Grasping Evil - Chapter 111(1)

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Lady Yun Hua was already dead, but she still looked strangely alive.

Her body had died and her heart had stopped beating, but in her meridians flowed the magical force of Corpse Refinement Technique that kept the flesh of her body from decaying. Her soul was supposed to enter the Samsara but it was now sealed in the corpse’s skull. Such Corpse Refinement Technique could retain the spiritual intelligence of the corpse, but it was only used during the ancient times. It was a technique that not even Ning Fan knew about! Otherwise, he would have dug out the corpse of Ning Honghong and resurrected her…

In other words, this female might or might not be Yun Hua.

So it turned out that the reason the petty Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo was unwilling to reveal Yun Hua wasn’t because of his small-mindedness, but afraid that someone would discern that Yun Hua was a Corpse Refinement.

Despite his Dao Companion turning into a Corpse Refinement, Jing Zhuo insisted to be with her. This red-haired old man did have an unreasonable passion for his lover.

Of course, what Jing Zhuo said wasn’t a lie, but Ning Fan still kept his silence, contemplating whether those were the truths or fallacies. 

“Little friend, you don’t believe that this old man could love a dead person, don’t you…?’


“Very well. There’s nothing wrong with being careful and vigilant. Although little friend is Black Devil Ning, Revered Ning, had high cultivation base and powerful concoction technique, little friend’s expression is still limited… On the Purple-Jade Sky Platform, this old man could see through your internal struggle when you initiated the heavenly tribulation to form your core. Back then, this old man had the same struggle, but that was many years ago…”

“Oh? Fellow Doaist Jing Zhuo has also struggled in the tribulation of slashing away the sentiment before.” Ning Fan looked slightly stunned, he started to have interest in what Jing Zhuo said.

“That’s right. I have known Yun Hua before the core formation stage. At that time, Yun Hua’s innate talent was actually greater than mine, but she was unwilling to break through to the Gold Core realm because she couldn’t give this old man up. As for me, I also didn’t break through to the Gold Core realm as I was also reluctant to abandon and forget my sentiments until that incident happened. That time, the elder of Extreme Yin Gate, Purple Yin, had spotted my wife and captured her while he was out settling some tasks for his sect…”

At this point, Jing Zhuo closed his eyes in pain, which was certainly not a hint of pretense.

“Yun Hua… she’s so silly. If she obeyed Purple Yin’s orders, she wouldn’t have died. Why would she rather die than conform to that bastard’s demands…? After her death, I went into seclusion with a very depressed heart and broke through the emotional barrier! Later, I retrieved Yun Hua’s corpse and turned it into Corpse Refinement. This incident has already been hundreds of years. Across the entire Yue Country, I’m afraid that no one would remember who the original Yun Hua was. As for Purple Yin, he didn’t know that I have been wishing every day to eat his flesh, and skin him alive! However, I’m still not a match for Purple Yin… that’s why I needed the Nascent Formation Pill!’

Jing Zhuo’s eyes turned frenzied all of a sudden.

“I want to break through to Nascent Soul realm not for eternal life or colonizing the world, but only to rip Purple Yin to pieces and reduce some of the heartfelt pain in Yun Hua’s heart… I’m willing to sacrifice anything for her… do you understand…? Hehe, I guess I have said too much. Daoist Ning, if you help me in this matter, this old man is willing to gift you my Fire Cloud Sect!”

At this moment, Ning Fan’s heart was trembling fiercely!

He wasn’t shaken by Jing Zhuo’s handsome reward or desire to form an alliance or intention of exterminating Extreme Yin Gate, but Jing Zhuo’s words.

Not for eternal life or colonizing the world… Willing to sacrifice anything for her…

This was an obsession that shook even Ning Fan’s heart. Ning Fan thought that his stubbornness to not abandon his sentiments was already persistent enough. However, it was too insignificant compared to Jing Zhuo’s.

He slightly closed his eyes and remained silent.

Jing Zhuo didn’t seem like lying. No, it should be said that this man didn’t know how to lie. Although words could be used to deceive, but the Dao-heart couldn’t. Jing Zhuo’s relentless determination, unstoppable frenzy and his passion for Yun Hua moved Ning Fan.

If Extreme Yin Gate really had conspired with Heavenly Dao Sect to attack Ning City, Ning Fan would have to rely on his sole strength to fight these two huge sects. The forces of Extreme Yin Gate were immeasurable and Heavenly Dao Sect was more or less as powerful as Extreme Yin Gate.

Therefore, allying himself with Fire Cloud Sect would certainly be a wise choice. With Fire Cloud Sect diverting the attention of Extreme Yin Gate’s forces, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to exterminate Heavenly Dao Sect!

Additionally, after eradicating Extreme Yin Gate, the entire Fire Cloud Sect would be given to him as a reward.

However, this long-established sect wouldn’t have much of a use to him and it would be impossible for him to plant a Mental Seal in everyone’s mind. Even if it was possible, there were still things he couldn’t control just by simply planting a Mental Seal.

Instead of obtaining the Fire Cloud Sect, he could put forward other conditions such as the unique Corpse Refinement Technique which he was extremely interested in, large amount of spiritual herbs and ancient cultivation records that he needed.

At least, for now, he could get 200 000 Immortal Jades. He believed that if he asked Jing Zhuo for it, the old man would immediately hand over the Immortal Jades he had earned to him from the gamble. 

Of course, Ning Fan was still keeping a watchful eye on Jing Zhuo.

Perhaps, Jing Zhuo would want to form an alliance before destroying the Extreme Yin Gate. When the Extreme Yin Gate was wiped off the map, Ning Fan would have suffered some kind of injuries causing a dramatic decrease in his strength. By that time, whether Jing Zhuo would change his mind or not, Ning Fan didn’t know.

In any case, it was still a right move to form an alliance to deal with Extreme Yin Gate.

“If Extreme Yin Gate really has the intention of annihilating Ning City, I would be pleased to form an alliance with fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo, but I wonder if fellow Daoist has plans of dealing with Extreme Yin Gate?”

“Yes! First of all, this old man needs a Nascent Formation Pill to break through to the Nascent Soul realm! It’s just that I don’t know if Revered Ning has the certainty to concoct one Nascent Formation Pill in a month’s time!”

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