistakes. From now on, I vow not to trouble you again.”

Cong Zhong Sheng was so scared that he begged for mercy instantly. He didn’t want to be a crippled man. He had spent half of his life to obtain such a cultivation. Crippling him would be a life worse than death.

“You don’t have a choice.”

Jiang Chen remained ruthless as he smacked Cong Zhong Sheng’s Qi Sea with his palm. A strong Qi was pushed into Zong Sheng's Qi Sea, bursting all the Qi inside into nothing.


Cong Zhong Sheng let out a mournful cry. The pain he was currently suffering from his shattered Qi Sea wasn’t bearable to any ordinary beings. Nonetheless, his physical injuries weren’t comparable to his mental injuries, as the heavy blow to his mind made him feel like living and dying at the same time.

The scene was witnessed by everyone, they were all focusing on the moment when Jiang Chen hit the chief steward. Their mouths were wide open. The chief steward who was supposed to handle all the matters of the inner sect had been crippled by a new disciple. It was absurd to hear and impossible to believe if one hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes.

“My god! Something terrible has happened, this is obviously going to get ugly. The chief steward has also been…This is really going too far!”

“Yeah, getting rid of Man Hong is still fine as the elders of the sect can view it as a conflict between disciples, but the matter has developed into a serious case. It will definitely involve the other stewards of the sect. Since they are ranked highly in the sect, crippling a chief steward is equal to belittling the rules of the sect. The nature of both scenarios are totally different.”

“Overly brutal and domineering. This matter will definitely alert the upper ranks, I have no idea how they will handle this.”


Crippling a core disciple and an inner sect chief steward obviously defied the rules of the sect. In this world, only Jiang Chen had such boldness.

Jiang Chen ignored his opponent’s agony after his attack and threw Cong Zhong Cheng down from the sky. He was finally able to release a part of his anger after doing all these attacks, and the circulation of his Dragon Transformation Art turned smoother. If Hu Song did not interrupt his enlightenment today, the result wouldn’t be like this.


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