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An hour later in Seven Apricot City’s Situ House.


“Third Brother, what did you say? You almost lost to the young master?”


Inside the Situ House, a thin man with cold eyebrows surnamed Situ was wearing a black monastic robe and held black prayer beads.


“He wants the black grass? And told you to come ask me for them? Hmph, this guy is so arrogant, tell him to come get it himself!”


“Second Brother, this…”


Yuchi put on a stern expression to make things difficult for him.


However, the thin man signaled with his sleeve and chased Yuchi away with a hint of an evil smirk on his lips.


At the first level of the Vein Opening realm but with the power to fight against a Harmonious Spirit realm cultivator — this was truly an interesting young lord.




Seven Apricot City, Nangong House.


“Master, this is the news this lowly servant has found out…”


Inside the Nangong House’s hall, a woman wearing a tightly fit dress was kneeling down.


“Hmm… This Ning Fan... To be able to find the medicinal antidote for the lord, I cannot see through the mystery in this matter. Seven extreme Yin poisons, seven extreme Yang supplements, these medicinal ingredients are totally opposite to each other. Could this dan really suppress the poison inside the lord… Loulan, you did a good job, take your leave.”


Nangong was the name of a middle-aged man with a feminine voice. Holding a picture of Ning Fan in his hand, he gently licked his lips.


“This person, is he someone that the Sword World sent to harm the master or not…”




Seven Apricot City, Godly Void Pavilion.


“Done investigating? Who came to buy the one thousand year old peach tree, today?”


Inside the Godly Void Pavilion, the soft voice of a devilish woman sounded. She was around the age of twenty and was dressed in a black bra and skirt with a black silk veil covering her face. Her skirt was a bit short, revealing her white legs.


“Just like Master’s speculation, the one buying the one thousand year old peach tree was not any of the three commanders of Han Yuanji. With the dan refining abilities of Nangong and Han Yuanji, they aren’t able to use a one thousand year old medicinal ingredient. The one who bought this medicine was a young man at the first level of Vein Opening, a new disciple of Han Yuanji.”


“Oh, really? First level of Vein Opening?”


She held Ning Fan’s portrait. A flash of interest appeared in her eyes.


“A one thousand year old medicinal ingredient is used to create the ‘Four Revolutions Immortal Elixir’. Han Yuanji’s poison requires this item… Interesting, he has looked for someone with the Yin Yang Evil Vein for forty years now, and it seems that he has finally found one — this Ning Fan”.


The alluring devilish girl smiled and stretched pleasingly. Her big, shining black eyes were filled with cunning. Everything was going according to her plan.




Outside of Seven Apricot City, a black-robed young man tapped on a demon storage bag and released a bunch of rats,


“Hmph! My cauldron inside the All Pleasure Sect was taken away… But, I cannot offend that Old Monster Han. I have to secretly retake the cauldron. As long as the young girl is still a virgin, no one can see her real physique…”


All of these things were not known to Ning Fan.


He went back to his palace and brought along a large amount of medicinal ingredients to the Alchemy Pavilion inside the palace.


The old monster was called Honorable Alchemist Han by others, and he was a renowned Third Revolution Dan Refinement Master in the Yue Country. The cauldron that was used for refining dans inside the Si Fan Palace was not ordinary. Inside the Pavilion, there was also a vein of ice flame along with earth fire used to refine dans.


In the cultivation world, most cultivators only knew the superficiality of dan refinement. Only very few genuine masters were aware of the real art.


Since Yuchi was not able to buy all of the ingredients today, the cure for the old man and the Apricot Guard could not be created, so Ning Fan decided to create some Vein Opening Dans for Zhihe first.


In the end, the higher Zhihe’s cultivation was, the stronger the effect of the dual cultivation method will be. Ning Fan’s heart had slowly accepted this dual Yin and Yang cultivation method, and he was eager to try and see its effect.


The Vein Opening Dan was a Second Revolution Immortal Dan, and many Harmonious Spirit realm experts knew how to create them. Ning Fan had the memories of an Immortal Emperor so it was not an issue for him to create and refine these pills.


With plentiful earth fire available to refine, the dan refinement master’s power consumption would almost be zero. However, Ning Fan only had the power of a first level Vein Opening cultivator so he was still worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.


“The Royal Palace’s record of the Dao of Dan, Nine Revolutions of the Rivers to achieve immortality, there is no need for prayers and meditations. Once this dao of the Royal Palace met the world, half a pot of wine would cover the mountains”


The essence of Ancient Chaos Grand Emperor’s dan refinement technique was in the “Nine Revolutions of the River”.


Ning Fan closed his eyes to remember the dan refinement memories of Ancient Chaos. His finger channeled the black flame and tried to grasp the amazing dan manipulation art, the “Nine Revolutions of the River.”


“During the Immemorial Era, there were two grand dan refinement masters in the heaven and earth. One was the Supreme Old Lord, the other was the Yellow Emperor. There were two great secrets for dan refinement… One was the ‘Three Pure Dan Condensation’, and the other was the ‘Nine Revolutions of the River’.”


He muttered while his fingertip continuously drew the black flame in a circular motion around his body. After drawing the circle, he would be able to create a First Revolution Dan…


He closed his eyes and contemplated hard. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, he was able to draw two circles, and the fiery shadows lingered without dissipation.


Half an hour later, he drew three circles instantaneously and finished with another round shadow in front of him.


An hour had passed. He was suddenly short of breath and quickly opened his eyes, then he pondered in silence.


He couldn’t create a fifth circle because his cultivation was still too low. However, with these four circles alone, it was enough for him to refine a Four Revolutions Immortal Dan. With just this dan refinement ability, there was no one that could compare with him in the Yue Country.


“Cauldron, open! Dan refinement!”


He struck the cauldron’s head and threw in a palmful of medicines. Then, he used his weak cultivation to activate the frozen flame and earth fire to begin the long process of dan refinement.


Two hours later, seven parts of the ten parts of medicinal ingredients were destroyed and only three parts became dan with ten pills in each.


His face became pale. He restored his power earlier just to have it all expended again, so his mind was exhausted.


The seven destroyed ingredients were not because Ning Fan’s technique was lacking but because his power was not enough. The moment they were about to form into pills, he couldn’t suppress the power of the flames, so they tended to fail.


After failing the Second Revolution Dan so many times, it would essentially be impossible to refine the Four Revolution Dan for the old monster unless Ning Fan improved his power first…


Putting the thirty Vein Opening Dan into a jade bottle, Ning Fan quickly went back to his bedroom.


While outside, he suddenly stopped in his steps because he faintly heard the sound of running water from the inside.


The little girl was taking a shower while singing a country song. It was as if she was in quite a good mood.


“Should I go in or not… If Zhihe was a bit older, then I could take a shower together with her…”


Ning Fan awkwardly touched his nose, then he shook his head and smiled. Carrying the medicines, he then turned around.


He wasn’t taking into account morality or traditional values. He simply didn’t want to leave a negative shadow in the girl’s heart.


He looked up at the rising moon and suddenly, he felt a little homesick. Hai Ning’s Ning Clan was several ten thousand miles away, in the Wu Country. “My younger brother, Ning Gu, was locked in the Heaven Separation Evil Sect, when will I be able to destroy this Evil Sect and save my brother?”


This was too difficult because, even though he was the real young lord of Seven Apricot City, his cultivation was only of the Vein Opening realm, it was still far from sufficient to save his brother.


Asking the old monster to save his brother? Ning Fan bitterly smiled. For a few day, he had asked around, and that Evil Sect was the most dangerous place in the nation. Why would Old Monster Han undertake such a dangerous task for just a lowly disciple.


“Strength! I need more powerful strength!”


“The closer it gets to the middle of the month, the rounder the moon becomes. Wu and Yue are so far away, separated by the mountains and rivers. The heaven is my wife, the earth is my concubine. Where is my true home, who shall I enjoy the round and crescent moon together with? The Four Heavens and Nine Worlds, I alone am intoxicated.”


Said Ning Fan, the master of Yin and Yang cultivation, with a strong and proud expression.


If Yin and Yang cultivation could give him the strength to save his brother, then he would immediately tread on this path!


If he could protect his own family, then even if he became a devil like Old Monster Han, so what!


“Hmph, heaven is my wife, earth is my concubine. Han Yuanji’s disciple, truly big words…”


The voice of this girl was not feminine and carried a heroic presence. Her voice was sharp like a sword, causing a slight pain to Ning Fan’s ears.


Afterwards, there was the sound of the footsteps as the girl was leaving.


Ning Fan frowned. The Si Fan Palace was the old monster’s forbidden palace and ordinary people couldn’t come in at all. The old monster never got his hands on women, so how could one travel inside the Si Fan Palace? And even directly call the old monster’s name?


He wanted to chase outside to the yard to find an answer, but he hadn’t taken more than a few steps before a scream from Zhihe came out from inside the bedroom.




Ning Fan’s expression greatly changed. He no longer cared for the mysterious woman from earlier and quickly opened the door to the bedroom.


Inside the room with a wooden tub filled with apricots floating in the water, Zhihe was taking a bath from earlier. She now jumped outside of the wooden tub and stood naked on the small bed as she looked down on the ground in horror.


“Mouse… A mouse… Big Brother Fan, help me!”


Ning Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when looking at the delicate and scared expression of this young and blossoming beauty. Zhihe had stayed at the All Pleasure Sect for three whole years at least, and even though she didn’t have any cultivation, in the end, she had seen immortals. Despite all of this, she was still afraid of a mouse.


What a lovely girl.


Oh? Something is wrong!


Ning Fan’s expression suddenly became serious.


The Si Fan Palace was built in Seven Apricot Ice City, the land of evil cultivators; how could an ordinary mouse survive?


He gazed at the ground and looked at the mouse with chilling eyes.


That was it!


This mouse had white skin and purple eyes. It was not an ordinary mouse, but instead a Tracking Mouse. In the memories of Ancient Chaos Grand Emperor, many weak cultivators used this type of mouse to spy on people.


Someone used this Tracking Mouse to keep up with Zhihe’s whereabouts?!


“Big Brother Fan, I was really scared. That year, the body of big brother was… by this type of mouse… with purple eyes… eaten completely…”


Zhihe recalled the terrible thing that happened while her eyes were gleaming with tears.


Ning Fan’s expression sank with an uneasy feeling. After a little silence, he lifted his finger towards the mouse. He unleashed a black flame and burned it into ashes.


“Don’t worry, I am here.”


Ning Fan comforted the poor, crying Zhihe. They sat down on the bed with her in his embrace as he was patting her on the back.


She was not afraid of the mouse, but afraid of those memories.


“Ah… Big Brother Fan, when did you come in here… Big Brother, let go of me. When you hold me like this, I become really strange…”


After a while, Zhihe slowly reacted. At this moment, her completely naked body was nestled in Ning Fan’s chest.


She was completely naked!


She was completely naked!!


She was completely naked!!!


It was just a carefree hug yet Zhihe’s face was infused with an abnormal glow, and in her misty eyes were charms that were capable of enticing souls!


Ning Fan quickly warded off that charm and recovered his thoughts. He then immediately understood what was going on and became frightened.


‘Zhihe has a ‘natural born Bewitching Physique’! Someone valued her greatly and wanted her as a cauldron!’


She had an extremely rare Physique that was perfectly made to be a cauldron!


A natural born Bewitching Physique allowed for dual cultivation to increase at a rapid pace and was the concubine many experts dreamed about. For natural born Bewitching Physique women, if they maintained their purity, then it would be very difficult to spot the bewitching bones on their bodies. However, once they lost their virginity, the bewitching bones would slowly appear… Without joyous time for one day, their minds would be chaotic for that day. Ten days without sex and they would become as weak as cotton. One hundred days without sex, then they would die without a doubt. They required the loving of men every day!


Such a troubling Physique!


In order to save Ning Fan, Zhihe lost her innocence and her Bewitching Physique appeared little by little!


“Big Brother, I’m uncomfortable and hot… Help me…”


Zhihe’s eyes were alluring, and she weakly said while almost losing consciousness.


Ning Fan was serene. Zhihe was in trouble and he was the only one who could save her. He gently placed her down and took off his clothes.


He originally wanted to wait for Zhihe to grow up, but it seems that he could not wait that long.


She was already his woman, and this won´t change. Thus, there was no reason to be shy.


Therefore, another unbelievable night happened…




Ning Fan suddenly pushed her down while taking off his clothes and laid on top of her. He originally wanted to wait for her to be a bit older... but it seemed that this was impossible.


Besides the night where she lost her virginity, Zhihe had never experienced the wonderful harmonization between men and women. Her charming Physique appeared, her Yin energy condensed in her chest, and her romantic lust arrived like the waves. If they directly had sex at this moment, the Yang energy would attack the Yin force and the conflict between the two would kill Zhihe.


First, she would need to release all of her Yin energy before sex. Only this would bring her confused heart back.


Zhihe was pushed down on the bed and undertook a seductive pose while slightly licking her lips. Ning Fan's breathing became heavier. He chanted the "Yin Yang Transformation" in his head and suppressed his sexual desire.


The most forbidden thing about dual cultivation was falling to sexual debauchery. Then the techniques would no longer be effective.


Inside the "Yin Yang Transformation" was not only charming techniques and illusions that could entice all of the women in this world, but there was also a will stabilizing art that allowed one to have beautiful women in his embrace yet still maintain calmness.


Their breathing began to calm down, and Ning Fan gently caressed Zhihe's slender face. Then, Zhihe felt a little something and turned her face around and licked his fingertip with unstoppable desires.


"Big Brother Fan... You cannot leave Zhihe..."


Her smooth lips were both soft and wet.


Ning Fan suddenly laid on top of her and covered her mouth with his own. And Zhihe seemingly found an outlet for her desires, so she met his advance with her sweet tongue. The two tongues touching caused Ning Fan to nearly lose his mind. He wanted to have sex right at this moment.


He had lost his virginity at the All Pleasure Sect, but this was the first time he really had sexual desires towards a woman.


"First, I have to dissolve Zhihe's Yin energy..."


He strugglingly suppressed his desire. He was stimulating Zhihe's sweet tongue. With one hand on her white breast, the other hand slowly moved down from her flat stomach and flowingly moved all the way down below...