Grasping Evil - Chapter 110(1) 

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Bai Feiteng was not the only one who’d lost, but also all the old experts.

Half a month had already passed. Every old monster who came to Sinister Sparrow Sect had a look of misery, like their dad had just passed away.

All their Immortal Jades were gone. Those who gambled on Ning Fan losing or to a tie just lost their fortune.

Just like the other old monsters, the beggar also looked glum.

Little Zhi He and Sisi had taken away 200 000 Immortal Jades from him, and at this moment, Zhi He was smiling very sweetly, thinking that she was indeed very smart and ruthless for gambling such a huge amount of jades in her first bet.

On the other hand, when Lan Mei returned and placed the enormous fortune, 100 000 Immortal Jades, in front of Gui Qiaozi , Gui Qiaozi couldn’t help being startled despite his composure as a sect master!

Also, Bai Lu got 10 000 Immortal Jades as reward. She then returned to Dual Cultivation Palace and divided the fortune amongst her sisters. As for the lady of Fire Cloud Ancestor, Yun Hua, her lips couldn’t close due to shock. She was at a loss of what to do with the 100 000 Immortal Jades.

Betting 100 000 Immortal Jades was the order from the old ancestor. This was to create a favorable impression of himself which would aid him later. In Yun Hua’s heart, she knew that she wasn’t a person who would give away wealth so extravagantly, but she hadn’t imagined that such fortune-throwing act had brought her such a huge return.

“Husband… you sure have a sharp eyesight…” Yun Hua praised silently, and immediately, a proud voice echoed in her head.

“Of course, this husband is the Grand Fire Cloud Ancestor.”

Strangely, no one knew what kind of means the Fire Cloud Old Ancestor used to store a trace of his spirit sense in Yun Hua’s body. It was no wonder that he let his wife come out on her own, the ancestor turned out to be watching his wife at every moment.

Not only did the beggar not earn a fortune, but he also couldn’t find the person he was looking for in Sinister Sparrow Sect, which meant that his trip here had been in vain.

He was in a bad mood. He ignored those old monsters who came up to him, attempting to build a rapport with him. He wanted to leave Sinister Sparrow Sect at once to avoid seeing these bothersome flies and bees, however, Ning Fan had yet to go to his stall to claim his 50 000 Immortal Jades winnings.

However, after Ning Fan won the title ‘Revered’, he immediately went into seclusion!

His mental state was now in chaos because he had touched the Heart’s Devil. So, it was necessary for him to suppress his internal demons once more, this place and time wasn’t suitable for him to form his core!

Before he found where the Lost World Palace was at, he should never form his core, or else tremendous time would be wasted.

Ning Fan didn’t show up, and that also meant that the beggar couldn’t leave. Although he was a Second Stage Void Fragmentation old expert and a dignified son of Divine Sovereign, he couldn’t take away the 50 000 Immortal Jades of a junior. He wasn’t that short of money, even if he was a beggar!

The rocky cave in Dual Cultivation Palace was destroyed by Ning Fan during his last seclusion. So this time, he selected the seclusion cave in Dan Palace. 

His disciple, Xue Qing, was guarding outside the cave and this startled plenty of old experts—the sharp-eyed Third Revolution Pill Master was paying homage to a junior.

Xue Qing would never give them any explanation as this was an order from Ning Fan. He wasn’t allowed to disclose Ning Fan’s identity as a Fourth Revolution Pill Master.

Presently, Xue Qing’s blazing eyes were staring at the cave. He had chosen to pay homage to Ning Fan because he valued Ning Fan’s concoction technique. But after Ning Fan’s battle with Revered Bai, he was completely astounded by Ning Fan’s combat strength. Although Revered Bai wasn’t considered as an ancestor-level expert or included in the top ten of Yue Country, he should be at least ranked within the first twenty experts in Yue Country.

In spite of that, he was defeated by a juvenile expert. Before the battle, no one had ever expected Ning Fan to win, now all of them were regretting for betting in the wrong person. 

At the age of 17, Ning Fan had begun his devil path, and at the age of 18, he was ranked as one of the best experts in Yue Country and gained the title of Revered Ning in Sinister Sparrow Sect!

The only thing that made Xue Qing a little concerned was that his master, Ning Fan, has too many wives.

He forced a smile while looking at each and every anxious-looking girl.

Zhi He, who was naturally elegant and charismatic.

Bai Lu, the number one female devil in Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Lan Mei, the young mistress of Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Sisi… this girl gave Xue Qing the creeps, it’s like confronting this female was more dangerous than facing Gui Qiaozi (Sinister Sparrow).

“These are all master’s wives. I can’t show any neglect to them.”

He forced another smile while greeting the girls. The simple-minded Zhi He instantly got a good impression of this respectful old man. As for Si Wuxie, she only nodded slightly. She would only put away her coldness and turn into a pure-hearted girl when she is in front of Ning Fan, but this pureness was reducing over time.

Lan Mei and Bai Lu found it difficult to accept Xue Qing’s smile. Being the Young Mistress of the sect, although Xue Qing used to smile at her in the past, he had never been so respectful. Xue Qing had the pride of an alchemist master. He wouldn’t lower himself even if he was facing experts who were on par with her father.

Today, Xue Qing was being so reverent. The way he treated Lan Mei was just like she was his senior and this made her feel a little uncomfortable. Indistinctly, she could already imagine that these were all related to Ning Fan.

The one who felt the most uncomfortable was Bai Lu. Being the substitute elder of Dual Cultivation Palace, she often came to Pill Palace to collect pills needed in cultivation by the other female disciples. Xue Qing had never glanced at her once and he had even disdained her.

But today, Xue Qing was extremely respectful to Bai Lu, he had heard that this girl before his eyes had already been subdued by Ning Fan.

“This-this is also a mistress. I can’t neglect her…”

Xue Qing’s face was brimming with a smile, but his heart was full of bitterness. An expression like this was too awkward and hard for him.

However, he discovered that when he replaced his pride with the mental state of a junior, his stagnated cultivation began to loosen a little.

In the rocky cave, Ning Fan was clueless about the situation outside. Ever since the Purple Loathe Ice Frost was obtained, the mysterious girl fell into a deep sleep once more. Ning Fan could vaguely feel that some kind of changes were happening in the mysterious girl, but he was unable to find out what it was.

He had yet to come out of the cave even after his chaotic mental state settled down. He was comprehending the insights he obtained from the previous battle.

Breaking Illusion Bead, Four Marks Natal Immortal Cloud, Fourth Grade Cold Qi, Myriad Soul Streamer, Hornless Dragon Ice Sword and Seven Swords Art… Bai Feiteng’s techniques weren’t weak. Such fruitful battle experience had given Ning Fan great enlightenment.

The difference in combat strength between cultivators that were molded through fiery bloodshed and those that were shaped by a conducive environment was like day and night.

In order to break the Gold Core, he had to go to the Lost World Palace. He needed to borrow the strength of the lost world to shorten the time taken to form his core. The mysterious girl had yet to tell him its location and she was now in deep slumber.

The Lost World Palace was akin to the Godly Void Pavilion. It could be found everywhere in Rain Immortal World, but regretfully, there was no Lost World Palace in Yue Country and the neighboring countries such as Wu Country and Chu Country.

The nearest he could think of required him to travel across a dozen cultivation countries. After arriving in Ocean Country, he would have to take the Fleeing Heavenly Boat to venture into the Endless Sea.

The Endless Sea was situated at the far east of Rain Immortal World. The journey would undoubtedly be far. Apart from the cultivators who were living there, there were also many other existences, like the Monster Race, Ghost Clan, and the Giant Demon Clan…

Given Ning Fan’s current travelling speed, going to the Lost World Palace through the Endless Sea would take him a few years of time. In this situation, it seemed like the loss outweighed the gains.

So it was still a question whether to go there or not…

He had plenty of enemies in Yue Country. It was still unknown if his Three Divine Armies could defend Ning City and Seven Apricot City. Would everything be fine if he left Yue Country now?

There was a saying in the cultivation world that the Cultivation of Dao wasn’t about eternal life, but freedom. If one’s heart was fettered, one wouldn’t be able to advance further in Cultivating the Dao.

At this moment, Ning Fan finally understood that fetters had too many troubles, but at the same time, he also felt the bliss of having these fetters.

“I suppose I haven’t basked in the sun for a long time…” He sighed as he recalled the Old Monster’s words, and stood up. He closed his eyes, began to think of Ning Gu who was at another region of the country, Extreme Yin Gate, Bone Sovereign, Moksha Sovereign and every scene of the massacre. In more than a year in the Devil path, his hands were stained with too much blood and he had committed too many sins.

Therefore, Ning Fan needed to bask in the sun, this was the technique imparted by the Old Monster to suppress the Heart’s Devil.

Ning Fan came out of his seclusion!  

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