Grasping Evil - Chapter 106(1) 

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Lady Yun Hua wore a skirt and was standing in a curvy posture. She smiled gently when she saw Lan Mei’s hostile eyes, because she had seen through the meaning behind it. After showing a friendly salute, she left the scene. Immediately, Sinister Sparrow left Lan Mei under the pretence of entertaining the important guest Lady Yun Hua.

The impression left by Lady Yun Hua was indescribably beautiful.

Ning Fan swept through the area from afar with his spirit sense and understood what was going on.

Whether it was Zhi He and Lan Mei placing thousands of immortal jades betting on his victory or Bai Lu’s constant denial, what they did warmed his heart. It didn’t concern him that everyone else was betting on his defeat, because after the match all of them would have their jaws drop.

However, there were two people that caught his attention – Lady Yun Hua and the beggar.

He gazed at Lady Yun Hua from behind with a strange look as he had never met her before. Being a dignified wife of Fire Cloud old ancestor, she wouldn’t come here just to start a love affair with him.

It had to be the ancestor’s order that she’s so nice to him, but it made him wonder why the highly respected Fire Cloud old ancestor would be so kind to a puny Harmonious Spirit expert.

Could it be to make friends with the great grandson of Black Devil Ning? If they were doing this just for one Nascent Pill, the price that they paid was too much. In other countries, 100 000 immortal jades were enough to buy two Nascent Pills. 

Naturally, Fire Cloud Sect is showing their kindness, but why to me?

This matter made him fall into contemplation, but he shuddered when his gaze was fell to the beggar. He had seen this man before!

During the battle with Moksha Emperor in Seven Apricot City, this was one of the three great Void Fragmentation experts who had forced Moksha Emperor back into his world. 

His eyes turned stern, wondering the purpose of this man coming to the Sinister Sparrow Sect. Could it be something related to him, or he had just come here to cheat people’s fortune.

Secretly, he scanned the beggar using his spirit sense and found out that this man’s cultivation base was beyond his ability to read. In addition, he could sense a vague aura running around his body – it was the Void Spirit Intent!

When the Void Spirit Intent slightly touched Ning Fan’s spirit sense, immediately, Ning Fan felt himself being petrified, his sea of consciousness started to crumble. Then, the scenes of memory in his mind began to reverse and fade.

Sure enough, this is that Void Fragmentation old expert that I saw that day. I’m afraid his Void Spirit Intent is related to erasing memories!

A dim silver light appeared in his body. After a moment of violent struggle, he escaped from its grip and withdrew his spirit sense. He let out a sigh, and with a flash, he emerged in front of the stall. 

As a dignified Void Fragmentation old expert, this man was truly eccentric to come to a Gold Core evil sect to gamble. Ning Fan had a somewhat good impression of him because that day before this man left Seven Apricot City, he had treated the wounds of some evil cultivators using his magical strength.

But despite Ning Fan’s pleasant impression of him, he had exploited Ning Fan for his business, so that he could cheat the money of the other old experts. Ning Fan couldn’t turn a blind eye to this and there was no harm on betting on his own victory.

“I bet on Ning Fan’s victory, 50 000 immortal jades.”

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and took out a bulk of immortal jades. For a moment, the beggar felt like weeping but had no tears. Adding Ning Fan’s betting amount, he would never earn a single dime. He was afraid that all the 300 000 immortal jades he earned would all have to be used to pay Ning Fan and the girls.

As for the four girls, when they heard Ning Fan’s voice, they hastily turned around with varied facial expressions.

“Brother Fan! I miss you very much…”

“Ning Fan, you have come out from seclusion…”



The soft humph was naturally made by Bai Lu. It eased her heart when she saw Ning Fan’s presence, but very quickly, her face darkened and she walked away.

Ning Fan’s face and eyes were filled with complex expression, but instantly, his arms were enshrouded by a familiar fragrance.

Zhi He… this girl had started to grow after half a year. He couldn’t believe that this silly girl was able to break through to the Harmonious Spirit realm. Her inborn obsequious physique surely was monstrous.

“Brother Fan, this stinking beggar has bet on your defeat. It infuriates me very much…” Zhi He pointed to the beggar and complained. It made Ning Fan wonder whether he should laugh or cry.

“No need to be angry. He’s going to give us the money anyway. This place isn’t suitable for talking. Sisi, let’s go and find a seat.”

Ning Fan sounded relaxed, totally ignoring the fact that the beggar was a Void Fragmentation old expert. He pulled Lan Mei, Zhi He and Si Wuxie along with him.

After a while, the beggar’s gaze changed, revealing a hint of doubt, but immediately, he shook his head, looking at Ning Fan disappointingly.

“He looks very alike… but the Clan’s Jade didn’t show any response. This kid doesn’t have the Rain Jades. He isn’t the man Big Brother is looking for. I suppose the clue to Haining Ning Family has ended here…”

He waved his palm and took out a blue jade the shape of a raindrop. Then, disappointment filled his face, and promptly after that, his eyes turned blank as if he had forgotten everything.

“Uh? What happened to me just now? Eh? Why are there so many immortal jades here? Haha! It must be those idiotic trashes giving away their money to me, but I wonder if they are betting to Ning Fan’s defeat or to a draw. Let me check… Lan Mei of Sinister Sparrow, 100 000 immortal jades on Ning Fan’s victory! Zhi He and Sisi of Ning City, 100 000 immortal jades on Ning Fan’s victory! Bai Lu of Sinister Sparrow Sect, 10 000 immortal jades on Ning Fan’s victory! Yun Hua of Fire Cloud Sect, 100 000 immortal jades on Ning Fan’s victory, and… and Ning Fan, 50 000 immortal jades on Ning Fan’s victory! Ah, how could this happen? Why have so many people betted on Ning Fan’s victory? Dear me! I won’t be making any big profits this time! And instead I’m going to lose a lot!”

His eyes darted a glance at Ning Fan and the other girl and murmured:“Very alike. The sight of his back was very alike to Big Brother Yun Tianjue. Could it be him? But we have just met. Damn this memory! I have forgotten to predict the result. Did the Rain Jade shine just now…? I don’t think so…Well, this is hard. Eight hundred cultivation countries are looking for the same person, but when will he be found…?”


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