Grasping Evil - Chapter 108(2)

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“With your current state, you can still go if you choose to give up now…”

Ning Fan’s tone was flat, but this undoubtedly made Revered Bai the laughing stock of others. 

“My current state? I have already summoned my trump cards. You must be joking! You are nothing without your body refining technique!”

Bai Feiteng swung the soul streamer. Innumerable wailing ghosts with empty eye sockets and bloody teeth drifted towards Ning Fan like a bank of dark cloud.

The strength of each of these souls was only at the Seventh Level Vein Opening. To Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core experts, killing these ghosts would be a piece of cake, however, the distinguishing feature of this streamer was that the ghosts inside was limitless and inexhaustible!

Ten thousand ants could bite an elephant to death and ten thousand ghosts could devour an immortal Buddha completely! If Ning Fan couldn’t break the master soul, he would fall into a dangerous situation.

The master soul had the ability to control all the other souls. Any soul streamer that had a master soul was considered an excellent grade soul streamer. Lu Ziqiao’s Soul Tempering Streamer had numerous souls but because it lacked the mighty master soul, the power of his steamer was not  on par with Bai Feiteng’s.

As long as the master soul remained, the number of souls would never decrease. This was what made the soul streamer hard to deal with. The unceasing production of souls was enough to drain a person’s energy to nothing.

Furthermore, the moment those thousands of souls charged out, it would be hard to find the master soul within a short period of time, as it could also possibly be hiding in the streamer.

Each and every old expert felt a tingling sensation running through their scalp as they watched and heard the wailing ghosts. Soul Tempering cultivators were the hardest to deal with while Corpse Seizing cultivators were the most difficult to kill. The longer the Soul Tempering cultivator entangled its opponent in battle, the more powerful the Soul Tempering cultivator would become. The number of souls could grow to a hundred thousand, a million, ten million or even one billion!

The more souls there were, the greater the variation and power, but its number would be too much in the end.

“There’s nothing more to watch about this kid…” Elder Song Feng closed his eyes and knitted his brows. He had once suffered a great loss under Revered Bai’s soul streamer. So naturally, he wouldn’t expect Ning Fan to have a better outcome.

“He’s worthy of being called Revered Bai. With this soul streamer, no intermediate Gold Core expert would be a match for him!” The deacon disciple, Lu Ziqiao, revealed a face of excitement. Despite his superciliousness, he had great admiration for Revered Bai.

But immediately, agonizing wails of ghosts were heard, prompting Elder Song Feng to open his eyes and stare at the battlefield unblinkingly!

He saw that Ning Fan had discerned the master soul without attempting to dodge the souls. 

With just a flick of his finger, the Separation Slayer turned into boundless starlight and shot ahead. One by one, the ghosts began to burn.

In an instant, half of the thousands of souls were incinerated. Ordinary souls were ignorant about the flames except for the red-clothed child among them, it revealed an astonished eyes and headed back to the Myriad Soul Streamer.

This child was the master soul as it was the only one that had intelligence!


Ning Fan was quick to respond. He flicked his finger and the flying sword jabbed itself into the child’s body, causing the master soul to disintegrate.

Along with the fall of the master soul, a miserable cry was heard from Revered Bai’s Myriad Soul Streamer. Countless fractures appeared in the streamer. Every soul exploded and turned into soul energy and returned to the soul streamer.

Similarly, the Myriad Soul Streamer was damaged greatly!

“No, no! This old man’s Myriad Soul Streamer! Ning Fan, you have gone too far! The Fall of Ice Sun!”

Bai Feiteng kept his Myriad Soul Streamer furiously; purple light glowed intensely in his eyes! 

Both of his hands performed incantation gestures. High above in the sky, the cold Qi churned and converged and formed into a 300 meter sun!

The sun was completely composed of cold Qi, the purple colored cold Qi.

“The Fall of Ice Sun – a core intermediate grade magical technique. Isn’t this the special technique of Yang Qing Old Monster? Rumor has it that Yang Qing was killed a hundred years ago and the existence of this technique had remained a mystery. Unexpectedly, the one who killed the old monster was Revered Bai!”

“This purple Qi is… a fourth grade cold Qi! The Purple Loathe Ice Frost!”

For the first time, a feeling of oppression was stirred inside Ning Fan, even though it was just a small trace.

His eyes turned grim, knowing that to break this ice sun, he would have to use the Black Demon Flame.

“It won’t be hard to break this ice sun using the second revolution Dragon Vortex Fire…”

Ning Fan’s eyes twitched. Just as he was about to cast the spell, he heard a surprised voice coming from the Yin Yang Locket inside his dantian. It was the voice of the mysterious girl who was supposed to be in deep slumber. 

“This is… the Purple Loathe Ice Frost! Ning Fan, seize it as it has a great use to this sister!”

“Seize it? I may have a high chance of breaking it, but seizing it… you think I’m a Nascent Soul cultivator? How could I possibly seize it away from Bai Feiteng?” Ning Fan smiled bitterly in his heart.

“I beg you… this item is extremely important to sister…” The mysterious girl, despite being a figure of veneration, pleaded to Ning Fan for the first time.

“Uh… fine. I will do you this favour, but how can I seize it…?” Ning Fan’s heart softened. This girl had already saved him several times in times of crisis. How could he refuse her request? If the mysterious girl really had no way of seizing it herself, she could only rely on Ning Fan to do so. It didn’t matter even if this would expose his trump card. Once he used his trump card, it would only be a piece of cake to seize the ice frost!

“There’s no need to be this troublesome… sister has a way. Suck away the ice frost and break the magical spell. All you have to do is to race into the ice sun.”

Racing into the ice sun!

Ning Fan’s eyelids twitched. This was a core intermediate grade magical technique and was casted using the fourth grade cold Qi, which was fairly similar to the Heavenly Frost Cold Qi. 

Should he trust this girl and risk his life…?

“I beg you…”

“Only once!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned resolute. If something went wrong the moment he entered the ice sun, he would have to cast the Sense Defence Art.

Although he would be badly injured, he wouldn’t die… Despite that, he would trust this girl this time and return her a favour!  

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