Grasping Evil - Chapter 107(2)

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It was broken! But it wasn’t Ning Fan’s huge sword that was broken, it was his Hornless Dragon Ice Sword!

When the power of Ning Fan’s huge sword was unleashed, Bai Feiteng only found out that the bulky-looking and ridiculous sword was actually a peak-medium-grade magical treasure!

Furthermore, there was a vague rumble of lightning when the two metals collided.

It wasn’t the huge body of the sword that crushed Revered Bai’s sword, it was the lightning intent in the sword, but it wasn’t a Spirit Augmentation Divine Ability! So what was it?!

“This was the heavenly tribulation lightning-string of lightning water! Although it’s extremely indistinct, there is no mistake about it… This kid does have a great luck to forge a divine weapon with lightning water.” The beggar’s eyes sparkled while staring at Ning Fan.

The force of the strike was 5000 kilograms! When the huge sword slashed on the Hornless Dragon Ice Sword, it created a thunderous sound, and immediately, cracks appeared on the ice sword. The brightness of the sword grew dim. Then, it spiraled backwards to its wielder.

Bai Feiteng revealed a glum expression and held the Hornless Dragon Ice Sword. Given how serious the sword had been damaged, it would be difficult to restore it to its peak state!

“Ning Fan, this old man has been lenient to you, so why did you damage my magical treasure?!” Revered Bai bellowed.

“Excuse me? Inflicting me a serious injury is considered ‘lenient’? Very well, today, I won’t kill you, I’ll just injure you so severely that’ll be ‘lenient’ to you!”

Spirit sense flashed past Ning Fan’s eyes; in the next moment, he vanished without a trace!

It’s not just Bai Feiteng who felt a shiver run down his spine, but also all the peak Golden Immortal experts and even Sinister Sparrow, none of them could sense Ning Fan’s location or where he would send his next attack!

“What level of Body Concealing Art is this?!” Bai Feiteng’s facial expression darkened as he couldn’t see Ning Fan’s route of attack. Because he couldn’t decide where he should move with the immortal cloud, he simply distanced himself away from the scene.

Ning Fan’s silhouette emerged behind him while he was still slightly hesitating. His hair stood on end. Then, instantly, he flew backwards using the immortal cloud at maximum speed!

“You can’t escape from me!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. He swung the huge sword violently, creating a flash of lightning that brought the accelerating immortal cloud to a halt!

This wasn’t body lock, but the heavenly tribulation lock!

“This-this is… not possible!”

After breaking through to the late Gold Core realm, a cultivator would confront the heavenly tribulations one after another. The power of the heavenly tribulation varied according to the lightning, fire and wind element, and its intensity, but there was one thing in common amongst all the tribulations. There was absolutely no way for one to avoid them.

This was because the heavenly tribulation was the Heaven’s might and will. No matter how smart a person was, how could he ever hide himself from the Heavens? Either it was the Immortal Cloud Escaping Technique or the Nascent Instant Movement or Spirit Severing Big Teleportation Technique, none of them could help a person to slip past Heavens will. Once the person was locked by the Heavens will, that person had already fallen into a frozen mode. Even though he could still move his body, he wouldn’t be able to use any escaping technique!

The heavenly tribulation lock wasn’t the only thing that shocked Bai Feiteng, but also Ning Fan’s sword, Bai Feiteng could feel the Heaven’s might from the metal. Apart from Revered Bai, most of the old experts were also intrigued by Ning Fan’s sword.

However, Bai Feiteng didn’t have the time to stay in shock because Ning Fan’s sword was already right above his head.

As he didn’t cultivate Body Refining Technique, it made it impossible for him to escape from Ning Fan’s sword light. In that case, he could only face it head-on! In such a close distance, he wasn’t able to send out the flying sword to wound his enemy. As his reputation as the Revered Bai was at stake here, even if he had no way to run, he had to confront it with everything he got! This was the ruthlessness that had kept him alive until today.

Mercilessness glinted in his eyes. He lifted the Hornless Dragon Ice Sword, welcoming Ning Fan’s huge sword. In his opinion, no matter how physically strong Ning Fan was, Ning Fan’s magical power was a few realms lower than his. Plus, with the suppression he inflicted on Ning Fan’s magical power, it wouldn’t be hard for him to win the battle! 

However, he underestimated Ning Fan’s physical strength too much!

The Ancient Beast Protecting Wristband on Ning Fan’s right wrist emitted a faint glow and a rush of demon Qi was channeled into his body, boosting his physical strength by 30 percent!

This strike would be as heavy as 6500 kilograms!

When both metals collided, Bai Feiteng felt a violent shake from his mouth before his mouth was torn open and blood flowed out. The massive force of his opponent’s sword was spread from his sword to his arm and chest, causing his blood and Qi to boil, and immediately, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and his sword slipped away from his grip. However, he still managed block Ning Fan’s sword strike!

However, Ning Fan was far from stopping. Another slash was made right after that!

The power of the second strike was even stronger, it initiated the might of lightning! Fear started to grow in Bai Feiteng’s heart, but he had no choice other than blocking this second slash. This time, he used the unfamiliar Gold Core sword intent named Heavenly Devil Sword. He burned his blood essence and sent out a defensive attack forcefully.

In spite of that, Bai Feiteng’s blood and Qi went chaotic under the great shock, and he spurted another mouthful of blood out. His face began to pale. Apparently, the injuries he suffered weren’t light.

Nervousness overtook his composure. He bit the tip of his tongue with his teeth, preparing to utilize the blood escaping technique to escape from the heavenly tribulation lock, but Ning Fan’s sword was faster!

The bulky and huge sword was supposed to be heavy and slow, but when Ning Fan held it in his hands, it could move so free and fast, like it was made out of feather.

For the third strike, Ning Fan activated the sword intent named White Bone Mountain!

Countless of White Bone Sword Shadow emerged within three hundred meters range. Above the sword light of the huge sword, all the killing intent had converge to form a blood-red line.

That line seemed unreal and illusory, but when it was captured by Bai Feiteng’s eyes, his expression changed to fright.

“Line… that’s the Line of Law! What sword intent is this?”

On the third strike, the Hornless Dragon Sword Ice was broken! Ning Fan’s sword intent swept across Bai Feiteng, causing him to spew out blood like crazy!

If it wasn’t for the blood escaping technique, he would have been injured badly by this strike!

His heart was filled with amazement. Quickly, he moved to a far distance away from Ning Fan, took out a purplish-red bead and crushed it.

Immediately, both of his eyes changed, his left eye turned purple and his right eye turned red, giving birth to an ability that could see through any concealing techniques. This made Ning Fan’s expression change slightly.

“Breaking Illusion Bead! It allows one to see through a Nascent cultivator’s concealing techniques and eradicate all illusions of Nascent realm formations. Its value is immeasurable… I had never thought that you would use such an item in a mere gambling match”

Ning Fan had yet to use his most powerful trump card, but Bai Feiteng had already been forced to a dead end.

It was true that he had become stronger, but it wouldn’t be easy to win this match by just using his physical strength.

Bai Feiteng was an opponent that couldn’t be underestimated. He was a man who had experienced numerous battles and seen countless deaths. He was able to block the previous three strikes that should have defeated him. 

However, Ning Fan believed that if he persisted in the struggle, he would win as he believed that he had such capability!

Each and every cultivator on the Purple-Jade Sky Platform couldn’t help but be shocked upon seeing that Bai Feiteng used the Breaking Illusion Bead.

Initially, all of them were very optimistic about Revered Bai defeating Ning Fan. 

But the reality showed the opposite: Ning Fan was the one who suppressed Revered Bai instead! Currently, Ning Fan wasn’t short of breath or anything, but Bai Feiteng had already suffered heavy injuries.

“This is…impossible!”

Bai Bi couldn’t believe what he saw. He understood that he lost to Ning Fan because of their gap in strength, but how could his father, a well-known person and had a cultivation higher than Ning Fan, be forced to such a state?!

The pride in his heart was crushed for the first time and turned into a trace of misery.

Not possible…Bai Bi gritted his teeth, but there was no way that he could change the fact.

Zhi He’s delicate mouth went wide while looking at the fight. She had never thought that her Brother Fan would be so powerful. Although Brother Fan had always been all-powerful in her heart, this was her first time seeing Ning Fan’s ruthlessness.

As for Lan Mei, she revealed a look of pride, as if she wanted to tell everyone that the heroic figure on the stage was her husband.

Si Wuxie, on the other hand, was the only one who had the opposite expression. Her eyes seemed gloomy from time to time, as if she was having some kind of conflicting thoughts. She shook her head wearily to brush off the thoughts, but there was no laughter that they usually had between her and Zhi He after that. 

The beggar gazed at Ning Fan’s heroic huge sword with solemn eyes.

“Giant Sword… Ancient Fiendgod…is this kid trying to cultivate the Body and Essence Dual Cultivation…? This kid possess the Immemorial Evil Vein, but which is better, my Rain Sovereign Divine Vein or his Immemorial Evil Vein, I’m not sure…Ai! He’s just a junior after all. If I compare myself to him, I’m going to downgrade myself drastically…”

Compared to Bai Feiteng, this beggar obviously looked more heroic and carefree. 

But when he thought about Ning Fan and Ning Fan’s wives who were going to win all his earnings away, he felt a pang of pain.

His Treasure Amassing Vase was a fake. It was used for cheating other people’s immortal jades and he had set up a gambling stall with much difficulty. Could it be that he had to give away all this fortune to Ning Fan and his girls?

Despite all that, he still had to cheer for Ning fan in his heart, hoping that Ning Fan would win.

If Ning Fan won, his earnings would offset the money he paid out to the winners, reaching a break-even.

But if Ning Fan lost or the outcome was a draw, he would have to pay a hundred or even a thousand times of the earnings he got. That would make him lose everything and become a real beggar.

“If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have come to Sinister Sparrow Sect to conduct my search… See, I’m losing all the fortune this time…En? What did I say just now?” The beggar forgot what he said once more. 

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