Grasping Evil - Chapter 108(1) 

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“Body refining techniques sure are powerful…if my escaping light was faster and my body refining technique was stronger, it wouldn’t be hard for me to get rid of Bai Feiteng in one strike… This is how the ancient Fiendgods fought in battle!”

Fervent emotion flashed past Ning Fan’s eyes as there were numerous thousands-meters-size Fiendgods that could destroy the Immortal Cave Star with just a single punch in Ancient Chaos’ memory!

He retracted his magical body and gently let out a mouthful of breath. Then, he put away the huge sword and spat out the starlight Separation Flying Sword.

He stared at Revered Bai indifferently. It drew fear out of Revered Bai’s grim face and caused him to move half a step backwards.

That was fright. The previous collisions between their swords, physical power and magical strength terrified Bai Feiteng!

He made a chant in his heart to brush off the fear and recover his cold and proud expression.

I still have the Myriad Soul Streamer and Purple Loathe Ice Frost. Besides, I have already used the Breaking Illusion Bead. He won’t be able to get near me with that concealing technique anymore. As such, I WONT LOSE!

Pride and self-confidence once again surfaced on Revered Bai’s face. Although it wasn’t as strong and firm as before, it had won Ning Fan’s respect for the first time.

Regardless of what cultivation this man had, he was an old expert who had lived hundreds of years; his mental state was extremely calm. If there was one thing that made Ning Fan inferior to Bai Feiteng, it would be Ning Fan’s mental state. Because Ning Fan had yet to eliminate his own Heart’s Devil and form the Gold Core, his mental state would never be as firm as Revered Bai.

However, while in battle, one shouldn’t focus on weakness but strength! One would only need to use his strongest skill to determine the result. As for those foolish mortals, even though they learned everything about Poetry, Documents, Rites and Changes, they weren’t proficient in any of those studies, which one would doubt if any of those knowledge could be put to use.

Ning Fan removed all the worries about incompetence, and indistinctly, this enhanced his mental state once more. 

I’d be regarded as strong if I can defeat my enemy! Even if my mental state , cultivation law and experience isn’t as great and powerful as his!

Ning Fan’s expression changed dramatically. Those Harmonious Spirit cultivators might not know that Ning Fan’s mental state had already improved, but for the Gold Core experts, each and every one of them knew that this was the sign of a mental state breakthrough.

This kid must have monstrous talent to be able to achieve a breakthrough in battle!

Except for Bai Feiteng whose eyelids twitched, seeming as if he had returned to his usual temperament, couldn’t accept the fact that Ning Fan alone was receiving all the praises.

Just a deliberate attempt to mystify all the people! This time, this old man will never give you the chance to use your body refining technique. This old man will let you know the scariness of my Myriad Soul Streamer!

His face darkened. He patted his storage pouch and took out a blood-red soul streamer. It glittered with brilliance and its rolling Evil Qi rushed forward. Within it was the sound of the gloomy cries of ghosts and this made people wonder how many lives Revered White had killed and what was the total number of souls in the soul streamer.

As the soul streamer was summoned out, astonishment glinted in the old experts’ eyes. They couldn’t believe that Revered White used his most powerful magical treasure, the Myriad Soul Streamer, on the second round of battle! How could a Harmonious Spirit junior force him to such an extent?!

A moment later, after a slight hesitation, Bai Feiteng immediately took out a black heavy armour and draped it over his shoulder.  

“This is… the Profound Heavy Amor, a Peak Gold Rank Spirit Equipment! It can block the full-fledged attack of an intermediate Gold Core expert.”

Those old experts, one after another, narrowed their eyes into a slit, especially the old enemy of Revered Bai – Elder Song Feng.

“Old man Bai, I didn’t expect you to have such spirit equipments. If you had these items back in our battle, I would have been defeated by you. Truly, you are a person who keeps your own counsel…”

Bai Feiteng’s heart settled down after summoning the Myriad Soul Streamer and Profound Heavy Armour. It was insulting enough for him to use these two trump cards, if he still couldn’t defeat Ning Fan after this, he should just get a beancurd and knocked his head to death!

He stared sneeringly at Ning Fan, however, he couldn’t detect any sign of fear in Ning Fan’s eyes.

Ning Fang glanced at the two magical treasures of Revered Bai disdainfully.

Myriad Soul Streamer… it was created out of tens of thousands of souls and blood. Once it is casted out, even a late Gold Core cultivator would find it hard to deal with it… however, it isn’t difficult for me to break it! That Profound Heavy Armour is just like a turtle shell. Although there’s only a minor difference between his Peak Gold Rank Spirit Equipment and the Profound Jade, unfortunately, it would be just a piece of cake to break it as well!

No boiling combat intent or nervousness could be found in Ning Fan’s eyes, except composure. Wang Yao was able to send a sense of danger and crisis down Ning Fan’s spine, but apparently, Revered Bai was still far from creating such an impact. 

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