Grasping Evil - Chapter 112(1)

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The door of the concoction room opened. Ning Fan sent Lady Yun Hua away with a smile.

He only said a sentence when he saw the questioning eyes of Zhi He and Lan Mei. 

“Lady Yun Hua and I are clean…”

“Only ghosts will believe you!” Zhi He spoke. Her words expressed the doubts of everyone. Even Xue Qing didn’t believe Ning Fan.

While Ning Fan’s name was getting more and more popular, he was also gaining notoriety for his deeds.

Revered Ning was a Double Spirit Cultivator. On top of all of this, he also cultivated Dual Cultivation Technique, which meant that he was a lustful demon.

No doubt, the title of ‘The number one expert below the Gold Core realm’ had turned obsolete. Now, he was called ‘The number one expert below Nascent Soul realm’. Therefore, he had gotten the name ‘Lustful Demon’.

The first reason about Ning Fan’s rapid advancement that came to the old experts’ mind was that Ning Fan was an elder of Dual Cultivation Palace – gaining his advancement by plucking the girls to dual cultivate. In other words, Ning Fan was a beast!

Over two hundred delicately pretty girls were all ruined by him…

Of course, those old monsters wouldn’t speak these kinds of words right in front of Ning Fan.

Every other disciple in Sinister Sparrow Sect also admitted that all the females in Dual Cultivation Palace had become Revered Ning’s meat. As a result, Bai Lu’s wish had finally been realized even if it was in an unconventional way.

Under the cover of Ning Fan’s devil name, none of the devil cultivators dared to make any advances to the female disciples of Dual Cultivation Palace anymore!

There wasn’t another word. Ning Fan would never explain himself about these rumors. Speaking of notoriety, he would rather focus on the benefits. He was a layman. If he only seek for fame, he wouldn’t be able to live in this blood filled cultivation world.

“Xue Qing, I will be away from Sinister Sparrow Sect for three months to pay a visit to Ning City. But before that, I would like to go to Dark Sparrow’s Grave. Lead the way…” Ning Fan’s tone was flat.

“Mast… Revered Ning is going back to Ning City… With your status as one of the Four Revered Devils, you can certainly leave the sect any time with no trouble. However, going to Dark Sparrow’s Grave will require the permission of the sect master… because that place is even more dangerous than Demon Sinister Forest.”

Xue Qing glanced at the girls and sighed lightly. He almost called Ning Fan ‘master’, which Ning Fan had forbade him in using this address in public.

“Is that so… Speaking of this, it’s very strange that Sinister Sparrow Sect had so many forbidden places given the overall strength of the sect.”

Ning Fan sighed. Whether it was Demon Sinister Forest or the Dark Sparrow’s Grave that he had never seen before, it consisted of monsters that were beyond Void Fragmentation level. It seemed like these places were the doings of the Sinister Sparrow High Realm Old Ancestor, Que Shenzi.

Que Shenzi must be an extraordinary figure across the Four Heavens Immortal World. Which was why he could seal these places in Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Perhaps there were some kind of secrets in Dark Sparrow’s Grave… It wouldn’t be hard for Ning Fan to get the permission of Gui Qiaozi given their relationship. Ning Fan might even be able to obtain a map of Dark Sparrow’s Grave from the Sect Master, which would certainly be  a good thing for him. If it wasn’t for the map, he would’ve already died several times in Demon Sinister Forest.

“Alright, let’s go and meet Sect Master.”

“You-you want to go see dad?” Lan Mei’s face blushed as though she had thought of something else.

Was Ning Fan going to her dad to ask for his permission to marry his daughter? He had already touched her… if he didn’t, she would bite him to death!

Ning Fan surely wouldn’t understand girls’ complicated mind.

Dark Sparrow’s Grave was located 300,000 meters below Dark Sparrow’s Valley. The place has a total of nine stories. The Yin force inside was nourishing. It could at least double the speed of one’s devil cultivation. The deeper one went, the faster the speed of cultivation… but due to the Yin force being too strong, even Gui Qiaozi could only reach the third floor and couldn’t stay in there for more than three days.

Under Lan Mei’s pleadings, not only was Ning Fan allowed to enter Dark Sparrow’s Grave, even the outsiders—Zhi He and Sisi—were also permitted to enter the first floor. In addition, Ning Fan had obtained an olden map that had been treasured by Gui Qiaozi for many years. Naturally, it was also because of Lan Mei’s effort.

However, after they departed the Long Inclination Palace, Lan Mei seemed sulky, as if she was nursing an anger. Ning Fan was clueless about what she was angry about.

Under the lead of Gui Qiaozi, he brought the five of them—Ning Fan, Zhi He, Sisi, Lan Mei and Xue Qing—to Earth Yuan Palace.

Earth Yuan Palace was never opened to anyone below Elder Rank. The guardian of the palace was one of the Four Revered Devils, Revered Yan Bai!

This palace didn’t accept any disciples and had no other use except for one – to send experts to Dark Sparrow’s Grave by borrowing the strength of Earth Yuan in the Earth Escape Teleportation Formation

This was a formation deployed by the Old Ancestor Que Shenzi. This teleportation formation was a Void Level Grand Formation that involved Void Force. Any Formation Master below Void Fragmentation Realm wouldn’t be able to deploy such formation!

Plus, it could still go a hundred thousand meters underground. Even if a Gold Core expert was equipped with one of the Five Elemental Escaping Techniques—the Earth Escape Technique—he wouldn’t be able to go a hundred thousand meters below. Due to the enormous amount of pressure, the body of a Gold Core cultivator would surely explode and perish.

“Yan Bai meet Sect Master!”

In the Earth Yuan Palace, an elder in black clothes and black sword cupped his fists at Gui Qiaozi. He had a cultivation of a late Gold Core realm. There was a vague sword intent hidden inside of him.

“Revered Yan is being overly polite… These people want to enter Dark Sparrow’s Grave. Activate the Teleportation Formation and send them underground.” Gui Qiaozi smiled lightly, then pointed to the people behind him.

“Sect Master. How can you let outsiders and some juniors into…?”

Yan Bai’s gaze swept across Lan Mei, Zhi He and Si Wuxie with discontent. 

Xue Qing wasn’t much of a trouble since he was an elder in the sect. Although Lan Mei was the daughter of Gui Qiaozi, her identity didn’t make her eligible to enter Dark Sparrow’s Grave. As for Zhi He and Si Wuxie, both of these girls weren’t even members of Sinister Sparrow Sect, how could they even be allowed to enter…

However, when Yan Bai’s gaze fell upon the last person, Ning Fan, his expression turned grim. 

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