Game Market 1983 - Chapter 17

[1] This is just a friendly banter from Yamauchi, don’t know if the translation gave off the same feeling x.x but just keep that in mind

In the end, Smith and Jason had no choice but to give up on purchasing the MHES, going back.

After a while.

The consumers of America eventually stood up together against Toy World. Due to the effect of our targeted advertisements, the indignated buyers came together, filing a class action lawsuit; they also started a boycott against Toy World.

I also originally considered suing Toy World as an alternative, but I thought that taking action against a reputable conglomerate like Toy World would negatively impact our newly-started Mintendo; thus, I left them alone.

Instead, my idea of putting the price tag and notice on the package – to inform the buyers – was perfectly executed as planned, and the seemingly infallible Toy World’s reputation hit rock bottom with the power of the American citizens. That’s what you get, you idiots~

Four months passed by just like that.

Thanks to the ever-increasing membership sign-ups from the specialty stores, I didn’t even have the time to eat lunch. I was sitting, late, in the office, making do with McDonuld’s hamburgers.


At that time, Elise, who was getting ready to leave, picked up the call, and she subsequently asked me a question:

“Excuse me, Manager Kang; the president of Toy World just called.”

“Mmm?? Just a second.”

It finally came. Granted, the console that he kicked out on his own accord was making a tremendous hit across America for the past year; how could he not bear to stock the console? It was surprising that he even lasted this long. I washed down the hamburger I was chewing with a mouthful of Coca-cola and picked up the phone.

“Yes, this is MHES’s Kang Junhyuk.”

“Mr. Kang? Do you remember me perhaps?”

It was a familiar voice, but I pretended not to know, retorting:

“Who is this? I wouldn’t know who you are if you ask like that.”

“I’m the president of America’s biggest toy store, ‘Toy World’, that has the largest number of stores, Tom Wilson.”

“Ah~ Hello, President Tom. It’s been awhile. How can I help you?”

“Ah, actually that is…”

President Tom seemed to be very uncomfortable with lowering himself and asking me like this, muttered around. I, who was already feeling unhappy from getting disrupted, while eating, let out a small sigh:

“I don’t exactly know what you’re trying to say, but I have to leave soon to another store for a contract. If it’s nothing serious, I’ll hang up.”

“Hey, wait!! Stop!!! The thing is, the contract…”

“Ah~ Is Toy World finally taking in our products!? This is really great! It’s a great honor to have the biggest toy store in New York contacting us like this on their own initiative.”

“Hum~ Hum~ Thank you for recognizing us.”

‘Hoh? I lifted him up a little, and look at this?’

President Tom coughed a bit, and he voiced his request:

“We want to order around 300 units, so at what day would the order come in?”

“Ah~ 300 units? I’m sorry, but our minimum exportation starts at 500 units. Also, it looks like you don’t know this, but only our specialty store can export the products; you’d have to register to be a member.”

“Look here, Mr. Kang. You’re really trying to get me to sign up for this Mintendo membership bullshit, now? Do you not know how many chain stores Toy World has across America?”

“I know that, and I also know you had to payout quite a huge sum to the class action lawsuit four months ago. Your current business is a bit unstable, isn’t it?”


“First of all, this is a rule that we’ve set up in accordance with other businesses, so the sign-up is a must. So, do you want to sign up as a member and order 500 units?”

“Alright… Then I’ll do that, and i’ll take in the 500 units. If I order now, what day would it come in on?”

‘Hoh? Now he’s giving me an order?’

In English, there was no definite barrier between honorifics and casual talking, but words that gave respect to others definitely existed. However, this President Tom’s word choice was that of issuing a command to his subordinates.

“Hmm… I’m sorry Mr. President. I think you’d have to wait for quite a while, an influx of orders are coming in from the other stores. You’d have to wait at least three more months?”

“What… Three months… the Christmas season would have passed by then!!!”

“That’s right… It’s a shame, but we’re a company that places importance on trust; no matter how small the store is, we’re diligently keeping all our promises. I’m very sorry for not being able to ship our products to the biggest toy store in New York, Toy World, in time for the Christmas season.”

‘Hah~ So it’ll be Christmas season one month from now.’

It has almost been one year since I arrived at this place. Mintendo’s family consoles have been selling like hot cakes, and it has nearly dominated the Japanese and American market.

NEGA was late to realize the game industry had not died out yet. They announced their new device, along with the NEGA disk, but the entirety of the game market was being swept by the family console; thus, there was no need to worry.

“Umm… Mr. Kang, I’m really sorry, but is there no possibility of contacting your headquarters to add additional orders? I’m asking you…”

“Hmmm… Mr. Wilson, I’m sorry to say this, but, now that I look at the membership regulations, it says we can’t ship our MHES to any stores that scammed our customers.”

“Wh-what did you say…?”

“I’m sorry again, but it’s not like we signed a contract; let’s just pretend this conversation never happened? Sorry for complicating things. Please contact us again after the reputation of Toy World recovers~ Then.”


In response, Mr. Wilson seemed like he had something to say with his trembling voice, but I slammed the receiver down.

‘Are you crazy? My frustration reached its peak because of you guys, and you expect me to hand over our products? After a few words of apology? There’s no need to ship our products to a business with a rock-bottom reputation that’s about to go under water.’

“You’re amazing, Manager. The breath of Toy World is still somewhat prevalent throughout the industry, and you firmly cut them off…”

“They say a rich person can eat and live for three years after going bankrupt. They might save themselves somehow, but let’s hope the American citizens aren’t as stupid as that~”

“This is my first time seeing person as scary as you, Manager. The branch office president would’ve let the past go and sent our products to them for more profit, but Manager isn’t like that. Even though you’re Asian, just like the branch office president, is this the difference between Korean and Japanese people?”

The blonde haired beauty, Secretary Elise, said that to me as she stared at me with a perplexed expression. The branch office of Mintendo and the MHES accomplished the feat of sweeping the American market in less than a year. Thanks to that, the company expanded, and I was promoted to vice-president, along with Secretary Elise, who took on the role of managing the specialty stores.

“Miss Elise.”

“Yes, Manager.”

“You’ve suffered a lot while following me around for the past six months, right?”

“Can you even call that a question? I’ve never seen anyone as unpredictable as you, Manager.”

“Haha~ That’s a compliment, right?”

“Mmm~ About half of it? Hoho.”

“You’ve seen how I work closer than anyone, so you should be able to continue in my absence.”

“Yes~ Of course.”

“Then, Miss Elise; please take my position and be the vice-president, starting next year.”

“What…? What did you say!?”

“I think I’ll have to go back to Japan, again. The release date of NEGA’s new device is approaching soon.”

“Manager, what are you saying right now?! You’re saying you’ll have to return to Japan? Then what about the American branch?”

“With you here, I can leave with my heart at ease.”

“Manager!!! You can’t! You absolutely can’t!!!”

‘What’s there to refuse? I’ve suffered through eating the greasy hamburgers and working my bum off, and there are a plethora of tasks that need to be done in Japan~!!’

“Kang-kun. So… Are you really leaving?”

“Haha~ I didn’t know my business trip would be extended this long. When I first came here, I thought I’d be staying for around a month; however, to think that I’d be leaving after spending Christmas here.”

On the road to the airport, Mr. Yamashita sighed with reluctance, and he grabbed my hands.

“We came this far thanks to you Kang-kun, so I’m just unwilling to let you go…”

“The system is solidly laid out, so there won’t be any problems in the U.S.. Send my regards to Mr. Wilson, and tell him that I’m sorry for leaving without saying good bye…”

“Mr. Wilson would be very upset.”

“Right? Haha~ Well, this won’t be the last time we meet; I’ll come visit again some time.”

“Yeah, let’s frequently keep in touch.”

As I arrived at the airport, I heard a familiar voice.

“Manager~!! Manager!!!

“Miss Elise?”

“You wicked cunt!! How could you leave like this without saying a word!!!”

‘Ho…? What did she say to me just now?’

“Miss Elise, are you hurt somewhere?”

“Do you know how much I love you?!! What do you want me to do by myself after you leave me with this promotion, fleeing to Japan!!”

Her makeup was ruined because of her tears; she approached me, and she started punching me in the chest. After tanking her punches for awhile, I grabbed her hands, pushing my lips onto hers.


“Uh, mmm… Hey Kang-kun…? Huh huh…”

Mr. Yamashita turned his gaze away as he scratched his cheeks. After finishing that electrifying kiss with Elise, I wrapped my hands around her cheeks, saying:

“Stay healthy, Elise~ If you receive a vacation, come to Japan. I’ll treat you to a delicious dinner~”

“Good bye, Manager Kang…”

I concluded my final farewell, and I headed towards the departure area. Subsequently, the Americans near us clapped, and they whistled; I hurried my embarrassed self onto the runway entrance.

‘Ah~ This is really. It’s great to have a passionate kiss with a blonde beauty~! It was worth it to come to America~!!’

The year 1985. This period was a very unique period amongst the history of games. It was originally the year of the release of Super Marigee.

Since I pushed the release ahead of schedule, some of the suspense was taken away. The event that shined the most was the evolution of RPG games.

1985 was the year that burgeoned the “then-commonly called” TRPG -, a game played on tabletops, by rolling dice – into the fully-fledged RPG, exploring fantasy worlds.

“Welcome back, Kang-kun~!!”

“My man, you look more chiseled after drinking that American juice!”

Mintendo, the company that I belonged to. It had grown in size, along with the exploding popularity of the Family console; they came out of their image as a toy company, and the company became known as a true game company. The company size had grown even larger, and new buildings were built in place.

“Wow… The company grew so large?”

“Right? It’s all due to us working hard together.”

Mr. Gunpei had a satisfied smile while he was admiring the Mintendo headquarters. Then, the voice of a robust old man was heard.

“This is all thanks to my eye in gathering geniuses, you bastards~!!”

“Ah~ President Yamauchi. How have you been?.”

“You, you bastard. You should’ve reported to me as soon as you arrived at the company, and now you’re making this ruckus here? From what I heard, you’ve been paying rent at an ultra-luxurious hotel and living there all along!!”[1]

“President, wasn’t that paid for with my personal cash?”

“Woah hoh, look at this man? Your way of talking is still the same.”

“Haha, is that right? Anyways, I’m glad to see you looking healthy.”

“Bastard~ I’m not dead yet, alright? I’ll be the president until the year 2000~!!”

‘That’s right. You were the president until 2002.’

At that moment, Mr. Gunpei lifted up his glasses up and prophesied to the president with a serious expression:

“Excuse me, President Yamauchi; according to Nostradamus’s prophecy, the Earth will end in the year 1999…”

“Hey~ you crazy bastard!! Is that the thing to say to me right now!!?”

Mmm… The teddy bear’s sense is a bit lacking after all~

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