Grasping Evil - Chapter 115(1)

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The ‘female ghost’ didn’t concern Ning Fan… because she didn’t have any killing intent, only a trace of mischief. 

Also, this ‘female ghost’ wasn’t some kind of evil creature. Her real self was merely a little girl camouflaged by magical technique. 

Last time, she didn’t harm Xue Qing, and this time, she didn’t have the intent to harm Xue Qing either.

Ning Fan simply ignored the two of them. Xue Qing’s mental state still needed loads of molding. His mental state had to be at least strong enough to stay calm in the face of crisis. So, this female ghost was just the right stimulation that could help hone his mental state.

Beyond the facade of indifference, Ning Fan’s mind was immersed in the Divine Intent of Rain.

There was no rain… but a trace of moisture that was clearly produced by the Divine Intent of Rain was found in the air.

It was rainless, but the Rain Intent existed… That year, what had enlightened Que Shenzi once more…

“My present mood isn’t the same as Que Shenzi at that time, so I can’t immerse my heart into this rainless realm.”

Ning Fan’s heart settled down gradually, but that wasn’t enough. He then began to feel Que Shenzi’s vicissitudes and sorrows by placing himself in Que Shenzi’s story.

The journey was full of setbacks. After he was struck down from the Four Heavens Immortal World into the Mortal Soil, he wandered on the Heavens and Earth below and saw a quiet valley that contained the traces of the Dark Sparrow by chance. Three thousand meters beneath the earth, he discovered the Dark Sparrow’s Grave. However, what rekindled his deep feelings wasn’t the Dark Sparrow’s Immortal Bone, but the rain in here…

On the first level, Que Shenzi’s heart was lonely, which coincided with Ning Fan’s heart as Ning Fan was an orphan. Therefore, he was able to hear the sigh of Que Shenzi in the rain.

In the second level, the sorrow in Que Shenzi’s heart was stirred. Ning Fan was able to sense that as well.

However, on the third level, there was no rain… despite that, its divine intent didn’t reduce. This indicated that something was about to happen, like the rising wind forebode the coming storm!

His six senses were widely open. At this moment, he could finally sense it from the rainless Heaven and Earth that a trace of terrifying momentum of rainstorm coming towards him!

“Rainless isn’t equal to no rain at all. This is the scene before the fall of the rainstorm. One may be able to find enlightenment from the momentum of the rain. It felt as powerless as an unsheathed sword, but at the same time as powerful as the sword hidden in the sheath. A formation can only be deployed by borrowing the great power of the Heavens and Earth. However, where does the great power of the Heavens and Earth come from?”

Ning Fan opened his eyes wide, looking blankly at a deathly dark mountain peak at a far distance.

“There is momentum even when the rain doesn’t fall... There’s power even if a mountain remains immobile… The dragon that submerges in the deep pool has the tendency to take off… The green insect that forms cocoon will have the potential of turning into a butterfly… The human king doesn’t kill as he has the power to subjugate… The Heavens and Earth doesn’t compete as they have the power to overturn!”

At this moment, Ning Fan saw the momentum of the rain instead of the rain itself.

His eyes moved. He then spat out the Starlight Sword Shadow into his hand and pointed it straight at his chest. He closed his eyes, immersing himself in the imposing force of the sword. The sword wouldn’t move by itself, and the more motionless it was, the stronger its force!

A wave of incredible momentum rose in his body. Boundless sword intent radiated out. No one and nothing dared to approach him within 9 meter range.

The wind dispersed on its own. Rain intent evaded it consciously. All of them were forced away by Ning Fan’s motionless sword’s force. 

This sword move was created by Ning Fan himself. The sword wasn’t swung or slashed. By placing the sword horizontally in front of his chest, its sword intent was enough to repel all attacks that were below Gold Core realm. Furthermore, if Ning Fan’s insight of ‘Force’ went deeper, the sword intent would grow stronger. One day, he could even utilize the motionless sword intent to repel all concealed attacks when he walked on the Devil Blood Sea.

“This is my first self-created sword Qi. It isn’t a technique to kill but a technique of self-defense. I will then name it as Rainless Sword… Rainless… The profundity of rainless is ‘The Coming Storm’…”

Ning Fan put away his Separation Slayer. Next to him, Xue Qing and the female ghost were staring at each other in consternation, as if they didn’t notice the changes in Ning Fan at all.

After brushing aside the sword intent in his head, he closed his eyes once more with a faint smile.

“The third level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave has no rain, but it has the momentum of the rain. I suppose that Que Shenzi must have acquired some very profound enlightenment here…”

After understanding the momentum of rain, his heart began to merge with the rain intent.

Slowly, a scene emerged in his mind.

An elder clad in black had put away his paper umbrella, standing on the summit of a mountain with both hands behind his back. His body and mind mingled with the mountain and the momentum of rain.

“There’s no rain here… but the rain’s momentum is powerful. I’m no longer in the Four Heavens, but could I return; there will be bloodshed… The rain is born from the sky and dies in the earth? Wrong! I will make the rain born from the earth; fight against the sky and live forever!”

Ning Fan slowly opened his eyes. A hint of clarity could be seen in them.

Sure enough, rainless momentum existed in the third level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave. Here, Que Shenzi achieved a breakthrough in his mental state. He was beginning to comprehend the Divine Intent of Rain. Which meant that there should be footsteps of Que Shenzi’s Dao Enlightenment from the fourth level onwards.

However, the fourth level wasn’t a place Ning Fan could go.

He patted his storage pouch and took out a piece of ancient map given by Gui Qiaozi. There were numerous red spots on the map densely covering the fourth level… Each of the red spot indicated the nest of Nascent Soul demons.

“If I go to the fourth level, I will definitely die… But if I don’t go, I will miss the opportunity of comprehending the Divine Intent…”

Ning Fan sighed lightly. Certainly, his luck wasn’t sufficient. Despite discovering the path of Dao Enlightenment of Que Shenzi, he wasn’t able to see the final stage of it.

He kept away his sigh and calmed his mind. This was what the cultivation path was all about. One couldn’t just seek for his encounter, or else he would fall into an irrecoverable state.

When his gaze fell upon Xue Qing and the ‘female ghost’, he showed a strange expression. 

Currently, for some unknown reason, Xue Qing had taken out his Pill Cauldron, refining some kind of pill for the female ghost, while the female ghost’s stomach rumbled from time to time, as though she was already hungry!

“Great Aunt, we have already talked about this. I’ll refine pills for you to eat and you won’t eat me…” Xue Qing implored bitterly.

“Ok ok ok! Great Aunt is the one who spoke first. Quick, quick, quick! Bake a few of the ‘Pill Cookies’ for me…”

The female ghost rubbed the blood off her lips with her delicate hand… En, that was no blood… That was obviously saliva…

Given Xue Qing’s Third Revolution pill refinement technique, refining a First Revolution Pill took him less than the time to burn half an incense stick.

He patted the lid of the cauldron and put a hundred First Revolution Pills into several pill bottles and handed it to the female ghost with a bitter smile.

“These are First Revolution Pills, the Yuan Boosting Pill, which has the effect of enhancing a cultivator’s Yuan Force. Also, these are peak First Revolution Pills.”

Before he could finish speaking, the female ghost snatched away all the pill bottles, and with a glitter of light, she turned into a little girl in black dress.

The dress was long enough to cover her feet. It was a very old dress. The curves and bosoms on her body hadn’t developed yet. Her lips were red and her teeth were white. There were two sideburns beside her ears, her hair was tied into two buns and the rest of her hair was combed backwards. The length of her hair was neither too short nor too long. The hair on her forehead was cut in fringe style, making her hair look even tidier. How could she be a female ghost? She was just some extremely cute little girl.

Moreover, this little girl seemed young, probably 8 or 9 years old, but her small brilliant face seemed elegant. The moment she grew up, she would surely be an unparalleled beauty.

Also, as soon as this girl turned into her true form, a wave of momentum no longer could be concealed and surged out. Then, a trace of fragrance emitted from her body entered Ning Fan’s nose, causing a dramatic change in his expression.

The pill fragrance of a Fifth Revolution Pill or above! This trace of fragrance could advance Ning Fan’s cultivation base by a bit!

Despite that, the little girl’s Qi made him frown, because it was similar to the fierce Qi he detected from the rain pond in the second level!

Is this little girl a female ghost, demonic beast or Pill Devil?! 


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