Grasping Evil - Chapter 109(1) 

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The moment the Ice Sun emerged, the whole platform, an area of thousands of meters, was covered with snowflakes.

To Revered Bai, it was extremely difficult to cast this skill, however, its power was spectacular. The trace of Heavenly Might from it suffocated everyone.

The Sun, Moon and Stars were the supreme things of Heaven and Earth. The power of any magical skill that involved these three things would surely be formidable. For instance, although the Ice Sun was a Core Realm Intermediate Grade Magical Skill, it carried a trace of Heavenly Might of sunset. Besides, this was casted by Revered Bai, which meant that there were only a few late Gold Core experts that could withstand this skill! 

“If you’re could block this magical attack… this old man will admit defeat… however, you won’t!” Revered Bai’s eyes glinted with an icy light. At this moment, there was no desire, intention and thoughts of victory or defeat, only the calmness of glacier in his heart.

However, the serenity was majorly disrupted when he saw Ning Fan leaped into the Ice Sun.

It wasn’t just Bai Feiteng who was astonished, every expert on the audience and the beggar haven’t thought that Ning Fan would dare to use his own flesh to go against the Heavenly Might of sunset!

“This… this isn’t possible… This is a skill of Heavenly Might… how could he fight it using his physique?!” Bai Feiteng couldn’t help but be astonished.

In response to the mysterious girl’s request, Ning Fan’s eyes turned resolute. He rushed into the Ice Sun with a flash of Icy Light.

The moment he got in contact with the cold sunlight, his entire body began to freeze at rapid speed, as if he was going to be turned into an ice sculpture the next second. He didn’t even have the chance to use the Sense Defense Art. 

Despite that, he still discovered that he had underestimated the might of the Ice Sun. The frightening thing about the Ice Sun wasn’t the ice but the sun!

When the Sun rose and the Moon fell, it was the Heavenly Might. It was a domain where cultivators couldn’t lay a finger on. According to legend, the Sun was defined as a Saint, Moon was defined as an Emperor and Stars were defined as Fiendgod.

In the Ice Sun, Ning Fan wasn’t flustered. Even if he cast the Sense Defense Art now, he still wouldn’t be able to defend against the Ice Sun, but he still had one way – summoning the half-step Nascent Soul Soul Incarnation to break the sun!

However, before doing so, perhaps the mysterious girl would suck away the Purple Loathe Ice Frost, destroying 90% of the might of the Ice Sun.

“If you don’t absorb the frosty cold Qi, I’m going to destroy the sun.” Ning Fan said flatly.

“En… I will impart a chant to you. By using this chant, you can defend against the power of the True Sun. Treat this as a reward for helping sister… but, don’t you pass this chant to someone else…or else…” The mysterious girl sounded hesitant.

“I won’t.” Ning Fan’s tone was indifferent, but there was a slight urgency in it.

The longer he stayed in the frost, the more his body would be corroded by the magical power of the Ice Sun. And even if he used the Soul Incarnation, he might not be able to destroy the Ice Sun entirely.

“En… Listen closely!: ‘There’s a fish in the Northern Sea named Yue Kun. There’s a Saint in the Northern Sea named Hun Kun. There’s a sun in the Northern Sea named Yin Rong and there’s a thunder in the Northern Sea named Lei Tong…’”

The girl suddenly stopped as she didn’t know the rest of the chant. This was a chant that she had only gotten by accident. 

After listening to this chant, Ning Fan’s facial expression changed a little. His heart started to recite the chant. Although it only had four sentences, the irresistible corroding force of the Ice Sun turned into a gentle and harmless breeze. And slowly, it was being devoured by Ning Fan.

That trace of corroding force was named as the power of the True Sun. It was a forbidden force that Ning Fan or even the Divine Sovereign of Rain Immortal World couldn’t touch.

Because Ning Fan’s realm was still sufficiently strong, the strand of insignificant force left without a trace. Despite that, it had left behind a mark in Ning Fan’s mental state, enlightening him a little more about the sunset, but he still couldn’t see through what was behind it.

What surprised Ning Fan the most was that the silent Eastern Ocean Bell in his storage pouch gave out a sound. A clear sound of bell reverberated back and forth in Ning Fan’s mind!

“Eastern Ocean… Northern Ocean… this bell probably has some relation with the Northern Sea said in the chant…” Ning Fan was guessing in his heart, but he knew that this wasn’t something a Harmonious Spirit could solve.

After realizing the abstruse mystery of the chant and the profound principle of the Eastern Ocean Bell, he couldn’t help admitting for the first time that the Eastern Ocean Bell was exceptional!

For no reason, his mind was thinking about the half-black and half-white enormous sun that emerged in the Profound Yin World of Yin Yang Locket. 

The power of the Ice Sun couldn’t hurt Ning Fan anymore. The female inside the Locket took the chance to cast some kind of magical technique, and began to devour the fourth grade cold Qi of the Ice Sun – the Purple Loathe Ice Frost – into the locket. Using such a technique would surely consume a tremendous amount of her energy, but it seemed like the Purple Loathe Ice Frost was more important than that.

Ning Fan, on the other hand wasn’t just standing idly in the Ice Sun. He closed his eyes and started to have an understanding in his heart.

The understanding was about his Heart’s Devil. As he was enshrouded by Heavenly Might, the Heart’s Devil inside of him became particularly obvious. He vaguely saw an extremely cold and gloomy corner in the depths of his heart. From there, he could see his sufferings during childhood, the helplessness, despair and hatred when he was imprisoned in All Pleasures Sect, and the madness when he was overturning the Heaven Separation Sect.

All his negative emotions had collected in that corner and formed the Heart’s Devil, however, he knew his true Heart’s Devil was more than this. Compared to all the negative emotions, the scariest of all was sentiment.

To be a Gold Core cultivator, one needed to eliminate sentiment. Which was why many crafty old experts would never find a Daoist Partner and fall in love before reaching the Gold Core realm. In this way, their hearts wouldn’t have a trace of sentiment, making them solely focus on dealing with their negative emotions when they were slashing their Heart’s Devil.

As their hearts lacked struggles, slashing their Heart’s Devil didn’t create much impact on them. But because they lacked sentiment, their advancement in Gold Core realm became extremely difficult. 

However, if there were options, Ning Fan would choose not knowing Zhi He and the others girls before he hit the Gold Core realm. He would choose not to have a true and sincere feelings inside of him. Although his breakthrough in later stages would be slow, it was still better than slashing away the affection and sentiment he had for Zhi He and the other girls.

Unfortunately, he had no other choice. In order to break the Gold Core, he had to cut off all of his past with the girls. 

“Can I do it…?”

At this point, Ning Fan opened his eyes abruptly and saw the imaginary Ice Sun struggling.

If he didn’t break the Gold Core, he would die the moment Moksha Emperor returned a hundred years later.

Slashing the Heart’s Devil would mean forgetting Zhi He and the other girls. In other words, all these girls whom he claimed to love would all become his cauldrons. Then, what was the warmth that Ning Fan was so eager to protect from Moksha Sovereign…?

His heart was struggling. The harder the struggle, the greater the Gold Core Heart’s Devil that he was going to confront!

While he was lost in his struggle, a very vast Qi soared from his body towards the sky and formed a tribulation cloud. No doubt, this was the omen of initiating heavenly tribulation and breaking through to the Gold Core realm!

In a flash, the blankness on Ning Fan’s face was swept away, restoring to his usual calmness. He was shocked. He almost initiated the tribulation and slashed his Heart’s Devil and break the Gold Core at this time!  

Putting its success rate aside, even if he was in seclusion, he would need at least a decade of comprehension. Originally, he planned to go to the Lost World Palace to cultivate, because that place could slow down time, shortening the ten years of time to only a few.

His forehead was beaded with cold sweat. After brushing off everything about the Heart’s Devil, the tribulation cloud in the sky disappeared.

It was just that Ning Fan didn’t know that the scene of tribulation cloud triggered by his Heart’s Devil had turned the whole scene silent!

Ning Fan was still alive even after thrusting into the Ice Sun! And he had used some unknown skill to initiate the Gold Core heavenly tribulation while still being inside the Ice Sun!

However, he was wise to disperse the heavenly tribulation in time. After all, the Purple Jade Sky Platform had very little spiritual Qi, making it extremely difficult to cultivate here.       

Yue Kun – A legendary giant fish. 

Hun Kun – Also known as Master Hun Kun. He was a pioneer in Daoism. 

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