Grasping Evil - Chapter 105 (2)

2/2 chapter!

“10 000 immortal jades that Ning Fan wins!” The blue-clad girl said resolutely.

The beggar studied the girl and found out that she was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert. She shouldn’t be able to see through the abilities of Ning Fan. Perhaps, she had placed this bet because of another reason – wanting to regain Ning Fan’s reputation despite knowing that she would lose the gamble.

It was after all unpleasant to hear when everyone gambled on Ning Fan to lose.

“Do you have 10 000 immortal jades?” The beggar chuckled.

“Of course I have! Dad, lend me your storage pouch for a second!”

The blue-clad girl pulled Sinister Sparrow to the front of the stall by his sleeve. While Sinister Sparrow was forcing a bitter smile, his treasured 10 000 immortal jades were taken away.

“Mei Er, although daddy is the sect master of Sinister Sparrow Sect, daddy shouldn’t waste fortune in such a way.”

“Dad! How could you watch every one of them betting on Ning Fan to lose? How could you!” Lan Mei stared at the beggar with hatred.

The beggar was hateful. She couldn’t accept how he humiliated her hubby. If it wasn’t because of his relationship with the Rain Palace, she would’ve taught him some good lesson.

“Very well, place the bet then.”

Sinister Sparrow decided as he recalled the day when Ning Fan killed Wang Yao. 

Although Bai Feiteng had already devoured the fourth grade Cold Qi, that didn’t mean Ning Fan didn’t have a chance of winning.

“You’re so kind dad!” As Lan Mei was placing her bet, another delicate and slightly angry voice sounded next to her.

“I-I-I, I will bet on Brother Fang winning this match! I-I’ll bet 100 000 immortal jades. Sisi, take out the money!”

Zhihe glared at the beggar like she was glaring at her sworn-enemy.

Lan Mei immediately turned and a trace of sourness flashed in her eyes. Naturally, she knew who this girl was.

She found it hard to believe when she noticed that Zhi He’s cultivation base was already at the early Harmonious Spirit realm.

Secretly, she had investigated the exact details of Seven Apricot City, and she later found out that Zhihe had cultivated for less than a year or had never even really cultivated before. Although she didn’t have any evil intention towards Zhihe now, her heart was full of sourness.

Then, she saw another lady in white standing beside Zhihe. This lady’s cultivation base was undetectable and her looks surely wasn’t any less beautiful than Lan Mei.

Sisi…This lady should also be one of Ning Fan’s cauldrons.

Zhihe has already reached the Harmonious Spirit realm…Sisi is already a Gold Core expert… Ning Fan does have a very good eyesight…but, they have placed 100 000 immortal jades! I can’t lose to them! I have to increase my stake!

“Dad, I also want to place 100 000 immortal jades!” said Lan Mei firmly.

“*cough* *cough* *cough* Dad doesn’t have any more money.”

“Give me, give me everything you got!”

While Sinister Sparrow was showing an expression of helplessness, his daughter took all of his storage pouches.

This time, it was the beggar who was showing an expression of awkwardness.

Will I lose my profits this time…? Ning Fan will definitely win. But if these girls won 200 000 immortal jades from my hands, I can only profit a hundred thousand plus. Ai, I’m always known as the person who never loses. Could it be that I’m going to lose the gamble in Sinister Sparrow Sect? No-no-no, I will not be this unlucky. I, Yun Bushu, will never lose!

In his eyes was a trace of heroic spirit that disdained the whole world. He would never admit defeat even if he was confronting Moksha Emperor. While he was still lost in his contemplation, a cold voice flowed into his ears, giving him the impulse to cough up blood.

“Disciple of Sinister Sparrow Sect, Bai Lu will gamble on Ning Fan winning the match. 10 000 immortal jades will be my stake.”

Bai Lu had been hesitating for a while before deciding to come here.

“You have some, Sister Bai Lu. So it’s true that you and Ning Fan……” Lan Mei smiled deeply.

“Bah! There’s nothing between me and him. It’s just that, since he will win the match, why not I use him to gain some profits for myself? Besides, this pool of money is from all of the sisters in Dual Cultivation Palace. Who doesn’t want to win if there’s a good chance of winning it?”

Bai Lu’s expression was cold and plain, but her eyes were filled with a strand of worry, as if she didn’t think that Ning Fan would win, but there was a dilemma here – she was clueless about whether she was worrying for her money or Ning Fan.

Lan Mei still wasn’t done with Bai Lu yet, but the next moment, another soft and delicate voice was heard. It made the beggar wanted to cry.

“I’m Lady Yun Hua. I’m betting on fellow Ning Fan winning with 100 000 stake!”

When this remark was heard, it caused a commotion in the sky platform. All four of them, Zhihe, Lan Mei, Si Wuxie and Bai Lu’s eyes turned hostile, glaring at the buxom woman.

What relationship does this lady had with Ning Fan? Could it be, could it be…?

The other old experts seemed puzzled.

Could it be that the Fire Cloud Sect was more willing to befriend Ning Fan than Revered Bai? Could the reason be Ning Fan was related to the Black Devil Ning of Ning City? Was this a way for him to please Black Devil Ning?

Or was it because the Fire Cloud Sect was the first one who got the Nascent Forming Pill from Black Devil Ning, so Fire Cloud Sect was trying to show their appreciation?  

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