Grasping Evil - Chapter 112(2)

2/2 chapter!

“Revered Ning, it’s your decision to bring these girls into the Dark Sparrow’s Grave!”

Yan Bai’s tone wasn’t friendly. The fact that Ning Fan could defeat Revered Bai made him take Ning Fan seriously, he still wasn’t scared of this young Revered Devil as he was sure that he was stronger than Revered Bai and also wouldn’t have problems defeating him. So, there was no way he would lose to this young Revered Devil in a battle like Revered Bai did.

Furthermore, because of his grudges with the Old Monster, he didn’t have any pleasant feelings about Ning Fan.

“That’s correct.” Ning Fan’s tone was flat. It wasn’t necessary for him to deny it.

“All right… For Revered Ning’s Sake, I will allow them to go in Dark Sparrow’s Grave… but, I will only activate the Formation Protection for you and Xue Qing… As for these three girls, you will have to find a way for them to resist the pressure of the formation.” Yan Bai spoke with partially shut eyes. 

Ning Fan’s face turned sullen all of a sudden.

The Teleportation Formation was a Void Level Grand Formation. It used the Void Force to send the cultivator across dimension to another location. During the teleportation, if the cultivator’s physique wasn’t strong enough, he would be shred to pieces by the force. Of course, if a protection layer was activated during the teleportation, it could protect the cultivator from being destroyed by the Void Force.

The Void Force… Ning Fan had to admit that even with his Silver Bone Physique, his body wouldn’t be able to defend against it.

The Silver Bone Body Refining Realm might resist Nascent Soul experts, but before reaching the Silver Bone Refining Realm, there were nine levels in Silver Light Body Refining Realm. The first level of Silver Light could fight Level Ten Vein Opening opponent. From second to fifth level, it could fight with early, intermediate, late and peak Harmonious Spirit experts, respectively. 

Currently, Ning Fan’s Body Refining Realm was already at the sixth level of Silver Light Realm and was about to break through to the seventh level soon. So, his physical strength was only equivalent to an intermediate Gold Core’s combat strength, which was far from enough to resist the Voice Force.

Apparently, Yan Bai did this on purpose. The fact that he didn’t even put Lan Mei in his eyes indicated that he wouldn’t even give Gui Qiaozi face. So why would he give face to Ning Fan?

If Yan Bai refused to activate the formation protection to the girls, Ning Fan and Xue Qing would be the only one who could enter Dark Sparrow’s Grave.

At this moment, Xue Qing’s look turned unpleasant and Gui Qiaozi immediately showed a bitter smile and spoke. 

“Revered Ning must not blame Revered Black… As the Earth Yuan Palace is managed by him, naturally everything here will be up to him to decide. In my opinion, Mei Er and the other girls should stay here…”


Ning Fan was gazing at the nearby Teleportation Formation, unable to make up his mind.

This was a Void Level Grand Formation. It couldn’t be moved even by using the Mountains and Rivers Reversing Movement. It borrowed the strength of Void Force. This was a formation Ning Fan couldn’t deploy as it couldn’t be manipulated with the use of Immortal Jades. With the gloomy Void Force and spirit sense, a mystically profound 300-meter-radius formation diagram flickering with black light was drawn.

Not even a bit of Immortal Jades were needed in the deployment… Gui Shenzi’s Formation Dao cultivation must be greater than Ning Fan.

He couldn’t deploy this on his own, otherwise, he would have already deployed a similar formation and brought the girls with him.

Within the grand formation was a vague trace of Void Force. Ning Fan could feel a strong sense of danger with every trace of it.

Without the formation’s protection, one would surely be ripped apart by the Void Force…

“In that case, I have no choice but to put the girls in my Cauldron Ring before going into the grave.”

Ning Fan frowned. Although he is starting to develop a grudge against Yan Bai, it hadn’t reached the point where he had to kill him.

However, in the midst of the tension, his expression relaxed after he sensed a strange phenomenon!

He had no idea why the traces of Void Force in the Teleportation Formation were resonating with the Eastern Ocean Bell in his storage pouch!

The bell gently rang in his heart, and the traces of Void Force retreated with indistinct fear.

No one knew anything about this except Ning Fan.

After sighing slightly, he moved a step forward, and immediately, the traces of Void Force that was on the edge of the formation moved three feet away.

“The Voice Force is scared of the Eastern Ocean Bell!”

On an impulse, he leaped into the Teleportation Formation ‘naked’ – without the formation protection. He was confronting the Void Force head-on.

This act of his shocked Gui Qiaozi and the others. Even Yan Bai couldn’t help but gape at the scene.

“Fan Er, come back here immediately! Or else, you will be shredded into pieces by the Void Force!”

But as soon as Gui Qiaozi’s words faded, he froze and stopped saying another word.

He was astonished to find that those black lines of raging Void Force within the formation didn’t dare get close to Ning Fan by an inch.

After feeling certain about it, Ning Fan smiled faintly in the formation and looked at Yan Bai. “It seems like my notoriety even aroused the hate of the Void Force. It’s unwilling to stay close to me. In that case, I won’t be requiring the formation’s protection at all. Alright. All of you, come join me. With my presence as a villain, this Void Force won’t be ripping anyone apart.”

Yan Bai didn’t notice the hint of sarcasm within Ning Fan’s words, but those words still made him unsettled.

“Impossible… this is Void Force! Even an ordinary Void Refinement old monster won’t be able to resist this with his own flesh… could it be that it’s God’s Will to allow Ning Fan to bring outsiders into Dark Sparrow’s Grave?!”

Apart from the Will of God, Yan Bai couldn’t find another reason to explain why a mere Harmonious Spirit expert could ignore such a horrific force.

“This kid can’t be offended… Whether he could be defeated or not isn’t the issue here…”

Yan Bai’s eyes were full of struggle. After a long time, his face managed to squeeze an ugly smile, the first time that he had ever smiled to someone.

“*cough* *cough* *cough*… Revered Ning, this old man is apologizing for my misbehavior… This old man will now activate the formation protection to all of you. Here’s a pouch of pills that are required in Dark Sparrow’s Grave, treat this as a gift from this old man… I hope that Revered Ning will forgive this old man…”

Yan Bai had a temper that was as hard as stone, but unexpectedly, he had just apologized to a junior.

Gui Qiaozi revealed a strange look. Across the entire Yue Country, no one has ever managed to make Yan Bai lower his head.

However, Gui Qiaozi didn’t know that Yan Bai wasn’t actually lowering his head to Ning Fan, but to the Will of God… No matter how stubborn and cold his character was, he could never go against Heaven’s Will!

“Revered Black, Yan Bai… in this case, all the grudges before ends here. However, I hope that there won’t be a second time…”

Ning Fan swept across the storage pouch using his spirit sense. None of the pills inside was below Second Revolution. There were even a few bottles of Third Revolution Pills that were Body Protection Pills used to prevent evil force from corroding the body.

All of these pills are worth tens of thousands of Immortal Jades. Using this as a gift showed sufficient sincerity. As for Gui Qiaozi, Ning Fan knew that the sect master was in a dilemma earlier and decided that he couldn’t afford to go to war against Revered Black.

Since Revered Black had already apologized, their score was settled!

“Come, let’s go to Dark Sparrow’s Grave.”

Ning Fan showed an indifferent smile to the girls and the petrified Xue Qing. 

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