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“Why are you so unreasonable!? Do you not see that I am pulling my punches?” The demoness angrily exclaimed.


‘Even clay figurines blush at times; why are these two — master and disciple — so shameless like this…’


“I noticed; however, today is very important to him. If he cannot take this step, then his mind will be chained for the rest of his life. Black Evil requires one to be able to do it completely unbridled by anything… Yun Ruowei, you go fight him. You don’t need to hold back, he has nothing to do with Yun Tianjue; he’s just a brat I picked up… If he loses, then let him die in this place… This will be his path!” The old monster spoke as if he was cold-blooded.


“Hmph, your Black Evil Sect always does as you please, and your words are not the same as what is in your heart… Forget it, I’ll try not to kill him... I’m going to teach him a lesson about quitting when he is ahead!”




Inside the Orchid Temple, a sweet aromatic wind soared in the air. Inside this fragrant powder filling the air was a beauty wearing a light colored gown with glimmering eyes.


She stood silently under the moonlight in the dark night. Her pretty eyes were gentle and refined just like jade carvings. Her fine green hair fluttered in the wind in a tranquil and fascinating pattern. Her bright eyes were like the stars, accentuating her elegant high nose and graceful powdered cheeks.


Her small tight waist along with her long, slender jade-like legs were as pure as the moon rabbits. Her white wrists were adorned with bracelets that had several silver bells hanging from them. As the night breeze blew by, the silver bells rang with a pleasant sound.


The most fascinating thing was her clothing dyed in a green color. The pine branches were her pins and the willow leaves were her ornaments… Yun Ruowei — the name contained “grass” as its meaning and thus, her accessories were made out of leaves and grass; even her body was made by a demonic tree that turned into a demon.


Her lovely eyes calmly brushed past Ning Fan with a light and ethereal killing intent like a lamenting goddess.


Even though the killing intent was insipid, it also carried a strange wetness. It brushed by too quickly and, with Ning Fan’s cultivation, it was impossible for him to recognize it. Thus, this intent was hiding in his body.


His body shivered as if it was struck by thunder, and he immediately lost his ability to move. He was secretly frightened!


This was not a simple pressure of suppression. Even a Void Fragmentation expert would not be able to handle this pressure, let alone him…


‘This is…’


Before Ning Fan got a chance to see this power clearly, the Yin Yang Locket suddenly activated and dissolved this power.


His movement was restored and he could move again!?


Right at this second, the old monster’s brows slightly moved as he was secretly astonished, but the demoness was still completely oblivious.


This power could only be grasped by Ning Fan in the future, but right now, he relied on the Yin Yang Locket to break it.


The demoness — step by step — approached closer. He could faintly smell the sweet grass scent on the body of the woman. He was quite alarmed but quickly suppressed his thoughts and pretended to still be under the control of this woman’s pressure.


Ning Fan was able to move, but he wouldn’t let this woman know that. She planned to use this mysterious energy to suppress him, but he clearly read the situation and was waiting until she got closer before he used the supreme bewitching technique — the “Yin Plucking Finger!”


As long as he can touch her with his finger, then he would already be successful at swindling her.


So the old man should be satisfied with that…


The woman gently stepped towards Ning Fan as she void stepped gradually in the night sky.


“Really familiar… This calmness is also very familiar… However, it seems like your bloodline isn’t right, no, not right…”


The woman stood in front of Ning Fan and slowly raised her green-jade fingers and gently pointed at Ning Fan’s Tian Ling meridian. Even with just a little bit of energy, Ning Fan would surely die!


She didn’t finish her words, but she didn’t bother explaining to the perplexed Ning Fan.


“Go back now, I won’t hurt you… Today, you don’t even have the qualifications to shiver before me…” The woman spoke clearly without disdain, but such an apathetic statement was even more hurtful.


However, right at this very instant, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed and shimmered — like those of hungry wolves — with a cold light!


“Is that so?” He suddenly pointed his finger with a thunderous speed to the woman’s fair wrist.


The woman in close proximity never expected that a Harmonious Spirit cultivator like Ning Fan would be able to escape her “Divine Intent”...


Although angered when her flesh was touched in such a manner, what was even more shocking to her was the effect of this one finger!


After touching the soft skin of this woman, Ning Fan channeled the power of the Yin Yang Locket and reversed the evil vein, changing Yang into Yin, and moved this strand of Yin energy into the demoness’ delicate skin.


Her beautiful expression, in this instance, was filled with rage and abashed with a hint of horror.


‘How could Ning Fan move and be unaffected by the suppression of the Divine Intent… How is this possible… I have never heard of a Harmonious Spirit junior being able to block Divine Intents… Even someone at Gold Core would not be able to, same with Nascent Soul…’


But worse of all, this woman had realized that her wrist was touched by Ning Fan.


This was the first time being touched by a man in her life… In just a blink of an eye, her face blushed as she felt a numbing shock moving to her heart and brain, causing her cold demeanor to become red with an uncontrollable bashfulness.


This demoness who killed people like the devil was now feeling shame like a girl next door.


Soon, she discovered that the bad thing was far from finished. Ning Fan’s finger carried a special charm as the Yin energy entered her meridians, causing her body to become weak without any strength. Her breathing quickened as she suddenly couldn’t channel any magical energy…


How can this be, my magic power… This is, a bewitching technique! He, what does he want to do to me…?


The woman — at this minute — forgot that she was a Nascent Soul old devil and that Ning Fan was only a Harmonious Spirit junior. She was somewhat in a panic since this was the natural instinct of women.


She quickly calmed her heart. She felt that although this Yin energy capable of confusing her was powerful, she still could force it out of the body. As long as she could withstand it for a short duration, she would be able to teach Ning Fan a lesson for harassing her!


But the worst thing suddenly occurred. Ning Fan seized this opportunity and embraced her. One hand grabbed her waist while the other gripped her neck for he didn’t want to give her the time to force the Yin energy outward.


Meanwhile, his elbow was inadvertently touching her soft breasts, causing her delicate body to become even weaker…


‘Damn, what is this bewitching technique that is making me… making me so hot and uncomfortable like this… So unbearable, so unbearable… So hot…’


The woman snuggled inside Ning Fan’s chest and was slightly struggling, so he held her even more tightly.


“Don’t move, and don’t resist. If you accept your defeat, I will spare you…” Ning Fan coldly threatened her. How could he not be tempted with such a beautiful woman in his embrace? But at this second, he only hoped that the Yin Plucking Finger would force this woman to accept her defeat and didn’t think about other things.


“If I don’t accept defeat… What would you… do to me… You… disgusting, shameless… Let me go… Don’t touch me…” The woman’s eyes began to blur as her body became so sensitive that even a slight touch from Ning Fan was enough for her to lose her mind.


The Yin Plucking Finger was an Immortal Emperor’s bewitching technique and, of course, it was tyrannical. If Ning Fan had a Nascent Soul cultivation base, then he — with just one finger — could even force a Nascent Soul woman to worship him and take off her clothes to let him have his way with her…


Plus, this woman’s body was extraordinarily sensitive, so after being touched and embraced by Ning Fan, she was smothered by Ning Fan’s manly breath. She clearly wanted to channel her energy and force the Yin energy out, but as her body was tortured by Ning Fan, it increasingly stopped listening to her commands…


Not to mention expelling the Yin energy, she couldn’t even raise her hands to push Ning Fan away.


“You are… so audacious… how dare you… can you... let me go or not? What is this… bewitching technique… Aaa… I beg you…” Her breasts shook up and down as they touched Ning Fan’s arms and gave her such pleasurable sensations.


She wanted to die from embarrassment, but she couldn’t shake off this sensation… ‘This womanizing bastard… He came to destroy the sect, and I even had the rare merciful thoughts of letting him leave, yet he dared to have the audacity to disrespect me like this…’


“I beg you… Let go of me…” The woman closed her eyes as teardrops — as cold as ice — fell on Ning Fan’s palm.


‘Why, why is it that I lose all strength in his embrace? Why is it that I can’t use my power?’


‘How ridiculous and absurd! I am a Nascent Soul cultivator yet I’m being wantonly kneaded by a Harmonious Spirit man, and I have to plead with such a soft tone…’


Her mind was furious by Ning Fan’s rudeness, but her body became more and more strange, causing her to faintly feel that if she didn’t quickly escape from Ning Fan’s embrace and force the Yin energy out, she would completely fall into sexual lust and become his slave…


This finger’s power was so horrifying, and this bewitching technique was truly frightening!


‘Repulsive smelly brat, actually treating me like this... If I escape, I will surely kill you… kill you… Umph, so hot… feeling so empty…’




“I have accomplished the Black Evil tradition! Hurry and give me a treasure, then I will leave and let go of you…” His words were right next to the woman’s ear, causing her heart to become even more panicked. Her murderous intent was gradually drowned out without a trace remaining…


‘Fine, fine… Just show me some mercy…’


The woman placed her slender fingers on Ning Fan’s shoulder and alluringly whispered: “Just let go of me… I accept defeat… According to your Black Evil Sect’s tradition… give you a treasure… Inside the Orchid Temple… you can take whatever you want… I will give it to you… umm… give it to you…”


She simply wanted to escape from Ning Fan’s clutches. Treasures and even enmity towards the old monster no longer seemed to be important…


“Is that so, excuse me then…!” Ning Fan released the woman without any hesitation. If he didn’t let go, he wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer. Her every breath was truly enchanting…


He quickly returned to the old monster’s side with a cautious expression just in case the woman — after regaining her magical power — would palm-strike him out of rage.


If it was a male Nascent Soul cultivator or even just a male Gold Core cultivator, Ning Fan had no chance of winning.


If it was a different woman who was not as sensitive as this one, then even if Ning Fan sneak-attacked with his bewitching technique, it would still have been difficult to defeat her.


It was fortunate that this woman’s body was different from ordinary people, and it was also fortuitous that the Yin Plucking Finger was extraordinarily tyrannical. One couldn’t overlook the convenient matter that Ning Fan wasn’t afraid of a Nascent Soul cultivator’s suppression and that he had the courage to take a risk in sneak-attacking the demoness.


There were too many coincidences for his victory, plus his method was despicable. However, a win is a win — this was the way of evil cultivation.


Defeat only brought about meaninglessness. A Gold Core evil cultivator could play dirty and it wouldn’t be impossible for them to kill someone in the Nascent Soul realm.


After being freed from Ning Fan’s embrace, Yun Ruowei quickly distanced herself with some fear still in her heart.


Without Ning Fan’s interference, she quickly forced the Yin energy outside of her body before her breathing gradually became normal.


She looked over at Ning Fan with a complicated expression while her heart was full of grievances…


‘Do I want to kill him… It seems as if I won’t be able to… This goddamn male! Daring to harass his grandmother, me!’


‘This Ning Fan didn’t learn anything good, and where did he even learn such a terrifying bewitching technique like this? Is he a depraved pervert… In the Black Evil Sect, there had never been an appointed “Black Evil” like this — acting just like a flower-picking thief…’


Yun Ruowei’s gaze was complicated in contrast to the old man’s shocked look.


He had unlimitedly overestimated Ning Fan, but he still didn’t expect for Ning Fan to have such a killing power towards women like this…


‘Wow, what is that bewitching technique Little Boy Ning just used earlier, he even knocked down the old hag… Worthy of being your father’s disciple!’ With this thought, the old monster recovered his surprise look and replaced it with a proud demeanor instead.


‘Forty years ago, I came here to break this old hag’s sect, but she simply refused to hand over a treasure with firm resolution. At that time, I was already wounded and couldn’t do much. But today, a demoness that I couldn’t do anything against was tricked by Ning Fan and had to beg with such a soft and weak tone…’


Little Boy Ning, this is you wanting to defy the heavens ah…. Harmonious Spirit defeating Nascent Soul. It didn’t matter what dirty tricks were used, this was an amazing thing!


The Broad Wintry Cloth and one hundred thousand immortal jades. After handing these two things to Ning Fan, Yun Ruowei immediately ran back to the Orchid Temple — she was too afraid to even glance at him once.


The Broad Wintry Cloth was a high-ranked Spirit Treasure, used as a face veil. Even a Spirit Severing old devil would not be able to recognize one’s face.


Ning Fan shook his head, erasing the images of this woman from his mind and solemnly looked towards the old man.


“I won, are we going to the Heaven Separation Sect now?” Ning Fan took a risk in offending this woman just because of this simple reason. However, he was a bit hesitant since the chance of success at saving Ning Gu from the Heaven Separation Sect was not high.


“Of course we are going to the Heaven Separation Sect! If we don’t go, you will hate me forever! However, I didn’t expect that demoness to give you her veil… With this veil, no one in the Heaven Separation Sect will be able to recognize your face… Come, to the Heaven Separation Sect!”


A black rainbow pierced the sky and headed straight back to the land of Yue’s Heaven Separation Sect. Along the way, they met several sects; the old man freely beat them and robbed countless treasures and immortal jades.


After these two left, a woman inside the Orchid Temple lifted her head to look at the moon in the sky with her beautiful brows furrowed.


“Smelly man… Didn’t learn anything good… Nevermind, we will most likely never meet again in the future, aizz, truly an annoying guy…!” She gently scolded with her fingers intertwined. Her shaking white wrist emanated sweet sounding bell sounds.




Land of Yue, Li Hen Mountain, Heaven Separation Sect. Today was the ninth day of their sect´s tournament.


The morning dawn began at the summit of the Heaven Separation Mountain. The nearby many miles were populated with numerous bejeweled jade palaces and immortal mists as well as red clouds from the sun’s reflection.


A black rainbow quietly landed at the Heaven Separation Sect´s mountain base right when the sun rose in the east.


“Lucky, it is the Heaven Separation Sect´s tournament. It will be much easier to fish in these troubled waters… Remember, when we arrive in the Heaven Separation Sect in just a moment, do not be impulsive. Look at my eyes before you do anything.” The old monster reminded.