Grasping Evil - Chapter 104 (1) 

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No one had any idea what Ning Fan was doing in the rocky chamber. As the date of the battle between Ning Fan and Bai Feiteng was approaching, many seniors began heading over to Sinister Sparrow Sect to watch such a rare match.

Thousands of feet in the air over the valley of Sinister Sparrow Sect was a suspended square purple-jade platform. Sinister Sparrow had spent a fortune building this platform for this coming duel. 

It was similar to the purple-jade platform floating above the Heaven Separation Sect which reminded him of the day of Heaven Separation Sect’s annihilation and Sinister Sparrow Sect becoming the number one evil sect in Yue Country.

With the Revered Bai and a powerful young Ning Fan in the sect, Sinister Sparrow Sect was at the height of its fame.

Streams of light penetrated the clouds and sky. There were the Harmonious Spirit old experts. Some of them who had richer resources went to Sinister Sparrow Sect by using immortal clouds. As for all the famous Gold Core old experts, they travelled with their magnificent voyage ship.

The experts who were responsible for the security of Sinister Sparrow Sect and welcoming the guests were the five hundred Hawk Guards. Each Hawk Guard was above the Sixth Level Vein Opening realm and had an indifferent face. By using their flying hawk demonic beast, they brought the Vein Opening guests to the Purple-Jade Sky Platform, one after another.

The commander of Hawk Guards was Hawk Yang. He was the one responsible for welcoming the guest with status.

Hawk Yang was a middle-aged man with a scarred face in black armor, riding on a 9 meter long silver divine hawk in the sky.

He would welcome any expert who flew their way to the sky platform, but the way he greeted them would largely depend on the guest’s cultivation base.

As a late Harmonious Spirit elder in Sinister Sparrow Sect and the commander of the Hawk Guards, he naturally had his own pride and dignity.

When he greeted Harmonious Spirit experts, he would only exchange a few pleasantries with them. He would smile if he was greeting Gold Core experts. As for those top ten figures in Yue Country and some very honorable figures with old ancestor level, he would show extra respect to them.

“Commander Hawk Yang, nice to meet you. I’m an elder of the Purple Light Sect, Song Xing.”

“Ah, nice to meet you too, Elder Song Xing…” Hawk Yang’s facial expression remained indifferent because Song Xing was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit elder.

“This old man’s name is Qing Chengzi, a rogue cultivator. Greet Commander Hawk Yang.”

“Ah! It’s fellow Qing Cheng. Come, follow me!” Hawk Yang’s tone had become soothing. Despite the fact that Qing Cheng was only a rogue cultivator, he was an early Gold Core old expert that Hawk Yang couldn’t help but respect.

“I’m Lady Yun Hua. I have come here to attend the grand ceremony of Sinister Sparrow Sect.”

“Ahem, I had never expected that Lady would come to watch the battle too. Forgive me for not knowing who you are!” Hawk Yang’s eyes perked up and scanned Lady Yun Hua’s body from top to bottom before gulping a mouthful of saliva.

Lady Yun Hua was known as the most beautiful woman in Yue Country. Although she was only a late Harmonious Spirit expert, there were only very few male cultivators who could stay as apathetic as a stone in front of her. Her husband was the well-known old ancestor of Fire Cloud Sect in Yue Country. It was common tradition in the cultivation world that an old ancestor would have a beautiful match.

The only thing that puzzled Hawk Yang was that why did the highly respected Lady Yun Hua would make the trip to a place like Sinister Sparrow Sect. Anyone knew that Fire Cloud Ancestor was a very narrow-minded man. He would never allow any men to even peep at his wife, let alone letting her leave Fire Cloud Sect.

Now that Lady Yun Hua had come, it had to be the order of Fire Cloud Ancestor. He must have given her an important task for her to accomplish, a task that not even the higher ups of Fire Cloud Sect knew.

Bah! Why do I care so much about other people’s business? If I get involved in any unnecessary trouble, the repercussion will be unimaginable.

When Hawk Yang thought of Fire Cloud Ancestor’s scariness, his body shivered and he immediately shifted his gaze off Lady Yun Hua.

The agreed battle was delayed by half a month, but the guests were happy to wait as 15 days didn’t mean much to them. It wasn’t even enough for any of them to have a short seclusion.

Naturally, the old experts wouldn’t forget exchanging their views on cultivation. Perhaps, this was the simple reason that so many old experts had come to this grand ceremony.

“But this time, the number of experts are unusually plenty.” 

Hawk Yang shook his head and sighed. Immediately after that, an ethereal silhouette emerged in the sky and spoke indifferently.

“That is of course! Naturally, these experts have come to support me!”

The voice sounded out of nowhere, sending chills down Hawk Yang’s back. Quickly, he spun. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the man. In the world of cultivation, it was extremely dangerous to be attacked from behind, even if one was in his own territory.

“Hawk Yang greets Revered Bai!”

Hawk Yang’s eyes revealed a trace of fire as he looked at Bai Feiteng. Revered Bai had advanced again, but he couldn’t detect what level it was. He was afraid that Revered Bai had already reached the bottleneck of the late Gold Core realm.

“No formalities are needed…Has Ning Fan already arrived?”  Bai Feiteng squinted his eyes and spoke in an elderly tone.

“No, Elder Ning isn’t…he’s still in seclusion…”

“Humph! How disrespectful! How could he let a senior wait for him?”

Bai Feiteng frowned with discontentment.

He deliberately delayed coming out of his seclusion by half-a-month so that Ning Fan would have to wait for him. This could also help Ning Fan mold his patience, but unexpectedly, Ning Fan was even more late than him.

“Yes-yes-yes. That Elder Ning sure is rude for letting Revered Bai wait.” Hawk Yang replied hastily with a smile. 

Naturally, he had to say whatever the situation required him to say, but as soon as these words were heard, he could feel a sense of danger even stronger than Revered Bai coming from behind.

For an instant, not only Hawk Yang, but Bai Feiteng too showed a pair of astonished eyes, because not even Bai Feiteng had sensed the movement of this man. They were totally clueless how and when this man emerged!

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