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Wayfinder (E)

Ning Fan, in his distinctive black and white clothing, leisurely walked out of the Si Fan Palace. Zhihe walked two steps behind him. Her hair was now tied with the style of a young woman as she wore a thick fox coat; her little hands were still red from the coldness.


“Brother Ning, are you not cold? Why are you wearing such thin clothing?”


Zhihe rubbed her hands together and asked with concern.


“Cold, but when you asked me like this, I am no longer cold. It is quite strange.”


Ning Fan turned around to tease her, causing Zhihe to blush.


Taking the opportunity to create the antidote, Ning Fan left the Si Fan Palace and took Zhihe along. They needed to groom their feelings since they were already husband and wife.


Otherwise, when Ning Fan truly dual cultivated with Zhihe, it would be hard for him to make a move.


A handsome young man along with the shy girl was a really good atmosphere, but it was ruined by the old monster.


The old monster walked in front of them and led the way for these two. Along the way, all of the evil cultivators viewed Ning Fan as a plague and quickly escaped in a hurry.


“Haha, you two can continue your intimate talk, just pretend I don’t exist. Young people, sigh, when the flower has bloomed, you need to pick it right away before it becomes withered… Haha…”


The old monster was excited instead of his usual gloomy face in the past. He was smiling like a chrysanthemum flower. Why? Because there was a chance for him to heal his veins completely.


All of the other evil cultivators were escaping when they saw his smile. From their impressions in the past, whenever he frowned was when he was actually happy. When he laughed, this was when he wanted to kill.


“Sigh, this boy is the new disciple of the city lord? It is over, he is dead for sure. He must have done something to make the city lord mad.”


Everyone was sympathetic and pitied Ning Fan.


Seven Apricot City’s southern area was a market. It sold many different dans, treasures, and spirit equipment. The northern area was the treasury and medicinal courtyard of the old monster.


This medicinal courtyard was named the Apricot Mansion. It used fire as bricks and was built in all four directions. The life essence for these medicinal grass were always rich throughout the four seasons. There was a formation array so people couldn’t enter, but sunlight was free to shine down. Outside of the Apricot Mansion was a black army of around four hundred people. Their shoulder armor had seven bloody apricot flowers embroidered on them.


The leader of the black army was a man around two zhang tall and had a Harmonious Spirit realm cultivation. Ning Fan had met this guy when they greeted the old monster a few days ago.


The man seeing the arrival of the old monster suddenly bowed while the rest of the four hundred black guards immediately kneeled down.


“Apricot Guard’s Commander Yuchi greets the city lord! Greets the… young lord…”


All of the guards were reluctant to kneel down in front of Ning Fan.


“No need for formalities, all of you scram for me… Wait, today I am in a good mood, you guys don’t need to scram. Come over here so that my disciple can take a good look.”


The old man laughed. This laugh in the eyes of the four hundred guards caused their spines to chill. However, they didn’t dare to go against the old monster’s order and quickly gathered into a circular and orderly formation as their hearts were restless.


It’s over! The city lord is laughing! He wants to kill people! Could he be blaming us for not protecting the Apricot Mansion well?!


This circular pattern was named the “Heaven and Earth Chaotic Apricot Formation”. They took a few breaths and neatly moved into the formation just as they would in their training.


This scene caused the old monster’s expression to be filled with pride. It was something that he hadn’t shown for the last forty years.


“Little Brat Ning, look at it, this is the Apricot Guard, one of my three guards! One Harmonious Spirit realm and four hundred fifth level Vein Opening realm cultivators. They could easily destroy a mortal country and destroy a second rate righteous sect. Little Brat Ning, go ahead and give an evaluation for my Apricot Guard!”


The chrysanthemum face of the old monster carried a showing-off expression. He didn’t know why he wanted to hear the praise of Ning Fan.


However, Yuchi and the four hundred Apricot Guards hearing the praise of this old monster were scared from being too loved. One had to know that they had went into numerous dangers for this old man in the last forty years, but he never praised them before.


They stopped shaking and being afraid and started to stand upright. They noticed that this old monster wanted to brag about his power to his new disciple. Since the old monster wanted some face, as his underlings, they had to help him gain some face!


Regarding the evaluation of Ning Fan, they didn’t care at all.


Mighty? Strong? Ruthless? Evil? In the end, these were all praises. They didn’t think that a first level Vein Opening cultivator like Ning Fan, in front of four hundred experts and the old monster, would say some harsh words.


“Since Master told me to evaluate you guys, I will say some simple words then…”


Ning Fan spoke with an emotionless tone while carefully gazing across the black formation.


He was just a Vein Opening cultivator, but as his gaze swept across the field, the four hundred Apricot Guards all actually felt a nervous sensation. It was as if an old monster was examining them.


This young lord was not as simple as the rumors…


“These four hundred guards, they are the elites and are proficient in war with a Harmonious Spirit realm expert as their commander. If properly directed, even a Gold Core old monster would have difficulty against them.”


Ning Fan’s evaluation was very pertinent and pleasant to listen to, however, the latter half of the assessment was impossible to be received by everyone.


“But, this group of guards currently seems to be missing a certain ferocity.”


When this sentence came out, the four hundred experts’ complexions darkened. An insignificant junior had the impertinence to babble nonsense and tell them that they were not fierce enough.


They followed the old monster that year and exterminated sects when Ning Fan was not even born! A really presumptuous tone! A Vein Opening brat dared to look down on their four hundred guards!


The old monster actually slightly nodded and seemed to agree with Ning Fan’s point of view. This Ning Fan brat had an interesting and direct way of looking at things.


Today, getting the medicine was only secondary. The main focus was to show Ning Fan to the guards. No matter what, Ning Fan was currently the young lord of Seven Apricot City so he had to convince the masses.


“I think Ning Fan is right in saying that all of you are not ruthless enough…”


The old monster spoke, and the black guards immediately calmed down.


They dared to question Ning Fan’s words, but they wouldn’t dare to ignore the old monster’s words.


“If you all are fierce enough, then you all should fight the person who humiliated you at once!”


The old monster said.


Wait a minute, when did I humiliate them? Ning Fan was silent while each and every one of the black guards’ eyes flashed brightly, exposing a terrifying look.


“If you don’t like the remark, then pull out your blades and face one another — this is the evil way! On top of this, if you feel resentful, then properly take care of this smelly little brat! However, not together, it will be one on one!”


The old monster gave this idea.


“Ohhh ohhh ahh!”


Within the black guards, many brutish men started shouting. Some fifth level Vein Opening brutes directly rushed out of the formation and bluntly cupped their fists in front of Ning Fan, signaling a challenge.


“This subordinate does not agree with your evaluation and desires to take part in a lesson with the young lord. Perhaps then we could come to an understanding?”


Ning Fan frustratingly rubbed his forehead, wondering why this was happening under the control of the old monster.


“Young Lord, do you accept my challenge? If not, then get out of Seven Apricot City!”


The big brute spat on the ground and proudly said.


Suddenly, the four hundred black guards stood up and shouted.


“Accept the challenge!”


“If not, then get out of Seven Apricot City!”


“We don’t need a useless young lord!”


“Show him some of your skill!”


“Ohhh ahhh ohhh!”


Zhihe was angry because she knew the black guards were looking down on her big brother.


The old monster had a smile on his face. He wanted to see how Ning Fan would deal with this situation in front of the four hundred black Apricot Guards.


Good, this was how to establish one’s might!


As his disciple, if Ning Fan couldn’t even cope with this situation, then he was better off slamming into a piece of tofu till death!


The old monster was somewhat anticipating the changes Ning Fan would have after obtaining the jade locket and the method he would use to overcome this crisis.


Unfortunately, Han Yuanji seemed to forget that Ning Fan was only at the first level of the Vein Opening, and he only opened his first vein recently. How could he contend against four hundred fifth level Vein Opening experts. Was this a joke?


Ning Fan released Zhihe’s hand and gently patted on her fine, black hair. He comforted her to not be angry.


Then, he walked out step by step to accept the challenge. He was a clear beginner yet he possessed an indescribable calmness.


“Your challenge, I accept it! Let us begin!”