Grasping Evil - Chapter 114(1)

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It was drizzling in the Second Level of the grave. For some reason, the Rain Beasts that hid in the darkness didn’t attack the two of them.

Xue Qing couldn’t find an explanation for this, but he knew that this must be due to Ning Fan.

“Master isn’t just a Fourth Revolution Pill Master, but can also defeat Revered Bai and scare the Rain Beasts away. Although he’s just a teenager yet he’s more than qualified to be my master.”

Indistinct changes started to occur in Xue Qing’s mindset. Before, he only volunteered to become Ning Fan’s disciple so that he could steal some concoction techniques from this young teenager. But today, with full sincerity, he was willing to become Ning Fan’s underling. He decided to focus all of his attention in cultivation. Not only would he practice the techniques of concoction, but also his magical power and cultivate his mental state.

Xue Qing saw some unusual expression in Ning Fan’s eyes as he looked at the rain pond. He guessed that something in the pond must have drawn Ning Fan’s attention. He also guessed that that ‘something’ must be some great treasure as it could even attract the eyes of the person who didn’t even put the Myriad Soul Streamer in his eyes.

In spite of that, Ning Fan still decided to leave. This undoubtedly showed that there was an existence in the pond that made Ning Fan uneasy.

To be able to forgo the precious treasure indifferently… Xue Qing had to admit that he didn’t have such mental state.

There was a floating cloud staircase lit by a dozen of black towers, extending downward, leading to the dark underground.

In front of the huge pit, Ning Fan stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes to feel the rain that splashed on his body.

At this time, Xue Qing imitated Ning Fan by also closing his eyes and feeling the rain. To his surprise, he discovered that there was a unique intent within the rain. It could nourish one’s heart and improve one’s mental state.

Unfortunately, given Xue Qing’s eyesight, he wasn’t able to see past what it was no matter how hard he tried.

However, compared to other Sinister Sparrow Sect’s elders that had entered the Dark Sparrow’s Grave, Xue Qing was a lucky one, besides Ning Fan, he was afraid that he was the first to realize that the rain could improve one’s mental state.

All the things happening around wasn’t captured by Ning Fan. His mind was immersed within the drizzling rain as he was trying to discover the enlightenment left by Que Shenzi in the Second Level.

Gradually, the whole scene turned silent and the sound of rain disappeared… At this moment, a scene emerged in Ning Fan’s mind through the rain.

A black-clad elder with an indistinct face, holding an umbrella, passed by. 

“The Heaven is divided into four and the Earth is divided into nine, in between them is the Rain Immortal World that has unceasing rain. Rain is born from the Heaven and dies in the Earth… The rain dies not because of the death of the body but of the heart. The body will then turn into cloud Qi, returning to the sky. However, the heart had already shattered as it fell into the soil… Can this shattered raindrop still be itself again when it’s condensed? A rain consists of trillions of raindrops. Although every raindrop’s physical appearance seems the same, every one of them is different in nature and has unique Dao End. It will turn into a Dao Enlightenment after Slashing away trillions of raindrops… From now on, this place will become Sinister Sparrow Sect…”

The scene disappeared all of a sudden… Ning Fan slowly opened his eyes that was now filled with a trace of confusion and blackness.

Although the words of the elder about the First Level was profound, it couldn’t stir Ning Fan’s heart.

For the Second Level, the elder was enlightened once more, but sadness could be felt in his tone as he integrated his emotions into the rain.

Why would Que Shenzi appear in Rain Immortal World…? Could it be when he was lamenting for the rain, the rain was sent to the sky below and he was knocked down into the Mortal World…?

Que Shenzi had once gotten enlightenment of the Divine Intent of Rain from this land! 

And it was highly possible that the enlightenment in this rain had rekindled Que Shenzi’s aspiration to work his way back to the Four Heavens Immortal World!

Given Ning Fan’s wisdom, he was able to infer all these details with ease, and it was relatively the same as the truth.

His eyes were gazing at the raindrops in the sky in contemplation, he began to understand why Que Shenzi said that there were distinctions within the trillions of raindrops.

There was only one type of Divine Intent of Rain, but after dividing it, it could become countless, it required not only the Heaven and Earth Dao, but also the Dao of oneself to give birth to Divine Intent.

Even though all the rain was the same, the cultivators’ experience and enlightenment differed, which was why every Divine Intent of Rain was unique!

The enlightenment in the First Level didn’t have an impact on Ning Fan, because it lacked the encounters of Que Shenzi.

As for the Second Level, Ning Fan was slightly affected by it as he could already sense the sorrow and resentment of Que Shenzi. 

The most precious thing in Dark Sparrow’s Grave wasn’t the Pill Devil, the Profound Yin Qi and the coldness that could boost one’s cultivation speed nor the Immortal Bone of Dark Sparrow in the ninth level.

To Ning Fan, the most precious thing was the remnant of Dao Enlightenment in this rain!

“The third level… What has enlightened Que Shenzi in the third level…?”

Ning Fan’s eyes glittered. He stepped into a huge pit leading to the Immortal Clouds of the third level.

Vaguely, he felt that there would be an unexpected gain in this visit. 

“If I walk the path of Senior Que Shenzi… would I acquire enlightenment of the Divine Intent of Rain?! If I succeed…” His eyes blazed.

Ning Fan leaped onto the ground after racing through the levels of cloud stairs. Xue Qing followed behind hastily, his eyes were filled with dread and wariness.

The rain has stopped in the Third Level…?!


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