God Hunter - Chapter 6

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What’s she saying?

Even if it was me, I didn’t know how to react in this situation. No one would be calm.

And wh, what? Me? An all-seeing lord?

The Queen of Battle.

To be more specific, she was coined the title ‘The Queen of Battle and Massacre’. I couldn’t believe the reverence that she was currently showing to me. I fought hard to keep my eyes from shaking and assumed a confident pose.

“Why are you silent, my lord? Ah, could it be?”

The Queen of Battle tilted her head in confusion before making a knowing expression as if she realized her mistake. She stood up and yelled.

“Your master has awoken! What are you lot waiting around for? Assemble!”

Subsequently, a colossal door opened and 500 soldiers poured out from it. I sighed in disbelief.

Oh… My God.

It wasn’t just the Queen of Battle; the 500 troops of the Demon Lord was present right now. The bastards who rode on mounts crafted from dragon bone and laid waste upon my country! I was in a dream-like state.

“My Lord…”

The Queen of Battle gazed at me; there was a clear difference in ‘warmth’ to the looks she gave to humans. She was watching for my reaction as my silent demeanor alarmed her.

“I’m sorry. We have been at war for far too long.. These are all the troops left in the abyss who I could muster. I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

“The mirror.”

“My Lord?”

I didn’t repeat my self.

After hearing myself speak, I was surprised yet again by my voice. And the nagging speculation in my head was slowly becoming reality for me. I just needed to confirm.

The Queen of Battle took note of my comment before nodding her head.

“Ah, the mirror! Yes, my Lord.”


A dimension opened in the air as she connected her middle finger and thumb. A demi-plane. It was a branch of magic where one could store various tools. There were only a handful of humans who could utilize this type of dimensional magic, and the Queen of Battle was able to summon this dimension by merely connecting her fingers.


A giant mirror fell from the demi-plane. It was big enough to reflect my whole body; I couldn’t help but let out a breath of air that I had been holding in.

‘How could this be.’

I couldn’t recognize my reflection in the mirror. No, I knew who this was. This appearance, this demon.

‘The Demon Lord…”

The four pairs of wings, goat horns protruding from the forehead, dark skin color and a well-developed body clad in silver armor came together to form a domineering physical appearance and exuded a powerful aura. I raised my hand and rubbed my chin. Amazingly, the Demon Lord in the mirror followed suit and copied my actions. I had no choice but to accept the truth; I became the Demon Lord.

Why? How?

These questions sprang into my head. I discovered the golden squirrel on Mount Buchan. I remember hearing someone’s call ‘to return’, and when I opened my eyes again, I was in possession of this body.

‘Now that I think about it.’

At that point in time, I distinctly saw several texts materialize in front of me. Words that one could only see after awakening.

‘It said a temporary soul transfer had been activated.’

My body was definitely that of the Demon Lord. But why was I placed in this body?

In the past, I impaled the heart of the Demon Lord with my sword and soaked in his blood. Was that the reason? Because I killed him and was covered in his blood? As I pondered, the Queen of Battle opened her mouth.

“You have been slumbering for nearly 100 years, my Lord. There was not a day where I did not long for your return, oh wondrous one.”

I could feel her sincerity yet again. Her loyalty to me could be described as obsessive. True ‘love’ was shown in her eyes. My god, to think the Queen of Battle could feel love. And didn’t she call this body ‘father’ earlier?

Of course, trying to describe her with human logic was impossible; demons would devour their kin without any hesitation as if they were eating a simple meal. In a fit of curiosity, I drew a cross with my right hand which was the command to open the status window. It was a special ability given to those who had awakened, and if I remembered correctly, the Demon Lord also used this ability.


Name: Uriel Diablo

Class: Demon Lord

Race: Dragon Rider

Title: Demon Lord (Level 10)

        The All-Seeing Eye (Level 9)


Strength: 108

Agility: 108

Stamina: 108

Intelligence: 108

Ability Power: 123

Potentia:l (500+55/500)


Condition: Your soul is currently in an altered body. (2,864 minutes left)

Skill:    Black Star (Level 10)

Abyss Eye (Level 9)

Dragon Speech (Level 9)

Dark Manipulation (Level 9)

Conqueror (Level 9)


I was shocked by the simple materialization of the status window.

Uriel Diablo.

The max level one could reach in a category was considered to be 100, with 500 being the ultimate height of humanity that no one has achieved.

Even I, who was the last surviving hero, reached a total of only 450 levels although my class prevented me from rising any higher.

‘Potential literally meant the max heights one could reach, the size of a plate in a sense.’

But Uriel Diablo had 55 points over the supposed max of 500 points. I was able to confirm the rumored level of power with my own eyes. No wonder the Demon Lord was able to face off against humanity's most powerful heroes by himself. Even the level 10 skills were able to put me in a stupor.

‘Ugh, f*ck.’

I felt waves of worry wash over me as I turned my gaze towards the status window.

‘2,864 minutes left.’

I was given around two days worth of time. I knew a major event would occur after this period was over.

‘My Lord, lead us to glory. You are our true lord. Slaughter the false gods, and seize control of the ‘colossal titan’ for yourself.”

The Queen of Battle kneeled again, and the troops assumed a similar pose. I turned my head towards her, astonishingly causing my eye to react.


[The Abyss Eye (Level 9) will activate.]

Name: Layla Diablo (Value - 300,000)

Class: Queen of Thorns

Race: Dragon Rider

Title:    Queen of Thorns(Level 9)

Slayer(Level 8)


Strength: 104

Agility: 87

Stamina: 88

Intelligence: 90

Ability Power: 105

Potential (474/495)

Condition: She lives and breathes combat. But she is also ready to sacrifice herself for the Demon Lord, although it’s a one sided love.



Thorn Prison (Level 9)

Blades of Thorn (Level 8)

Confusion (Level 8)

Tactician (Level 7)


This was a surprising ability that allowed me to observe the status window of others. My Abyss Eye activated without my intention; it must be a passive ability.


Everything else was the same, except for the description by her name: value.

[Conqueror (Level 9) has been activated. The conqueror can forcefully take the opponent as a prisoner by paying the appropriate price.]

[Conquering unsuccessful. ‘Layla Diablo’ is already conquered by the wielder.]

The texts disappeared.

So the Demon Lord had this kind of ability as well. This was another hidden aspect of him that I never knew. At this moment, the Queen of Battle chose to open her mouth and drivel on.

“The false gods will fear your return. Even the so-called god of destruction ‘Carpe Diem’ who invaded our territory will be forced to lower his tail!”

She was in a fervent state in response to my awakening. At the same time, I felt an imminent fear stemming from the bottom of my heart. It seemed as if a war must be waged for some reason. She widened her beautiful eyes and continued.

“There will be a war!!!”


War my ass.

The situation that I was in was a war for me. I extended my hand to the Queen of Battle.

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