Grasping Evil - Chapter 103 (1)

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On the fourth month, his magical art skyrocketed and finally, it broke the sword-testing rock.

On the fifth month, the inside of the rocky chamber was filled with scorching heat and White Bone sword shadows.

On the sixth month, the rocky chamber was silent, but stamps of feet rumbled from time to time, along with the wails of a vessel spirit.

Half a year was only a brief period. Gradually, the atmosphere in the rocky chamber quieted down. What was left was the random sound of fire burning inside and a vague sign of a godly weapon being produced.

He had successfully learned a few magical arts, sharpened his skills and gained a deeper understanding of the two sword Qi. As for his Body Refining Technique, he had mastered the Eighteen-Meter Body. But, what delighted him most was that he had achieved a small accomplishment in both the Falsifying Art and Defense Art.

In the rocky chamber, one of his hands was placed behind his back while the other stretched out a finger. Immediately, a stream of sword light shot out from it, turning into fire.

He made a stamp with one foot and it caused the entire rocky chamber to shake. Countless images of White Bone emerged from the ground. In between the spaces of the images drifted a vague bloodstring that was condensed out of killing intent.

After summoning back the two sword Qi, he revealed a faint smile as he finally comprehended the small realm of both sword intents. At this point, he no longer needed a sword to send out a sword Qi. All he needed was a finger and a stamp.

He regained his composure, closed his eyes, and touched his glabella. Immediately, silvery light enshrouded his body, and then gradually, his body grew to eighteen meters tall. He was now muscular, brawny and impressively big in size.

This was no doubt the Body Refining Technique that he had cultivated. Although this seemed insignificant compared to Mosha Emperor’s thousand meter giant form, this was Ning Fan’s first time cultivating a Body Refining Technique and the result was impressive. When he transformed into an eighteen meter giant, his physical defense was doubled and his strength was enhanced by thirty percent, which meant that he could easily kill any Harmonious Spirit opponent just by only using his brute force.

Once this technique was fully cultivated, it could be one of his trump cards when his magical strength was expended, because Body Refining Technique only consumed the strength of blood and Qi instead of magical strength.

He returned to his usual form and slowly let out a sigh. Shortly after he rested, his expression froze and his face started to morph at high speed.

Meng Chu, Xue Qing, Zhou Ming, Nanyang Zi, Yu Chi and Sinister Sparrow!

Anyone that Ning Fan had seen before, anyone who had a lower spirit sense realm than him had their faces being morphed on Ning Fan’s face. The appearance looked similar to the original person and even their Qi was exactly the same.

This was the Falsifying Art. It allowed one to change their appearance or conceal oneself. No one except those who had a spirit sense realm higher than Ning Fan could see through his camouflage. Ning Fan’s current spirit sense has already reached the half-step Nascent Soul realm. This meant that no one in Yue Country would be able to discern his disguise.

He morphed back to his original appearance and slowly closed his eyes. A surge of ethereal Qi gradually arose in his body.

Suddenly, he patted his storage pouch and took out a medium grade flying sword. He stretched out one finger and the flying sword shot outwards. After flying for nine meters, it changed direction all of a sudden, flying back towards Ning Fan’s chest.

It was a medium grade flying sword! Ning Fan was going to be stabbed to death unless he activated the Eighteen Meter Body.

But the strange thing was that the sword stopped all of a sudden, as if it had hit an invisible barrier three feet away from Ning Fan.

In the void in front of him were ripples of wavy patterns that consisted of the Qi of spirit sense. Any expert who saw this would be shocked because the defense was made up entirely of spirit sense.

It is the Defense Art! 

He kept his flying sword and smiled pleasantly. The biggest harvest in his seclusion was his accomplishment in these two divine arts.

Before his seclusion, he had never thought that the mystery of the Divine Art was beyond his expectation. To view it in the aspect of profundity, it might even be on par with the Yin Yang Transformation.

He had already cultivated the Falsifying Art after consuming the Spirit Refining Grass. At this point, any expert below the Nascent Soul realm wouldn’t be able to see through his disguise and concealment.

As for the Defense Art, the prerequisite was to break five vessel spirit magical treasures. With this technique, he could defend himself against the deadly one-strike-kill of a Nascent Soul expert.

Of course, his cultivation in these two arts were still far from perfection. If he had completed the cultivation of the Falsifying Art, he would be able to conceal himself even from experts who had a higher spirit sense realm than him. Regarding the current level of his Defense Art, he could only use it once per day. If he used it the second time, it would deal a great damage to his spirit sense and if he used it for a third time, it would crush his sea of consciousness.

For the Divine Art to reach a higher realm, more Spirit Refining Grass and Vessel Spirit Magical Treasure were needed. Vessel Spirit could be traced and found in the Rain Immortal World, but the Spirit Refining Grass… Ning Fan found it hard to imagine that there would be another weirdo like Meng Chu who accidentally planted such kind of grass.

The result of six months of seclusion was satisfactory. Although his magical strength didn’t improve during this period of time, he had cultivated various means and techniques.


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