Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 651

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A loud sound exploded in the spatial zone one hundred miles away from Ran Feng Monastery. A dark silhouette glittered from within it. The figure was wearing a tight black shirt and his face was veiled with dark clothing that only his eyes were shown. They were a pair of cold and bloodthirsty eyes. He was dressed in a very black clothing which made his entire body  thoroughly blend into the darkness of the night and his indistinct Qi made it very hard to sense him.  He would have gone unseen and undetected if one did not exert much effort.

This was a stealthy assassin, what a true killer should be. His eyes were emotionless.

At this moment, both of his eyes were staring at a figure in blue behind him. Besides the cold and cruel expression in his eyes, there was also fear in them, the young man dressed in blue was also gazing at him with the very same eyes.

The assassin felt shaken because he didn’t manage to slip past the person he wanted to escape from this time. He had already taken countless of lives and had completed more than a hundred of missions without fail. Today, not only did he fail to kill his target and escape, but the youth in blue in front of him had managed to lock on his Qi. Ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to detect his existence. He knew that any attempt to run would only result in the same conclusion. He definitely wouldn’t be able to escape this scary young man.

The young man in blue was of course Jiang Chen. He wasn’t wearing his usual white robe but instead, the uniform of the Nebula Sect.

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?”

Jiang Chen said. He was sure that he had never offended an assassin like the one in front of him before. They were complete strangers.

The assassin didn’t respond. His Qi trembled as the sword in his hand turned into a glimmering light and lunged towards Jiang Chen at lightning speed. It was a quick and cruel sword attack, the light of the sword was like a poisonous snake.

Jiang Chen smirked coldly. He had already seen through the assassin’s intention. The assassin was a Third Grade Combat Emperor. Due to his exceptional method of assassination, he could even assassinate a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor without fail.

Nonetheless, this assassin was unlucky to meet Jiang Chen who was much more terrifying than what he had thought.

The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared instantly in Jiang Chen’s hand. His response was even quicker than the assassin’s attack. His direct sword attack rapidly clashed with the assassin’s sword like a lightning flash, creating big sparks in the dark night.

The assassin grunted, clearly disappointed as he was sent reeling by Jiang Chen’s sword for more than a hundred meters. A trace of blood flowed along the side of his mouth, giving a tint of red on the black cloth. Although it was very hard to observe the condition of the man, Jiang Chen could identify it clearly. In fact, he could even find the injuries of the assassin without even looking at him.

The assassin’s expression changed drastically as he stared at Jiang Chen in obvious terror. The assassin's sword attack was an assassination technique which was not only soundless but was also fast and cruel. It was a true sword attack meant to instantly kill the target. However, this young man in front of him was unexpectedly even more capable than what he had thought. He could feel that his opponent had both sharp senses and flexibility. This was because, his opponent had already anticipated where he was going to strike before he had even attacked. This was truly terrifying. If this youth were to work as an assassin, he would be able to easily earn a living through it.

“How’s this possible? Aren’t you only a First Grade Combat Emperor?”

The assassin said, his voice sounded rough and in terror.

*Whiz Whiz*

At this moment, two more strong Qi silhouettes flew over to the battle scene from far away. The Qi’s were from Tyrant and Big Yellow respectively. They could feel the combat waves and wanted to find out what was happening. Their eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen and the man in black.

The assassin saw the emergence of these powerful men. Even Jiang Chen alone was too strong for him so he decided that he shouldn’t stay any longer. He twisted his body and disappeared. It was obvious that the assassin wasn’t just using the technique of spatial zone. He knew a profound technique that could make him vanish without a trace, not leaving any evidence behind in the scene.

Many people might not be able to detect him, but Jiang Chen was an exception. At the exact same moment that the assassin disappeared, Jiang Chen moved and stepped using the  Azure Dragon’s Five Steps violently on the sky.


The spatial zone was stamped and crushed, another grunt was heard in the dark night. The assassin had borne just one stamp from Jiang Chen but he was already kicked out of the spatial zone. The assassin’s facial expression now turned fazed. His entire body was shaky after absorbing the attack of Jiang Chen’s Azure’s Dragon Five Steps. This assassin clearly wasn’t an ordinary man as he could still stand up after sustaining such injuries.

Although Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Combat Emperor, he was still able to kill a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. The assassin was merely a Third Grade Combat Emperor, if his technique wasn’t good enough, he should have died long time ago.

“An assassin who hides in the shadow. Once you are exposed, you aren’t an assassin anymore. You have already lost your advantage.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Seems like the information that he received had some errors in it.”

The assassin’s tone was emotionless, there wasn’t even a trace of panic in his voice. This was a necessary quality of an assassin, he had to stop caring about his life once he stepped into this profession.

“You’re from the Dark Shadow?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes released a cold light, demanding the man for an answer.

The assassin’s expression changed, he had never thought that his target would be able to guess his identity correctly.

“Tell me who ordered you to kill me, I can offer you your life. Someone who can hire the Dark Shadow to assassinate me must have a high social status”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha…Since you already know my identity, do you think that I would willingly tell you what you wanted to know?”

The assassin laughed indifferently. He knew that he had already completely failed and that he wouldn’t have a second chance to assassinate his target anymore.

“In that case, go and die!”

Jiang Chen suddenly became very fearsome. He didn't have any friendly words to say to his enemy. His Heavenly Saint Sword rippled as his body turned into something like an arrow that was shot out from a bow and came before the man in a flash, the long sword pierced through the man’s skull with a ‘Pu Chi’ sound.

At the final moment, the man gave up all of his defenses after sensing Jiang Chen’s Qi. He already knew that he would certainly die. There were certainly errors in the intelligence report. He thought that the mission would be completed smoothly. He even complained about the mission he got before he came here. He couldn’t get over killing such a young weakling which made him think that they were looking down on him. The current situation told him that the intelligence report has just cost him his life.

Jiang Chen was right about one thing. Once an assassin was exposed, he had already lost every advantage that he had. That was why the assassin didn’t even attempt to counterattack at the final moment.

One sword attack was what it took to kill the man. However, not only did Jiang Chen not feel any intoxication from it but instead, his face seemed troubled.

“Little Chen, who is this man? Why did he want to kill you?”

Tyrant came before Jiang Chen with a frown. He could feel the capabilities of the assassin which suggested that he must be a horrifying killer.

“An assassin, an expert and an experienced one at that too. Tyrant, have you heard about the Dark Shadow before?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Dark Shadow? I’ve never heard of it before.”

Tyrant shook his head when he heard these words.

“That is very normal. Dark Shadow is an assassination organization. The assassins of this organization can be found everywhere in the Divine Continent. It is a major power in the Divine Continent that works secretly. It is a terrifying organization as the killers that they trained are all top class assassins. I have heard that anyone who is targeted by the Dark Shadow won’t have a chance to live. However, their activities in Western Continent are few in number. The Western Continent is a holy land of Buddha Sect, and since Buddha Sect doesn’t have any conflicts with the outside world, they don’t need the help of the Dark Shadow. It’s very normal that you haven’t heard of them.”

Jiang Chen said. The Dark Shadow Organization had been established a long time ago. There were many powerful assassins in it. In his past life, he had some conflict with the Dark Shadow and had killed their leader which halted their activities for a while. Since the incident had been a hundred years ago, the Dark Shadow had already returned to its former height. What made Jiang Chen uneasy was that he had created another conflict with the Dark Shadow in his new life.

“When have you offended the Dark Shadow?”

Tyrant frowned as he revealed a look of distress. Although he might not know a lot about the Dark Shadow, he still understood how hard it was to deal with this enemy based on Jiang Chen’s description. Once a person was targeted, he had to bear the sleepless nights and also the continuous assassinations.

“I didn’t offend anyone from the Dark Shadow. It's an assassination organization. They won’t work for ordinary figures. It has to be one of my foes who hired them to hunt me down and kill me. In truth, only a few figures were capable of asking the Dark Shadow’s help. If I’m not mistaken, the one who ordered them to kill me should be the Heavenly Sect.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes released two rays of sharp light. He was contemplating. The only possible organization who wanted him dead so badly would be the Heavenly Sect. Back in the Western Domain, Jiang Chen had killed their geniuses and elders which made their sect suffer a huge loss. The Heavenly Sect couldn’t forgive him for what he had done, but because of Great Master Ran Feng’s connection with Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t dare to face him directly, so asking the help of the Dark Shadow was their best option.

“Mother of god! It seems like our conflict with the Heavenly Sect isn’t going to leave us.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but curse.

“If it was the Heavenly Sect, it only makes sense because they are scared of my master. They wouldn't kill him by themselves, but they have already seen Jiang Chen's potential. They thought that if Little Chen isn’t taken care of, he will certainly become a big trouble in the future. Well, this is truly infuriating.”

Tyrant found the link and explained the reasons behind it wisely.

“The Dark Shadow is very hard to get along with. I have killed one of their men today, and thus, have offended them. Even without the request of the Heavenly Sect now, they won’t let me live. They will certainly send an even more powerful assassins to take care of me.”

Jiang Chen said.

“It seemded that this group of people are like specters, they would never stop haunting you once they have already targeted you.”

Tyrant said.

“Don’t worry, the Dark Shadow won’t send their strongest assassin because of this small mistake. They will measure the true strength of their target and find a killer that is best suited for the task. To the assassins, this is a trial and also their training. Humph! I don’t fear them. They dare to assassinate me? Then they can only wait to count their dead souls. I’ll turn these specters into real ghosts.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. He always had a lot of enemies which made him grow accustomed to the threats. If he could kill the leader of the Dark Shadow in his previous life, why couldn’t he do it in this life as well.

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