Grasping Evil - Chapter 111(2)

2/2 chapter!

“Nascent Formation Pill?” Ning Fan seemed somewhat surprised.

“That’s right. The sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect has already went into seclusion and will only come out three months later. So these two sects will most probably launch their attack three months later.”

“Three months… in that case, I would have to make some fine preparations.”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. He didn’t inquire how Jing Zhuo got the news.

It wasn’t hard to guess. Jing Zhuo must have a spy amongst the elders of Extreme Yin Gate. Since he had been nursing the grudge to kill Purple Yin, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he had a spy in the Extreme Yin Gate for several hundred years!

“I can concoct a Nascent Formation Pill in half a month’s time, but I don’t think you can refine the power of the pill and breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm in two month’s time.”

“You’re right. In order to ‘fully’ break through to the Nascent Soul realm, this old man will need at least a hundred years in seclusion, but what if my magical strength reached Nascent Soul realm while temporarily suppressing my cultivation base? In order to have the power to exterminate Extreme Yin Gate, I wouldn’t mind going to the Endless Sea to break through to the Nascent Soul realm…”

“So that’s how it is… in that case, you don’t have to worry about the Nascent Formation Pill. However, when fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo heads into the Endless Sea, remember to bring Ning Fan along, as Ning Fan is still unfamiliar with that place…”

“You want to go too?” Jing Zhuo seemed astonished.

“My purpose is to go to the Lost World Palace… It seems like we have the same goal in mind.” Ning Fan smiled slightly.

“*Hiss!* Fellow Daoist Ning does have quick access to information. No doubt, there’s actually a Lost World Palace in the Endless Sea, which is also where this old man wanted to go. If fellow Daoist Ning is willing to come with me, then I won’t refuse it.”

Jing Zhuo laughed pleasingly. As he had something to request from Ning Fan, he naturally wouldn’t choose to dissatisfy Ning Fan at this moment.

A glimmer of praise was seen in Ning Fan’s eyes as he gazed at Jing Zhuo. He had to admit that Jing Zhuo was a very versatile and accommodating person.

The method of consuming the Nascent Formation Pill first to boost one’s magical strength to the Nascent Soul realm, then suppressing one’s cultivation base was beyond any ordinary expert’s imagination, because it was extremely difficult, however, the fact that Jing Zhuo dared to think in such a way indicated Jing Zhuo’s confidence. 

Even if Jing Zhuo’s cultivation base was the only one to reach the Nascent Soul realm and his Rank didn’t broke through, he would already have an enormous advantage while confronting the Old Monster Purple Yin.

“As such, I would like to congratulate fellow Daoist on breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm in advance.” Ning Fan said with a smile.

“Hehe, this old man will never forget fellow Daoist Ning’s kindness for making this possible. In fact, this old man still has some tricks to annihilate Purple Yin. I hope fellow Daoist Ning will adopt it.” There was extreme politeness in Jing Zhuo’s eyes. He might have some doubts about Ning Fan before this, but now, he was absolutely certain about Ning Fan.

“Tell me more about it… but before that, Ning Fan wants to ask for something from fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo.”

“If fellow Daoist needs something, just take it as you please!”

“Ning Fan needs Immortal Jades, the more the better. Ning Fan is also highly interested in the Corpse Refinement Technique that you used on your wife. As for the spiritual herbs, if fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo can help prepare sufficient spiritual herbs, Ning Fan will gladly concoct another two pills for fellow Daoist.”

Ning Fan waved his hand to take out a jade slip, imprinted the two pill recipes with his spirit sense and sent it over to Jing Zhuo.

Hearing Ning Fan’s demand for Immortal Jades and the method of Corpse Refinement Technique, Jing Zhuo didn’t seem annoyed. For the Immortal Jades, he would naturally give them to Ning Fan. The Corpse Refinement Technique was a skill he obtained in the Endless Sea by chance. Although it was something that he treasured greatly, it wasn’t something that he couldn’t pass on to someone.

It was considered normal that Ning Fan would demand something, Jing Zhuo would start to doubt Ning Fan’s sincerity if this young expert agreed to help him without any reward.

He took Ning Fan’s pill recipe, scanned it through with his spirit sense and found out that every ingredient was a precious herb and the minimum age of the herbs must be at least two thousand years.

Ning Fan’s demand was akin to a lion opening its huge maw. Jing Zhuo’s face twitched but his smile remained. Despite being stabbed by Ning Fan in such a way, he couldn’t say anything about it. 

However, as he continued to read, his facial expression changed, from surprise to delight. Eventually, he looked at Ning Fan gratefully. 

One of the pill recipes was the Nascent Fortification Pill. The effect of this pill could increase the success rate of Nascent Formation. Although it wasn’t as impactful as the Nascent Formation Pill, its success rate could be superimposed onto the Nascent Formation Pill.

However, the second pill recipe was the one that surprised Jing Zhuo the most. It was the Corpse Life Pill!

This pill fell into the category of the Fourth Revolution, even though it didn’t have a righteous effect – increasing the lifespan of the Corpse Refinement. However, lifespan wasn’t the accurate way of describing it because a Corpse Refinement wasn’t a living thing. Rather than saying ‘lifespan’, ‘durability of the magical treasure’ was more appropriate in this context.

A Corpse Refinement was like a magical treasure. It would go bad and the flesh in the corpse would decay one day.

So this Fourth Revolution Pill—Corpse Life Pill—was precisely the pill that would increase the years of the Corpse Refinement!

The Nascent Fortification Pill was for Jing Zhuo while the Corpse Life Pill was for Yun Hua!

Yun Hua had already lived for several hundred years now. Her soul energy had reduced significantly and the vitality in her flesh was near exhaustion. What made Jing Zhuo agonized was: firstly, he couldn’t bring Yun Hua back to life; secondly, he couldn’t prolong the life of Yun Hua’s Corpse Refinement.

As such, the Corpse Life Pill was even more precious than the Nascent Fortification Pill, and even his life!

He allied himself with Ning Fan just to have his revenge. But now, in order to prevent Yun Hua from dying, he, Jing Zhuo, was willing to put away everything and become Ning Fan’s dog.

“If fellow Daoist Ning can save Yun Hua, I, Jing Zhuo, will be willing to abandon everything in my life and become fellow Daoist’s slave!”

“There’s no need to be so polite, fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo… If you can prepare all these spiritual herbs, it will just be a small effort for me to concoct these pills.”

“Don’t worry, fellow Daoist Ning! Jing Zhuo will get all of the ingredients by hook or crook!”

Apparently, there were some spiritual herbs in the list that didn’t have the effect on the Nascent Soul formation or prolonging life. Although Jing Zhuo wasn’t a master in concoction, he was able to discern that Ning Fan was taking advantage of the pill recipes to get the spiritual herbs Ning Fan needed.

However, Jing Zhuo wouldn’t unveil it and he didn’t mind it, nothing was more important than Yun Hua.

“I guess we’ll continue with how we are going to exterminate Extreme Yin Gate…” Ning Fan smiled slightly. Certainly, Jing Zhuo had given him a favorable impression.

A day later, Ning Fan and Jing Zhuo made the Heart Devil’s Pledge.

And this was when the plan of destroying the Extreme Yin Gate was born! 

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