Grasping Evil - 152 (2)

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The faint peak high-grade qi that was being emitted by the crystal bracelet made Qin Suqiu’s heart secretly skip a beat.

The fine and exquisitely made bracelet was unexpectedly a powerful magical treasure!

This magical treasure was a ring-shaped treasure that could be changed into a crystal hoop at a whim from Suqiu. It resembled the water ring she once owned that was destroyed the other day. But what made it different was that there was a shred of supreme-grade qi emitting from it, almost as if the equipment itself is nearing the supreme-grade.

But what made Qin Suqiu more surprised was that there were two divine abilities infused within the bracelet. The first was a type of Divine Intent like a drizzling rain with a unique charm. The other one was a shred of prestige of the heaven and earth. Although this bracelet was of a peak high-grade quality, but it could even be on par with those magical treasure of the supreme-grade!

“This is…” She put on the robe and took the crystal bracelet, trying to seek for an explanation.

“This is what I owed you… ” Ning Fan did a grabbing motion once again and the thunder star on his glabella moved. Countless thunderbolts were called upon to pin the demon down. He then took all the fainted female cultivators into the Cauldron Bangle after a slight contemplation.

“Immortal's Abode Magical Treasure?! Also, for what purpose did he take away those women for?! ”

Qin Suqiu was silently surprised by Ning Fan’s techniques. But Ning Fan’s brows furrowed and said with commanding words

“Quickly retreat out of the valley and guard the formation!”

When it was the third time he controlled the thunderbolts through the thunder star, the power was a bit lacking compared to when he used it in his giant form. Hence, the demon was merely slightly inconvenienced and was able to escape from the thunderbolts easily.

It looks like the thunderbolts’ power from the glabella is greatly related to one’s Body Refinement Technique…

Qin Suqiu had a lot of questions but knew better than to ask at the current time. She could only obey Ning Fan’s order to leave the deep valley andguard the way out of the formation. She would then attack the demon once she sees her escape out of the formation.

The bracelet gave Qin Suqiu an indescribable confidence that so long as it is with her,she could even inflict injuries to the Nascent Soul demon!

Suqiu left the valley and only Ning Fan and the demon were left within it.

It would be difficult to escape out of the Purple Light Formation without using her trump card since Ning Fan’s thunderbolts were troublesome to deal with. The demon was initially slightly afraid of Ning Fan but became furious after getting away from the accursed thunderbolts the third time.

“Human! Do you really wish to fight to death with me?! I’ve said it before and if you understood me earlier, then you would know the Demon General wouldn’t let you off! For I am one of the ‘Twelve Concubines’ of the Demon General…

“You talk too much nonsense!”

Ning Fan’s heart filled with a bit of concern at the mention of the Demon General.

Rumor has it that in the primordial era, only those truly powerful demons of the Spirit Severing Realm and above could earn the title of General.

Doubtlessly, the Demon General that had been mentioned was a Spirit Severing Realm old monster who was mostly likely the one that had planted the rune on the demon’s glabella.

But since he had already made an enemy out of the demon it was impossible for Ning Fan to let her off… He may perhaps restrain himself within the Yue Country, but the demon would be a great cauldron outside of it. It would be dumb to not accept this gift since she had deliberately delivered herself to Ning Fan's lap.

As for the Demon General… Ning Fan believed that once this demon was captured and held captive, It would be impossible for them to know that Ning Fan was the one who captured one of their concubine no matter how powerful the Demon General was.

“Dragon Flame Vortex!”

His gaze went cold and black evil flames immediately changed into swirling dragon flames.

In an instant, the demon’s expression drastically changed and had a face full of disbelief. But afterwards, the fear within her eyes changed into those of greed and happiness.

“Earth Vein Demonic Flame! You unexpectedly possess an Earth Vein Demonic Flame! And for this flame to have the shape of a dragon, it must be the Demonic Flame -- Black Evil Flames! It is the demonic flame that Lord Li Ban specifically must have! It was heard that this flame had appeared within Yue Country, but to think that I will still obtain this flame without even stepping a foot inside! If Lord Li Ban were to possess this flame, there’s a high possibility that the lord would be able to evolve to a dragon from a carp and advance his cultivation massively! ”

Hence no matter what, she has to seize this flame, even if Ning Fan may seem to be extremely powerful…

“Human! This is what you brought upon yourself! Demonic Art -- Flying Flowers and Leaves!”

The demon performed a hand-seal in midair and her spirit sense was immediately enveloped with a layer of pinkish red. Then it quickly changed into camellia petals floating and dancing around her body.

It was a Nascent Rank Low-Grade Demonic Art!

This time, the demon was much closer to Ning Fan and firmly believed that it would be impossible for him to easily take on her Demonic Art again. Even if Ning Fan possessed the Soul Burning Sword as well as Sword Sense!


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