Grasping Evil - Chapter 113(2)

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No edges or boundaries could be seen in the First Level, but there was a deep, dark pit of 3000 meters wide somewhere in the area. That was precisely the entrance to the Second Level.

Both of them leaped into the huge pit. It was only a moment of zero gravity before they felt some kind of mysterious force – the force of the forbidden space.

Two people fell downwards, like meteor showers. Below was a 3000 meter wide rain pond. The rain pond was profound. Despite of the powerful falling force, it vanished without a trace when it was blocked by the rain Qi of the pond.

When the forbidden force vanished, Ning Fan and Xue Qing made a few steps in the air, flying out of the rain pond and landed on the nearby shore.

Likewise, it was drizzling in this level. In the darkness of the surroundings, there was a glowing blood-red eyes of a beast.

“The Second Level of the grave. There are some Harmonious Spirit monsters here, which made it not suitable for cultivation. Master, let’s head over to the Third Level quickly. Don’t get entangled with these monsters.”

Xue Qing looked at those glowing eyes in the darkness intently. There might be more than a few hundred of them, and each of them had at the Harmonious Spirit realm.

If a few hundred Harmonious Spirit monsters struck at the same time, not even Xue Qing could defend himself against such a massive attack. The only thing he could do was to immediately flee from the scene. 

However, when he observed the monsters closely, he could see a trace of fear from within their eyes.

“Don’t be afraid. They won’t dare approach us… This rain pond is interesting… The rain in the underground grave originated from this rain pond… This place has a very rich Void God Intent!”

Ning Fan’s gaze fell on the thousands of meters wide rain pond. Not only had the Qi of rain risen from the pond, but also the Qi of clouds. Immortal Clouds with extremely high spiritual Qi was forming one after another. 

His eyes then swept the Immortal Clouds. All of these clouds were formed naturally. Every cloud was engraved with two wavy cloud marks. Given the quality of the clouds, each of them was good enough to be refined into a Natal Immortal Cloud. However, every cloud seemed illusory and dissipated moments after it was formed.

All of a sudden, Ning Fan’s eyes widened a little! 

Of all the illusory Immortal Clouds, there was one cloud that had yet to disperse! 

This cloud seemed to have existed for countless years. As to why it hadn’t dissipated yet, Ning Fan had no idea. Additionally, he discovered that the reason the clouds dissipated right after they were formed was because their Qi of cloud was seized away by this independent cloud to feed its cloud marks. 

“Four Marks Immortal Cloud… and it has a very high quality. Bai Feiteng’s cloud was nothing compared to this… if I can obtain this cloud…”

Ning Fan was slightly shaken by the thought. The cultivation of Escaping Technique didn’t just take one or two days, but with this Immortal Cloud… if he could acquire this cloud and make it into his Natal Immortal Cloud, almost no experts below Nascent Soul realm would be able to catch up with his speed!

He moved a step forward into the void above the rain pond, heading towards the Immortal Cloud that was far away. However, just as he made the first step, he suddenly thought of something and retreated.

Something wasn’t right. The cloud couldn’t seize the Qi of cloud by itself. Could it be that something was helping the cloud seize away the other clouds’ Qi? What exactly was hiding above the rain pond?

Ning Fan’s spirit sense entered into the rain pond stealthily, and in an instant, his spirit sensewas frozen by a trace of extremely cold force! He caught a glimpse of a giant beast in the rain pond.

His eyes revealed a hint of shock. Despite having sword sense as his spirit sense, his spirit sense was still frozen. What kind of monster would have had such a cold force could be hiding inside the rain pond?

Could that beast be… a Nascent Soul demonic beast?!

This cloud could never be seized… although it was a precious treasure, it was only worth it if one had the life to enjoy it.

He withdrew his blazing eyes and turned to Xue Qing. “Let’s go to the Third Level…”

“We can’t anymore…” Xue Qing responded with a bitter smile.

Those creatures that had been hiding in the dark walked forth, revealing their full appearance. There were hundreds of them. They were all at the Harmonious Spirit realm. Each of them looked monstrous and exuded an eerie demonic Qi. Their eyes were blood-red. Their bodies were covered with white skin and they had a long tail with a hook on its tip that looked like a frozen whip at the end of their body. 

“Rain Beast?”

Ning Fan was slightly astonished. Such demonic beasts had only appeared during ancient times. He never thought that he would see this species of beasts here.

However, no matter how many Rain Beasts there were, he didn’t fear them. His sword sense excelled in killing massively. As long as there were no intermediate Gold Core demonic beasts in the group, it wouldn’t matter how huge the army was.

For a moment, a cold light glowed in Ning Fan’s eyes. As he was about to cast the sword sense, an unusual change occurred!

A vague and ethereal spirit sense came down from the rain cloud. When the Rain Beasts sensed the spirit sense, the redness in their eyes faded. They let out a few gentle howls as if to show affection to someone, before they dispersed.

This spirit sense has already reached the intermediate Nascent Soul realm. Xue Qing couldn’t sense it but Ning Fan could detect a trace of it.

Ning Fan’s grim eyes fixed at the rain pond, feeling more assured that something powerful was hiding in the pond.

That was strange… however, Ning Fan wasn’t foolish enough to look into it. Curiosity was the most intolerable thing in the Cultivation World!

“They are gone?! Master, what have you done?!”

Xue Qing was baffled. Those Rain Beasts were about to attack them, but under Ning Fan’s cold gaze, all of them fled the scene. Naturally, he would give the credit to Ning Fan. Also, this made him respect Ning Fan even more.

“I have done nothing… let’s go to the Third Level. This place isn’t good for staying.”

The dread in Ning Fan’s gaze was unnoticeable. He darted a glance at the rain pond and then rushed towards the Third Level of the grave.

After they left, a dissatisfied voice of a girl rang in the rain pond.

“That old bastard. Hadn’t I frightened him off last time? Why did he come again this time? And that human… what magical art did he intend to use? Why did I feel that he wanted to kill all my ‘Rain Treasure’ just now…? Humph! And he was leering at my Rain Sister as though he was harboring some nasty intentions… They are heading to the Third Level, should I go there as well, and scare them a little…? Heehee…”

The girl grinned maliciously. A ray of eerie blue icy light shot out from the rain pond and vanished into the darkness. 


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