Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 652

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The emergence of the Dark Shadow made Jiang Chen feel uncomfortable. Although he wasn’t afraid of them, the organization was still a tough and troublesome enemy. Today, he had killed one of their people and that would definitely offend them. His life from now on would always be in danger and they would always be in pursuit for him.

“Little Chen, do you think that it might be Nan Bei Chao who hired the Dark Shadow’s assassins?”

Big Yellow asked.

“Not possible. You still don’t understand Nan Bei Chao’s personality? He is an extremely arrogant man. What he wanted to do is to kill me in person. Only through this could it help him wash away all the shame that I brought upon him. Moreover, Nan Bei Chao may not even know that I have come to Mysterious Domain. Otherwise, he would have already come in search for me.”

Jiang Chen disagreed with Big Yellow’s opinion straight away. Because of his inborn Monarch Qi, Nan Bei Chao was extremely proud of his own power . If he wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen, he would certainly do it himself.

“That’s right. That super proud dude, how can he use other people’s strength to kill you?”

Big Yellow nodded. He remembered what had happened in Qi Province. Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao held the two main roles in the battle. Nan Bei Chao had extraordinary pride, however he had lost his pride when he lost to Jiang Chen last time, but he promised that  he was going to get it back.

“Who is Nan Bei Chao?”

Tyrant asked curiously.

“A very powerful person. A hundred years ago, when the Greatest Saint slashed open the door to the Immortal World, some Immortal souls descended into our world. Nan Bei Chao is a reincarnation of one of those Immortal souls. That dude is a strong opponent. Now, he has appeared in the Mysterious Domain with a Third Grade Minor Saint Divine Beast, the White Tiger. Even the master of the Nebula Sect, Nebula Kidd, has lost to his White Tiger recently. I’m afraid that there won’t be any peace in this domain with his arrival.”

Jiang Chen spoke as he quickly used his Divine Sense to stuff all of the information regarding Nan Bei Chao to Tyrant, mostly the incidents that happened in Qi Province.

“You have countless of enemies wherever you go, huh? It seems like your life isn’t going to be easy now that the Dark Shadow and Nan Bei Chao had popped up suddenly.”

Tyrant sighed. He had known Jiang Chen for a very long time. Everywhere Jiang Chen went, he would have even more enemies. Now, another strong enemy has come into the picture. This only happened because Jiang Chen was an abnormal being. If he was another person, he would've been dead by now.

“Only a lifestyle like this is meaningful. There are still some days remaining before the opening of the Death Mountain. However, we have another company in the form of the Dark Shadow, so we will depart tomorrow for the Death Mountain.”

Jiang Chen said. The Dark Shadow was a very scary group. It wouldn’t take long after their assassin was killed before they were informed. According to their course of action, they would certtainly send a stronger assassin to murder Jiang Chen. If he continued to stay here, he might bring another disaster to the Ran Feng Monastery and Zuo Family.

Since it wouldn't be long until the day of the exploration, there was no harm in going there early. Once the Death Mountain was opened, the crowd would certainly be messy, making it very hard for the Dark Shadow’s assassin to assassinate him.

Most importantly, Jiang Chen had to quickly improve his own strength. There weren’t any advantages for him to stay in the monastery given his current strength. He initially wanted to stay for a few days here before going to the Death Mountain, but the emergence of the Dark Shadow had taken away his leisure.

The following day, two men and a dog left the monastery without informing Abbot Yuan Ming, they were headed for the Death Mountain.

Jiang Chen’s team wasn’t considered weak nor a strong team. The highest cultivation that was allowed to enter the Death Mountain was an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. They are certainly no match for such opponents.

Therefore, enhancing their strength was vital. Jiang Chen’s main purpose on his journey was to improve his cultivation. He had improved drastically due to his diligent training, but every time he encountered an obstacle, his strenght was never enough.

They weren’t moving very fast. They were sightseeing on their way and only reached the isolated wilderness in the evening.

There was a boundless stretch of wilderness in the area, but it had a very few inhabitants. Since there was still a few days before the opening of the Death Mountain, the people they met on the way weren’t that many. There were only Combat Soul cultivators who tried their very best to rush to the Death Mountain.

The Mysterious Domain was a big place, so travelling to the Death Mountain was considered quite far for Combat Soul cultivators because they hadn’t mastered the technique regarding spatial zone.

*Hong Long*

A blare was heard from the air and a wave of combat aura was released. Jiang Chen and Tyrant stared at each other as they flew towards the source of the sound.

Above the wilderness, there was an intense battle happening. Three seniors in yellow robe had surrounded a senior in black.

These four had powerful Qis', having at least the Qi of a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. The old man in black was carrying a fierce and malicious expression, but because he had already sustained many injuries on his body, he became vulnerable under the attacks of the other three men.


The old man in black said it cruelly.

“Sot Old Man, your Devil Religion does all kinds of evil things so your death is not to be regretted. I have tried very hard to contain you. Naturally, I will have to eliminate you, the cursed one.”

An old man in Yellow Robe said with a cold smile on his face. The old man in black wasn’t a stranger to Jiang Chen and his friends, he was the Sot Old Man of the Dark Devil Religion, the one who helped Jiang Chen in Liang Province.

The other three men were from Freedom Palace. The one who spoke just now was Thunder Core, the deadly foe of the Sot Old Man. Today, the three elders of Freedom Palace had besieged him, which wasn’t an easy task for the Sot Old Man.

“Thunder Core, the way your Freedom Palace operates is truly crooked. Fight me one on one if you have the guts. I'm not scared of you!”

The Sot Old Man’s face was full of fury.

“Haha…Sot Old Man, talking about integrity in front of you people from the Devil Religion is pointless. We have already locked down the entire spatial zone here. You’re now seriously wounded which only means that your death is certain. I think  you should just offer yourself to us so that you can die smoothly.”

Another elder of Freedom Palace shouted. In their eyes, The Sot Old Man was already a corpse. In a situation like this, Sot Old Man was certainly going to die, unless there was some kind of miracle that was about to happen.

Miracles could indeed happen at any time even under this circumstance.

Jiang Chen was watching the scene from a dark place, his eyes released two rays of cold light, especially after seeing Thunder Core. He didn’t have any favourable impression of Freedom Palace.

“Little Chen, that old man saved you in the Liang Province and he is one of the Dark Devil Religion’s people, but unexpectedly, he is the one who's besieged.”

Big Yellow said.

“He had saved me back then, so today is the day for me to save him.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He was determined to save the Sot Old Man. Since he had encountered this situation, he wouldn’t do nothing about it. Even if he wasn’t doing this for the Sot Old Man, he had to do this for his friend, Han Yan.

“It’s easier said than done. Those three are Fifth Grade Combat Emperors. My combat strength could only allow me to fight a Third Grade Combat Emperor. I am totally no match for a Fourth Grade. These are Fifth Grade Combat Emperors. Can we even defeat them? Furthermore, there are three of them.”

Tyrant looked worried when he said this to Jiang Chen. He felt that it wouldn't be simple task to rescue the old man as the opponents were too strong. There were three Fifth Grade Combat Emperors, they were way more powerful than them.

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