Grasping Evil - Chapter 106(2)

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Ning Fan still didn’t have a clue about the beggar’s intention, although he had heard before about the Rain Palace asking the help of eight hundred countries of cultivators to seek for one person. He didn’t know that this matter was actually related to him.

After taking Zhi He and the other girls back to their seats, his relaxed expression suddenly turned serious.

He felt a tremendous suppressing sensation coming from the young beggar. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to feel this pressure as they couldn’t even sense the Void Spirit Intent from the beggar. However, Ning Fan was able to sense it due to the Sword Consciousness, a consciousness that was on par with Void Fragmentation realm.

This young-looking beggar with Void Fragmentation cultivation definitely was scary. Unless he reached the sixth stage in the cultivation realm of the Void Refinement realm, otherwise he should forget about confronting a Void Fragmentation expert.

“Brother Fan, why didn’t you teach that beggar a lesson?” Zhi He flung her head up, seeming indignant.

“Silly girl…okay. Stay here with Sisi obediently and wait for me.” There were some things which he couldn’t explain to Zhi He because knowing more wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

He shifted his gaze to the centre of the Purple-Jade Sky Platform. It was an empty battlefield with a range of 3 kilometres specially designed for the two main combatants today, Ning Fan and Revered Bai. 

Ning Fan, what are the odds of you winning…? If you don’t wish to battle, I can ask my dad for help… Lan Mei bit her lips and said. What she said might be unpleasant to hear to a man who was prideful and arrogant. She was afraid that Ning Fan would blame her if she told him this, but at the same time, she was worried that Ning Fan would be bullied and insulted by Revered Bai.

There are no need for worries. I will win in this battle!

Ning Fan’s eyes turned grim. The eye-catching icy light shot past the group of people and stopped at the middle of the battlefield. 

Immediately, the entrance stirred up the emotions of the whole crowd.

“Ning Fan has appeared! Next, we only have to wait for Revered Bai before our gamble begins.”

“This is…peak Harmonious Spirit cultivation! *Hiss!* During the examination in the Demon Sinister Forest, I remembered that this youth was merely a late Harmonious Spirit expert. In just half a year of time, he has already broken through a small realm!”

“Not only that, this kid’s magical strength can obviously be noticed. He must have brought it to a very high realm. Then again, it was only half a year of time. I have to say that this youth has undergone an extraordinary transformation!”

“Unfortunately, his opponent is Revered Bai. Ai, he is still young after all. It’s a good thing for him if he encounters defeat. That way, he can sharpen and mould himself even better.”

Words of either surprise, doubt, praise and derogation coming from the audience had fallen into Ning Fan’s ears, but none of these words could shake his mental state.

“To mould myself to become better…? If I had that kind of mindset, how will I able to destroy Mosha Emperor a hundred years later? Perhaps, it’s better for me to hide myself all the time. If I couldn’t win over Bai Feiteng in this battle, I won’t be able to achieve anything a hundred years later.”

He closed both of his eyes with his hands behind his back, feeling the various mentality from countless of experts, which was like a phenomenon of going on across the world.

Three days had already passed, but Ning Fan was still standing motionlessly at the centre of the Jade Platform, recalling the restraining murderous Qi of the four words’ Death for the Monarch. Despite his gradually diminishing Qi, it had stirred up many people’s soul because it was as stable as a mountain, as deep as the ocean, as concealing as a thread, as sharp as a sword and as stunning as a rainbow.

The absence of Bai Feiteng for three days had given plenty of young experts the urge to mount a challenge at Ning Fan.

They are Hong Qi who was ranked number seven in the Young Devil Talent, Wu Ya who was ranked number fifteenth in the Young Devil Talent and Bai Bi who was ranked forty-seventh in the Young Devil Talent. 

There was one more, an expert named Zhong Mie who was ranked number two in the Young Devil Talent and from the Corpse Seizing Sect. He was a peak Harmonious Spirit expert!

Young Devi Talent was the list of outstanding youths amongst the devil cultivators in Yue Country. These youths were vibrant and vigorous. They were goaded by Bai Bi to challenge Ning Fan.

Bai Bi might have inherited Revered Bai’s mind set because he too couldn’t stand watching Ning Fan being in the limelight. 

“Ning Fan, do you dare to have a match with me? You claimed yourself as the number one person under Gold Core realm, but I don’t believe it!” Zhong Mie revealed a smirk when he heard Bai Bi’s provoking words, and took out his magical treasure, seemingly ready to attack at any second.

“Get lost!”

Ning Fan’s eyes were still close while facing his provokers. Both of his legs stepped on the ground. Immediately, countless of white bone sword shadow shot out from the ground with a sword light the shape of a bloodline drifting through illusions.

A stream of sword Qi slashed at the young experts including Zhong Mie. Bai Bi was fazed, the ends of his robe was truncated by the Qi.

It was the White Bone Mountain Sword Qi! Ning Fan was able to arouse it with his finger and legs and not everyone below the Gold Core realm could handle this sword Qi.

Ning Fan was lenient in his attack, otherwise, these few youths would all be killed by this slash.

It was only a single sword strike but it had defeated all the young talents in Yue Country! The so-called Young Devil Talent was never a match for Ning Fan.

Instead of showing a contented look, he seemed as if he had expected such a result! Up until now, he had yet to open his eyes, but the trace of killing intent exuded from his body shook everyone’s heart and soul!

Therefore, the only opponent that could allow him to use his true strength was those old monsters!

“Bai Feiteng! How long do you want to hide?”

“Hide? Why does this old man need to hide?”

A ray of icy light descended from the sky before Revered Bai emerged. He then darted an unkind glare at the disgraceful Bai Bi.

If it wasn’t because of Bai Bi ruining his reputation, he would be absent for a few more days to make Ning Fan wait. He deeply believed that he could never lose a match against the disciple of Han Yuanji, but naturally it would be better if he really won the match.

Facing Ning Fan a hundred steps away from him, he spoke coldly.

“Elder Ning, if you admit your defeat at this moment and hand over the Supreme Rank Spiritual Treasure, you can avoid making a fool of yourself.”

Bai Feiteng spoke firmly. The purple Qi that flashed in his eyes made numerous old experts’ heart shiver.

That gaze is absolutely chilling. Could this be the power of the fourth grade cold Qi? Hmm…only a Nascent Soul expert is eligible to devour such a cold Qi, but Bai Feiteng was able to consume it when he is only an intermediate Gold Core expert, which means he can now fight a late Gold Core expert!

“Humph…! This old man is still as meddlesome for engaging a fight with a junior…” There was a late Gold Core elder named Elder Song Feng sitting on the seat of the Great Void Sect, staring Bai Feiteng with dread.

Neither victory nor defeat could be determined from the both of them, but after witnessing the fourth grade cold Qi of Bai Feiteng, he doubted if his current strength was on par with Bai Feiteng’s. 

Every one of them who knew Revered Bai’s reputation was filled with eager anticipation, wanting to see Revered Bai’s true means.

“Bai Old Man, show some mercy to the junior…”

Yan Bai, also known as Revered Black, the master of Yan Zhuiyun and the old swordsman in black, spoke in a clear voice.

As a late Gold Core elder of Sinister Sparrow Sect, he naturally didn’t wish to see Bai Feiteng and Ning Fan fight to their death, even though he also didn’t like Ning Fan’s master very much.

“Don’t worry! He won’t die! this old man will let him attack three times first!” Bai Feiteng’s tone was extremely proud. With his current strength, he could even fight a late Gold Core expert. If he was still afraid of a Harmonious Spirit Ning Fan, his life would’ve probably been wasted.

However, just as his arrogant words faded, Ning Fan opened his pair of eyes for the first time.

A sharp and suppressive killing intent flashed past his eyes. It was so strong it made the old experts on the scene suck in a breath of cold air and disturbed the calmness in their minds. As Bai Feiteng was the closest to Ning Fan, he was forced 10 steps back because of this gaze, seemingly flustered!

Bai Feiteng was astonished to find that instead of his morale being reduced after three days of senseless waiting, Ning Fan’s fighting spirit was pumped up instead.

With a sudden wave of his right hand, a 2.3 m long and 0.3 m wide huge White Bone Sword materialized on his palm. Then, a bang was heard when one foot of the Purple Jade Platform was smashed by the sword.

“I have waited for you for three days…today, you are going to lose.”

His Qi had already reached its peak. Such a Qi could certainly draw the fear even from the illusory clouds in the sky. At this moment, Bai Feiteng wasn’t the only one who was shocked, even the beggar youth clasped his thigh and stood up in shock!

“Is this the aura of an Immortal Sovereign?! No…it isn’t…I have sensed it wrongly…”

The beggar youth showed a regrettable look. He sighed deeply after knowing that Ning Fan wasn’t the person he was looking for.

The clash between a Harmonious Spirit expert and a Gold Core expert wasn’t supposed to astonish him, but just now, he had been astounded by Ning Fan for a few times. From Ning Fan’s means, it indicated Ning Fan’s extraordinary origin.

“If I had known about this, I would’ve gamble how many strikes Ning Fan needed to win the match! I would’ve gambled that he only needed three strikes!” The beggar’s eyes sparkled, seeming serious for the first time.

It was also the first time that something had developed beyond his expectation, because Ning Fan hadn’t used any magical technique but a body refining technique.

“Eighteen-Meter Body!” Ning Fan’s body glittered with silver light, then started growing muscular and taller. 

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