Grasping Evil - Chapter 113(1)

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The few of them disappeared in a flash within the Void Force, and reappeared 300 000 meters below the ground.

It was the Dark Sparrow’s Grave, the underground world!

The first thing they saw was darkness. Desolation could be felt from all directions. The dull sky was drizzling. The place was stuffy. Every 3000 meters, there stood an ancient black tower carved with mystified Dao Marks, emitting a faint fiery light that illuminated the underground world.

Ning Fan instantly felt a sense of coldness as soon as he walked out of the formation light. He didn’t feel the coldness from his body but from his heart.

The strange thing however was that the magical power inside his Yin Yang Evil Vein began to flow two times faster.

This indicated that the speed of Evil Cultivation here would be at least twice as fast compared to the outside world!

“This cold Qi is somewhat profound…”

Ning Fan shivered slightly, but with a sweep of his spirit sense, the coldness in his heart was gone. But for the others, it wasn’t as relaxing.

Despite being an early Gold Core expert, Xue Qing couldn’t help but shiver under the coldness. Little Zhi He and Lan Mei who were merely Harmonious Spirit experts felt like freezing in this chilly place.

“Brother Fan, I’m very cold…”

Zhi He murmured. It wasn’t because she couldn’t stand the coldness at all, but she just liked to act coquettishly.

“Silly girl… According to the Sect Master, the coldness in the second level will be doubled and in the third level, the coldness will be two times stronger than the previous level… So you all shouldn’t go any further. It’s better for the two of you to stay here and cultivate. I will leave the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and this fire here to keep you all warm. And take these pills… Xue Qing and I will have a look in the third level…”

Ning Fan patted Zhi He’s vulnerable head gently, and then patted his storage pouch and took out the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. He hesitated for a moment, then took out several fires of high quality and threw them into the cauldron. He left all the pills given by Yan Bai to Zhi He and the other girls.

All these fires were above Second Grade. Some were even Third Grade Spirit Fire. They were all given by Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo.

For Ning Fan, these spirit fires were dispensable, however, it was just the right fire to keep the girls warm.

He didn’t release the Black Demon Flame. Firstly, it was because the Black Demon Flame was too violent. If Ning Fan wasn’t with them, the Earth Vein Demonic Flame would lose its control and go violent. Secondly, he had already decided to devour the Black Demon Flame entirely! 

By incorporating the Black Demon Secret Art in devouring the Black Demon Flame, Ning Fan wouldn’t have a problem reaching the half-step Gold Core realm! And the power of his Fire Elemental Magical Art would become even more terrifying!

This extremely gloomy and cold place had met one of the three conditions to devour the Black Demon Flame. Furthermore, the requirement on his cultivation method had also been fulfilled and he had already prepared sufficient amount of Heart Curing Pill. Therefore, he had decided to venture into the Third Level for two reasons. One was to have a look on the Pill Devil that Xue Qing mentioned. Second was he naturally had to devour the Black Demon Flame!

In the drizzle, Ning Fan and Xue Qing trod in the mud and their silhouettes were gradually fading away as they walked. The spiritual fires in the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron were reflected in Zhi He and Lan Mei’s eyes, turning into a trace of warmth. As for Si Wuxie, she was staring at the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and felt somewhat familiar…

“Where have I seen this cauldron before…?”

There was no ghost in the First Level of the grave and the coldness here was unable to cause any harm to Ning Fan. The drizzle in the area didn’t seem to be stopping. As he walked, he gradually discovered a trace of intent within the surrounding.

There was a very indistinct and faint… Void God Intent…

Feeling this trace of Void God Intent, he quickly withdrew his magical power, allowing the rain water to drench his robe.

“Master, there will be rain from the First to the Ninth Level. It’s extremely cold and will seep into one’s body… so the best way to protect oneself is by using magical power…” Xue Qing said respectfully.

“It doesn’t matter…although this rain is cold, such coldness has great benefits…”

Ning Fan closed his eyes while walking in the rain. His urge to get to the Third Level was slowly being washed away by the rain water.

This rain could awaken the memories from the bottom of one’s heart. This was the Divine Intent of a cultivator who was above the Spirit Severing realm!

Scenes of the past were emerging before his eyes and his mental state was improving at an indescribable rate. This rain could nourish one’s heart…

His facial expression remained unchanged, but a hint of shock was stirred in his heart.

He couldn’t believe that the Old Ancestor of Sinister Sparrow Sect actually had such a high cultivation. No one could tell exactly how many thousands of years this Rain of Divine Intent had existed, and it had yet to disappear. Additionally, it could nourish people’s heart. 

In the dense sound of rain, Ning Fan’s heart was as calm as water, and then, it seemed to condense into an old voice, ringing in his ears.

“Rain is given birth by the sky and dies in the earth. Its life lies within the period it fell from the sky down to the earth…”

This line of words contained disappointment that was hidden within the Void God Intent inside the rainwater. Ning Fan was able to hear it with his calm mental state.

Well said!

He stopped in his tracks all of a sudden, lifted his head and stared at the rain! As he was observing the drizzling rain, he seemed as if he was absorbed in his thought. A moment later, he revealed an inexplicable smile and trotted into the rain curtain.

“Xue Qing, let’s go to the Second Level. Look out for the rain!”



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