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At the Apricot Mansion, Ning Fan demanded a large cart and ordered people to bring the medicinal ingredients back to his palace. Naturally, the Jade Royal Grass was brought back as well.


There was only one bundle of Jade Royal Grass left, the rest was used by Yuchi for the pig. Thinking about the wastefulness, Ning Fan was at a loss for words.


The cure for the old monster was still missing a one thousand year old peach tree.


“Young Lord, if we don’t have enough ingredients, then why not go to Southern City’s market to find them? If Young Lord is missing any materials while refining dans, then just directly take them, there is no need to pay.”


Yuchi said this as if it was a trivial matter.


“Southern City?”


Ning Fan was a bit surprised.


“Yes, Southern City has the basic markets. Only in the ‘Godly Void Pavilion’ would you need to pay money…”


Yuchi reminded.


“Godly Void Pavilion?”


Ning Fan frowned. This name was a bit familiar, and it seemed to have appeared once within the complex memories of the Immortal Emperor as an old, powerful force.


“Right, the Godly Void Pavilion sells Dao Fruit, cauldrons, Magical Treasures, Spirit Equipments, and Immortal Clouds. In short, as long as one can afford to spend Immortal Jade, then they can buy anything. Their influence spreads through the Nine Worlds. Even a Void Fragmentation expert wouldn’t dare to mess with them. Their power seems to be on top of the Four Heavens. Our Seven Apricot City also has a Godly Void Pavilion. All of the items needed by the Gold Core monsters could be purchased there.”


After cultivators die, their essence have a low chance to be condensed into Dao Fruits. These can then be consumed or sold by cultivators.


Magical Treasures are one of the many things cultivators use to fight.


On the other hand, Spirit Equipment was similar to Magical Treasures to some extent, but they seemed to be the product of the demon race.


Immortal Clouds are used by Gold Core experts to ride through the skies. The Rain Immortal World produces many Immortal Clouds. They are faster than Demonic Mounts or Flying Beasts, and even faster than sword riding!


Finally, Immortal Jade can be considered the main circulating currency of the Rain Immortal World.


Even though Ning Fan inherited the Immortal Emperor’s memories, he still hadn’t seen many Magical Treasures and Spirit Equipment, and he was eager to visit the Godly Void Pavilion to gain knowledge and experience.


Turning his head slightly, he glimpsed at a red ornamented ring on Yuchi’s right thumb. From its looks, it was a Spirit Equipment.


“Young Lord is interested in my Black Fire Ring? Unfortunately, Spirit Equipment are slightly different from Magical Treasures. This had already been refined by this subordinate and cannot be offered to the young lord.”


Yuchi said with a helpless tone.


“I don’t want your Black Fire Ring. I am more interested in its effect.”


“Young Lord should know that we cultivators require our Magical Treasures when fighting. They can be used to attack and defend, but Spirit Equipment have a slightly different usage. Young Lord, please look at this ornamented ring, this is a fire Spirit Equipment. The Black Fire Ring’s effect is to amplify the magical power of fire. This subordinate also have another Black Fire Ring that is similar to this one, would the young lord like to play around with it?”


Yuchi took out another ornamented ring and passed it to Ning Fan with a happy expression.


On the surface, Yuchi might appear to be rough and brutish, but he was not stupid. The four hundred Apricot Guards were rude to Ning Fan, before. Even though Ning Fan appeared not to mind, who knew what was going on in his heart.


As a result, Yuchi presented a gift to make it up to him.


Ning Fan took the fire ring while carefully staring at Yuchi, and he said:


“As to what happened before, I do not mind. Rest assured.”


Having heard that, Yuchi’s expression immediately relaxed and he smiled obsequiously:


“Young Lord is truly magnanimous and naturally wouldn’t bother with us unruly people.”


Ning Fan ignored Yuchi, but he carefully looked at the Black Fire Ring. This was the first time he examined a Spirit Equipment up close.


After a while, a mysterious fire suddenly appeared in the ring on his hand.


“Eyyy! Young Lord has not reached the Harmonious Spirit realm and is currently incapable of having a Spirit Equipment to accept you as its master. After reaching the Harmonious Spirit realm, it still wouldn’t be too late to try again.”


At the bare minimum, Spirit Equipment would only accept Harmonious Spirit realm experts as masters. The whole master acceptance process was very dangerous and was not as simple as using blood as the pact. One had to use the spirit power of the five elements to engrave on the Spirit Equipment.


Only Harmonious Spirit realm experts were able to absorb the five elements of the heaven and earth to use it as spirit energy. Ning Fan wasn’t capable of doing this.


The higher the level of the Spirit Equipment, the harder it would be for it to accept a master.


Ning Fan put on the Black Fire Ring with a fretful expression. Only a single invisible fiery power directly went into the Black Fire Ring.


Unfortunately, the Black Fire Ring simply wouldn’t work. Was it because it didn’t recognize Ning Fan as its master?


‘For a Spirit Equipment to accept a master, one would need to employ the forces of the heaven and earth’s five elements?’


As Ning Fan was pondering about the five elements, he remembered that his immortal vein was called the Yin Yang Evil Vein and was able to cultivate both of them harmoniously.


Yin and Yang apparently included the five elements.


Ning Fan suddenly had this odd feeling that, if he wished to, he could use the power of the Yin Yang Evil Vein to force the five elements of the heaven and earth to make the Spirit Equipment accept him as its master.


This feeling continued to cloud his thoughts, and he eventually decided to give it a try and see if he could overcome the Black Fire Ring!


Ning Fan closed his eyes and felt the Black Fire Ring. He didn’t move for a long time.


Standing by his side, Yuchi vaguely stared at Ning Fan.


He could tell that the young lord seemed to be in denial about the Black Fire Ring and couldn’t help but to admire to the courage of the young lord. To try to get the ring to accept him as a master in the Vein Opening realm, young lord was truly an evil cultivator! Unfortunately, this was doomed to not succeed.


A while later, Yuchi was about to nod off when suddenly, the origin fire suddenly frantically advanced all around Ning Fan.


The next moment, one could see the Black Fire Ring on top of Ning Fan’s hand burning ablaze with red flame. Circular flames unrestrainedly rushed up from it.




Ning Fan opened his eyes with an extremely dignified look. He mobilized the small number of opened veins in his body with magical power to mark the Black Fire Ring.


For a long time, he was sweating and exhaling long breaths. After completing the master acceptance ceremony of the Black Fire Ring, the fire force of the heaven and earth also went back to normal.


In his mind, there was a new subtle connection between him and the Black Fire Ring.


“What just happened?! Was the young lord successful in making the ring accept him as its master? How is this possible!? Young Lord is not a Harmonious Spirit realm cultivator!”


Yuchi’s mind was in shock.


He had cultivated for many years but had never heard of anyone being able to make a Spirit Equipment accept him as a master before the Harmonious Spirit realm.


Ning Fan had not answered Yuchi’s astonished questions. He was completely focused on feeling the majestic power of the Black Fire Ring.


What a good Black Fire Ring! Since the start of his cultivation, this was his first real Spirit Equipment!


Ning Fan slowly lifted his finger and pointed forward. A Black Dragon Fire rose from it and it was a lot more powerful than before.


This was the difference between Magical Treasures and Spirit Equipment. One was passive and the other active.


Not only that!


Ning Fan’s eyes condensed. Magical Treasures required magical power while Spirit Equipment did not squander any.


For someone at the first level of Vein Opening like Ning Fan, certain Magical Treasures could not be used twice while Spirit Equipment had sustainable usage.


“Not bad! With a Black Fire Ring, the power of my Black Flame is increased by at least 30%!”


Feeling the boundless aura of the Black Flame in his body, Ning Fan unknowingly stared at Yuchi.


He really wanted to know: with the help of the Black Fire Ring, how much damage would his Black Flame do to Yuchi?


Of course, he couldn’t really go and attack Yuchi. It was just an interesting thought.


“Young Lord’s Black Flame is very similar to Earth Vein Demonic Flame. Could it be that it is the Earth Vein Demonic Flame?”


Yuchi suddenly asked.


“Earth Vein Demonic Flame?”


Ning Fan was surprised. There was no mention of the Earth Vein Demonic Flame in his memories.


“Young Lord should be aware that our true cultivation world is divided into Four Heavens on top and Nine Worlds below. This subordinate does not know how the Four Heavens differentiate ranks of flames, but I only know that our lower realms often call terrifying flames Earth Vein Demonic Flame, and it corresponds to the Sky Frost Chilling Energy. It is said that the Sky Frost Chilling Energy and the Earth Vein Demonic Flame are what the Void Fragmentation experts use to battle with.”


Yuchi thought that Ning Fan had only started cultivating recently, so he introduced the common knowledge of the Earth Vein Demonic Flame to Ning Fan with good intentions.


After a lot of explanation, Ning Fan’s awareness of the cultivation world improved a lot, and Yuchi was about to leave.


“Yuchi, I will leave you with buying the medicine at the market. One thousand year old peach tree, do not forget. Right, keep something in mind for me. I want a black grass without any spirit and with a bitter and spicy taste. The shape is... Hmm... a bit like the dry grass from before.”


Regarding the two main ingredients of the Jade Royal Dan, the Jade Royal Grass was already there. The other one was the Coiling Evil Grass. Even though Ning Fan didn’t expect Yuchi to find it, it was still worth mentioning.


The Jade Royal Dan was capable of advancing one’s physique and essence, but even if he couldn’t find the Coiling Evil Grass, it was not a big deal.


On the cultivation path, Ning Fan would have to be strong and slowly advance to the peak!


“A black grass? No different than the pig feeding grass? Well, I might have seen it at the Situ House, they might grow some. Last year, I went to pull out some for the pig, and it made him sh*t for half a month… I don’t know if this is the right kind of grass.”


Ning Fan stared at Yuchi as if he was staring at an idiot.


Using Coiling Evil Grass to feed the pig as well, he truly had a talent!


However, Ning Fan couldn’t believe how his luck was so good. After finding the Jade Royal Grass, now the Coiling Evil Grass could be found as well. From his memories, the Coiling Evil Grass was the companion of the Jade Royal Grass. Since Jade Royal Grass could be found in Seven Apricot City, it was not too surprising for the Coiling Evil Grass to be here as well.


If he could find the Coiling Evil Grass, then he could make many Jade Royal Dan, and his strength would be able to increase.


In the future, he had many things to do, but the most important thing was — without a doubt — enhancing his own cultivation. Old Monster Han wanted him to be at the fifth level of Vein Opening in half a year, but he didn’t want to just barely satisfy the requirement.


“Void stepping in the sky! Power of the Harmonious Spirit realm! I have the Yin Yang Locket along with the Immortal Emperor’s memories. I am also the young lord of Seven Apricot City with all of its resources. Within six months, I will break into the Harmonious Spirit realm!”


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