Grasping Evil - Chapter 102 (2)

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This ice magical power wasn’t coated with the Heavenly Frosty Earth Fire. Although the damage wouldn’t be tremendous, but when the cold Qi enshrouded the scorching hot Sword-Testing Rock, it crumbled instantly. The same reaction applied to anything that was too hot and encountered something that was extremely cold.

The center of the rock didn’t collapse but an inch of its surface was flaking off at crazy speed. This was the end result when an extremely hot item was warped in ice.

Ning Fan’s heart shivered a little bit, even though this was a fact that every grandmaster refiner knew. It was forbidden to induce extreme coldness to an extremely hot item or vice versa as it would easily break the unfinished magical treasure.

He found out that this principle could also be used on actual battle. For example, if he encountered an enemy with a hard and solid defense like a turtle, he would first cast the Dragon Vortex Fire attack and end it with an ice elemental magical attack. He was afraid that even a harder surface would crumble under such a circumstance.

There were three types of magical arts in Snow Treading Art.

The first was the ice evading light which he had grown accustomed to.

The second was the ice armored body used to boost the defensive strength. This was a rare defensive magical art, so he surely wouldn’t overlook this spell.

The third was the ten miles of snowstorm. It could turn ten miles of land into a snowstorm. It was a very profound skill as it could change the weather. It also explained why the Snow Treading Art was remembered by the Ancient Chaos. Within the range which the battlefield had been turned into a snowfield, his ice elemental magical power would be inexhaustible and infinite for the time it took to burn an incense stick, as he could just replenish the energy from the snowstorm.

It was very difficult to cultivate this heaven defying art. More importantly, there wasn’t a skill out of these three that was an attack skill. They were all just supporting skills.

Without any high-grade ice elemental magical arts to choose from, Ning Fan could only pick a lower level ice elemental skill to learn, the Ice Rain Technique.

The Ice Rain Technique was a Spirit Realm Magical Art. It turned magical power into an icy rain as sharp as thorns. It was suitable for dealing with a group of enemy. Casting a hundred drops of it is considered a small accomplishment, casting a thousand drops of it is regarded as a big accomplishment and casting nine thousand drops of it is considered perfection and casting any number above nine thousand drops of it is described as boundless and endless.

This art was a very common magical art in the world of cultivation. On Second thought, Ning Fan however felt that using a common ice elemental magical art would create better effects.

After being burnt by the Dragon Vortex, what would the enemy think if he saw Ning Fan casting a common ice elemental attack? the enemy would surely thought that Ning Fan had expended all of his magical power, and couldn’t afford to cast a powerful ice elemental attack. Surely, the enemy would start being careless and neglectful, exposing more flaws to Ning Fan.

Therefore, the magical art that could make an enemy careless was far more important than a high-grade magical art.

There was an old saying in the cultivation world that those who swam well would drown and those who held an umbrella would get wet. Sometimes, using a high-grade magical attack would alert the enemy whereas using a lowly spell attack could make the enemy fall for the trick and get injured.

Many experts who had been very cautious in their life died not because of the strength of their enemies but their carelessness.

After using the Dragon Vortex Fire, he would use the Ice Rain Technique to make the enemy lower their guards.

“In that case, I would have to practice this magical art diligently to advance it to a high level along with the Dragon Vortex spell.”

A month later, Ning Fan stood up all of a sudden. His left eye was icy cold while his right eye was blazing hot.

He pointed with his right finger. A whirlpool of black fire was formed around the sword-testing rock.

For the First Revolution, the body of the rock trembled slightly.

For the Second Revolution, crumbs on the rock’s body began to peel off.

For the Third Revolution, the body of the rock shook violently and cracks became visible. As the rock was surrounded by the whirlpool of fire, a black fire dragon leaped forward and snapped on the rock, multiplying the cracks on the surface.

But, this wasn’t the end yet. He changed the spell pattern. The dragon fire vanished and a thousand icy droplets rained in the rocky cave.

The thousand drops of icy rain turned into thousand of icy spikes. Although its power could injure intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert, it was nothing significant to Gold Core experts.

When the icy rain landed on the sword-testing rock, a kaboom was heard all of a sudden from the rock before it crumbled to pieces.

The sword-testing rock that could withstand even the attack of a peak Gold Core expert was broken just like that.

The shockwave spread out from the rocky cave in Dual Cultivation Palace and towards the Dark Sparrow’s Valley.

Every master was startled and left their houses to find out the source of the impact. After learning that it wasn’t coming from an invasion, they heaved a sigh a relief, but their eyes were staring at the direction of Dual Cultivation Palace.

They were shocked to find out that the source of the impact was actually from the seclusion cave in Dual Cultivation Palace.

“What kind of magical art is Elder Ning experimenting inside the rocky cave? How could it be so powerful?”

In the white palace, Bai Feiteng who was condensing his cold Qi stood up abruptly and looked at the Dual Cultivation Palace in disbelief.

Others might not know what the source of the explosion was, but he knew really well about it.

“Not possible. Ning Fan has only gone into seclusion for four months. How could he destroy the sword-testing rock?”

Bai Feiteng’s face darkened. He had crumbled the sword-testing rock once, but that was the result after ten years of seclusion. Ning Fan on the other hand only took four months, which meant that he shouldn’t underestimate this youth anymore in their upcoming battle.

“Humph! No matter what, this old man will never lose to you, especially after I devour this fourth grade cold Qi.”

Bai Feiteng was staring at the chilling cauldron that was filled with purplish and warm cold Qi inside.

“This old man will never lose to the disciple of Han Yuanji! this old man will definitely win your supreme grade magical treasure.” Bai Feiteng revealed a ghastly smile.

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