Grasping Evil - Chapter 107(1) 

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Ning Fan’s five-meter tall body with his two-meter sword and the silvery light his body emitted made countless of old experts suck in a breath of cold air.

A five meter tall body was considered an extremely common body refining technique in Yue Country, but the silvery light radiating from his body gave the old experts a sense of threat down their spines.

“This-this is, the Silver Bone realm!” Some of the old experts immediately exclaimed! They were very astounded, because if this was really the Silver Bone realm, Ning Fan’s physical strength alone was already enough to fight a Nascent Soul cultivator, and it would make him the number one person in Yue Country.

But immediately, a meticulous old expert discovered that although the silvery light radiating from Ning Fan’s body was powerful, it still lacked something from the rumored ‘silvery light converging into the bones’.

“It turns out that it isn’t the true Silver Bone realm… almost scared this old man to death…”

The old ancestor of Great Demon Sect, Ju Bo, a late Gold Core body refining cultivator that came from Wu Country, wiped off the beads of cold sweat from his forehead. He heard that some kind of grand event was going on as he passed by Yue Country, but he had never thought that he would see such a shocking scene.

One should know that there was an ancient body refining technique named Great Demon Technique, a demon technique that originated from the Endless Sea in Rain Immortal World. He was only able to reach the stage of silver transparent body after five hundred years of drudgery training. That was already strong enough for him to kill Gold Core cultivators, but it still seemed slightly weaker than Ning Fan’s silvery light.

He heaved a sigh of relief after realizing that Ning Fan wasn’t possessing the true Silver Bone, but a trace of admiration started to grow in his eyes for the first time.

As for those non-body refining cultivators, despite knowing that it wasn’t the true Silvery Bone, they were still not able to determine the true physical strength of Ning Fan. In other words, only Ju Bo knew that Ning Fan had the strength of punching Gold Core experts to death.

“The number one person amongst cultivators under the Gold Core realm…*cough* *cough* *cough*, the people of Yue Country have underestimated this kid. In this old man’s point of view, there are only very few early Gold Core experts who can defeat this kid.”

Ju Bo made the evaluation based on Ning Fan’s body refining technique. If he knew that Ning Fan had other trump cards, he would never make such an easy conclusion.

As for Bai Feiteng, he apparently still didn’t know Ning Fan’s ability.

Even though he could see the power of Ning Fan’s physical cultivation technique, he still failed to see the extraordinariness of the silver light. So, he concluded that he would be able to withstand Ning Fan’s attacks. Even if it was too much for him to handle, his speed would certainly surpass Ning Fan’s. That was why a body refining technique had to be accompanied by a movement technique, otherwise no matter how powerful a person was, if he can’t catch up to his opponent, his power would only be useless.

Regardless of how powerful Ning Fan’s physique was, he was doomed to be defeated if his speed couldn’t catch up to his opponent.

“This kid is after all still too young…” Bai Feiteng smiled coldly. Before him, the giant Ning Fan lifted the huge sword and charged forward like a frenzied devil. As he stepped on the ice rainbow, his speed was already fast enough to pursue any early Gold Core cultivator, but such speed was still not enough to match Bai Feiteng’s!

Moreover, in order to assure his own safety, Bai Feiteng had other hidden means. He stepped on the ground creating a 300 hundred meter icy light that condensed into an icy light immortal cloud that had four Cloud Marks inscribed on it.

“*Hiss!* Four Marks Immortal Cloud! This Bai Feiteng actually has such means. Does this mean that not even an early Nascent Soul expert could overtake this man if the latter isn’t using Instant Movement?”

“Not only that, this immortal cloud is a Natal Immortal Cloud!” Elder Song Feng of Great Void Sect’s eyes turned grim as he spoke solemnly.

Natal Immortal Cloud!

When these words were spread out, it instantly caused a commotion from the crowd of cultivators. Only an immortal cloud of supreme rank had a chance to be refined into a Natal Immortal Cloud that could be kept inside one’s body and had the spirit augmentation divine ability. If the level of Cloud Marks were upgraded, it could even increase the level of the Natal Immortal Cloud. 

In short, this was an immortal cloud that could still be enhanced!

Elder Song Feng was staring at Bei Feiteng with uncontrollable fear. Ten years ago, he and Bai Feiteng had a match that lasted several days and nights, but no victor was determined, however, Bai Feiteng didn’t use the Natal Immortal Cloud during their battle, this only meant that he was holding back his ability. Now, it seemed like even Song Feng, also known as the rival of Bai Feiteng, had underestimated his opponent.

Once the Natal Immortal Cloud was summoned, Bai Feiteng moved in lightning speed. He retreated 300 meters back almost immediately, pulling himself further away from Ning Fan.

At the same time, he patted his storage pouch and summoned an astounding icy light flying sword. Every cultivator who knew this sword sat upright and revealed a fiery gaze from their eyes.

It was no ordinary sword! Its body was like an icy rainbow, it could move as fast as lightning and a vague dragon’s roar could be heard from it as it flew.

“Hornless Ice Dragon Sword! This is one of Revered Bai’s finest magical treasures, however, he already summoned it at the beginning of their battle!”

“*Tsk* *Tsk* *Tsk*, look at Bai Feiteng’s flying sword technique. It’s the imperial swordsman law named Seven Sword Art that came from the wind sword pavilion of Chu Country – a mid-ranked cultivation country. According to rumors, there are only a few of them who know such a difficult swordsman law, but he was able to cultivate it. He deserves to be called Revered Bai.”

The sound of tongues clicking and praises could be heard without end and when these words fell on Bai Feiteng’s ears, he felt particularly delighted.

The reason he summoned the Natal Immortal Cloud and Hornless Ice Dragon Sword was because Ning Fan’s Qi was overwhelming and his silvery light was too strange.

Despite his arrogance, Bai Feiting was still a cautious man. It was just that when he saw Ning Fan couldn’t catch up to him this whole time, he started to reveal a trace of pride and the dread inside of him turned into a cold sneer.

“How can a dignified cultivator learn something so burly, something that only uses a massive force to swing and slash? And that huge sword of yours seems funny and clumsy. How could it possibly catch up to  agile cultivators? In that case, let this old man teach you what a sword really is. Flying Sword! Go!”

This time, Bai Feiteng no longer held back. He kept the immortal cloud. A chilling intent was emitted from his eyes. With a sudden switch of spell, the flying Hornless Ice Dragon Sword immediately let out a howl; then spiraled along with cold Qi towards Ning Fan’s direction.

For an instant, Ning Fan’s body was enshrouded by the cold Qi, he could vaguely feel his magical power turning sluggish. 70% of his magical power had been restricted by the Qi.

“This is a Spirit Augmentation Divine Ability, Ice Lock!”

Ning Fan’s eyes twitched, and immediately, he saw through the technique of the cold QI.

The Hornless Ice Dragon Sword! This is a high-grade-early-rank magical treasure and one of the finest magical treasures of Revered Bai. The Ice Lock divine ability was attached to it and its cold Qi could envelop the surrounding area, causing the enemy’s magical strength to be suppressed. For Harmonious Spirit cultivators, at least 30% of their magical power would be frozen!

Such Spirit Augmentation Divine Ability seemed to be a Nascent realm ability, he hadn’t expected that Bai Feiteng had acquired such an ability.

Immediately after Ning Fan’s magical power was frozen, a flash of light shot out from the Hornless Ice Dragon Sword towards Ning Fan’s chest.

Sure enough, Bai Feiteng’s imperial swordsman law was a unique technique, freezing the opponent’s cultivation, then suddenly sending a lethal strike. If Bai Feiteng hadn’t shifted his aim an inch away from Ning Fan’s vital point, it was afraid that Ning Fan would already be dead on the spot, however, even if the attack only penetrated through Ning Fan’s chest without hitting his vital point, Ning Fan would still be severely injured.

A cold light glittered in Ning Fan’s eyes. He had nothing to fear even though his enemy was using an extraordinary technique!

A trace of black fire flashed in his eyes, and almost instantly, the cold Qi that was freezing his magical power was incinerated to nothingness.

The recovered Ning Fan stared at the oncoming sword. His eyes sparkled as he swung the huge sword and created a gale, slashing at the tip of the icy sword.

When Bai Feiteng saw Ning Fan’s reaction from a distance, he uttered a cold sneer. “Ignorance! Your sword has no magical power and its grade and rank is evidently not a good as mine. As such, your sword would surely be crushed by rashly colliding your sword with mine.”

But in the next moment, his sneer turned to astonishment.


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